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Censee 17 years old

Jesse 17 years old

Rosey 17years old

Cassy 17years old

Niko 10 years old






Readers Note: If you havent read the first story then the link is below you may not understand much with out reading the first story Thank you for Choosing my story.




    I walked as fast as i could to the familiar house from my Childhood. I had too tell her i was sorry, i couldn't let this fight between us hurt our friend ship, i had to tell everything, i had to tell how i felt, i had to tell that i sorry for causing so much anger, i had to tell  the truth. I got to the house but it wasnt what i expected, everyone stood there out side the house with pain on their faces. Alice someone i knew well from the cullens was In a ball on the ground, rubbing her temples, Renesmee was Balling into Jakes chest, And Jake..The look on his face was terrifying. A scream ripped from in side the house , i fell to my knees as if my body was being cut string by string............

                                                            Chapter one : Cassys P.O.V School
    I laid there in bed, staring at the ceiling. My phone buzzed i looked down it was a message from my best friend Embry, he lives in La push my dad and moms home town. I stretched, any minute now Alice or Rosey would come rushing in asking if they can play dress up barbie with me just like every other morning before school.I opened my phone and looked at the text.

    Em - Morning Cass
    Me - Morning , whats up
    Em- Nothing about to go on patrol thought id say morning
    Me- oh well morning, have fun on patrol
    Em- Thanks, Have fun in school

I closed my phone and got dressed that way when they got to my room there would be no need. I dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. and threw my hair in a pony tail, i have long black hair with chocolate brown eyes like my mom. My nails turn the color of my emotion, normal anyone would think its cool but i think its annoying people always knowing how i feel, and Jesse has the best of all of us he talks to animals, Censee can see the future when touching someones skin. rosey and niko didn't have a power that we know about anyways.
Suddenly Alice and Rosey  came walking in , i turned and smirked at them.
    "Ah man shes already dressed"rosey said
    "Do you see what shes wearing" Alice groaned
    "Yeah , clothes just be greatfull its that much"
    "Ew cassy" Rosey said, i laughed and headed down stairs to get my book bag and head to school.
    "Kids" my dad said.
    "yeah dad" We all looked at him.
    "take a seat" He and mom were sitting on the couch holding hands.
    "We have something important to tell you" My mom said....please dont be another kid, please....
    "what is it"Jesse asked
    "Are we going shopping" Rosey asked
    "No, Were moving"
    "Where too" Censee asked shocked
    "La push" he commented looking at everyone.
    "Yes" i said
    "Is that it" Jesse asked
    "Yeah thats all we needed to tell you" My siblings groaned, i was more excited now that i knew this bit of information. i may even make it through the school day.
    "bye see you after school" we all said

Today was the last day before Summer. I grabbed my purse and Jacket and headed out the door.We got in my car and headed to school. Its my junior year of high school. Jenifer my second best friend was sitting on the steps of the school waiting for me. Jenifer had long Blond hair , and Bright Green eyes to match, i always envied her she was the schools most beautiful girl, tho many people disagreed with me.
    "Hey Cassy" Jenifer said
    "hey jen"
    "Ready for Bio" she asked
    "I guess, I wonder if Mr.Wallis is in a good mood today?"  I pondered that, he'd been a grouch the past couple weeks.
    "I dont know i hope so i dont feel like doing last minute work"
    "I Know what you mean"

