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I'll post news about The Host Movie & Books & You also can post any thing related to the Host Movie & Book!

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yep long wait but im sure we will kristen in more movies if they can keep the drugs under control mainly cocain her prefered drug  ah the life styles of the rich an famous we will just have to tremble amd wait#$#%$$^$^(*^&

True. Snow White comes out on March then BD or Host.

dont know much about host i will need to read it lot of people talking about it like it could be an extention of b/d stepheny  m. is a geneus the movies were good the story was great kris already made 30 million wow good for her//


Wasn't it March 2012 for The Host? BD part 2 is coming out in November 2012...

No. Snow White comes out March 2012. But i'm confused now on The  Host release Date. I'll tried to investigate.

now that i think about the dvd pt1 is march i think???

AgiK your right. BDpt2 Comes out Nov 2012

thats the news i igot agik

Argh, checked on - they say that it will be 2013. So the date has changed. Sniff...

On the other hand they say Max Irons is rumored to play someone called Jake. Never heard of that LOL XDDDDDDDDDD

What? Jake? Can you investigate?? Please and Post It!

That's what I find confusing. Bet the person who made that mistake thinks everything based on Stephenie's books is Twilight related. :/

Still it took me a minute to realize there was no one called Jake in The Host but I had to recalled all characters from the book. :D


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