The Twilight Saga

This is a true story about my best friend.

Please read and comment!!!

She does not want to go on this site because of various reasons I do not know.

But she does want to know whether she should continue posting this story.

If you comment I will tell her your comments

She wants me to post this story because she wants people to know

There is Always hope.

And without hope,

There is nothing.


Dakota Fanning is as closer a person (in terms of looks) to Antonia

Taylor Swift is as close a person (in terms of looks) to Layla

Antonia picked out the pics and she has eternal gratitude to Bird-Kid Banners for making such an amazing banner :-)


Thanks to Marie Isabella Volturi for this banner

Alex Watson looks similar to Simon.


Thanks to Manda for these lovely character thingys and the banner :-D


Thanks to Johanna for this lovely banner! :-)


This is my true story. This is what happened to me. It is a story between me and a boy. Simon Tate to be exact.

No names have been changed.

Nothing has been made up.

This is my story about me fighting to have him acknowlege me.

Me fighting for him to love me.

And me fighting for him to keep me.

But do I succeed?

Please carry on reading because I need people to know

There is always passion

There is always love

And there is always hope.



I am 10. My 10th birthday was the other day and my birthday party should have been one every little girl dreamed of. Streamers. Party balloons in all my favourite colours. Treats and presents. All my friends crowded round me. Everyone having fun.

But it wasnt like that.

Not at all.

Because there is this girl in my group of friends.

Layla. Layla Robinson.

My best friend.

My best friend who is dying.

Thats why my birthday wasnt what it was supposed to be.

Because right in the middle of all of the fun Layla collapsed.

And rushed to hospital.

And diagnosed with a hole in the heart. I dont know what it is called.

But she has it.

That day, April 10th, she had 3 operations.

"All a success." The haggard doctor said. "But she will have to have a transplant."

Rare as gold dust he said.

"I dont expect her to live far beyond her 11th birthday."

My best friend.

Dying on my birthday.

I hope she lives.

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awww, so sad yet sweet, glad she made it =D write more soon =D!
new reader... wow, please continue this story.

I really need this story. I'm bullied because of my weight, dreams, and because ?ilove twilight. I know is not related at all to this but, for what I have read, this is a very hopeful story and right now. I know that God will always protect us and love us. Friendship is the most important thing in our lives and very hard to find the truest (for me at least) Love...well it's love, what else can we do?...hope, we are the only ones that can stop it or embrasses it.

This is a story worth telling.

Sophia, this is a little thing from Antonia
Never stop dreaming
Never stop loving
Your weight doesnt matter because the thing that matters is who you are inside
The ones who are true friends will not be the ones that believe the small fake smile but believe the pain in your eyes
God will be here for us no matter what
The bullies are just insecure people who like hurting others- basically they are sadistic
Ignore them and appreciate the amazing world we live in
The bullies are just blind to the amazing person you are,
Trust me- they are missing out when they are mean to you
You are worth a billion of them
Never stop hoping
Love what you want
Dream what you want
Believe what you want
Because when it comes down to it.... they cannot control you
Only you are the master of what you do

Thank you so much for continuing to post. I read this and it gives me hope that I can do anything. So thank you so very much, to all of you for sharing this to us. It's a great real life story. Thank you again.
Thank you :-)
As some person said, if you put your mind to it, you can do anything
My name is Antonia Catharine Wade
My best friend Pheonix Rising has just been involved in a car accident
I will update everyone with news as she is still alive but is badly hurt
Thank you
i love this and i hope shes okay plz update me when you post more
Wow. It's sad!
Im backkkk :-)
I seem to be ok although ive got a broken leg lol
also i think antonia has joined the site to tell you i was in the crash :-)
Antonias gonna take over this story now so shell update when she can
I was so happy to read that she was okay. And will be looking forward to your next post, whenever that comes around. It's good to hear that you are alright after your accident.
Take care of yourself,


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