We walked into Bio and Mr. Wallis was sitting at his desk drumming his fingers, he never really liked me or my siblings, we were Advanced Educational wise and Physically. I sat at my desk with Jen.Mr.Wallis started talking and then said that we were going to watch a movie. School was going by fast, I didnt know if it was cause of the school or cause i was thinking about spending time with my best friend as soon as i got there.
    "Cassy are you listening to me" Rosey asked me. I looked at her embarrassed from being caught not listening.
    "Sorry day dreaming"
    "Again, what are you always day dreaming about"
    "Nothing" I said , tho it wasn't true. Rosey knew me way to well to let it go tho.
    "Embry" she whispered.The mentioning of my best friend ripped through my chest
    "Sorry" she said i nodded.
    "Its ok" Me and my best friend Embry only got to see each other when ever i would visit my grandfather. On the count of he is in the other pack, but that would soon change. Tho im sure my pain for my best friend isnt the same for him, i mean hes older than me and probably dates al kinds of girls so he probably isnt bored much. I hardly ever dated, i tried once and it was totally akward not to mention my dad gave him the death glare. Niko thought that was hilarious. Niko is my youngest little brother, hes 10 physically tho hes about 5 in years old. Censee had the life never having to worry about dating she had her perfect Seth , her imprint her true love her soul mate. He told her on her 16th birthday all about it , that was last year we were all 17 this year. Jesse hasnt imprinted yet either but that probably because they keep him near the house most of the time, what with him bursting out of his clothes all the time. Rosey dates alot boys in and out of the house all the time, Its funny to see dad interrogate them. The School football captain was her main concern this year. I opened the door to my last class.
    "So Glad for you to joining us miss.Black"
    "Pleasures all mine" The class laughed
    "Take a seat"
    "Sure,sure" i waved my hand dismissively, the teachers didn't like me very much, my grades were spotless, straight A's never missed a test or and exam, the teachers use to think i was cheating. Vampire brain tho. I sat in the back of the room thinking about la-push, the salty air.
    "Cassy black do you know the answer" I looked around the room and blushed.
    "Correct" I wasnt the most social person,so my face turned deep red and my nails turned green from being nervous.
    "way to go cass" Jensen screamed across the room, My friend Jensen had always had a crush on me tho we were just friends never anything more. Diana rubbed her hand on my back to comfort me.
    "Are you feeling well" she asked me, what was that i felt fine.
    "yeah why"
    "you just feel like your on fire" I shrugged.
    "Ericks looking at you" I looked over and smiled, Erick was the captain of the soccer team. He winked and smiled.
The Bell rung i headed to my locker, As i was taking everything in my locker out, a hand slammed on the locker next to me, i could feel more than one person around me i turned around and stared staight into a pair of gray blue eyes.
    "Hey cassy"
    "Hey Erik" i said with a crooked smile.
    "What are you doing this summer"
    "Moving, what about your self" I looked around to see the Soccer team with him and a smile on each other faces. I picked up my bag and started to walk to my car.
    "Well i was hoping dating you but it sucks your moving" I stopped and turned
    "You want to date me?"
    "Why" He looked shocked, the rest of team followed behind .
    "Because I like you, and your smokin hott" I looked in my purse and pulled out a pen.
    "Well since im moving we obviously cant date but no need to lose ties huh" I wrote my number on his hand, and kissed his cheek. The Soccer players whistled and hollered as i walked away leaving Erik stunned.
    "What was that about" Censee asked as i met her by the exit doors to go to our car. It was really mine, but theirs were to showy for school.
    "just gave him my number thats all"
    "What about Embry" she asked, why was she always acting like me and him were dating it iritated me.
    "We are just friends" She shook her head, is there something she knows that i dont. I shook the feeling off and headed to my car. We got in the car, Jesse was waving to all the girls that looked so sad to see him leaving, Rosey was sitting in the back next to Censee and Censee was sitting in seths lap in the back also. Jesse was next to me. I sped away not looking at the school where i had grown up in. When we reached our house there was three cars out front, my grandparents must be visiting. I got out Everyone piled into the house. Aunt rose met me half way, she was my favorite since birth, tho i didn't enjoy shopping with aunt alice and her.
    "I am going to miss you so much while you guys are in La-push" She said to me, they were going to Italy to leave for a while.
    "I am going to miss you too" Everyone talked and laughed as we all got our last night in together.

I was getting tired so i headed to my room, after saying goodbye to everyone. When i got to my room i plopped on my bed. I closed my eyes my mind filled with embry, My best friend my life, oh how missed him, We only saw each other on summer vacations, and every time i looked more and more older to him. My Cell started to vibrate. I flipped it open and saw Em. He knew i was thinking of him, of course he did he thought he knew everything.
    Em. Miss me?
    Me. Of course, how was your last day of school?
    Em. Boring with out you.
    Me. Ha! as if school would be anymore fun if i was there.
    Em.I think it would, what about you ?
    Me. Boring as ever, Erik asked me out tho i told him no because we were moving
    Em. O. Sounds interesting i guess.               

What ever could he mean by that.    
    Em. Can't wait till you guys get here   
    Me. Me either, i love la-push
    Em. It loves you too
    Me. Lol shut up it does not
    Em. Does too, ah i gotta...well i gotta go
    Me. Ok See you when i get there
    Em.Night Cass
    Me.Night Em

I put my cellphone on the night stand, and turned out the lights my head filled with Embry, the last time i had been with him we went to the beach, i made a sand castle that was big enough that a grown human could sleep in it, that is until Paul and Embry messed it up. 

