The Twilight Saga


Censee 17 years old

Jesse 17 years old

Rosey 17years old

Cassy 17years old

Niko 10 years old






Readers Note: If you havent read the first story then the link is below you may not understand much with out reading the first story Thank you for Choosing my story.




    I walked as fast as i could to the familiar house from my Childhood. I had too tell her i was sorry, i couldn't let this fight between us hurt our friend ship, i had to tell everything, i had to tell how i felt, i had to tell that i sorry for causing so much anger, i had to tell  the truth. I got to the house but it wasnt what i expected, everyone stood there out side the house with pain on their faces. Alice someone i knew well from the cullens was In a ball on the ground, rubbing her temples, Renesmee was Balling into Jakes chest, And Jake..The look on his face was terrifying. A scream ripped from in side the house , i fell to my knees as if my body was being cut string by string............

                                                            Chapter one : Cassys P.O.V School
    I laid there in bed, staring at the ceiling. My phone buzzed i looked down it was a message from my best friend Embry, he lives in La push my dad and moms home town. I stretched, any minute now Alice or Rosey would come rushing in asking if they can play dress up barbie with me just like every other morning before school.I opened my phone and looked at the text.

    Em - Morning Cass
    Me - Morning , whats up
    Em- Nothing about to go on patrol thought id say morning
    Me- oh well morning, have fun on patrol
    Em- Thanks, Have fun in school

I closed my phone and got dressed that way when they got to my room there would be no need. I dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. and threw my hair in a pony tail, i have long black hair with chocolate brown eyes like my mom. My nails turn the color of my emotion, normal anyone would think its cool but i think its annoying people always knowing how i feel, and Jesse has the best of all of us he talks to animals, Censee can see the future when touching someones skin. rosey and niko didn't have a power that we know about anyways.
Suddenly Alice and Rosey  came walking in , i turned and smirked at them.
    "Ah man shes already dressed"rosey said
    "Do you see what shes wearing" Alice groaned
    "Yeah , clothes just be greatfull its that much"
    "Ew cassy" Rosey said, i laughed and headed down stairs to get my book bag and head to school.
    "Kids" my dad said.
    "yeah dad" We all looked at him.
    "take a seat" He and mom were sitting on the couch holding hands.
    "We have something important to tell you" My mom said....please dont be another kid, please....
    "what is it"Jesse asked
    "Are we going shopping" Rosey asked
    "No, Were moving"
    "Where too" Censee asked shocked
    "La push" he commented looking at everyone.
    "Yes" i said
    "Is that it" Jesse asked
    "Yeah thats all we needed to tell you" My siblings groaned, i was more excited now that i knew this bit of information. i may even make it through the school day.
    "bye see you after school" we all said

Today was the last day before Summer. I grabbed my purse and Jacket and headed out the door.We got in my car and headed to school. Its my junior year of high school. Jenifer my second best friend was sitting on the steps of the school waiting for me. Jenifer had long Blond hair , and Bright Green eyes to match, i always envied her she was the schools most beautiful girl, tho many people disagreed with me.
    "Hey Cassy" Jenifer said
    "hey jen"
    "Ready for Bio" she asked
    "I guess, I wonder if Mr.Wallis is in a good mood today?"  I pondered that, he'd been a grouch the past couple weeks.
    "I dont know i hope so i dont feel like doing last minute work"
    "I Know what you mean"

