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Jesse 17 years old

Rosey 17years old

Cassy 17years old

Niko 10 years old






Readers Note: If you havent read the first story then the link is below you may not understand much with out reading the first story Thank you for Choosing my story.




    I walked as fast as i could to the familiar house from my Childhood. I had too tell her i was sorry, i couldn't let this fight between us hurt our friend ship, i had to tell everything, i had to tell how i felt, i had to tell that i sorry for causing so much anger, i had to tell  the truth. I got to the house but it wasnt what i expected, everyone stood there out side the house with pain on their faces. Alice someone i knew well from the cullens was In a ball on the ground, rubbing her temples, Renesmee was Balling into Jakes chest, And Jake..The look on his face was terrifying. A scream ripped from in side the house , i fell to my knees as if my body was being cut string by string............

                                                            Chapter one : Cassys P.O.V School
    I laid there in bed, staring at the ceiling. My phone buzzed i looked down it was a message from my best friend Embry, he lives in La push my dad and moms home town. I stretched, any minute now Alice or Rosey would come rushing in asking if they can play dress up barbie with me just like every other morning before school.I opened my phone and looked at the text.

    Em - Morning Cass
    Me - Morning , whats up
    Em- Nothing about to go on patrol thought id say morning
    Me- oh well morning, have fun on patrol
    Em- Thanks, Have fun in school

I closed my phone and got dressed that way when they got to my room there would be no need. I dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. and threw my hair in a pony tail, i have long black hair with chocolate brown eyes like my mom. My nails turn the color of my emotion, normal anyone would think its cool but i think its annoying people always knowing how i feel, and Jesse has the best of all of us he talks to animals, Censee can see the future when touching someones skin. rosey and niko didn't have a power that we know about anyways.
Suddenly Alice and Rosey  came walking in , i turned and smirked at them.
    "Ah man shes already dressed"rosey said
    "Do you see what shes wearing" Alice groaned
    "Yeah , clothes just be greatfull its that much"
    "Ew cassy" Rosey said, i laughed and headed down stairs to get my book bag and head to school.
    "Kids" my dad said.
    "yeah dad" We all looked at him.
    "take a seat" He and mom were sitting on the couch holding hands.
    "We have something important to tell you" My mom said....please dont be another kid, please....
    "what is it"Jesse asked
    "Are we going shopping" Rosey asked
    "No, Were moving"
    "Where too" Censee asked shocked
    "La push" he commented looking at everyone.
    "Yes" i said
    "Is that it" Jesse asked
    "Yeah thats all we needed to tell you" My siblings groaned, i was more excited now that i knew this bit of information. i may even make it through the school day.
    "bye see you after school" we all said

Today was the last day before Summer. I grabbed my purse and Jacket and headed out the door.We got in my car and headed to school. Its my junior year of high school. Jenifer my second best friend was sitting on the steps of the school waiting for me. Jenifer had long Blond hair , and Bright Green eyes to match, i always envied her she was the schools most beautiful girl, tho many people disagreed with me.
    "Hey Cassy" Jenifer said
    "hey jen"
    "Ready for Bio" she asked
    "I guess, I wonder if Mr.Wallis is in a good mood today?"  I pondered that, he'd been a grouch the past couple weeks.
    "I dont know i hope so i dont feel like doing last minute work"
    "I Know what you mean"

