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Hey, i thought of this the other day, it's basically my life as a volturi member. i know loads of people have done these kinds of ff's, so I would really appreciate some feedback. :)

Rhia made this, isn't it so AWESOME?! 

This was made by the AMAZING Waffles :) THANKS!

  Chapter one. EPOV 

 Life had gotten so boring lately, even Felix didn’t want to wrestle with me. Apparently I was too good to wrestle him, ha, the strongest vampire in the Volturi and he can’t even beat me; a five foot eight fourteen year old girl. Well, I wasn’t really fourteen, I just looked fourteen. I’m actually one thousand three hundred and sixty five… and a half. My birthday is on the thirteenth of February and I’m an Aquarius. Aro created me, I had just turned fourteen and was on my way home from visiting some friends when Aro, Marcus and Caius walked up to me. Then they bit me, simple as that. I don’t miss my old life, I never tried to recall the memories, as far as I was concerned… it was a gift to be able to live forever and never be tied down with human issues. I fastened my cloak around my neck and walked out of my room, ever since Alec had started following me around I had insisted on a place that only me and my brothers could enter. No other vampire outside of the Volturi knew of my existence, Marcus said it was to keep me from harm, so I was not allowed to leave the castle. I haven’t stepped out into the fresh air for nine hundred years, I miss the sun and the feel of the rain on my skin. It’s unfortunate that my brothers are so protective of me.

‘Good morning, Eleanor. It’s a lovely day today, we could go and have a swim in the pool room if you would like to?’ And now starts another Alec filled day, I wish he would just stop and try to at least leave me alone once in a while. It’s not as if I’m the only other vampire that was the same age as him -in appearance-, doesn’t he like to spend time with his sister?

‘I am afraid that I must decline that tempting offer, Alec, I am needed elsewhere.’ Sarcasm filled my voice, but did he notice? Indeed, he did not.

‘Oh, the meeting with Aro? I got invited too, maybe we can walk together? We haven’t had a good chat in a long time.’ One hundred and fifty years to be exact. The best one hundred and fifty years in a long time.

‘Again, Alec, I am going to have to decline. I also promised Felix that I would help him with something before the meeting.’ Please leave, please. Oh, shoot, this means I’ll have to go and hide until the meeting.

‘Can I come? Maybe I can help too?’

‘No, Alec, I vaguely remember Chelsea saying that she wanted your assistance last night, it wouldn’t bode well to keep her waiting, would it?’

‘Ahh, no. Well, maybe another time, Eleanor.’ He doubled back on himself and walked the opposite way. I made sure he was out of hearing range before kneeling on the ground and placing my hands in the air.

‘Thank you! Whoever is watching now, thank you for ridding me of Alec!’ I heard a few chuckles behind me and stood up, turning to see who approached me.

‘You know, you could have just summoned us and we would have removed him with force.’ Demetri and Felix grinned from ear to ear.

‘If I wanted him removing I would have done it myself, I am quite capable. And I distinctly remember that being polite was good manners these days, or have I misheard?’ They laughed and each threw an arm around my shoulders, we had always been close, I don’t think I could have asked for a better set of ‘brothers’.

‘So, Ellie, Where are you going to hide?’ Demetri asked. Oops, I forgot about that.

‘Um, is there a place where I haven’t hidden before? I could go there?’ They both thought for a few minutes, Felix opened his mouth to speak.

‘You’ve hidden in my room, Demetri’s, Heidi’s, Jane’s, Aro’s, Marcus’s, Caius’s, Afton and Chelsea’s, The pool room, the games room, behind the thrones, in the astronomy tower, in the dungeon, in the reception behind Gianna’s desk, in the armouries -not that we need those-, Renata’s room, the library, the gallery… huh.’ Damn, I think I’ve hidden everywhere.

‘So, in other words,’ Demetri smiled. ‘You have hidden everywhere in this castle… You’ve even hidden in Gianna’s room.’ He laughed.

‘Hey! That was a last resort and you know it!’ No one went to Gianna’s room, she wasn’t a very nice smelling human… to us anyway. I glared at them both, which made them laugh harder.

‘Guys! What am I going to do? Can’t you think of something?’ I put on my best puppy dog eyes and hugged them both. Felix looked down at me and his face softened, he really was a big teddy bear.

‘Why don’t you just go to the meeting early? We could all go.’ Felix smiled as Demetri groaned.

‘Dude! I wanted to go and crush my pinball score this morning!’ I flicked him on the back of his head, I couldn’t reach Felix’s head, but he didn’t do anything wrong anyway. He screamed and ran down the corridor. Sometimes… okay, most of the time, I think he’s got the brain of a five year old.

‘Thanks, Felix.’ I grinned at him. ‘Shall we go, I here the main passage is quite nice this time of year.’

‘Indeed we shall, Ellie, Indeed we shall.’ We linked arms and skipped down the corridor, you wouldn’t think I was the fourth oldest person in the building. I’m even older than the wives, they both act like batty old women though. Didyme was my favourite of the three, but then she had to go and die. I still miss her dearly, I was the one that helped Marcus through his depression… well, we helped each other really, we had both been close. Oh, shut up Ellie, of course he was close! They were married!!

I should really stop talking to myself, it doesn’t do much for my sanity, and I need my sanity in a place like this.

‘So, what d’you reckon this meeting is about? Have you been playing bad cop again?’ Felix winked at me which reduced me to giggles.

‘You know that was a one off. And I really don’t know, perhaps Alec is going to be banished from the castle… or at least from the part that I spend most of my time in. It would be easier to avoid him if I were allowed outside, but even my favourite, most special, most amazing brothers won’t let me out of these absurd prison walls.’ I eyed Felix, it’s not fair that even him and Demetri refuse to take me outside. The only thing I want to do is feel the rain again, I miss it so much.

‘Flattery will get you no where, Ellie, but you can still say things like that, it’s nice that you think of us that way,’ I punched him lightly, stupid, tall vampire. ‘But you know why Aro wants to keep you a secret.’

‘No, I do not.’ I said, stubbornness was one of my better qualities. ‘How is being able to burn people while they have no idea that they are dying a good thing?’ I said sarcastically. ‘I mean, it’s not as if I’m going to use it. Why would I want to? It’s a loathsome power and people hate me for it! I don’t even know why I have this power! It’s supposed to personify my greatest human trait, which makes me think what kind of a human must I have been? I don’t remember my human life since I chose to forget it… but now I wish I could see what I was like. What was Jane like? My power resembles hers, just more powerful, if she could tell me what she was like maybe I’d have some kind of clue… but she has no recollection of her past. It’s so infuriating!’

‘Geez, Ellie, calm down. You just said you don’t want to use your gift, but if you get angry you will use it, you have no control over it. You just need practice. And I am positive that my little Ellie-phant was a good person, and she still is. Just don’t worry yourself, you wouldn’t want Marcus, Caius and Aro on your back, would you?’ I remained silent and pushed the wooden doors open.

We walked into the main hall and my eyes fell on my three father-figures, I smiled widely, forgetting my worries, and ran up to hug them.


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