We walked into Bio and Mr. Wallis was sitting at his desk drumming his fingers, he never really liked me or my siblings, we were Advanced Educational wise and Physically. I sat at my desk with Jen.Mr.Wallis started talking and then said that we were going to watch a movie. School was going by fast, I didnt know if it was cause of the school or cause i was thinking about spending time with my best friend as soon as i got there.
    "Cassy are you listening to me" Rosey asked me. I looked at her embarrassed from being caught not listening.
    "Sorry day dreaming"
    "Again, what are you always day dreaming about"
    "Nothing" I said , tho it wasn't true. Rosey knew me way to well to let it go tho.
    "Embry" she whispered.The mentioning of my best friend ripped through my chest
    "Sorry" she said i nodded.
    "Its ok" Me and my best friend Embry only got to see each other when ever i would visit my grandfather. On the count of he is in the other pack, but that would soon change. Tho im sure my pain for my best friend isnt the same for him, i mean hes older than me and probably dates al kinds of girls so he probably isnt bored much. I hardly ever dated, i tried once and it was totally akward not to mention my dad gave him the death glare. Niko thought that was hilarious. Niko is my youngest little brother, hes 10 physically tho hes about 5 in years old. Censee had the life never having to worry about dating she had her perfect Seth , her imprint her true love her soul mate. He told her on her 16th birthday all about it , that was last year we were all 17 this year. Jesse hasnt imprinted yet either but that probably because they keep him near the house most of the time, what with him bursting out of his clothes all the time. Rosey dates alot boys in and out of the house all the time, Its funny to see dad interrogate them. The School football captain was her main concern this year. I opened the door to my last class.
    "So Glad for you to joining us miss.Black"
    "Pleasures all mine" The class laughed
    "Take a seat"
    "Sure,sure" i waved my hand dismissively, the teachers didn't like me very much, my grades were spotless, straight A's never missed a test or and exam, the teachers use to think i was cheating. Vampire brain tho. I sat in the back of the room thinking about la-push, the salty air.
    "Cassy black do you know the answer" I looked around the room and blushed.
    "Correct" I wasnt the most social person,so my face turned deep red and my nails turned green from being nervous.
    "way to go cass" Jensen screamed across the room, My friend Jensen had always had a crush on me tho we were just friends never anything more. Diana rubbed her hand on my back to comfort me.
    "Are you feeling well" she asked me, what was that i felt fine.
    "yeah why"
    "you just feel like your on fire" I shrugged.
    "Ericks looking at you" I looked over and smiled, Erick was the captain of the soccer team. He winked and smiled.
The Bell rung i headed to my locker, As i was taking everything in my locker out, a hand slammed on the locker next to me, i could feel more than one person around me i turned around and stared staight into a pair of gray blue eyes.
    "Hey cassy"
    "Hey Erik" i said with a crooked smile.
    "What are you doing this summer"
    "Moving, what about your self" I looked around to see the Soccer team with him and a smile on each other faces. I picked up my bag and started to walk to my car.
    "Well i was hoping dating you but it sucks your moving" I stopped and turned
    "You want to date me?"
    "Why" He looked shocked, the rest of team followed behind .
    "Because I like you, and your smokin hott" I looked in my purse and pulled out a pen.
    "Well since im moving we obviously cant date but no need to lose ties huh" I wrote my number on his hand, and kissed his cheek. The Soccer players whistled and hollered as i walked away leaving Erik stunned.
    "What was that about" Censee asked as i met her by the exit doors to go to our car. It was really mine, but theirs were to showy for school.
    "just gave him my number thats all"
    "What about Embry" she asked, why was she always acting like me and him were dating it iritated me.
    "We are just friends" She shook her head, is there something she knows that i dont. I shook the feeling off and headed to my car. We got in the car, Jesse was waving to all the girls that looked so sad to see him leaving, Rosey was sitting in the back next to Censee and Censee was sitting in seths lap in the back also. Jesse was next to me. I sped away not looking at the school where i had grown up in. When we reached our house there was three cars out front, my grandparents must be visiting. I got out Everyone piled into the house. Aunt rose met me half way, she was my favorite since birth, tho i didn't enjoy shopping with aunt alice and her.
    "I am going to miss you so much while you guys are in La-push" She said to me, they were going to Italy to leave for a while.
    "I am going to miss you too" Everyone talked and laughed as we all got our last night in together.

I was getting tired so i headed to my room, after saying goodbye to everyone. When i got to my room i plopped on my bed. I closed my eyes my mind filled with embry, My best friend my life, oh how missed him, We only saw each other on summer vacations, and every time i looked more and more older to him. My Cell started to vibrate. I flipped it open and saw Em. He knew i was thinking of him, of course he did he thought he knew everything.
    Em. Miss me?
    Me. Of course, how was your last day of school?
    Em. Boring with out you.
    Me. Ha! as if school would be anymore fun if i was there.
    Em.I think it would, what about you ?
    Me. Boring as ever, Erik asked me out tho i told him no because we were moving
    Em. O. Sounds interesting i guess.               

What ever could he mean by that.    
    Em. Can't wait till you guys get here   
    Me. Me either, i love la-push
    Em. It loves you too
    Me. Lol shut up it does not
    Em. Does too, ah i gotta...well i gotta go
    Me. Ok See you when i get there
    Em.Night Cass
    Me.Night Em

I put my cellphone on the night stand, and turned out the lights my head filled with Embry, the last time i had been with him we went to the beach, i made a sand castle that was big enough that a grown human could sleep in it, that is until Paul and Embry messed it up. 