We walked into Bio and Mr. Wallis was sitting at his desk drumming his fingers, he never really liked me or my siblings, we were Advanced Educational wise and Physically. I sat at my desk with Jen.Mr.Wallis started talking and then said that we were going to watch a movie. School was going by fast, I didnt know if it was cause of the school or cause i was thinking about spending time with my best friend as soon as i got there.
    "Cassy are you listening to me" Rosey asked me. I looked at her embarrassed from being caught not listening.
    "Sorry day dreaming"
    "Again, what are you always day dreaming about"
    "Nothing" I said , tho it wasn't true. Rosey knew me way to well to let it go tho.
    "Embry" she whispered.The mentioning of my best friend ripped through my chest
    "Sorry" she said i nodded.
    "Its ok" Me and my best friend Embry only got to see each other when ever i would visit my grandfather. On the count of he is in the other pack, but that would soon change. Tho im sure my pain for my best friend isnt the same for him, i mean hes older than me and probably dates al kinds of girls so he probably isnt bored much. I hardly ever dated, i tried once and it was totally akward not to mention my dad gave him the death glare. Niko thought that was hilarious. Niko is my youngest little brother, hes 10 physically tho hes about 5 in years old. Censee had the life never having to worry about dating she had her perfect Seth , her imprint her true love her soul mate. He told her on her 16th birthday all about it , that was last year we were all 17 this year. Jesse hasnt imprinted yet either but that probably because they keep him near the house most of the time, what with him bursting out of his clothes all the time. Rosey dates alot boys in and out of the house all the time, Its funny to see dad interrogate them. The School football captain was her main concern this year. I opened the door to my last class.
    "So Glad for you to joining us miss.Black"
    "Pleasures all mine" The class laughed
    "Take a seat"
    "Sure,sure" i waved my hand dismissively, the teachers didn't like me very much, my grades were spotless, straight A's never missed a test or and exam, the teachers use to think i was cheating. Vampire brain tho. I sat in the back of the room thinking about la-push, the salty air.
    "Cassy black do you know the answer" I looked around the room and blushed.
    "Correct" I wasnt the most social person,so my face turned deep red and my nails turned green from being nervous.
    "way to go cass" Jensen screamed across the room, My friend Jensen had always had a crush on me tho we were just friends never anything more. Diana rubbed her hand on my back to comfort me.
    "Are you feeling well" she asked me, what was that i felt fine.
    "yeah why"
    "you just feel like your on fire" I shrugged.
    "Ericks looking at you" I looked over and smiled, Erick was the captain of the soccer team. He winked and smiled.
The Bell rung i headed to my locker, As i was taking everything in my locker out, a hand slammed on the locker next to me, i could feel more than one person around me i turned around and stared staight into a pair of gray blue eyes.
    "Hey cassy"
    "Hey Erik" i said with a crooked smile.
    "What are you doing this summer"
    "Moving, what about your self" I looked around to see the Soccer team with him and a smile on each other faces. I picked up my bag and started to walk to my car.
    "Well i was hoping dating you but it sucks your moving" I stopped and turned
    "You want to date me?"
    "Why" He looked shocked, the rest of team followed behind .
    "Because I like you, and your smokin hott" I looked in my purse and pulled out a pen.
    "Well since im moving we obviously cant date but no need to lose ties huh" I wrote my number on his hand, and kissed his cheek. The Soccer players whistled and hollered as i walked away leaving Erik stunned.
    "What was that about" Censee asked as i met her by the exit doors to go to our car. It was really mine, but theirs were to showy for school.
    "just gave him my number thats all"
    "What about Embry" she asked, why was she always acting like me and him were dating it iritated me.
    "We are just friends" She shook her head, is there something she knows that i dont. I shook the feeling off and headed to my car. We got in the car, Jesse was waving to all the girls that looked so sad to see him leaving, Rosey was sitting in the back next to Censee and Censee was sitting in seths lap in the back also. Jesse was next to me. I sped away not looking at the school where i had grown up in. When we reached our house there was three cars out front, my grandparents must be visiting. I got out Everyone piled into the house. Aunt rose met me half way, she was my favorite since birth, tho i didn't enjoy shopping with aunt alice and her.
    "I am going to miss you so much while you guys are in La-push" She said to me, they were going to Italy to leave for a while.
    "I am going to miss you too" Everyone talked and laughed as we all got our last night in together.

I was getting tired so i headed to my room, after saying goodbye to everyone. When i got to my room i plopped on my bed. I closed my eyes my mind filled with embry, My best friend my life, oh how missed him, We only saw each other on summer vacations, and every time i looked more and more older to him. My Cell started to vibrate. I flipped it open and saw Em. He knew i was thinking of him, of course he did he thought he knew everything.
    Em. Miss me?
    Me. Of course, how was your last day of school?
    Em. Boring with out you.
    Me. Ha! as if school would be anymore fun if i was there.
    Em.I think it would, what about you ?
    Me. Boring as ever, Erik asked me out tho i told him no because we were moving
    Em. O. Sounds interesting i guess.               

