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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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Am I the only one who wants this story finished?!?


^ i second that comment.

She can take as much time as she needs. Of course Leah isn't going to die, first of all. And second, just figure out an ending for yourself, because Erica isn't posting. She has a life outside of fanfiction, as do we all. Just calm down and enjoy what she has already written, because so far, it's more than amazing.

Chapter 20: Restless

** EDWARD **

We watched Leah over the next twenty-four hours. Carlisle wasn't exaggerating when he said the growth rate wasn't anything like Bella. Already, there was a noticeable protrusion from Leah's stomach. Moreover, her scent was changing. She smelt much more human. Her face glowed and she was even recovering her strength, though she moved awkwardly around the bones that hadn't healed properly.

By the second day, she was sitting up, eating, and patting her belly lovingly while Cedric sat by her holding her hand, his face and thoughts grim.

“It appears her body is accommodating the change,” Esme whispered to Carlisle as she prepared sandwiches for the wolves.

Carlisle smiled and kissed her forehead, but his thoughts indicated otherwise.

At Leah's insistence, she moved back into the room she shared with Cedric.

By the third day she was now obviously pregnant, the result of two rapidly growing cells combining. Carlisle estimated that she was already through the first trimester.

“See love, 3 days as opposed to 3 months. We'll have a baby in less then two weeks.” Leah chirped.

Cedric patted her hand and stroked her hair back from her face. He put on a brave smile, but he was anything but inside. He was a young man, barely wed, and not ready for children. But more than that, he hated the seed that planted this child. He couldn't bring himself to feel anything but dread for the child that was forced upon them.

He has so much anger. It's like he's in a constant rage, but he won't let it out. Jasper warned. I'm afraid he's going to blow.

I didn't disagree. But I couldn't pull Cedric away from Leah for anything. He simply wouldn't leave her side, except for the bare necessities. And even then, when I tried to pull him aside to talk, he brushed me off.

The first warning of anything wrong was the smell. It was the morning of the fourth day and suddenly the pungent aroma of blood wafted through the cabin.

“Oh no!” Bella exclaimed as she jumped of bed and threw on some clothes. “Leah!”

In the next instant we heard Cedric's panicked yell. “Carlisle, Edward, something’s wrong, something is terribly, terribly wrong.”

We met him in the hall, Leah in his arms, a trail of blood leading from their room. Jasper, Alice and Esme had already excused themselves. Rosalie took one look at me and, recalling her last experience, walked away.

“Bring her to my office.”

In the passing days, Carlisle had acquired the equipment he was sure would become necessary. Leah’s face contorted as Cedric lay her on the table.

“Leah, your body is fighting the child. You need to let me take it now.”

“No!” she moaned. “It's too early.”

“Leah, this fetus is not viable. We need to take it now.”

“No, you can't it's fine... it'll be fine.”

Carlisle felt her protruding stomach. “She's in labour. Her body is trying to abort.”

“Stop it, make it stop.” Leah said weakly.

She's lost too much blood. We have to get this out and stop the bleeding. Her body isn't reacting as it should. Not healing... not healing at all...

“Please, save her. She's everything,” Cedric pleaded.

Leah contorted again, this time crying out in pain until she slumped to the table, unconscious.

“We have to remove it, and then stitch up the wounds. We don't have time for anaesthetic. Edward, Bella, you'll have to hold her down.”

With unnatural precision and speed, Carlisle cut into her abdominal cavity. Using the dragon's claw, he cut into the birthing sack around the fetus. In seconds he'd pulled the unborn child from its mother and, faster then any surgeon, he began stitching up her wounds.

“Get Seth in here. She's going to need a blood transfusion.”

Bella dashed from the room. I stayed, holding Leah's legs while Carlisle worked. Cedric stood by, his eyes never moving from the quivering mass that had been pulled from his wife's body.

It was grotesque. Arms and legs that had grown far too fast, protruded from a body, hunched over with a spine that curved out rigidly and broke through the skin. The face was only partially formed and lacked a nose of any kind. It was dead before it hit the stainless steal tray.

As soon as Carlisle was done with Leah, he took the tray out sight. Seth arrived and he set up a transfusion.

