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I'll post news about The Host Movie & Books & You also can post any thing related to the Host Movie & Book!

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Yes, Hopefully they'll do a great job.

Oh they didn't mess Twilight up, c'mon! :D

I agree Twilight is a good no a great movie. They did left some parts out but that wat they always do.

They did but it's always this way. They have to focus on the most important parts of the story.

Whatever - wolves in those movies are absolutely beautifully done. I love the wolfpack. :D

Amen to that AgiK . The wolves look stunning! Especially on BD pt 1

The wolpack is getting better with every movie. Imagine what they will look like in BD p.2 ;)

The same maybe. Not sure. but I wonder who those two young kids were???

I think they were Collin and Brady. What do you think?

Stephenie Meyer Talks Host Sequels and Why Saoirse Ronan is Perfect as Melanie

Ha! I had the same feelings for a while. Glad Stephenie is happy with the choice. I wonder what she thinks about the guys...


As for sequels... God, I hope we won't have to wait long...

Maybe Not, Maybe it would go as Twilight Saga!

im sure it will seem to long   nov 2012

What? That the year the movie is coming out? No way! That like a forever. WOw. That the same month/ year BDpt2 is coming out.


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