The Twilight Saga


         I looked at the now silvery pink scars that ran down my entire arm.  Had he really done this?  Had he really scarred me for life?

         It made sense that I would get hurt, I hadn’t wanted to see myself fighting my best friend.  I hadn’t opened my
eyes once. 

         Had I really been angry enough to attack him?  My hands shook with fury.  I
wasn’t angry with him, I couldn’t stay mad at him; I had never been able to.  I was mad at myself.  Mad at myself because I had been so
close to hurting him.  When all he
had done was try to protect me.

         “Kensee, I’m so sorry.  Please, you have to forgive me.” I hadn’t heard him come up behind me, but now that I knew he was
there, I couldn’t help but be angry. 

“Look at what you did!  And all you wanted to do was help!”  I held out my arm so he could see it… still without ever looking at his face.

“Please, look at me!  You have to believe me!  I… that… that wasn’t me!”  His words forced me to
turn around and look at him in disgust.

“What do you mean it wasn’t you, you-“ I stopped, unable to think around the feeling overcoming me now.  He looked at me like a blind man seeing the light for the first
time.  I must have been staring at
him the same way.  The fragile
lines that ran down my arm had not only caused me pain, but had also given me a
reason to turn around and face the one thing that was my life now.  My only reason for living.




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I'm all caught up!! So it makes now!!!!

Love it! Keep me updated!!!!