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who kidnapped him please tell me
awww! poor embry! post more soon!!!
I like this! :)
                    Cassys P.O.V

    I knew what i had to do, and i knew what i was getting my self into. I didn't need a physic to tell me that.I landed  in Italy, and headed to the Voluri's Castle.
When i got there,the streets were filled with people, it was a bright sunny day, the vampires wouldn't be out socializing then. I noticed the black Cloaks near the edge of the castle. I entered one of the hotels near by.
    "Posso aiutarla?" (May I help you?)
    "no grazie" (No Thank you) The man behind the counter went back to his desk in the office, i took a seat at one of the tables near the bar in the hotel. There was a Dark Haired man behind the counter.
    "Posso avere un pò d'acqua per favore" (May i have some water please) the man gave me a glass of water and i handed him some money.
    "Grazie" I said and chucked the water. I was wearing, Jeans, A black Trench coat a hat and Gloves. So that i would be able to move through the night undetected by humans, tho i know very much so that a vampire would be able to see me no matter what. I looked down at my watch. 7:59 The sun was going down about now. I was new here so i didnt know how to enter the castle un detected. I looked out the window the sun had gone down completely. My heart thudded a few times and gave a small squeeze of hope that i could get him undetected and home safe. This was a risk, and i knew it. Embry...I pushed that thought out of my head so that i would be able to concentrate.I waiteda few more minutes thinking about the vampire that took Niko,We had met the summer i turned 13, The Volturi came to see my parents to make sure everything was fine and dandy.When they came they had a new comer named Jenavisia. She had long black hair that made her red eyes flame bright, She liked embry, that explains why i got territorial when she tried to make a move on him. Tho i knew embry would never touch a vampire well other than me . I smiled at that. I sighed  I got up, When the Waiter behind the bar handed me a piece of paper. It had a phone number on it
    "Il mio numero di telefono" (My phone number) he said and winked
    "Grazie" I said trying to be polite no need to tell him i wouldn't be calling.
I exited the Hotel, there were still a lot of people walking around. I walked around the corner, i noticed Jane walking alone , she looked around and then jumped down a sewer.  I Followed behind her. Waiting far enough that she wouldn't hear me or smell me. I noticed Jenavisia and Jennett walking together as they passed Jane. I walked in the opposite Direction, coming into an Office looking area, a women was sitting behind the desk and looked up at me.
    "can i help you"
    "No, im a friend of Aro's so ill just go see him"she nodded and went back to her work,i turned back to her.
    "Would you happen to know where Niko black is"
    "Um the Prisoner" she asked
     "Yes im suppose to give him his morning treatment" she looked me up and down then nodded
    "Hes in room 350" I nodded
    "Thank you" I walked down the halls, i passed a room and heard talking. It was aro and Jane
    "Aro when are we going to attack the Cullen's"
    "In a month Jane, i told you we must get things prepared" That made me suck in a breath. Jane heard me, i rounded the corner Quickly so i wouldn't be seen. She walked down the hall looking in the womens batheroom and then went back to the room where aro was. I headed down the halls, room 348...Room 349...Ah ha room 350.I Opened the door, A gray,and black wolf  was laying on the ground i gasped, he phased.
    "Niko" I cooed he looked up pain in his eyes, his fur was matted with blood. He phased back, I pulled my bag, over my head and put clothes on him that I had brought.
    "Cassy" He whispered
    "I'm here baby brother, lets go , we have to be Quiet"
I picked him up and we walked down the halls, Aro and Cauis turned the corner and we ducked into one of the empty rooms, I looked around for an escape. There a vent in the ceiling, I pulled Niko with me and we got inside and started to crawl the direction i came in. When we got next to the desk where the human was, we dropped in the room next to it and i told him to hide.
    "Um Aro needs you" I said to her.She flustered her hands around the desk and then headed down the hall way , i grabbed Nikos hand and we ran for it, When we got back up to the streets I found one of the nearest cars and hot wired it. I'm sure my family wouldn't be to concerned with me hot wiring a car right now. I tucked Niko into the seat with a seat belt around him. When we were out of the sight of the castle i relaxed more.
    "wheres the family" Niko said
    "They are at home"
    "They dont know you came to Italy do they"
    "they do by now, i left a note"
    "I couldn't let them kill you Niko"
    "No" my tone made him stop. I sighed and took his hand in my right hand.
    "I love you too much, your family and family doesn't get left behind."
    "I love you too sis"
    "you need your rest, why dont you sleep" I said , He yawned and fell asleep on my arm. When we reached the airport i pulled him out of the car and carried him into the airport and got our tickets and settled ourselves on the flight.

