The Twilight Saga


Prologue: 10 years later

            We all sat in a circle around the body of our dearest friend. He had been a fighter, a lover, a forgiver, and a best friend. Mel was crying and Ian was patting my back. A shrouded figure did the last rights for him. She had her arms out, the paleness showing. Once, her arms had been a beautiful bronze color. Once, those arms could do magic; now they belonged to a girl who was preaching at a funeral. All fifty seven members of the Resistance sat in a circle, many crying. Jared sat like stone, staring at the man he had once thought of as father. I saw him as the man who gave me the chance to prove to the humans that souls weren’t bad, and that I would never hurt them.

            The shrouded figure removed her hood. Natalie had looked very different ten years ago when she had first arrived here. She, like everyone else, had been deprived of sun so much that her pallor was ghostly. Her hair, reaching below her waist, was tied back in a tight bun. Her face was gaunt, her eyes dark and her lips providing the only color on her face. Those exotic turquoise eyes of her had darkened to a blue-teal, giving her a dark appearance. She bent down and lifted the wasted man’s arm. She placed a blue marble in his hand. It meant freedom and peace. The man had been a very cautious scientific man. And a master of the poker face. Natalie didn’t cry; she placed his arm back and people came forward to carry the body to a room near the northern tunnels. The burial room.

            The Burial Room had a huge vent open to the world. The body was placed in the center of the room. Natalie brought out a wooden stick. She lit it on fire and then held it to her arm. She watched, expressionless, as the fire began to eat at her arm. I couldn’t stand it. Her blood fell in drops on the deceased person. She then pulled the fire away from her and placed it gently at the dead man’s feet. She kissed his forehead and stood back. The fire went up his leg and enveloped him. The room smelled of burning human flesh. People watched. Slowly, people began leaving. After twenty minutes, Jared, Mel, Jake, Ian, Jamie, and I were the only ones left. Natalie stood motionless, directly facing the fire, motionless, blood still dripping from her arm. She hadn’t moved the entire time. Slowly Mel and Jared walked out, followed by Jamie. Then, Ian and Jake left, reluctantly looking back at their wives.

            I walked up to Natalie. “You should come. You’ve done enough for him.” She didn’t say a word.

            “You’re standing awfully close,” I told her. She would be burned. She didn’t move. I was tired and depressed; I couldn’t take it. I walked out of the room, leaving a bleeding self-pain inducing Natalie behind with the burning remains of my dear friend Jeb.

note: for those of you who have not read my prequel to this story: Parasites by Monica Hale, then this fanfic won't make any sinse to you. Here's the link for the 1st story:

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This sadness is making me cry! :'( But, I still love this story though! Please update soon!
hey girl...sorry for taking me so long to send you this but i was on summer vacation...still am!

so this is the banner i hope you like it cause i can't fix another at the moment...i need to read the story from where i left it so i won't be commenting for a few weeks...hope ya like it!!!!

its beautfiful i luv u!!!! thanx u sooo much!
ok...and now that i finish reading it.................................UPDATE IT!!!
how could you kill them???ALL of them but especially my Jared...

it really hurts! poor Wanda...
updating.... *robot voice*
Chapter 14: In Death May You Finally Find Peace

