The Twilight Saga

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Here's a story where this girl shows up at the cullens house in forks and knows everything about them but they don't know her or remeber her she say's Bella should know her but only when she was a small human.Edward will not trust her but the only thing that matters is the is if Bella trusts her because Bella is her only way out. Will Bella trust her? Will Edward let bella help? Will this girl trun out to be the worst thing Bella has ever done. Read and find out.
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nice work...
hugs :D
i like it...keep me posted
i think bella will trust herbut edward wont and this is why........
just telling you i probly won't update until saturday because of homework so srry
Hey people srry it took me so long I had a book report and other homework and now I have my awesome best friend kalcie over.
Kalcie: ello I love twilight to I might make an account!! Lol might If I can figure out how! I’ll have jen helps me!!!!!!!!!
Jen: maybe if I feel like it.
Kalcie: Thanx
Jen: Anyways enjoy and
Kalicie: Peace
Jen: Love
Kalcie: Twilight

Edwards’s pov

“I can’t believe Jennifer did that I mean sure it was smart but I never thought a she was that kind of person that would flirt to get her way. She looks like a nice girl caught up in crap But I still don’t want Bella to help. She’s been here for only a couple hours and she’s already made a big impact. Like Seth imprint on her and Emmett saying he has a fun sized sister. Oh and not to mention Alice can’t see what she’s doing next because she’s not human and then I can barley hear what she’s thinking because Bella keeps using her shield on her. I go up to her after she was done kissing Seth. I asked if we could talk alone she said “Sure”
“What do u want Edward come to yell at me to go away and never come back or better yet come to take care of me forever. Please like you could take me I’m faster, stronger, and wiser than you are.”
“No, I want to talk to you about the real reason why Bella needs to help you so let’s hear it.”
Well come on what’s the reason.”
Ask your wife.’
“Aww why not.’
‘Because you probley lied to her.
“No I didn’t even ask your mind reading power if you don’t believe my words.’
Then she just walked away with me watching her, wondering. What is she? Why is she here? Why do I have these feelings?

Jen: Well hope you enjoyed it
Kalcie: I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! If u send any hate mail to jen I hate u and I’ll send my friends after u that’s right I know ur scared sooo don’t!! Only love mail is excepted lol cuz I’ll love u in a friend way jk jk no in the creepy way!!! Lol jk
Jen:(cricket) Okay well she’s hipper from candy s plz comment and
Kalcie: LOVE OMG ur dog licked me!! (licking hand) mmmm that’s good
Jen:We better stop now Kalice’s goona crash soon so. See Ya!
Kalcie: Bye!!!!!!!!!!
hi, i'm a new reader, i found that it was realy hard to read, there are too many grama eras and spelling mistakes...
if you need an editor, i can help. but otherwise the story line is good.
good chapter and Kalcie was making me laugh a little, anyway cant wait for more
Chapter 3 part 4
(Jennifer’s pov)

Hey guys sorry my computer was broken for a while I was so deprived any ways hope you like the chapter.

It’s about one in the morning and I’m lying on the Cullen’s roof thinking about how Nick and me met and how he broke my heart.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Flash back>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I’m on my way to school thinking about that book I read called Twilight saga finished the whole saga to and I loved how it ended happily. So I get to school and catch up with kalcie. She kept going on and on about the new kid in our school and how all the girls want to hook up with him. That day during lunch he came up to me and said, “ You have that belongs to me”
I said “okay”
He said, “It’s my heart I don’t want it back because you’re the only beautiful heart I need.”
So we kept going out. Then I got this call from Kalcie she sounded so scared and the only thing that I could make out of what she said was “Don’t trust him” and the word I hate remembering is “he’s killing me save yourself” she died for me or did she. I went back to school the next day and there she was waiting for me as always. I asked her about the phone call and she remembers nothing. That day after school Nick toke me to the beach and that’s where it happened he threw me on the warm wet sand. Then kicked me into the ocean. He told me that he was a Dark Angel and how it hardly affects him but affects the girls more because they are more powerful and changes more. Then he did it his hand went threw my chest grabbed my soul and crushed it expect he forgot my heart so he can’t control me like he wanted to. That was the last day I saw Kalcie human.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of flash back>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I walk back downstairs ready for the coming day ready to tell the truth and of course ready to show the demon inside of me.