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oh my
d'awwwe  i didn't know you cared so much about niko
lol, ill see what the Writting gods come up with lol
Oh no not the Squrriells , lol , im working on the next chapter right now, ive been busy trying to help my mom, shes prego and the doc wont let her off her feet so most of the stuff she does, ive been having to do but dont worry next chapter will come faster
huryyyy up pleazzzzz u should make cassy have a baby and let him destroy the volturi i have names already lol

Love the baby's name and I love how Cassy and Embry are interrupted whenever they are kissing!

Little Niko gets kidnapped and I think the vampire mistook him for Aria.

Love it!

Post soon!!

@Seth/Taylor Lover -But Jane said that it was Renesmee blacks youngest child so , cassys baby wouldnt be able to destroy them.


@Rachel{Addicted to love} Thank you XD


    Cassy hasn't left her room since the night Niko was stolen, Her and Embry have only given a goodbye kiss or a good morning kiss that's it, no making out, no parents having to go up their cause grandpa wants to hurl. With out Niko here to tie my socks to the Ceiling fan and ruin my things it was lonely,and even harder to be around the imprinted people. Its been almost a week.The Volturi still haven't called tho we have talked about going to them and see if they were the cause behind this but, My grandfather and mother wouldn't let us. Aria does have a
I sat out out on the lawn, when a stranger appeared in front of me.
    "Hello" I said, he had bright Green eyes that seemed to pierced right through me.
    "Hello, you must be Rosey" He took my hand and kissed it gingerly. There was something about him, it seemed soft in his face.
    "How did you know my name"
    "My Friend Nahuel , knows your mother, is she around" he asked.
    "Um no, they went out looking....for something"
    "Your brother yes."
    "Yes, how did you know that"
    "My names Kenan and this is my Sister Hannah" I stared at his face he was clearly immortal but mortal,then turned my attention to A half mortal half immortal Girl that i hadn't notice before.
    "Hello" She said, she looked around Nikos Age, that triggered my emotions again, a tear ran down my face.
    "Dont cry,Niko will be ok"
    "How do you know" i cried
    "i have seen him"I jumped up
    "In my vision"
    "Come with me" I said walking into the house
    "I thought no one was home" he asked
    "I'm going to call them of course, tho Cassy is home she just wont come out of her room"
    "She will soon" The little girl said
    "How do you know"
    "Ive seen it"
    "I thought you see visions" I asked Kenan
    "Hannah and i are bonded, considering we are Siblings, I see the Good things that happen in the future, she sees the bad"
    "Censee can see your future from a single touch" I said
    "I know, I met her once" That made me freeze
    "When Nahuel came to see your mother last"
    "You were with a friend" he said
    "Oh" I said again , I looked through the contact listings and then found the number i was looking for.
    "Mom , someones here, i need you guys to come home NOW, he knows where Niko is"
    "We will be right there" she said, when they got here, Aria came walking in, she Apparently Grew as fast as mom did when she was a baby, so now she looked about like a five or six year old now. Her bright green eyes looked at me and smiled as she touched my face and filled my mind with images of Niko. I touched her face.
    "I know" I whispered
We had found out what her power is and why it could hurt the volturi, She has a gift called Power-well , It consists of multiple powers She can Either Absorb powers around her or Copy them, or She can Cancel them all together. She can Also Duplicate her self, but that takes place in the mind, leaving you too see more than one person,when there is really only one,and the last thing we know about her powers so far is that she can Sublimation, Its where she can Turn into a Fog like form and go anywhere she wants apparently "Dracula" Could do it, so my grandfather said,But as for anything else we have no clue. She obvious copied my moms Powers, to show me what she wanted. I smiled and took the hair brush next to the couch and brushed through her long white hair. She smiled and closed her eyes.
    "KENAN" my mom almost yelled Excited to see him.
    "Hey renesmee" he gave her a hug, i wonder why he kissed my hand but gave my mom a hug. He was very handsome, But how could i think about something like that when i recently only got my heart broken. There is no way someone as handsome as him could he even be interested in someone of my normality, i didn't even have a power.
    "What brings you here" my mom asked, He proceeded to tell us.
                        Embry P.O.V
    "Cassy Please Come down stairs and talk with everyone" I begged her .
    "No, Its all my fault."I groaned
    "Cassy please, i hate seeing you like this"
    "Not right now OK Embry" She shoved her head into other pillow.
    "Okay, well im going to go down stairs, if you need me"i  said going to leave her to her thoughts. She looked up tears pouring.
    "Okay" she muttered. I kissed her cheek, and then left the room. When i got down Stairs, There were two people i have never seen before.
    "Embry this is Kenan and Hannah"
    "Hello" I said bluntly.
    "How is Cassy" Kenan asked
    "Shes still upset" I said , sitting on the couch next to Aria and Rosey, Aria moved to my lap, and smiled. I kissed the top of her head. She patted my cheek. I picked her up and Took her to the kitchen and got her some food, then came back and set her down on the floor and let her watch tv.
    "So the Volturi have him" Rosey asked kenan, he smiled at her.
    "Yes"She growled.
    "We have to go get him" she said
    "I dont know, taking the volturi wont be a very easy task, well have to talk to Charlisle about it. Renesmee had a tear roll down her cheek, her baby had been missing in action for over a Day.
    "OH NO" Hannah blinked, Edward hissed as he watched her vision
    "Whats wrong" Bella asked
    "Niko" they said together
    "Is he hurt"
    "Only a little"Renesmee finally breathed again.
    "She will be OK sister, i can see it" What were they talking about i ran up stairs.