                    Embrys P.O.V
    I laid on her bed waiting for her return, Jake had told Sam about what had happened and they were keeping an eye on her return, its been three days since she left. I sighed, and tossed and turned thinking about her, i haven't sleep since she left. I read her note over and over again.
    "Embry" Renesmee said
    "yes Ness"
    "Are you hungry"
    "No not really"
    "She'll be OK you know"
    "So says the vamp."
    "she will" Nessie had been crying all weekend, i didn't know what i was going to do , we had to call the school and tell them that the family was passing around the flu and that most of us wouldn't be in, tho Censee Jesse, Olisa and rosey were still going. Aria came walking in after renesmee had left.
    "Whats wrong" she asked
    "I miss your sister kiddo"
    "Oh, this is my fault"
    "no , its not its mine, i should have been beside her the whole time."
    "Shell be back soon i promise"
    "Thanks kiddo"
    "No problem"
She left the room skipping, i knew she missed her sister and her brother too. My phone buzzed.

    Cass. - I'm on my way home, with Niko! I love you, the plane lands in an hour.

I jumped up. She made it, my heart thudded faster, I opened her bedroom door and ran down the stairs, everyone in the living room looked up.I grabbed Cassy's car keys.
    "EMBRY NO" Sam ordered
    "What" I asked
    "You cant go after her to Italy."
    "I'm not her plane lands in an hour and she has Niko, ill be back with the both of them"
    "Ok go" Sam said no an order, a request, or an invitation i was too happy to care either way. I saw the light in everyone's eyes when i said they both made it.

                        Cassy's P.O.V

    "So what is she like now"
    "Shes like nothing in this world, she looks about your age"
    "Damn , im older and shes going to out grow me" he said , we were talking about aria, when he finally woke up on the flight.
    "I dont think so, ever since you phased i think your almost taller than me and you look older" i handed him my mirror.
    "WOW. i dont even look the same"
    "yup , its as if the phasing process speed your development up"

    "HA! now im around the same age as y'all in the matter of few weeks" I laughed
    "Dont get to cocky we are still smarty" I said pushing his head. He looked up at me i kissed his forehead.

*PASSANGERS WE ARE BEGING TO LAND, PLEASE TAKE YOUR SEATS AND BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BEALTS* Niko and i buckled up and got ready to land, we traded the whole flight on who got the window seat. When the plane landed , Embry was waiting at the Entrance, I ran into his arms He spun me and kissed me.
    "Dont you ever do that again" he whispered in my ear
    "I promise" I said he kissed me furiously. Niko laughed
    "what no party for me" Embry looked at niko and then gasped he was taken aback
    "I know" He clapped Niko on the back.
Niko climbed in the back of my car and Embry and I sat up front. I laid my head under his chin as he drove home.
    When we got home Embry kept skin Contact with me, his hand stayed on the small of my back.when we got inside, I was bombarded with people.
    "Omg Niko,Cassy" my mom gushed, she ran over and kissed the top of our heads.
    "Wow Niko, you grew" My dad and grandpa said
    "What can i say"
I noticed for the first time that rosey was sitting next to a guy and having a conversation with out looking depressed. I kissed everyone good night, i needed some sleep after the day i had.I had told them about what i heard Aro say to Jane
    "Night" I said
    "Night" they yelled back.
Embry and i walked up stairs, he laid me on the bed. He kissed me passionately.
    "I love you" I said
    "I love you too" His arms wrapped around my body as we laid on the bed. I fell asleep in his arms.