I woke to the sound of pain. Someone was gasping constantly. I sat up, tired but alert. I looked around. Ian was on the floor, clawing the ground. His face was red and shiny and contorted with pain. His hands were clutching his side.
“Ian!” I cried. I sat by him and took his face into my lap. “Ian, tell me what’s wrong! Where does it hurt Ian?” He just shook his head. Sunny awoke just then and sat by my side.
“What happened?” she asked quietly.
“I don’t know! Ian, say something.” Ian gasped.
“Hurts…side…hagh” he gasped again. Sunny pulled up his shirt while I held his face.
“Wanda!” She cried. I looked. Yesterday Sunny had cleaned up Ian’s wounds, but only the bleeding ones. The skin on Ian’s waist was twisted and mottled and an off-color. What had happened?”
“How did this happen, Ian?” I asked. I touched my fingers to the wound and Ian’s body shivered and he bit back a scream. I pulled back my hand.
“I don’t…know.” He gasped. Sunny handed my some ice for his forehead. “They shot at me but I thought this one missed. That’s…why it…didn’t hurt…” Ian stopped. It was taking him too much effort.
“Do you think the bullet had poison in it?” Sunny asked, staring at Ian’s scarred up stomach.
“It didn’t break the skin though.”
“It could’ve been a skin poison. All the bullet would’ve had to do was graze the skin only slightly, just enough to break through the first layer of protection.” I knew she was right.
“Do we have any Heal?” I ask.
“I don’t think so,” says Sunny. “But I can go check.” Sunny runs to the storage room, leaving Ian and I alone.”
“You’ll be ok Ian, I promise. There has to be a cure for the poison otherwise the souls wouldn’t have used it.”
“You…don’t know…what the…souls…are capable…of Wanda. They…killed…Jared in…cold…blood.”
“No, they put a soul in him. You said!”
“I know…what I said…Wanda. But I think…Jared’s brain was…dead. That soul….didn’t act like…Jared. Remember when you…and Mel first….came here? You kept some of…her instincts. Jared…didn’t have those.”
“Are you trying to say they took Jared’s brain out and replaced it? Why would they do that?”
“Because…we all loved…Jared. They thought…that if we…thought that Jared…could still be…alive, we…wouldn’t kill…him and…that would…be our weakness.
“How do you know this?”
Ian’s eyes tightened. “Because Jared…wouldn’t have…attacked me. He was…the one…who gave me…this poison,” Ian nodded to his stomach, “in the form…of a bullet.”
Ian was right. If Jared had been alive, even with a soul in him, he wouldn’t have shot at Ian. And he wouldn’t have shown himself to Mel. He would’ve known that would kill her.
“Wanda!” It was Sunny. “We’re out of Heal Wanda. Sorry.” Sunny’s eyes were filled with sorrow for Ian was a reminder to her of Kyle. And now Ian was dying too.
“We have to go to town and get some!” We still have the jeep don’t we?”
“Um Wanda, neither of us can drive.”
“We have to do something Sunny!”
“Heal won’t cure this Wanda.” Sunny was looking sideways.
“What do you mean?”
“I used to live in a city Wanda. I took a class on the soul invasion once and we learned about poisons. After that lesson I quit.” She shuddered. “Apparently the souls made poison that Heal couldn’t erase and they were shot at rogue humans. It would slow them down and at some point start to kill them. By then, the souls would’ve caught them and given them the antidote. I think that’s what it is.”
“But Sunny what if it isn’t-”
“It is Wanda!” Sunny’s eyes were blazing. “When I was cleaning his wounds yesterday I gave him some Heal with his water. It was the last of our stock. It would’ve erased this if it were erasable. And we can’t take him to a Healing center because they’ll ask questions. They don’t just hand these poisons out to the public.”
“Then what’ll we do!” I cried, sinking to my knees in front of Ian. “Oh Ian I’m so sorry!”
“It’s…o…k….Wanda.” Ian gasped. Talking was getting harder for him. I
I cried with him at my side all day. Sunny and the kids worked that day without me, though I knew it was not fair. Ian held little Ben in his arms and lifted him a little.
“You know I really hoped that one day I could teach you how to tie your laces, beat your aunts at soccer, and catch that amazing girl like the one your mother is.
“Ian…” He wasn’t going to die. He wasn’t. He looks up and winks at me.
Soon it grows dark. Sunny and the children are a sleep.
“Wanda?” We had built a small fire in the middle of the cavern and it reflected off of Ian’s face when he called to me.
“Yes Ian?”
“Promise me something.” He tries to sit up but I push him down.
“Promise me that when I die you and Sunny will go back to the souls and try to live a normal life. You know, get married, get a job, and retire that sort of thing.
“Ian!” What was he saying?
“They won’t make you give up the kids for insertion Wanda. I promise. Just, please…For me? We were never technically married you know.”
“We were in the eyes of God.” I answered. “I can’t do that Ian. You know I can’t. I don’t belong in that world. It’s not my world. I just can’t go back.”
“Well then promise me something else.”
“Promise me you’ll never stop fighting. I don’t care how long it takes. I want you to keep fighting. Fight for the life Ben could have and the life Natalie and Jake could’ve had if they hadn’t been cloned and tortured. I don’t care if it takes a thousand lifetimes. Promise me you’ll fight for freedom.”
I didn’t know what to say. Ian wanted me to live beyond him and beyond everyone. He wanted to me to be a parasite and change bodies in order to win freedom. How ironic?
“Please Wanda. For Ben. For all of the children in the world. Can this be my last wish Wanda?”
“Ian you’re not going to die.”
“Please Wanda.”
“I promise.” It was the least I could do for Ian. But Ian would survive and he would take his promise back. But I saw the lines of sweat on Ian’s face and the way he shook involuntarily, even though it was more than a hundred degrees outside (Fahrenheit). He was running a high fever.
Ian’s fluttered closed and his hand slackened. I panicked for a moment but I felt his pulse. He was resting. I curled up at his side and slept and shallow sleep full of haunting and nightmares. It was not restful.

