The Twilight Saga


Prologue: 10 years later

            We all sat in a circle around the body of our dearest friend. He had been a fighter, a lover, a forgiver, and a best friend. Mel was crying and Ian was patting my back. A shrouded figure did the last rights for him. She had her arms out, the paleness showing. Once, her arms had been a beautiful bronze color. Once, those arms could do magic; now they belonged to a girl who was preaching at a funeral. All fifty seven members of the Resistance sat in a circle, many crying. Jared sat like stone, staring at the man he had once thought of as father. I saw him as the man who gave me the chance to prove to the humans that souls weren’t bad, and that I would never hurt them.

            The shrouded figure removed her hood. Natalie had looked very different ten years ago when she had first arrived here. She, like everyone else, had been deprived of sun so much that her pallor was ghostly. Her hair, reaching below her waist, was tied back in a tight bun. Her face was gaunt, her eyes dark and her lips providing the only color on her face. Those exotic turquoise eyes of her had darkened to a blue-teal, giving her a dark appearance. She bent down and lifted the wasted man’s arm. She placed a blue marble in his hand. It meant freedom and peace. The man had been a very cautious scientific man. And a master of the poker face. Natalie didn’t cry; she placed his arm back and people came forward to carry the body to a room near the northern tunnels. The burial room.

            The Burial Room had a huge vent open to the world. The body was placed in the center of the room. Natalie brought out a wooden stick. She lit it on fire and then held it to her arm. She watched, expressionless, as the fire began to eat at her arm. I couldn’t stand it. Her blood fell in drops on the deceased person. She then pulled the fire away from her and placed it gently at the dead man’s feet. She kissed his forehead and stood back. The fire went up his leg and enveloped him. The room smelled of burning human flesh. People watched. Slowly, people began leaving. After twenty minutes, Jared, Mel, Jake, Ian, Jamie, and I were the only ones left. Natalie stood motionless, directly facing the fire, motionless, blood still dripping from her arm. She hadn’t moved the entire time. Slowly Mel and Jared walked out, followed by Jamie. Then, Ian and Jake left, reluctantly looking back at their wives.

            I walked up to Natalie. “You should come. You’ve done enough for him.” She didn’t say a word.

            “You’re standing awfully close,” I told her. She would be burned. She didn’t move. I was tired and depressed; I couldn’t take it. I walked out of the room, leaving a bleeding self-pain inducing Natalie behind with the burning remains of my dear friend Jeb.

note: for those of you who have not read my prequel to this story: Parasites by Monica Hale, then this fanfic won't make any sinse to you. Here's the link for the 1st story:

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but still i mean come on!!!
Is the end going to be happy or sad?
depends on ur perspective...we've still got quite a ways 2 go tho...
ahhhh i'm dieing to know the next chappies till the end!!! Hzhaha when are you updating ??
i can't believe you left the 2 souls alive with the children and killed off all of the humans!

how can you do this?????


update soon...i can't w8 to read the next chapter..
dont u love the irony....the only grown survivors are souls...
and atleast i kept the kids alive...
Loved it. ! Soo sad, but it is great! :D
thanx (:
OMG! that is so cute love the pic. sorry but i like the pic alot.
Epilogue: The last Day of Living

The smell of burning flesh filled the air. Twenty-seven funeral piers had been lit for the twenty-nine human that had died fighting for freedom. Natalie’s and Jake’s body had never been found. Ian’s was the closest.
I watched as the flames devoured Ian, swallowing him up and leaving him burnt and black. I would have turned my head away, but I was different now. I would look head on and experience the suffering everyone else did. I had always been babied. Not anymore.
Sunny was in widow’s black; she was staring blankly into the distance. Sunny had taken Kyle’s death better than I had taken Ian’s. Sunny was strong. Frail, but strong. Her shoulders were drooping a little but her posture was straight and confident. She would survive in this world better than I would.
It was dark now; the sun had gone down more than two hours ago. The flames were weakening and dying. Sunny stirred. “Let’s go Wanda. She motioned for the kids to follow but I held my ground. “Are you coming?” She asked. She was scared of what I’d do. If I’d jump into the fire. But I promised Ian I wouldn’t and I won’t break my promise.
You also promised to be happy, my mind said. But this was a time of mourning. “No. But I will come.” I told Sunny. I would not mourn my way. My way had always been to cry and then to comfort the surviving family. But now, Sunny and I were the surviving family. I decided I would mourn Natalie’s way. Her way was the way I had always gasped at, but now, it made sense. The pain cut at me and burned me beyond reason. I was a mental madhouse. I had to unleash my emotions somehow. Now I understood.
I pulled a small knife from my pocket. I walked close to the Ian’s pier and paced my arm as close to the fire as I could. I put the blade on my arm and pulled. I expected it to hurt. It didn’t. My blood dripped into the fire, adding to the smell. I felt almost calm now; I could almost forget my inner turmoil. I cut myself twenty-six more times, above each pier. My arm had an array of cuts. I couldn’t feel my arm. I was crying. I never thought I would come to this. I completely understood Natalie’s pain now. I would never again doubt her. It was too late for that anyway since she was dead.
Sunny and I had constructed a small wooden pier in memory of Jake and Natalie. It would not burn. I took the blood-soaked knife and thrust it through one of the wood blocks. It seemed fitting that her own blade was given back to her.
I turned and left. I looked back one last time at the scene; twenty-seven columns of smoke were rising from twenty-nine graves for the people I loved. They were my people. They would always be with me forever. I swallowed my tears and turned away. I would keep my promise to Ian. I would try to lead normal lives and be happy. I would never forget, for souls do not forget, but I would remember well what had once been mine and my humans’. I understood now why Natalie had wanted to kill me when she first came to the Resistance and how everyone had looked at me in disgust for my first year. I had ripped apart their families and now they had ripped apart mine. I would fight for what they never had and always wanted. I would fight.
I didn’t look back.  
so sad...=(