                        Niko P.O.V
It was dark in cold in the Stone Walls of the Castle. The Young Vampire that stole me from my loved one checked on me now and then , to make sure that i haven't escaped or used any powers, Little did they know i wasn't the one with the powers.My body was sweating, i could feel my Temperature rising, I didn't know if this was bad or good, I wasn't suppose to Phase until 16, But with as many vampires that came in and out of this place i was sure to phase any day now. Suddenly the door opened to the Room.
    "Hello, my dear, Mr.Black"
    "What do you want with me" I spit out of my teeth, i sounded like Jesse when  i use to Shove his favorite CD's Down the toilet.
    "Your Powers" The man in the cloak said
    "I dont have any powers"
    "So you say" he said I sighed, and leaned against the wall.
    "When your ready to Cooperate then we will let you out of this cold room" The sent me off, I was telling the freaking truth. He left the room, and my body tore. Fur Sprouting everywhere. I was a Dark Grayish black. I wasn't as big as the rest of the wolfs, but i could feel my self getting growing.Then I crumpled to the ground in pain.The next couple hours were painful, but the pain slowly proceeded to go away, until the one that stole me came in,
    "Have you decided to talk"She chimed.
    "Never" She walked up close to me.
    "I should probably just kill you, your no use anyways."
    "That you know of" I muttered, She glared at me, and then her hand slapped my face, it stung. I closed my eyes, Cassy Find me please i muttered to my self.

                        Cassy's P.O.V

    After Embry left my room, I laid their thinking about how lonely Niko Must be, I tossed and Turned thinking about why that Vampire looked familiar,that's when it Clicked.I rushed to my Closet and went through my Memories box and shifted through Pictures. I found the one i was looking for. I gasped.
    "NO" was all i could say

                        Rosey's P.O.V

    I ran after Embry, But when i got to where he was , he was on his knees with a note in his hands, I took it from his frozen Hands.
            To my Family, Im sorry it had to be like this,but there was no way around it.
    I know who took Niko, and i will not rest until he is safe at home. I will be home in four days, I would have told you where i was going but that would have meant for you to all be in Danger as well and this is my fault that my baby brother is gone.    
            Embry,Love, I love you more than my own life, more than my soul. You are and always will
Be the Love of my life, you are my best friend, My partner, and my companion.Please dont be sad, and angry with me, I love you and i will be home soon with Niko, Dont come after me, that goes for everyone.
                                -Love Cassy Lee Black

I folded the note and walked down stair's with a blank expression and handed it to my dad.



This Is Aria

I love it I hope This is Rosey soulmate lol keep me updated
oh my can the blacks and cullens ever be at peace with each usual i love it keep up the great work and can we kill aro and them already?

great update!

aria looks so stunning!

Aria's powers are awesome.

I hope Niko is okay and Rosey gets her soul mate!

Loved it!!


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