The Twilight Saga

Isabella Swan, Alice Brandon, and Rosalie Hale are new students to Harvard University. They move into the dorm next to Edward Mason, Emmett McCartny, and Jasper Whitlock. The 3 girls never believed they will fall in love with anyone until the meet the boys.


This will mostly be in Isabella's Point Of View.



Love shows itself when it feels right. Some believe that it will never show. But, it is true. Love is something bigger than us and we can not fight it.


Clamier: This is my own plot.

Disclamier: I do not own any of the characters.


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Chapter 1

Bella's- POV


I was standing by the window and looking on to the back forest. I would miss Forks, Washington. I was moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts. My best friends, Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale, managed to get us in Harvard University. We were all studying the same thing, Law.


My name is Isabella Swan and I'm 17 years old. I started school early and also skipped first grade. That's how I met Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale. I remember it like it was yestarday.



I was sitting upon the great wall of school. My friends and I were laughing when my father came up to me.


"Hey, Sweetie. I've got great news." He said keeping me in suspense. My daddy has always tried to make me happy ever since my mommy died. "You've skipped a grade and you're going to the 2nd grade tomorrow." I was so surprised, happy, sad, and excited.


"Yay!" I said and jumped into his arms.


The next day...


My daddy and I walked into the 2nd grade classroom. It was so much bigger than the kindergarden classroom I was in last year. There were 2 pretty girls in the back row.


"Hi Mrs. Cullen. This is my daughter, Isabella Swan. She has skipped a grade and if she needs a little extra help don't worry." Daddy explained to the teacher. 


"I go by Bella." I said and the teacher smiled at me. I was only 6 years old. She told me to sit in between the 2 girls.


"Hi, I'm Rosalie Hale." The blonde one, Rosalie, said. I smiled.


"I'm Bella." I replied and smiled again.


"Hi, I'm Mary-Alice but my friends call me Alice." The pixie-like one had gleamed.


"Bella Swan." I said. "So, you're Rosie and you're Ali." I said and smiled. They both giggled at me. I giggled along with me.


~End of Flashback~


Rosie and Ali had those nicknames ever since then. Ali somehow managed to get us into harvard and we were all the same age.


"So we leave today." I stated to her. Ali nodded and the men loaded the last box into the moving van. I took one last look at Forks as we drove to the airport. I can't believe we were leaving. All 3 of us have lived in Forks our whole live and now it was gone. I am so sad now.


"C'mon Bella. Think about it. We are living a life outside of the small town and we are going to live our dream." Rosie had said. I sniffed the tears and looked at the positive.



Chapter 1- Above

Chapter 2

Chapter 3- Not posted yet

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