The Sun rose in the sky shinning a light in my window.Censee came bouncing into my room.
    "What" I asked
    "Breakfast is ready"
    "Thanks sis"
    "No problem"
She closed the door, i looked over at embry he was snoring lightly, i kissed his cheek, he didn't wake, i kissed his neck , he didn't wake, then i kissed his lips and he instantly woke up.His hands wove into my hair, kissing me passionately. I pulled back.
    "Breakfast is ready"
    "OK" He kissed me again. I kissed back.He picked me up and carried me to the bathroom. He slowly undressed me, and i slowly undressed him.The hot shower touched my skin, it didn't tingle the way his hands did when they slid down my body, I blew bubbles in his face.
    "Oh yeah"
    "yeah"He started to tickle me
    "Ok ok ok you win" i said between laughs.
    "that's right"
We got out of the shower and got dressed. When we got down stairs I looked over at the newest members of our house, Kenan and Hannah, There was something different, Hannah looked older and her and Niko where holding hands.
    "Did i miss something"
    "They imprinted" Rosey said, with a smile on her face
    "Congrats guys"
    "Thanks" I noticed Kenans Hand in Roseys, Wow things really do change over night. I pulled Embry into the kitchen and we ate our pancakes and Sausage. Hannah stopped and dropped her glass and Alice froze too.
    "YES" Kenan said smiling, i was frowning what was he saying yes for.
    "Its going to be a battle" Hannah said, Alice frowned then growled.
    "Everything disappear dear" she asked Alice
    "I'm sorry"
    "Where going to have to talk to Sam about this, if its going to be a battle this is going to be an ugly one" Grandpa said
Tonight we would be going to talk to Sam about the battle that would be coming in a month. I leaned into Embrys arms, content with what i had for now.
Lol I'm glad you liked it

oh my oh my oh my.....a battle can't wait can we finally kill aro and them off now


yay!!! love it!!!

Niko is back and again why can't the Volturi give the Cullens and the Blacks a break?!

Loved it!!

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wow great amazing post soon
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pleeeeeease write more this is a great story!!!!!!!
                                                                       14-Crime of Passion
                                                                             Cassys P.O.V

    The line in front of me had a red haze in front of them. No one moved a muscle until Aro's hand made the signal. they leaped towards us. I headed towards Jane to take her out first, when suddenly Jenavisia bite into Embrys neck.I froze and Jane caught me around the waist and squeezed braking all my bones,but the the pain i felt wasn't for my self it was for the love of my life laying on the ground in pain from the venom. I cried out to him , reaching.

    I shot up out of bed. Breathing heavily, i looked over and saw Embry snoring.
    "Just a dream" I said to my self.I tried to steady my breathing. I think i was having a panic attack. I did what my grandma showed my mom one day. I put my head between my knees and breathes in and out with deep breaths.
    "Just a dream" I thought to my self again.I slid out of bed and went to the bath room. I splashed hot water on my face. May be i was just having nightmares because the battle was in two days. I grabbed my towel and went to the garage to grab my surf board then headed out to the beach. When i got there apparently i wasn't the only one who wanted to surf this morning.
    "SPAZ" i yelled happy to see someone else up at 5 am.
    "CASSY" he yelled, wow he didn't call me bliss
    "BLISS" the others yelled, i ran up to them.
    "what are you guys doing out this early?"
    "Surfing of course"
    "Well are we going to catch some waves or what"wreck asked
    "Is it just you this morning" Spaz asked
    "Yeah, Embry and my siblings are still passes out"
    "Oh" he perked up.
I waited for the guys to catch their waves first then i saw a big one and i took it. When i finally got there, i turned my board and stood up. I nailed it, The pipe rolled beautifully. When suddenly my board came out from under me. I fell into the water, i heard the guys yell for me, before i hit my head on a rock underwater. I woke to Spaz giving me CPR and his arms around my body. I coughed and spit out water and scooted to the side. I looked around, and then i saw embry near the house looking at us, hurt expression.
    "Uh, i better get to the house"
    "Oh OK"
    "Bye guys, and thank you spaz for trying to save me"
    "No problem bliss" I grabbed my surf board and ran to the house, embry was already inside. I dropped my board on the porch and walked in. No one was around.
    "Embry wait" I said as he was walking to the front door.
    "No Cassy im not waiting" he almost yelled  walking.
    "You dont even know what happened" I almost yelled back but not wanting to make a Scene
    "His lips were on yours that's all i need to know" I growled. My sisters door opened and so did my parents. Embrys back was still facing me, he didn't even look at my face. My body was shaking.
    "Yes, but its not what you think" i said low.
    "Its exactly what i think" He said back grabbing the door handle , my head stung a little.
    "OMG Cassy your bleeding " my mom said running out of the room with a towel and placing it on my head, he finally turned to me.
    "I know mom , i hit my head while surfing, and Spaz gave me CPR, im fine" I growled at embry then took the towel and held it to my head and walked up stairs. I shut the door behind me and locked it. There was a knock on my door.
    "Go away" i already know who it was.
    "I'm not going away Cassy, not till i know your alright"
    "Other than having a jerk for a boyfriend, im fine" I said in a fake cheerful voice.
    "way  to go embry" I heard Censee say.
    "What was i suppose to think" he growled back at her. That peeked my anger.
    "Your supposed to believe your imprint you moron." I laid on my bed and closed my eyes, starting to fall asleep. I was glad that school was finally over, We graduated Friday of last week and my mom balled like a baby, saying her kids are growing up so fast. Dad cried a tear nothing else he said no need to be a baby about things. I fell asleep thinking about it. I woke up to the sound of my dad banging on the door.
    "yeah" i said
    "Pack meeting tonight , we have to start training"
    "Alright" I got changed from my swim trunks and swim top into shorts and a tank top. I came out of the door, and embry was waiting. I walked passed him.   
    "Im sorry" he said
    "Your only slightly for given" I said in a monotone voice.I grabbed a slice of pizza before grabbing embrys hand and walking to the clearing. The dark was soothing, Embry apologized over and over all the way to the clearing. Before we entered the clearing, i stopped in front of him and looked him dead in the eyes, and then kissed him. His arms wrapped around me, making my body feel all tingly.
    "So im forgiven" he asked when we pulled apart.
    "for now" I smiled
When we entered the clearing ,it was packed with wolfs, no pun intended. Uncle Jasper and the rest of the family were siting on the rocks near him.
    "Just like before" Uncle jasper said to the old wolfs.
    "This will be a replay for the newer wolfs" my dad said next to him.