The next day came and I got everyone in the living room and told them “What Bella told you was a lie I’m sorry but I had to Nick was still listening and if he heard the truth I would be very bad. The truth is that they are after me for my power but it’s not what you think the power I have is called The Blaze what it does is that it burns everything and can destroy anything but only if I want it to and you can’t destroy it or well lets just say you want to die after that. I earned it from the way I feed but I’m the only one that will ever have it because our powers will not repeat they are to powerful for that. But the guys can’t have any powers because they do not bring peace and they have been taken away until they learn how to use it right. But they are afraid that I won’t use it only when I have to. That’s why they are trying to kill me.”
“Who are they” asked Alice
“They are called The Savers but some people call them The Darkness because of all their rules.”
“What are the rules?” Edward asked.
“There are only three rules:
One is do not tell humans what we are unless changing them there and then.
Two is do not fall in love with a human and three is do not let your power get out of control.
i luv it
it is real good.
Chapter 4

Sorry guys it took me so long I’ve just been really busy and A LOT of drama so very very sorry for the wait anyways please comment

Blood is everywhere I look. All I can see is that pure black sky and the pure human blood. When I look down I see her. My best friend’s lifeless body in front of my eyes. And I’m thinking why couldn’t it be me to have this horrible death. Her body is gone in the next flash of light and I see her standing there with fear in her eyes. I look down to see my big black wings out of my back and I’m wearing a shirt that ties around my neck and shows my stomach with a black leather skirt. Then see Kalcie she’s running towards me telling me to run but why. Why would I run? It just went black I could hear voices.

“Jen….. Jen can you hear me?”
“Jen listen to the sound of my voice.” They sound in so much pain I want so much to open my mind and tell them I’m fine. I’m okay no need to worry anymore. But I can’t find my strength. It’s like the time I couldn’t do anything right. Just then I saw it the……… dark…….. Day. I went home after I was changed. When I had no control and my mom came home early. Her blood was calling me the way she moved was mouth watering. I couldn’t control myself with my mother or father. So I…………..I can’t even think the words. So I put the past in the past and try to get over that mountain. Again I heard people trying to talk to me.” Jen listen to me no one can ever EVER replace you so please, please I’m begging you come back to me.” I knew that voice it was Seth I can hear the tears coming down his beautiful hot tan checks and I wanted so bad to open my eyes and stop those tears.

Another vision it came to me. I was at a waterfall just thinking about my life when a figure came walking up. She was beautiful with brown hair bright brown eyes and skin just like mine. Then when I looked into her eyes once more I knew I knew who she was,
“Kalcie is that you?
“Yup it’s me Jen did you miss me?’
“Yes I did I thought you were dead. How did you?. When did you..? I couldn’t finish my sentence it was hard to think about the pain she was in.
“Nick changed me just like he changed you but he only changed me because I told him to.”
“ But why would you tell him to do that?’
“Because Jen I didn’t want to lose my best friend.”

The vision was gone then I wish it could have came back but yet I didn’t I don’t want to think where kalcie is now because of me where the Cullens would be if I wouldn’t be here but with me here and I fail they will all die. But I must win for if I lose and we all die then. They won’t have to worry they have a trip heaven I don’t. They do have souls ours are crushed. Gone only the piece to survive I left.

I heard the voices again.
“Jen wake up I have some really cite clothes for you.” Alice always opssed with clothes isn’t she.
“ Jen hon we are all here for you all you need to do is open your eyes.’ Esme always the sweet and nice one even if we don’t deserve it.
Then the voice I’ve been craving to hear rang in my ears.
“Jen I need to see you awake please just do something I need to see you move please.”
With that I opened my eyes to the most beautiful black eyes.
“Well I’m awake happy?”
“Yes of course.” With that his hot lips came to mine with passion and desire. Someone cleared their throat. Of coarse it was Emmett
Edward and Bella stepped forward and Edward said
“Jen what happened to Kalcie?”
i didn't know how to explain without any tears. What do i do?


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