Ahahaha(: Thanks for reading them all! Lol, It should be easier to understand noww lol.
“So what’s it like?”
“What’s what like?”
“Come on, Austin!  Is it weird?  Does it hurt?  Give something to go on!” Austin and I were walking down the beach at La Push.  I had managed to make it through the day without asking him about it at school.  But now that we were on the reservation I could ask him whatever I wanted… that is, if he would answer my questions.
“It’s a pack secret, Kensee!  I can’t tell you!” he grinned the way he always does when he lies.
“You’re lying out your butt, Austin!  I bet I know more about the pack then you do!”
“Prove it!”
“Do you know about the old treaty?”
“…How do I know you’re not making that up?”
“Ask your dad… or my dad; he was obsessed with it… back when he didn’t like my grandpa.”
“Wait… okay try again?”
“Oh, I don’t know… I sure do wish I knew about what it’s like to be a werewolf but…” I pretended to walk away and couldn’t hide the grin on my face when I heard his crunching footsteps in the wet sand following me.  He grabbed my shoulders and used his new strength to pull me down into the sand.  “Ah!  Austin, now I’ve got sand down my pants!  Damn it, I-“ splat.  Another wad of sand aimed perfectly above the collar of my shirt.
“Ooh, hole in one!”
“Now I’m really not going to tell you!” I tried to shake the sand out of my shirt, with no luck.  I growled under my breath.  “Turn around so I can get the sand out of my shirt Austin!”
“Why do I have to turn around?” he asked, confused.
“Fine, don’t turn around.”  I turned so that my back was facing him, and stripped out of my soggy shirt and shook it out.  It still wouldn’t work.  The sand stuck as if it had been super glued.  “Crap.” I grumbled, walking down the sandy bank to wash it off in the freezing water.
“I wouldn’t do that, you know what happens!” I heard him rushing up behind me in the sand.  I rolled my eyes and dunked my shirt in the water and pulled it back out; not only was there more sand on it, but stuck to the end was a decent sized crab.  I shrieked the most girlish scream I could muster up and threw my shirt back down in the sand, spinning around and flying straight into Austin’s rock hard chest.
“Austin Austin Austin!” I jumped in place like a little girl.  “Kill it!”
“I told you…” he mumbled against my hair.  I realized I was in his arms, without a shirt on, and wrenched myself a few feet away.
“I-uh- it- that… sorry.” I crossed my arms over my chest trying to cover myself up; my bra wasn’t exactly covering that much to begin with.
“There’s a blanket in the car, I’m sure my mom will let you borrow a dry shirt.” He chuckled and put a hand at the small of my back, leading me back to his car.  I shuddered and sniffled from the cold.  I leaned into his side trying to stay warm.  He chuckled again.
“It’s not funny, Austin.” I mumbled.
“How many times have you gotten pinched by one of those crabs?”
“I think we have a tally book going somewhere in one of those notebooks we used to write in when we were little.”
“I remember that!” he said, holding back laughter.
“Me too.  I can’t remember the number though.” Lie.  I remembered everything from when Austin and I were little; I never wanted to forget it.  It was 26.  Those stupid little crabs had pinched me 26 times.
“Does it matter what color?”
“No, just s long as it’s dry and it covers me up.” I mumbled.  I was wrapped in a towel, my damp hair pulled up into a soggy ponytail.  Emily handed me a button up flannel and a pair of sweats.
“If you want to sit down on any of the furniture, you’ll have to change your pants too.  They’re soaked.” She chuckled. I changed and followed her back into the crowded communal kitchen; as of now it was being taken over by the majority of wolves in the pack.
“So what were you and Austin doing that got you half naked?” Embry asked, grinning.  The rest of the pack laughed.
“Wrestling.” I winked and their laughter halted.  They looked at me like I was insane.  “What?  You’ve never wrestled in sand?  It’s fun!”
“Wow…” they all started laughing again.  I’m sure their roaring laughter could be heard all the way to Seattle.  I laughed along with them, of course.
We sat and pestered each other for a few hours before I heard the familiar sound of expensive Italian tires on gravel.
“Hey Kensee, you think Alice would sell me her Porsche?”
“I think you’d have to dig the keys out of her ashes, Paul.”
“She’s certainly right, you’d have a hard time digging them out even then.” Alice said walking through the door without knocking.  She was just as welcome here as I was now.
“Hey Alice, didn’t we tell you?  No vampires aloud on the reservation any more!  Treaty’s back up, so either you leave or we make you… and we take your car.” Paul said jokingly.
“Yeah, good luck getting me to leave Paul.  But I’m sure if I asked a few of the other wolves, they’d be happy to help me get rid of you.” She winked and set her purse down on the couch and sat beside it.
“Yeah, right!”
“I’ll get the firewood.” Seth shouted.
“I’ll tear him up.” Leah smirked.
“I guess I’ll dispose of the evidence.” Alice said, grinning.
“Wait… so there really was a treaty?” Austin asked a little late.
“Wow… you’re slow to react aren’t you Austin?” I said holding back laughter.
“No seriously?”
“I’ll tell you later, son.” Sam said patting Austin on the shoulder.
“And then I’ll tell you how it really went tomorrow.” I said, laughing at Sam when he rolled his eyes.
“Come on, Kensee.  We need to get home.  Esme was planning on going grocery shopping and she needs our help.”