After uncle jasper taught us how to fight it was time to actually fight. It was my dad's pack against Sam's pack, so Leah, Seth, and my dad and Takoda were going to take us one on one, so we couldn't hear what the other was thinking. Embry was fighting my dad, my dad grinned at me before going in the woods and phasing. Embry came out wolf. He nudged my shoulder then stood in front of my dad. Uncle Jasper counted out loud.
    "5....4...3...2..1...Go" he said , and then they fought. my dad had embry for a little bit then embry changed the pace up a little bit and fought differently. I smiled for a second until my dad had embry down on the ground and his stomach facing up.
    "I knew it" Uncle Emmett said from beside me
    "Shut up" i said , handing him five dollars, i made a bet with him years ago that my dad and him in a fight , he would beat my dad. maybe i was bias who knows.
    "Your turn Cassy" my dad said coming out of the woods, i wasn't sure who i was facing until I saw Leah go into the woods, great, im going to get my ass handed to me. I went into the woods where Embry was, He phased back and came over to me as i was taking my clothes off.
    "Go for her ankles" he chuckled , i raised an eyebrow.
    "her weakness" he kissed me, wrapping his arms around my naked body. I kissed back, when i suddenly remembered we were in the woods. I pulled away, and he stepped back and walked away, as i phased. When i came out , i looked at my paws they were white.they were right my fur is pretty. I stood in front of Leah she smirked.
    "5...4...3...2...1..GO" my uncle said, i stood still , so did she every one stared in anticipation. I was going to wait till she made the first move, she flinched for a second and then ran towards me. I tried to dodge her attack when she grabbed a hold of my tail and slammed me against a tree, embry stood up and took a step forward, she growled at him, i noticed Takoda doing the same thing, i growled at him, and the pack all gasped as my fur turned black for a moment and then back to white and then we went at each other again. She flipped me over on my belly, i stayed there for a moment, she turned her back on me and i whipped my tail towards her ankles and she collapsed.
    "Never turn your back on an opponent" Uncle jasper said to her. I stood up and backed off into the woods keeping my body facing her. I came back through the trees, she was in human form.
    "Good fight" she said smiling
    "You too" I gave her a hug.

I sat against the tree with embry as the other fought. I looked at my watch and it was midnight already. I yawned.
    "tired"he asked
    "Yea i didn't sleep much last night"
    "Bad dreams"
    "oh wanna talk about it"
    " Id rather not, i dont want to worry you "
    "Okay" he said, with his eyebrows pressing together. After everyone was done practicing, Embry and i went home to go to bed. Embry didn't stay at his moms house that much anymore but tomorrow , he said she was going out of town and needed him to stay there to make sure it was safe. I laid in bed next him. It was dark. My hands traced his abs. He shivered from my touch. His lips traced my jaw line, leaving a heat trail to my lips.  I laid my head on his chest, and listened to his heart beat.


