The Twilight Saga

if they made it a movie, like we all want, who would you cast?

this is my dream cast:


Mel- Missy peregrym, Sophia bush,Or Eliza Dushku
Wanda (at the end)- Hayden panettiere
Jeb- Willie Nelson
Ian- Robbie amell Or Channing tatum
Jared- Paul walker
Kyle- Jensen ackles
Jamie- Ryan malgarini or logan lerman
Doc- Ryan reynolds or james marsden

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I totally agree with you on Sophia and Jensen for Mel and Jared! :'D
yup ian somerhalder is the perfect ian o'shea for me and as for jared my first choice is jensen ackles
I have spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect cast, and I have to idmit; it was not always easy! xD Anyway, this is my dream cast:
Melanie Stryder - Sophia Bush (I think she is perfect for Melanie. She looks so strong and independent, like I imagine that Melanie would be, but also sweet and innocent like Wanda)
Jared Howe - Jensen Ackles (this is who I pictured for Jared while I was reading, and I still think of Jensen as Jared. He just IS Jared to me, and I would love to see him hit Kyle xD)
Ian O'Shea - Craig Olejnik (I have to say it was extremely difficult to find an actor who looked like the Ian that I imagined. But then I found Craig, and I think he would be the perfect Ian. And he also has beautiful, very Ian-ish, blue eyes!)
Jamie Stryder - Josh Hutcherson (I'm still not sure about him, but maybe it would work if he had darker hair?)
Kyle O'Shea - Henry Cavill (I'm still not sure if I would like him to be Kyle, I think he looks too different from Craig Olejnik)
Jeb - Will Patton (He was one of the easiest to cast. I saw him, and I knew i wanted him to hold a gun, point it at people, and say "My house, my rules" xD)
Wanda/Pet - Elisabeth Harnois (she doesn't look like the Wanda I pictured when reading the book, but I think she would be a good Wanda. I actually pictured Gemma Ward at first, but she always looks a little angry, and i want Wanda to look innocent)
Doc - Lee Pace (I think he is perfect for Doc, he looks kinda sad and serious, but still kind)
Maggie - Meryl Streep (she is a great actress, and I'm sure she would manage to be kind of stubborn and angry)
Sharon - Kate Mara (I'm still not sure if she would make a good Sharon, but she's the best i could come up with)
does anyone know if there is already a cast list? or are they casting now?
I don't think that they have begun casting yet. Last time i checked, they had just gotten a scriptwriter. :)
i'm dying to know the final cast.... i really want to know who'll be in every role!!!
Me to!!
go to and check some pics out! Add pics and let's make Stephenie look at our choices!
Wanda Pet

I like her, who is she?
Pretty sure that's AnnaSophia Robb. I think she's a good option too.

as perfect Wanda/pet


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