The Twilight Saga


Censee 17 years old

Jesse 17 years old

Rosey 17years old

Cassy 17years old

Niko 10 years old






Readers Note: If you havent read the first story then the link is below you may not understand much with out reading the first story Thank you for Choosing my story.




    I walked as fast as i could to the familiar house from my Childhood. I had too tell her i was sorry, i couldn't let this fight between us hurt our friend ship, i had to tell everything, i had to tell how i felt, i had to tell that i sorry for causing so much anger, i had to tell  the truth. I got to the house but it wasnt what i expected, everyone stood there out side the house with pain on their faces. Alice someone i knew well from the cullens was In a ball on the ground, rubbing her temples, Renesmee was Balling into Jakes chest, And Jake..The look on his face was terrifying. A scream ripped from in side the house , i fell to my knees as if my body was being cut string by string............

                                                            Chapter one : Cassys P.O.V School
    I laid there in bed, staring at the ceiling. My phone buzzed i looked down it was a message from my best friend Embry, he lives in La push my dad and moms home town. I stretched, any minute now Alice or Rosey would come rushing in asking if they can play dress up barbie with me just like every other morning before school.I opened my phone and looked at the text.

    Em - Morning Cass
    Me - Morning , whats up
    Em- Nothing about to go on patrol thought id say morning
    Me- oh well morning, have fun on patrol
    Em- Thanks, Have fun in school

I closed my phone and got dressed that way when they got to my room there would be no need. I dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. and threw my hair in a pony tail, i have long black hair with chocolate brown eyes like my mom. My nails turn the color of my emotion, normal anyone would think its cool but i think its annoying people always knowing how i feel, and Jesse has the best of all of us he talks to animals, Censee can see the future when touching someones skin. rosey and niko didn't have a power that we know about anyways.
Suddenly Alice and Rosey  came walking in , i turned and smirked at them.
    "Ah man shes already dressed"rosey said
    "Do you see what shes wearing" Alice groaned
    "Yeah , clothes just be greatfull its that much"
    "Ew cassy" Rosey said, i laughed and headed down stairs to get my book bag and head to school.
    "Kids" my dad said.
    "yeah dad" We all looked at him.
    "take a seat" He and mom were sitting on the couch holding hands.
    "We have something important to tell you" My mom said....please dont be another kid, please....
    "what is it"Jesse asked
    "Are we going shopping" Rosey asked
    "No, Were moving"
    "Where too" Censee asked shocked
    "La push" he commented looking at everyone.
    "Yes" i said
    "Is that it" Jesse asked
    "Yeah thats all we needed to tell you" My siblings groaned, i was more excited now that i knew this bit of information. i may even make it through the school day.
    "bye see you after school" we all said

Today was the last day before Summer. I grabbed my purse and Jacket and headed out the door.We got in my car and headed to school. Its my junior year of high school. Jenifer my second best friend was sitting on the steps of the school waiting for me. Jenifer had long Blond hair , and Bright Green eyes to match, i always envied her she was the schools most beautiful girl, tho many people disagreed with me.
    "Hey Cassy" Jenifer said
    "hey jen"
    "Ready for Bio" she asked
    "I guess, I wonder if Mr.Wallis is in a good mood today?"  I pondered that, he'd been a grouch the past couple weeks.
    "I dont know i hope so i dont feel like doing last minute work"
    "I Know what you mean"