“Cedric, this is going to sound cruel, but I need to ask you this now. The pregnancy created a delay in Leah's healing. I can reset her broken bones now with much more ease then later. As Seth's blood flows into her system, her natural healing ability will come back. But it means more trauma for her body now.”

“But she'll be okay?” Cedric asked warily.

“I believe so. It may take a few days, but she should return to full physical health,” he replied. Mentally, well that remains to be seen.

He nodded and Carlisle quickly went to work. With each break, Leah's body thrashed in pain, but she remained unconscious. Then, he left them to tend to the dead fetus.


I’d had enough! Yes, I wanted independence. And yes, I wanted to get away from all the expectations and plans for my life. But this was ridiculous. Where was everyone? Did Mom and Dad even care how I was doing? And what about Jake – always going on and on about how he’d always be there for me. Was that a bunch of crap?

I stormed out of the castle. Forget breakfast, and class, and keeping up appearances.

I broke into a run five steps from the front porch. The ground blurred under my feet. The air rushed through my hair and into my lungs. I needed blood. I was on the hunt.

In seconds I was leaping between the tight trees of the forest, moving from the breaking light of dawn in to the black of the forest. It was silent. Strange. I pushed on further – the next tree, the next opening, the next rare ray of light breaking through the foliage.

The air was stale, old. There was no movement in the air – like a room that had been closed up for far too long. I jumped into a tree and scrambled to the top. Reaching the top I looked out over a sea of dark green – trees in every direction. The castle a distant grey shadow in the rising fog from Black Lake. I’d come further than I thought.

I dropped back to the forest floor. Suddenly my senses were on high alert. Something was out there. The soft hush of hair against bark met my sensitive ears. I swung around. I saw black eyes and long spindly legs before my head exploded with pain. I fell against the tree and rolled against the forest floor.

Hissing, I jumped to my feet – only to fall again. My legs were tied – what the heck? I followed the long white chord with my eyes back to the largest spider I’d ever seen. Holy crap!

Panicking, I scrambled to pull my feet from the bindings. More sticky chords suddenly bound my arms to my body. I had to get free. I had to break away. But every movement was met with more chords…

The spider drew nearer.

He was not alone.

** EDWARD **

Leah was sleeping restfully. The green pallor of her face was replaced with a rusty hue of her tribe.

“Need any more?” Seth asked. He’d been providing regular transfusions for the past three days. Contrary to Carlisle’s initial assessment, Leah’s body continued to fight itself after the foetus aborted. She had shivered with a fever far above what any human could for 72 hours, moaning and mumbling in her sleep, but not waking. Carlisle had taken as much as he dared, ordering Seth to feed and rest as he replenished his reserves to be able to give more blood. Early this morning the fever broke, and her body began to heal of its injuries.

“I think she’ll be okay,” Carlisle replied with a thin smile.

“Thank goodness. I was beginning to wonder what, exactly, you were using my blood for,” Seth teased.

“Believe me – my only interest is medical.” Carlisle smiled in earnest.

“Geez, picky leach.”

Jacob snorted at his side and shook his head. He was noting, with relief, the improvement in Leah’s condition.

“Will she wake soon?” he asked.

“At this point, I’d rather she stayed asleep. Her body has been through a lot. It needs to heal.”

Jacob nodded his head. He clapped a heavy hand on Cedric’s shoulder. “She’s tough, man. Tougher then any of us. She’ll be fine.”

Cedric simply nodded. He hadn't moved from her side.

Jacob suddenly withdrew his hand. Alice flashed into the room. I was hit with alarm and pain as images flashed through Alice’s mind – Emmett… Hagrid… giant spiders… and nothing.

“Something’s wrong – I think it’s Renesmee,” Alice gasped.

Jacob was out the door in wolf form at the same time Bella and I lept from the porch heading for the forest. My long dead heart sunk like a stone.

Welcome back, Erica.  So glad to see a new chapter for this.  I hope there will be more soon.

Thanks for the welcome! I hope you liked it!

Yes indeedy I sure did!  Welcome back!



welcome back Erica :)

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