will Nat and Jake survive??? will they put other souls in them???
nope....they died remember?
Chapter 15: a new kind of life

I breathed slowly, in and out. The forest was dark and I could barely see anything. I saw the nature loving soul sit down with his pack in the clearing. He was a young soul with brown hair and bright blue eyes. He couldn’t be more than thirty. The man settled down. I signaled with my hand.
On all sides of me, black clad people closed in on the clearing. A twig snapped and I shot them a look. From the outside, they would see nothing. Yet we saw everything. I smoothed my skirt and tried to brighten my expression. I stepped out of the clearing. I looked up and smiled.

The nature was so beautiful. I smelled the air, so natural. Suddenly, a very wrong scent hit me. It smelled like those scents you could buy at the store mixed with a close to leather smell. I heard a twig snap. I turned. Out from behind the trees, a tiny woman approached. I thought I’d maybe died and gone to heaven because she looked exactly like what humans called angels. She looked up and smiled, and angelic face peering down at me. She looked like she was in her late twenties or early thirties.
“Hello,” she said. Her voice sounded angelic as well. “My name is Pet. I’m from the flower planet. I do believe I’m lost.” I felt something in my heart. I looked into her eyes. What I saw in them shocked me. They seemed sad. Like she’d seen too many millennia to care.
“My name is Ben. I took my Host’s name. I’m from the Singing World.” She smiled again.
“I spent a lifespan there as well. I loved it.”
“Oh.” She was a traveler. “I’ll be heading back tomorrow. Would you like to stay here so you don’t get lost again?”
“That would be wonderful thank you.” She smiled again.
“Were you a night flower?” What a silly question. Her name said it all.
“Yes I am.” She laughed lightly. “I’m also many other names.”
“And why is that.”
“It’s because I am also many different people. I can’t seem to make up my mind on who to be.” She was edging closer to me. I was beginning to become uncomfortable. Had this woman been very forward as a youngster?
“I’ve been called Lives Under the Stars and Sings the Egg Song and Thousand eyes. I have many personalities and many guises.” She was staring into my eyes. Her eyes darted ever so slightly. “Now!”
Before I knew what was happening, six black clad people emerged from the trees. They grabbed me and tied my arms back.
“What-!” I yelled before a wet cloth was pressed to my face, muffling my voice. I inhaled something very strong. I coughed. Drugs didn’t suit me. The little blond hadn’t moved an inch. She was staring wide-eyed at me, the perfect picture of innocence.
“You!” I glared as the drugs were taking affect. I’d heard rumors of women like her who removed souls from their bodies and kept the men for their pleasure. It was disgusting.
“I pray hope you don’t misunderstand,” she said quietly. “It’s for your own good; you’ll see.” And I blacked out.
“How many was that Mary?” The nature soul was placed in the back seat of my van. Mary was a slim blonde girl who was I charge of my attacks.
“Serena and Ben were able to knock out and 32 year old woman near Lake Springs.”
“Did she have a family?”
“No, she was a bachelor known for her risky pastimes such as climbing cliffs. People will not be surprised at her disappearance.”
“Serena did well.” I smiled. My niece was a very intelligent girl who knew how to find the perfect people. Just like her catch, the nature soul I had found would be missed only by his ranger brother. “I suggest we hurry home.” Mary got in the van with me. She stripped down to a yellow t-shirt and purple jeans. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she had faint make-up on. If a soul saw us on the highway, we would look like an average mother and daughter riding through the country.
The ride was several hours long. By the time we reached the safe house, dusk had fallen and I was hungry. At the entrance to the property was a camera Seth had recently installed. Seth was a techie. I was glad to have him.
The camera itself was old and worn but it was set like that so if any soul showed up, they wouldn’t be suspicious of a brand new techno-advanced camera in a ruinous house. The screen was dark but whoever was looking through the camera could see us. I smiled. “We’re home.” I smiled.
The gates opened.
I took a look back at the soul. He was still out. I thought about what I was going to have to do to him. Tonight will be fun, I thought.
Totally overdoing the sarcasm.


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