The Twilight Saga

The Volturi have finally met there match, and they never even knew they where real.

News of sailors disapearing on the shores of Italy reached the Volturi and they thought it was the act of vampires. So to stop it one night they left and headed that way. Only to find out that vampires where the fatherest from what was killing.

Mermaids are lurking in the waters and killing the sailors, and when the Volturi step in they are furious. They wont have some one get in there way,

On the spot the war has started as the Volturi fears that the mermaids are going to attempt to take over.


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Ariel is the princess and in charge. she can be snappy but thats how she i. she gets what she wants when she wants it

crush is alec

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Felix scoffed it seemed possible with the evidence but once it reaches your ears your a awe struck  "really were chasing Mermaids" he said sounding like "are you serious Mermaids" it just sounded weird to the ears "fine" he said as he continued to look at the scene.


Lilac "ugh I don't want to wait" she said impatiently she was interested in these creatures she was wonder bitten and wanted to know what these odd being were "do you" she asked Cecelia as she swam in circles at her spot in the water "since there not human can you hate them" she asked her as well since Cecelia didn't get along with the leg walkers.


''I hate waiting'' she answered Lilac ''But it would be too dangerous if we all go to the shore, besides, we have to be here just in case; Ariel might need help'' she sounded more like trying to convince herself. She didn't liked the idea of Ariel facing those new creatures by herself, when she was able to help. She felt useless.''And yes, I could hate them if they try to hurt me, or you, or Ariel''


''Yes, Felix, those are mermaids. It's obvious'' Said Caius, fascinated. ''I've been reading about them since I was a human. And that, boy, is a long time ago.'' He looked at the wavy water. ''But they are very discret, because I've never seen one of them this close'' 

Felix bit his lip to keep from making a smart remark and sat on the ground leaning into the building "alright Caius what are you going to do to find these mermaids if you haven't even seen them" he asked him seriously he couldn't over look anything I mean vampires existed why couldn't mermaids.


Lilac looked a Cecelia " are you alright Cece" she asked as she swam over to her friend "you know she can handle herself and if she needs help she will let us know as soon as possible" she said with certainty in her voice "but if your that worried lets find a different angle to look at them some are kind of cute like that blond" she said with a silly giggle. 

(Hey do one of y'all mind subbing for Alec? Ill play anyone if y'all need me to)

Ariel looked back at them "ill be fine promise" she said as she made it to the surface. She looked around at the creatures and took a deep breath and swam that way. She placed her hands on the dock and pulled herself up where half of her tail was still in the water. "Can I help you?" She hissed

(I can be three it may take me a little longer to reply but I can be sub for Alec.)

(That's fine and thanks!(: )

Alec looked over at where the voice had come from "uhh hello why are you hanging on the dock" he asked he looked around how had someone snuck past them it didn't happen to much then he looked in to her eyes and couldn't seem to look away.


Felix also turned to the woman "I'll also ask a question what's your name" he asked not really caring she was hanging onto a dock but that they had no idea who she was.


Lilac watched from a good distance way to not be seen but for some reason strongly drawn to these different creature and to make sure no one hurt or touched Ariel we had to be protective of each other.

Ariel blinked as she looked at the vampire. "Uhh" she didn't really know what to say as she bit down on her lip and smiled a little. The the other one spoke and she jumped. "My name doesn't matter" she growled "what matters is why are you here. This is our land"

Alec was a bit shocked at the sudden way she went from sweet and friendly to angry and mad it seemed surprising "umm well miss we don't entirely know what your talking about since we are just looking at this body we couldn't have intruded on any of your land" he said evasively so as not to say what there true nature was whenever no one needed to know what you truly were.


Felix looked around "you said OUR land are there others in the water with you" he asked as he looked at the woman thinking of Caius words it just didn't seem possible so he kept his mouth closed  normally he wouldn't but how do you deal with something like this.



Ariel just looke at him "my people are in th waters and these are our waters. Now leave so we can go back to our meal" she said as she looked back at what was left of one if the sailors bodies.

is anyone here?

I am just now


Felix looked at her "you are one snippy woman what are you even are you human cause you smell funny" he said bluntly as he watched her carefully and cautiously and stayed against the wall he didn't trust her it was what he was taught.


Alec looked at Felix amazed the man would say just about anything with out thinking clearly we knew nothing about this beautiful woman and he was insulting her practically "I'm sure he didn't mean" that I said with an emphasis to Felix who scoffed at him Alec rolled his red eyes and turned his attention to the woman "so you did this to him" he said a she watched her as well.




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