What ever could he mean by that.    
    Em. Can't wait till you guys get here   
    Me. Me either, i love la-push
    Em. It loves you too
    Me. Lol shut up it does not
    Em. Does too, ah i gotta...well i gotta go
    Me. Ok See you when i get there
    Em.Night Cass
    Me.Night Em

I put my cellphone on the night stand, and turned out the lights my head filled with Embry, the last time i had been with him we went to the beach, i made a sand castle that was big enough that a grown human could sleep in it, that is until Paul and Embry messed it up. 

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Love it!!!!!!!
haha lol!! love it!!! post more soon!!!
thank u for updating mad i coulent of replyed erlyer my internet was down some one spiled coffy on the retrever but bought a  new one grate chapter   post more soon remember i have an amy of cartoon caracters btw happy u had fun on ur date

                                                                   Chapter Eight
                                                                      Cassys P.O.V

    Jane was leaning against one of the trees. Here eyes were bright red , she was alone as far as i could tell.
Embrys grip was tighter on me, as she smiled in my direction.
    "Carlisle can you please let Jennette go" She asked Alice and Carlisle let Jennette go and  Jennette fluttered to Janes Side.
    "Why did you send her here Jane" Carlisle said Jane leaned away from the tree and stepped forward. i Growled.She smiled.
    "Aro has a new member of the guard" She said smiling at us walking around examining us.
    "She 'see's ' things kinda like Alice Cullen" She looked at Niko , I stepped forward then she looked at me.
    "What has she seen that involves my family Jane" he asked
    "The down fall of the Volturi, The youngest child of Renesmee Black is going to be The volturi's biggest down fall" She said looking back at Niko with a Glare. My mom gasped and looked at Niko holding him close to her.
    "Look you vampire Bimbo if he does take you down you deserve it" I squirmed in Embrys arms.
    "We were merely here to Check on things Cassy Black, I mean your brother no harm"
    "YEAH...if that's true then why was she running after him" I asked
    "Easy" The red head said
    "To see if your brother would use his power on me, you were just a minor part in my plan, i wont forget what you did to my family" Jennette answered
    "Niko, doesn't have a power and your family deserved it" I sneered , They looked at him.
    "Aro will be surprised to know that." Jane replied
    "I see you still can not contain your power" she said looking down at my nails.
    "AND" i said
    "and nothing, do the others still have their powers"
    "Yes" Jesse and Censee said together.
    "Curious" She circled around my mother and Niko.
    "I believe we must get back to aro" Jane mussed She turned and Her and Jennette started to leave.
    "Jane" Carlisle said
    "yes, Carlisle"
    "Tell aro, that in the future we request that he gives us a fare warning on when hes coming, we wouldn't want you to end up on the wrong land, by meaning the shape shifters territory and things get a little messing" she nodded.
    "we will"
    "thank you" With that they left, After we knew they were gone, Embry eased up on my waist a little.
    "Your very attractive when your angry" he whispered in my ear. I giggled.
    "Man your fur is pretty" Niko said
    "sure sure"
    "no really you went from white to black in an instant"
    "It seems as if her powers are Transferred over when she phases"
    "So when shes happy shes white and when shes mad shes blackish brown" my mom asked
    "seems like it"
    "I didnt even notice my fur  change" i said
    "Well you were beautiful"
    "thank you Kim" I blushed
    "I wonder what Jane meant by ,Renesmees youngest child will be the undoing of the volturi"
    "Yeah, about that you guys, it seems as if , me and Jacob are going to be expecting soon" Everyone turned to my mom, suddenly my dad fainted.
    "someone grab Nikos shoe" I said , he jumped back up.
    "Im fine" he said
    "How long have you know" i asked she blushed
    "well for about two weeks now" she said
    "Is it a girl or a boy" Censee asked , clearly happy by this.
    "Well i dont know" she said
    "can we finish this conversation at home, im feeling as tho we are being watched" i said looking around.   
    "sure" my mom said , we all got in the cars and drove back down to our house. When everyone was in the house, the husbands and wife's gushed over the new baby, and the volturi involvement. I pulled Embry up stairs, it was as soon as we got in my room, Embry picked me up and set me on my bed,I pulled my blanket over us,He hovered over top of me, i wrapped my legs around him and pulled his face down to mine. He kissed hungrily down my throat and back up to my lips.
    "I have to jump in the shower" i said between kisses
    "ok" he said kissing me again
    "No really i have to take a shower" i said again between another kiss
    "I said ok" he grinned and kissed me again. He slowly took my shirt off and then kissed down to my bellybutton and back on up.There was a knock on my bedroom door , embry groaned and then rolled over onto a pillow, i laughed.
    "Come in"
    "Hey Cassy, someones here for you" Censee said, Suddenly Spaz and wreak came out from the door way looking at us cautious.
    "hey bliss we just wanted to see if you wanted to come to the skate park in Seattle this weekend"
    "Cool, then i guess well see you Saturday"
    "see ya" They left closing the door behind me.I got up and went to my closet and found my yellow bob Marley shirt.
    "Are you really going to the skate park with them" embry asked me suddenly
    "yeah, why"
    "I dont want you hanging out with them"
    "why" i asked shocked
    "Their not good people for you to hang out with" I was insulted who was he to tell me who i can and can not hang out with.
    "are you seriously telling me who i can hang out with" he looked at me seriously
    "There bad guys cassy they have motive behind hanging out with you"
    "Im glad you think im such a bad judge of character"
    "If you were a great one then you wouldn't be hanging out with them"
    "Well obviously, cause i never noticed how much of a jerk you are" I walked to the door and slammed it , leaving him to his thoughts.
    "whats wrong cass"my mom asked
    "MEN" i yelled throwing my arms in the air. I walked into the kitchen, Olisa was sitting at the table.
    "whats wrong " i asked She looked sad..i sat in front of her
    "Your brother and i had a fight"
    "well join the club me and embry did too"
    "Is it cause you wont you know..." she asked
    "Oh, no" she shook her head
    "Your brother doesnt want to with me" I shook that thought out of my head
    "Do me a favor"She smiled
    "Go talk to Rosey about this, its easier with her, i promise" She smiled
    "Do you want to talk about Embry"
    "No hes just being a jerk that's all" she laughed
    "He is a jerk but in the long run he means well" I laughed
    "yeah, i know"
    "Well if anyone asks me where i am , im down at the beach"
    "you mean if Embry decides to come apologize your down at the beach" i smiled
    "you know out of all my brothers girlfriends, i like you the best" She laughed
    "thank you"
    "No problem, and to answer your question he probably made a deal with your dad that he wouldnt , you know" she smiled
    "ill see you later"