I woke up to a muffled groan. It was dark enough that no sunlight pierced the cavern but I knew that dawn was perhaps an hour away. Dim reflections of the moon was all that provided light. Ian was groaning and sweating. Was he having a seizure? Sunny was up beside him. She was patting his head with a damp cloth.
I sat up and grabbed Ian’s hands. They were aflame. I gasped. “I’m sorry,” Sunny said. “This is all I could do for him.”
“You’re doing beautifully Sunny,” I answered but my voice cracked. I took the cloth from her and wiped Ian’s head by myself. “Hang on Ian.”
“Wanda,” Ian gasped. His face was red. He looked horrible and it was breaking my heart.
“Don’t talk Ian. It’ll hurt more.”
“Listen to me!” He squeezed my hand slightly and exhaled, exhausted by the effort. “I love you Wanda. I, human Ian, love you, soul Wanderer with all my heart, life, and soul. Whatever I may become, I will always love you and only you.”
“I love you too Ian. I the soul Wanderer love you human Ian. And no matter what I shall become, I shall always love you.”
“Be happy Wanda. Try to be happy.”
“I will.”
“And one more thing.”
“I’d like to be buried by my brother. And Walter. And Wes.”
I just nodded. I was crying now.”
“Be happy Wanda,” Ian said again, wiping my tear away. Suddenly, he was serious. “Can I have a good-bye kiss?” break in two
Did he have to ask? I kissed him with such force that the Earth could’ve broke in two and I wouldn’t have noticed. I wished it would break in two. Ian was dying. What was the point to living after that? I kissed him again and again. I was crying and he was crying.
Ian placed his hand on my cheek and I held it there, memorizing the rough texture, warm and big, cupping my face easily. “Be happy Wanda…” Ian said, staring into my grey eyes with his sapphire ones. We watched each other. Slowly, I watched at the light left his beautiful twinkling eyes, leaving them unseeing and dim. At that point, I felt as though I lost my place in the world. For I felt Ian leave and I knew he would not come back. Death would be a peace to him from all these worldly troubles. It had been a point of peace for all of them: Jake, Kyle, Mel, Walter, and especially Natalie. I felt no attraction anymore for the man beside me for Ian was not there anymore. It was only a painful echo of the man he had been.
Now they were all gone: Jared, Jamie, Jeb, Brandt, Kyle, Mel, Nat, Maggie, Cindy; all of them, gone.
And now we were alone. Two souls and a handful of children was all that was left of the Human Resistance. The humans had lost. They had found their freedom. In death.

awwwww! So sweet, but so sad You got me to cry again! This chapter was amazing as always. :'(
:'( aaawww...plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz dont stop writing!
Omg I hate you right now!! :'( how could you, my Ian, my sweet sweet Ian I cant believe you killed them all!! Are you writing more?? Or did you just end it with everyone dieing?? :'( My god, the tears cant stop! I cant believe you killed him!!!!!!!! :'( omg their all gone!!! :'(
hey i luvd ian too...he was mine...forever and always <3
im writing more...there's still wanda and sunny there...i cant just stop...
and u know u luv me :)
wANDA AND SUNNY?!?!?!?! What about everyone else I mean you could've said this was a dream!!! Or at least left the loved ones!!! :'(
Someone has to be alive!! At least one please i'm begging please i'm on my knees just let someone be alive
again, dont u love the irony of how all the humans die and only the souls r left....
the children r still alive aren't they?


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