“Okay…” I sighed and got up from the couch at the same time she did.  I walked across the room and grabbed Austin, pulling him into a hug.  “It’s good to have you back.”
“I missed you… you know?”
“I missed you too.” He squeezed me tighter then let me go, a sad-looking smile spread across his face.
What was going on with him?
I pulled my damp hair up into a ponytail and slipped on a pair of sweats, my favorite pair- they had been passed down through the family and where covered in holes.  It made me feel… special somehow… because I got to wear them.  They were a part of the family’s history… kind of.  According to momma, her and Bella had both had their first kiss in these sweats.  It was weird to think about, but still pretty interesting, nonetheless.
I curled up under the covers of my bed, and closed my eyes; trying to fall asleep.  It didn’t work.  I couldn’t get my mind to calm down; it wouldn’t stop running- my imagination always went wild at night.  
I had been just about to nod off to sleep, when I heard a noise tapping against my window. 
I groaned, and rolled away from my bed and walked over to the window, throwing it open without bothering to see who it was, then walked back and crawled into bed.  Austin came through my window just as I laid back down.
"I hate you, Austin.  I was just about to fall asleep." I groaned, rolling back over and covering my face with a pillow.
"Can I stay here tonight?" his voice held an odd tone.  I looked up to find him awkwardly standing in the corner.  I got up and walked over to him.
"What's wrong?" I grabbed his hand, holding it in both of mine.  "What happened?"
"My dad isn't just my dad any more.  He's my alpha, and I just- I'm the newest one in the pack, and its hard, Kensee.  I wish I had you with me there."
"I'm sorry." I pulled him into a hug, he rested his chin on the top of my head.  He was so tall…  "Of course you can stay here.  Remember when you ran away?" that made him laugh.  Austin had ran away a few years back when his dad had gotten mad at him for something.  He had showed up at the door of the main house, soaking wet and covered with mud.  Alice had opened the door and screamed, before she realized who it was and started laughing.  I ran around the corner to see what was going on, and found Alice on the floor, trying to pull herself together.
"Alice probably thought she was seeing things again…" we laughed even harder, both of us covering each other's mouth's, so as not to wake up my parents.  "Are you hungry?  You just had patrol, right?"
"Yes! … And yeah." he frowned.  
"What do you want?"
"Anything edible?"
"Of course." I muttered, opening the door and motioning for him to go first.  "Ladies first." I whispered with a wink.  He elbowed me into the door frame, and walked away quickly so I wouldn't hit him back.  I quietly chased after him giggling.  By the time I made it too our tiny kitchen, he was already raiding the fridge.
"I said you could have something to eat.  Not everything!"
"You didn't specify!"
"Dogs are stupid…"
"We're mans best friend."
"And guess what a woman's best friend is?"
"That's right!  Diamonds, and do you know what I look like in the sun?"
"Okay fine, but how does that make you smarter?"
"Girl's best friend… girl's are smarter… you know?  It's common sense!"
"Whatever." he threw a piece of whatever he was eating at me.
"What was that?"
"Chicken.  I think your dad brought it home from my house last week."
"And you're eating it?"
"Yeah, what's wrong with it?"
"It's old?"
"You're nasty."
"No, I'm hungry," he washed the plate he had been using, then stretched and yawned.  "And now I'm tired…" he yawned again.  He went and started to lay down on the couch.
"You don't have to sleep here… you can sleep in my room."
"You sure?"
"Yeah, you've stayed the night before, haven't you?" I punched him, then ran back to my room, taking a flying leap onto my bed and pulling the covers over my head.  He ran in behind me and grabbed one of my pillows; he started hitting me with it, all I could do was laugh.
"I thought you were tired!" I shouted when he wasn't hitting me.
"I am, but you have to make room, I'm not four foot and scrawny any more." I laughed and scooted over.  I crawled in beside me, and pulled the majority of blankets to his side.  I yanked them back and growled.  "Don't hog the blankets."
"Sorry." he mumbled.  I laughed.
"Did your dad tell you about the treaty?"
"It doesn't seem very fair that they didn't trust you…"
"Oh well, let bygones be bygones, right?"
"I guess." he yawned again.  I smiled and grabbed his hand, tracing random patterns across his palm.  He sighed and started snoring almost immediately.
i lovedd itt UPDATE asap

Aww..this chapter was really cute. Please post more ASAP!


Love, Lexi Volturi

Once again, Rachel, Loved it!!:D
Loved it!
that was such a cute chapter :D

Rachel Well Done!!! I really enjoyed te banter between Kensee & Austin @ the beach...............I wonder if tonight (with him spending the night) is a going to be different for will Jacob & Reneesme say?...................LOL until you post again

Haha great chapter!! It was really cute. I thought Austin was gonna come in and kiss Kensee because she talked about the sweats. ; )  What are Jacob and Renesmee gonna say when they found out Austin stayed the night? Haha cant wait for the next chapter!!!!
very well done!  such a great chapter!  can't wait for your next update!
amazing you need to update quicker!


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