We walked into Bio and Mr. Wallis was sitting at his desk drumming his fingers, he never really liked me or my siblings, we were Advanced Educational wise and Physically. I sat at my desk with Jen.Mr.Wallis started talking and then said that we were going to watch a movie. School was going by fast, I didnt know if it was cause of the school or cause i was thinking about spending time with my best friend as soon as i got there.
    "Cassy are you listening to me" Rosey asked me. I looked at her embarrassed from being caught not listening.
    "Sorry day dreaming"
    "Again, what are you always day dreaming about"
    "Nothing" I said , tho it wasn't true. Rosey knew me way to well to let it go tho.
    "Embry" she whispered.The mentioning of my best friend ripped through my chest
    "Sorry" she said i nodded.
    "Its ok" Me and my best friend Embry only got to see each other when ever i would visit my grandfather. On the count of he is in the other pack, but that would soon change. Tho im sure my pain for my best friend isnt the same for him, i mean hes older than me and probably dates al kinds of girls so he probably isnt bored much. I hardly ever dated, i tried once and it was totally akward not to mention my dad gave him the death glare. Niko thought that was hilarious. Niko is my youngest little brother, hes 10 physically tho hes about 5 in years old. Censee had the life never having to worry about dating she had her perfect Seth , her imprint her true love her soul mate. He told her on her 16th birthday all about it , that was last year we were all 17 this year. Jesse hasnt imprinted yet either but that probably because they keep him near the house most of the time, what with him bursting out of his clothes all the time. Rosey dates alot boys in and out of the house all the time, Its funny to see dad interrogate them. The School football captain was her main concern this year. I opened the door to my last class.
    "So Glad for you to joining us miss.Black"
    "Pleasures all mine" The class laughed
    "Take a seat"
    "Sure,sure" i waved my hand dismissively, the teachers didn't like me very much, my grades were spotless, straight A's never missed a test or and exam, the teachers use to think i was cheating. Vampire brain tho. I sat in the back of the room thinking about la-push, the salty air.
    "Cassy black do you know the answer" I looked around the room and blushed.
    "Correct" I wasnt the most social person,so my face turned deep red and my nails turned green from being nervous.
    "way to go cass" Jensen screamed across the room, My friend Jensen had always had a crush on me tho we were just friends never anything more. Diana rubbed her hand on my back to comfort me.
    "Are you feeling well" she asked me, what was that i felt fine.
    "yeah why"
    "you just feel like your on fire" I shrugged.
    "Ericks looking at you" I looked over and smiled, Erick was the captain of the soccer team. He winked and smiled.
The Bell rung i headed to my locker, As i was taking everything in my locker out, a hand slammed on the locker next to me, i could feel more than one person around me i turned around and stared staight into a pair of gray blue eyes.
    "Hey cassy"
    "Hey Erik" i said with a crooked smile.
    "What are you doing this summer"
    "Moving, what about your self" I looked around to see the Soccer team with him and a smile on each other faces. I picked up my bag and started to walk to my car.
    "Well i was hoping dating you but it sucks your moving" I stopped and turned
    "You want to date me?"
    "Why" He looked shocked, the rest of team followed behind .
    "Because I like you, and your smokin hott" I looked in my purse and pulled out a pen.
    "Well since im moving we obviously cant date but no need to lose ties huh" I wrote my number on his hand, and kissed his cheek. The Soccer players whistled and hollered as i walked away leaving Erik stunned.
    "What was that about" Censee asked as i met her by the exit doors to go to our car. It was really mine, but theirs were to showy for school.
    "just gave him my number thats all"
    "What about Embry" she asked, why was she always acting like me and him were dating it iritated me.
    "We are just friends" She shook her head, is there something she knows that i dont. I shook the feeling off and headed to my car. We got in the car, Jesse was waving to all the girls that looked so sad to see him leaving, Rosey was sitting in the back next to Censee and Censee was sitting in seths lap in the back also. Jesse was next to me. I sped away not looking at the school where i had grown up in. When we reached our house there was three cars out front, my grandparents must be visiting. I got out Everyone piled into the house. Aunt rose met me half way, she was my favorite since birth, tho i didn't enjoy shopping with aunt alice and her.
    "I am going to miss you so much while you guys are in La-push" She said to me, they were going to Italy to leave for a while.
    "I am going to miss you too" Everyone talked and laughed as we all got our last night in together.

I was getting tired so i headed to my room, after saying goodbye to everyone. When i got to my room i plopped on my bed. I closed my eyes my mind filled with embry, My best friend my life, oh how missed him, We only saw each other on summer vacations, and every time i looked more and more older to him. My Cell started to vibrate. I flipped it open and saw Em. He knew i was thinking of him, of course he did he thought he knew everything.
    Em. Miss me?
    Me. Of course, how was your last day of school?
    Em. Boring with out you.
    Me. Ha! as if school would be anymore fun if i was there.
    Em.I think it would, what about you ?
    Me. Boring as ever, Erik asked me out tho i told him no because we were moving
    Em. O. Sounds interesting i guess.               

What ever could he mean by that.    
    Em. Can't wait till you guys get here   
    Me. Me either, i love la-push
    Em. It loves you too
    Me. Lol shut up it does not
    Em. Does too, ah i gotta...well i gotta go
    Me. Ok See you when i get there
    Em.Night Cass
    Me.Night Em

I put my cellphone on the night stand, and turned out the lights my head filled with Embry, the last time i had been with him we went to the beach, i made a sand castle that was big enough that a grown human could sleep in it, that is until Paul and Embry messed it up. 

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omgg !! :D

I started  crying when he 'died' !! :(

hopee she says yess :DDD

Post very very very very very very very very soon PLEASE !!

WOW all i can say is WOW your suh a goos writer you made me cry few people could do that with there stories and you did!!
Ahhh!! I knew Embry loved her so much that he would not die!! Please please please please say YES YES!!!

Say yes!! Thank God that Embry is okay.

Loved it and post soon because she has to say yes!!


omg love it!!! post more asap!!!

                                                         18-Happly ever afters

    "Cassy Lee Black , I promise to spend the rest of my life making you happy, will you do me the honor of marrying me"
    "Yes" He picked me up and spun me.
    "Im so happy" he said, and he slid the ring on my fingure.
    "Mr and Mrs.Call" I mussed.
    "Sounds perfect coming out of your lips" he and kissed me. I carried me into his room after we were done with dinner and the dishes were done. I cuddled under the covers with him and fell asleep in his arms.