                        Embrys P.O.V

    I dont understand what she wants me too do, i dont want her to hang out with them, there not good guys, and one of them is going to try and hit on her, They were bad news back then and their still bad news. I walked down stairs her dad was sitting on the couch with renesmee.
    "what did you do now" Nessie asked
    "I just told her not to hang out with Michael Hanson and his crew"
    "well that's were you messed up you over sized wolf" Olisa said from the kitchen.
    "Hes bad news, you remember Jake"
    "yes but you still need to let her figure it out her self embry"
    "Well im not saying sorry"
    "hard head" Censee said from the stair case
    "yes i am"
    "where is she by the way"
    "well i dont know if i should tell you , but she said if your going to apologize shes at the beach but considering i dont think your going to apologize then i wouldn't go" I ignored her and headed out the back door. I found Cassy on the beach listening to her ipod and dancing in the sand.  I smiled, then sighed i know i should deny her any friend but i know Michael and i know he will try something with her. I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her , she looked up shocked and then smiled.
    "hey" she almost yelled
    "hey" i kissed her neck.
    "what are you listening to" i asked
    "hahaha , what song" She smiled
    "Second chance"
    "good song"
    "I know"
    "I didn't come out here to apologize, but im not going to stop you from hanging out with them"
    "Good cause im going to with or with out your opinion" She said smiling
    "yeah yeah" i waved my hand dismissively. We sat on the beach watching the waves crash together

