The Twilight Saga

if they made it a movie, like we all want, who would you cast?

this is my dream cast:


Mel- Missy peregrym, Sophia bush,Or Eliza Dushku
Wanda (at the end)- Hayden panettiere
Jeb- Willie Nelson
Ian- Robbie amell Or Channing tatum
Jared- Paul walker
Kyle- Jensen ackles
Jamie- Ryan malgarini or logan lerman
Doc- Ryan reynolds or james marsden

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What about Josh Hucherson for Jamie????
ya,i agree,he might b good!
i dont think i would want to see any big names, i think if they did the same for the host like as how they cast twilight with a bunch of up and comers or no-name people it would be better, give people a shot at getting their names out there...i personally hate how all these celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to be a part of new moon, it would be much better if the cast was full of a bunch of faces we have never seen before, steph created some very wonderful worlds for us and seeing them brought to life on screen is much more intoxicating when you can look at someone not as an actor you saw in another movie but to see a face that could actually be wanda or ian or jared, it just makes the experience much more better
I thought they worked pretty good w/ the way they were described. You pictured Ian "ugly"? Hmmm... Well diffrence in opinoins. *Shrugs*
ian ugly and insecure??? not he's all the oppssite
I know, I know. He is too old but I still think he is an amazing actor. *Shrugs*
He's probably too young, but he would be fun as Jeb.
melanie - sophia bush/missy peregrym/kristin kreuk/natalie portman
jared - jensen ackles/josh duhamel/steven strait
ian - ian somerhalder/chace crawford
kyle - kellan lutz
wanda/pet - elisabeth harnois/blake lively/dakota fanning
sharon - evan rachel wood (she looks great as a redhead)
seeker - christina ricci/rachel leigh cook
jeb - hugh laurie/sam elliot/willie nelson (he looks exactly as i pictured jeb)
maggie - kathy bates/maggie smith
do - christian bale/shane west
yeah meryl streep would be a good maggie and maggie smith or kathy bates could be tudy
I actually like Hugh Laurie as Jeb... never thought of him before.
good choice...:-bd
Melanie must be SOPHIA BUSH and jared should be Jensen Ackles...and for Ian I want a perfect man who kind, sweet,charming and handsome too and Ian Somerhalder will be awesome...
i think Jake t Austin will be jamie by the way.. and for doc, he soooo carlisle


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