    "Momma" a little girl Called, i opened my eyes to see a dark haird little girl crying.
    "whats wrong baby" I relplied
    "Bad dream momma , bad dream" She whinned , I opened the covers and she hopped in and snuggled inbetween me and Embry. The dream soon morphed when i fell asleep in the dream.  I was standing In the back yard of a house that i didnt reconize. Suddenly Two little boys and a young girl were running around the yard spraying water guns at eachother.
    "Got you "
    "No you didnt, i got you" they screamed. Suddenly Warm arms wrapped around me .
    "Aren't our kids adorable" Embry whispered in my ears so low that it was barley noticeable.
    "Yes, they are" I said watching the two little boys and the young girl fighting with eachother.
        **End of Dream**

I woke to embry pulling the curtains open, for the light to shine through. He then laid back down and ran his hand through my hair.
    "Good morning the future Mrs.Call"
    "Morning, my future husband" I ran my hand over his chest, sending chills through his body. I got out of bed and we took a shower and got dressed. When we came out of the room. His mom was standing in the kitchen she looked up.
    "Oh Cassy" She said walking over to me to give me a hug.
    "How are you Mrs.Call"
    "I'm Good" She replied
    "Mom we have something we want to tell you" she looked over at embry and smiled. I took her hand and we lead her to the couch. I sat on one side of her and Embry sat on the other side of her.
    "Mom , Cassy and I are getting married" She froze and unfroze in a matter of seconds.
    "Thats Great News" She said
    "I know im so happy"
    "I always thought of you as another daughter and now you will be my daughter" She hugged me.
    "Thank you, We are telling my family out at dinner tonight, if you want to come"
    "No, i think im going to rest, long drive here"
    "Okay, thank you for being happy for us" I gave her a kiss on the cheek and we left to get to my house. I got in the car and we drove to the house hand in hand.
    "What do you think they will say"
    "Congrates more than likely"I smiled, i knew he was right, we were imprints so there would be no drama over the whole marrying thing. When we got home, I kissed Embry on the lips before we went inside.The family was already in the living room waiting for us.
    "We want to go out tonight with the family and the pack, its a supprise on why"  With that i went up stairs so they wouldnt see my ring or so my grandpa wouldnt get it out of me.

                        Censees P.O.V

    "We want to go out tonight with the family and the pack, its a supprise on why" Cassy said. She then left the room with a hurry and went up stairs. Every one looked around confused for a second and then we started talking again. I thought about it as everyone started talking.
    "Did she look diffrent to you guys" I asked
    "No" Seth replied
    "Yes" rosey said
    "Like a glowing huh"I asked
    "Yup" replied Olisa
    "I bet shes pregnant" My dad coughed some of his coffee up.
    "Sorry dad" I said not meaning to kill him or anything. Seths hand intertwined my fingers. I smiled
    "Its ok kiddo" He said.
    "I think i know what it is" Rosey said
    "Well no doubt she has the motherly glow and i doubt she knows it yet, but did you see that rock no her hand, I bet embry proposed"
    "I doubt it, it took him 17 years to tell her he imprinted on her, i doubt in a moment of thought he would ask her to marry him"  Olisa said, We all turned towards the stairs and stared up it for a moment and then went back to talking. After a few hours seth and i got dressed.
    "wow you look beautiful"
    "Thank you, you look nice your self" I replied.

When we got to the resurant , there was a private room booked for us already. We went in and sat down. the family was laughing and talking When Embry and Cassy stood up.


                                                              Cassys P.O.V
    "Are you ready" embry asked me. I steped out so he could see me.
    "Wow my Mrs.Black you look beautiful."
    "Thank you, you look handsome" I said
We got in the car and headed to the restaurant.

The family sat around the table talking and laughing. The pack was also at the table. I looked at embry, he smiled and nodded. We both stood up and everyone soon was quiet.
    "We have something to tell you" Embry grabbed my hand. My dad looked at my mom and then back at us.
    "We are getting married" All the Imprints Squealed. I laughed
    "Congratulation honey" My mom said
    "Bout time" My dad said , my mom hit his arm
    "He means , congrats" She corrected him. I laughed
    "Thank you mom , thank you daddy"

After everyone congratulated us, we went about our way of talking about details with Alice and Emily. When we got home, Embry and i went straight to bed, and talked about our future.

The next morning Aunt Alice went to work , working on my wedding and getting things ready for me and Embry to leave the house and live on our own. The dream i had the other night made me hopeful that this life with embry will not only be dangerous but exciting,And for a change, i was just happy in the now, being with him in his arms. To finally have my happy ever after like my parents and grandparents and my family. I laid my head on Embrys Shoulder.
    "I love you " Embry Said , i looked up.
    "I love you too"
I knew from that moment on that my life was nothing but a wonderful fairytale since i was born,Great friends,Great fiancee,Great family.

                           The END

                    The Future R/N

    Cassy and Embry turned out to have a small wedding just family and friends. They went on their honey moon to France. Embry and Cassy End up having 6 kids all together and live in La push on the beach.



awwww , thats so sweet , i can't believe this is the last chapter :((((((((  but ur story was amazing , im realy gonna miss it :)
that was amazing I loved it!!!!
im sad its over :( but it was really really really good!
Aww I love happy endings :)
It's over?? Aww, I loved it so so so much! But it's good that they lived happily ever after :)


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