                    Censees P.O.V
I was laying on my bed, when grandpa came in and sat down next to me. I smiled at him.
    "hey kid. what are you doing"
    "Laying here bored"
    "thought id be the one to come tell you the news"
    "what news" i asked surprised, i sat up and criss crossed apple sauced my legs together.
    "Well i have to get back to work, but your grandparents are going to be here sometime soon, and Alice is gonna stay as well as jasper."
    "Yes" I loved uncle jasper he was the coolest.
    "I thought you would like that, well i love you kid i best be leaving now got a long way to get home" I smiled
    "Love you grandpa" no need to call him great, that would make him feel old.
    "Love you too kid" After he left Seth entered the room.
    "Hey did you hear" i asked
    "yup more vamps"
    "Wheres Leah" i asked
    "Her and Takota are hanging out with my mom"
    "Oh" He came and sat next to me.
    "Are you ready for another baby in the house"
    "Yeah actually i am"
    "that's good" I laid my head on his chest, his stomach growled.
    "are you hungry" i asked
    "ill cook you something to eat"
    "No its ok"
    "Yes, my baby is hungry im going to feed him now come one" i said pulling his arm.
    "Are you hungry too" he asked suspicious.
    "A little"
    "So what are WE eating" he asked, making the we more noticeable.
    "I dont know,hm mm maybe pancakes bacon,sausage and eggs,hm or something else" i mussed
    "Man you and your sister and brother sure can eat a lot"
    "I love food" i laughed, I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.
    "OH I know what i want" i said
    "order" he asked
    "Heck no, im going to make it"
    "Oh man, im not sure if that's going to taste good"
    "what are you saying, i cant cook"
    "NO" he said instantly, i laughed
    "It will taste fine, believe me" I kissed his lips to hush the next thing he was about to say. He was probably going to comment about the last time i said that, and i was cooking cookies by scratch and they came out like hockey pucks.
    "As long as they taste as good as your lips do" he said , i giggled. I started making the pizza crust while he watched.
                            Cassys P.O.V

    Embry and I walked into the kitchen when the sun started going down, and when we got in there ,Seth and Censee were throwing flour at each other.
    "what are you doing" i asked
    "Making a pizza"
    "well you got your dough everywhere" i said, she and Seth laughed, that's when uncle Jasper and Aunt Alice walked in.
    "UNCLE JASPER" we yelled together and ran to our uncle.
    "hey kids"We gave him a hug.
    "what are you doing" he asked
    "I'm making a pizza" censee said proudly.
    "Well aren't we turning into a chief" he chuckled.
The oven Dinged and Censee pulled out three huge Pizzas from the oven. Embry and i stole one of the huge one and started to head to my room.
    "Cassy" my mom said from around the corning, when i was heading up to my room.
    "yes mom"
    "Your grandparents are here"
    "take the pizza to my room" i said to embry he chuckled and headed up stairs.
    "Grandpa ,Grandma, im so glad you guys came"
    "Good to see you too" Grandpa said Grandma Bella hugged me and kissed my head.
    "How long are you guys staying"
    "For a while , till we know whats up with the volturi"they said together.
    "OH cool" I figured they be staying in the Guest house next door.
    "I better get upstairs before Embry eats the whole pizza" they laughed
    "See you later honey" my grandma said ,  kissed them on the cheeks and gave my mom a hug and went to my room, Embry had eaten half of the pizza
    "That good huh" i asked
    "Yes" I took 5 slices and left one for him, and ate them fast.When i was done,i got up and turned on the radio, i laid on Embry listening to his heartbeat, and slowly drifted to sleep.



Cassy in wolf form when shes happy

great chapter!! as usual i loved it...more please...

yey im the first to comment!!! =]

lol thanks, it was hard finding a black wolf that looked femalish to me
loved it post soon
love it!!!
THANK YOU for adding Jasper on this chapter i love it post more soon
No problem, There will be more Jasper in the future too along with Emmett and Rosalie

Love it!

Post more!!


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