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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the THE GRAPHIC GUILD. The Graphic Guild is basically a group within the group, so a "sub-group"! We welcome all members, and we really strive in trying to get our members to try to strive to be the best that they can possibly be. All are not required to participate in the guild, though. This is something you can come to of your choosing if you wish. The Guild, though, will be holding competitions singularly for the Guild itself. Much like many groups of the past, the guild will also have an ordering discussion where only certain artists can pick up the orders. We want to make sure you get the best work possible that you can get. Therefore, that's why it is happening. We also have a graphic rating, but that is only if you wish to be apart of it. We do not want to make members feel left out, or not apart of the group. We want everyone to be able to participate, and HAVE FUN!


(The "staff" within the guild are not necessarily apart of the staff of the group, please keep that in mind. Some are ONLY staff of the guild.)

The staff of the guild are members who help make everything possible within the guild. This means they help make ideas, they are active, and they also are supportive of the guild. Staff will be chosen based upon these things.








These artists know all the roots of graphics. They can cut, placement of images, and know how to get a feeling to the graphic. If you have a question, these are the ones to ask.



 lεαh {ℝυмøяHαṧIт}



Beyond The Eyes






These artists have the basics of how to make "quality" graphics. They are still learning the ropes, but are soon be professional!






Caitlyn Barnes



These artists are new to making graphics, and are just learning how to do it.


All of the following discussions are specifically for the guild only.


Artist Ranking

Graphic Ordering Discussion



Flash Dash (always running, new theme everyday)

Your Favorite (Closes 1/1/12)

Brushes Only (Close time TBD)


Flash Dash (Always a voting stage)


How It Works

"Comments" -- Like how a group would work, this discussion is like the "main page" of the group. The replies is where you would place your "comments" within the group. A place to chat, and get to know others.

Ranking -- You aren't required to be ranked within the guild. This is just something to do if you wish. We don't want anyone want to feel left out, or as if they "aren't good enough". We want to opposite of that. We want to make every member feel welcomed, and challenged to try to grow stronger, and get the best they possibly can.

Staff -- The "staff" within the guild are those who try to make everything possible. This means competitions, and such. Usually are active members within the guild who want to make everything work!





****LAST UPDATED 22/1/2011 6:00PM EST****

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Hey guys I hadn't realized that i was admin, but I want us to keep this sub group alive. Lets not let it fall to the side!

Who won the last Flashdash cuz I've been MIA.

I don't think we voted???

This looks really good hunter♥

Hello members of TGG. I would adore to try to get the sub-group started up again, so what are some things that you all would like to be doing? As always, I will be getting the Flash Dash started up soon enough, so don't you worry about that! If there is anything else, please let me know!


Yay it's back! ^^ Um the Flash Dash is pretty fun, but i think we should update the ranks :3 (*personally i think i dropped rank, and people like Nikki gained some ranking). A Resource discussion (i think there was one but i lost it.) and maybe a tut discussion, just for random tuts (coding, gifs, graphics etc.). Oh and a new layout? (i can make it if you want :3) <3 Just Glad It's Back ^^

I'f personally love to see the layout you come up with hunter a new look might be fun and some updating is probably necessary and flash dash was super fun i vote that be started up right away ♥

Hey guys im back my name was caitlyn Barnes before my computer crashed finally got a new one and would like to get my stuff re-rated and would like to know how to start a ordering shop :)


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