                        Roseys P.O.V

I sat on the back porch looking up at the moon. The dark sky was especially dark tonight, but clear for a change, the stars were shining bright.I couldn't stop thinking about kenan, we weren't dating but we are friends, sometimes he holds my hand. I'm just not sure if he feels the same.I started to think about everything in the last month that had happen.


I was in my room listening to my music, when Edward Maya came on, I felt a tug on my hand and when i turned around it was Kenan, he smiled and pulled me up from my bed and we started to dancing to it.The touch of his hand, tugged at my heart.
    End of flashback

I smiled at the memory ,so many things about him that were sweeter than the sweetest song. I sighed, there was no way he would ever know because, im not sure if my heart can take rejection.I went into the house, Kenan was on the couch with Niko and Hannah. I went in my room and picked up my i pod. I started to clean my room while I was listened to my ipod  ,the song Falling for You by Colbie Caillat.It explained everything i was thinking and feeling, i started to sing with it.

I don't know but
I think I maybe
Fallin' for you
Dropping so quickly
Maybe I should
Keep this to myself
Waiting 'til I
Know you better

I am trying
Not to tell you
But I want to
I'm scared of what you'll say
So I'm hiding what I'm feeling
But I'm tired of
Holding this inside my head

I've been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don't know where to
I think I'm fallin' for you
I've been waiting all my life
And now I found ya
I don't know where to
I think I'm fallin' for you
I'm fallin' for you

As I'm standing here
And you hold my hand
Pull me towards you
And we start to dance
All around us
I see nobody
Here in silence
It's just you and me

I'm trying
Not to tell you
But I want to
I'm scared of what you'll say
So I'm hiding what I'm feeling
But I'm tired of
Holding this inside my head

I've been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don't know where to
I think I'm fallin' for you
I've been waiting all my life
and now I found ya
I don't know where to
I think I'm fallin' for you
I'm fallin' for you

Oh I just can't take it
My heart is racing
The emotions keep spinning out

I've been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don't know where to
I think I'm fallin' for you
I've been waiting all my life
and now I found ya
I don't know where to
I think I'm fallin' for you
I'm fallin' for you
I think I'm fallin' for you

I can't stop thinking about it
I want you all around me
And now I just can't hide it
I think I'm fallin' for you (x2)

I'm fallin' for you

Oh no no
Oh I'm fallin' for you

    "Oh Kenan,if only you knew i was falling for you"  i said to my self with my eyes closed.
    "I think im falling for you too" A voice said from behind me , i jumped and then turned to see Kenan's face smiling
    "really really " he said, he took the i pod from me and through it on my bed and then kissed me softly on the lips, and suddenly the hole that Reid had left in my heart was being stitched back together.

                          Cassy's pov

I woke the next morning gasping for air again. I took in deep breaths. I felt embrys warm arms curving around my body.
    "What is it" he asked, i looked over at his bare chest, trying not to meet his eyes.
    "just a bad dream"
    "The same one?" he asked
    "whats troubling you Cassy" he asked
    "Its just..." i was sure if i  could tell him, with out breaking down.
    "Nothing" i sighed
    "Its not nothing tell me"
    "I keep having the same dream over and over again and every time, you die" I sighed a tear escaping my eye.
    "That's not going to happen" he said
    "You dont know that" He sighed this time and kissed my neck, then brought his mouth to my ear.
    "I will never leave you" I looked in  his eyes this time.  I leaned in and kissed his lips, his hands urgent and demanding, pulled me closer, sliding my shirt off and my pants off. I was to distracted in the kiss, it took me by surprise as if he was trying to make me forget the dream all together. Aria knocked on the door then.
    "who is it" I asked distant.
    "Hold on" I fumbled around for our clothes, when i got up and opened the door she stood there in a pretty pink dress.
    "Mom and dad want you guys"
    "Okay thank you sweetheart"
    "No problem" she said then skipped to her newest room" Leah and Takoda moved out last month into their own place, and now Aria has Nikos old room and Niko has leahs old room. When we got down stairs my parents and the rest of the pack were sitting on the couch. and sitting around the couch.
    "whats up"
    "there isn't going to be practice tonight"
    "Sam is ordering everyone to spend the last night with their imprints"

