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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


If you haven't read the other two, please click here for the first story in the Series, Cullens go to Hogwarts, placed during the Tri-Wizard Tournament or here for Dawn of the Phoenix: Cedric goes to Forks for the second book placed during Order of the Phoenix and Breaking Dawn.


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Chapters in PDF and Hyperlink for The Half-Blood Vampire


HBV Ch 1.pdf   Chapter 1: A New Adventure

HBV Ch 2.pdf   Chapter 2: Just Can't Walk Away

HBV Ch 3.pdf   Chapter 3: Curiosities

HBV Ch 4.pdf   Chapter 4: Where There's A Will...

HBV Ch 5.pdf   Chapter 5: Love Lives and Love Lost

HBV Ch 6.pdf   Chapter 6: History and Biology

HBV Ch 7.pdf   Chapter 7: Young Love, First Love...

HBV Ch 8.pdf   Chapter 8: Hogwarts Recruitment Drive

HBV Ch 9.pdf   Chapter 9: Everything

HBV Ch 10.pdf Chapter 10: Complication

HBV Ch 11.pdf Chapter 11: Should I Stay or Should I go?

HBV Ch 12.pdf Chapter 12: New Week New Accomodations

HBV Ch 13.pdf Chapter 13: Diagon Alley

HBV Ch 14.pdf Chapter 14: Hogwarts Express

HBV Ch 15.pdf Chapter 15: The Sorting Hat

HBV Ch 16.pdf Chapter 16: Meanwhile Back at the Crypt

HBV Ch 17.pdf Chapter 17: First Day of School

HBV Ch 18.pdf Chapter 18: Malfoy Manor

HBV Ch 19.pdf Chapter 19: Life and Death

HBV Ch 20.pdf  Chapter 20: Restless

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Thanks Jess. more coming...
Great beginning!!!! Can't wait for more.
thank you!
the third book has started!i`m so happy i could scream!!
i was a little confused when nessie broke the lamp..edward an bella went there and they didn`t ask what was like they already knew something that i didn`t like it`s happened before and nessie has explained but i hadn`t heard the explanation.i was wondering did she throw the lamp or did she drop it?and i would really hate it if they turned back human..bella woudn`t for sure ..edward would want to be with her and nessie the rest of the family will too want to stay immortal..maybe rosalie will wish for humanity..although now she`s go a lot more to lose than before.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for... okay now I want ice cream, and there's none in the freezer.

Ah, yes, the lamp - we'll definitely hear more on that! (in a couple chapters maybe) any guesses?

I think Edward would be more inclined to stay vampire if Bella wanted to. But I think Bella's pretty happy with being a vamp. Of course, it's only been 9 months. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what Carlisle discovers with his genetic testing.
omg this is great!
Thank you Zathura!
thank you Isabella Desiree. :-)
Well, it answers the question how Krissie stumbled up into Dumbledore's office. Edward and Bells now act like deeply in couple. pleases me. Well basically the chapter was a hit. Today was my dance performance. Maybe i'll upload the video. Anyways. AWESOME BEGIR!
Glad it pleases you... It pleases me too! I sorta lost a bit of that in DofP. Of course, the focus was more on Cedric and Leah.

Congrats on your dance performance. I hope it went well! :-) So... where's the video?
Love it :)
Awesome chapter
Post more soon :D
Thank you niKkii. :-)


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