The Twilight Saga

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Here's a story where this girl shows up at the cullens house in forks and knows everything about them but they don't know her or remeber her she say's Bella should know her but only when she was a small human.Edward will not trust her but the only thing that matters is the is if Bella trusts her because Bella is her only way out. Will Bella trust her? Will Edward let bella help? Will this girl trun out to be the worst thing Bella has ever done. Read and find out.
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Hey guys sorry it took me so long I’ve been to distracted with my friend that created a hate list about me then I was in vacation for 5 days anyways hope you enjoy and comment.

I wake up screaming holding on to my wrist that could almost kill a human. I wish I could just be in the place that makes my love flow that makes me wish that when I was human I didn’t try and kill myself I wish. The Cullen’s won’t have to risk their lives for me. Maybe it is better if I was dead. Bella came running threw my door at this time.

“Don’t ever think about that you do not deserve to die you sweet, beautiful and you give everyone your heart. So don’t ever say your better dead. I know you miss kalcie I know she’s trapped by the ones trying to kill you. But she’s not going to be freed with out you.”

“No the world would not be in danger with out me Bella. You would live in forever with Edward and I would be in the bliss and past.”

‘No have you seen the way Seth looks at you. The love in his eyes how he would kill anyone who laid a finger on you wrong. He loves you.”

“I love him to but he can do better then me. He will just get hurt. If anything ever hurts him I could never forgive myself.”

“ Don’t tell me that tell him your self. But just to tell you one thing before I go back downstairs Edward thought those same things about me and he was wrong we were meant to be together.’
When she left I could hear someone open the door and walk right to my door but hesitate about knocking. He came right in.

“What are you doing still in bed how bout we go for a walk and talk about some things.”

“No Jake, I do not want to go for a walk maybe next time I don’t fell like getting up to day.”

“Who said I was asking.” With that he lifted me out of the bed and toke me out side.

“Why did you do that I was fine where I was.”
He ignored what I said.

“I really need to talk to you about Seth. He thinks that if he finds these creatures that are after you he will win you heart you really need to talk to him.”

“ So what he’s not going to find them. They can only be found when they want to.’

“I know that but he doesn’t can you please just talk to him for me please I would love it.”
With what he said he walked away and I watched him shocked that Seth would do that for me.

I ran as fast as I could to the cliff. I need to die I need to save everyone. The only way we can die is if we think of our worst memory by drowning or burning.

Mine is seeing my best friend die in front of my eyes. She was like a sister to me her name was Star. I remember seeing the tears of blood come down her checks and the light leave her eyes. With her last breath she said; I called you and you came late. I will always love you but I want this to be you worst memory. We could have saved her but she took a knife and said her worst memory was her death.
With that I jumped off that cliff and hit the water but I messed up Seth’s smile and when his lips hit mine came into my head then it went black.


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