After breakfast, embry kissed me goodbye and went to his house. I came down stairs and sat on the couch, the house was empty, i guess everyone was spending time with their loved ones. Suddenly Collin and Brady came and smiled.
    "whats up" i asked
    "Nothing, bored"
    "Same here"
    "Why are you with embry and Katy" Brady asked, Huh what was he talking about.
    "Shut up you goof" Collin whispered and hit his side. I stood up and stood over Collin.
    "what is he talking about"
    "Um...i have no clue" he said, i punched him in the arm.
    "ok ok ok, hes meeting with Katy at the mall"
    "whose Katy" i asked furious, i shouldn't be angry before the battle , i shouldn't do anything except be with embry but no this GIRL is with him.
    "Shes his ex girlfriend"
    "thanks" I said, i walked into the kitchen, Rosey was standing there looking for something to eat.
    "I'm so angry" i said balling my fists
    "I see that" she said with a giggle, i looked at my nails they were red.
    "What did he do now" she asked , i looked at her.
    "hes at the mall with Katy"
    "and he lied to me, he said he was going home"
    "Oh , i see, and have you confronted him about this."
    "then go" she said simply.I thought about it, how am i going to believe Collin and Brady with out checking out my self. Didn't i just accuse him of not believing me yesterday.I sighed    
    "thanks" She smiled
    "no problem" then she took a big bite out of a cookie
I got to the mall, where would they be, hm, i walked to the food court and to my surprise , they were there. They weren't holding hands or anything, just sitting across from each other talking. He looked up and saw me. A tear escaped my eye, he did lie to me. Some imprint. He stood up and talked to her for a moment and then ran towards me , i started to walk away.
    "Cassy what are you doing here"
    "I should be asking you the same Question"
    " I'm just hanging out with a friend"
    "who happens to be your ex girlfriend"
    "yes but she was before you" I stopped and looked at him
    "I dont care that your hanging out with her Embry Call, I'm mad because you lied to me" He didn't say anything
    "It would make me a hypocrite if i was mad because you were hanging out with a girl" i finished
    "I thought you would be jealous that's why i didn't tell you"
    "well then obviously you dont know me at all" I said, I left him at the top of the elevator, and went down. When i got to the parking lot, Alice was in the car waiting.'
    "Want to go shopping she asked"
    "No i just want to go home"
    "I understand"she said
    "thanks Alice"
When we got home i went to my room. I sat there for hours thinking. Why would he think i would be jealous. There was a knock on my door. Rosey walked in.
    "How are you" she asked
    "Angry, but better"
    "that's good"
    "yeah" I laid my head on her shoulder when she sat next too me.
    "Listen Cassy you cant stay mad at him, not this time, We are all going into battle tomorrow, and is this how you want to be spending what could be your last minutes with him, what if something happens to morrow and one of you is hurt, do you want him to go into a war knowing your mad at him. Its like the school always said, dont drive while your angry or sad" I looked at her, she was right.
    "Thanks again Rosey, you always know what to say"
    "I know" she said proudly
    "tell the family im staying at embrys tonight and ill see them in the morning"
    "Okay" she said, i grabbed my duffel bag and packed it full of clothes, and then rushed over to embrys, The house was empty of course, so i let my self in. I walked over to embrys room and set my stuff down. My phone buzzed

    Embry-I'm so sorry i didn't tell you the truth.
    Cassy-Its OK, meet me at your house!
    Embry-alright ill be there in 20 min

I closed the phone and set it on his bed and took a deep breath. I never really thought about making love with embry, usually we were just getting to it, but now the thought of it. I wasn't sure of my self, what if i did something wrong what if me and him weren't made for each other like most imprints are. I sighed and walked into his bathroom. I knew what i was going to wear and i pulled it out and got dressed. I rubbed lotion on my skin , giving it a halo glow to it. I smiled at my self in the mirror, I was being silly of course this was going to go well, we were imprints, that's all that mattered. I heard Embrys car out side. I walked into the door frame of his room.
Embry walked through the door.Then froze when he saw me across the room. I walked over to him slowly. I unbuttoned all 5 buttons to the long shirt i was wearing, and i dropped it to the floor. His eyes got huge.

    "Cass" he started to say, i silenced him with a kiss, He kissed me back not denying me the thing i wanted. Of course he wouldn't have been able to. I pulled away to breath. He pressed his hot hand to my face.
    "Are you sure" he asked
    "yes" I said not taking my eyes of his. He lifted me up in one swift motion. I wrapped my legs around his warm waist. He took me to his room. The house was mostly dark, with the exception of the few candles that i had lite. The music in his room was the only noise being made besides our jagged breathing and the sound of movement in the night.Every touch was a new feeling, a new desire, and yet i couldn't get enough.

The song that was playing when they went in to his room!


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