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Hello and welcome to the icepack. So very glad that you could join us! 

This is where we will be roleplaying the pack. 
If you interested in joining, go to this discussion:
Above discussion also holds information on the ranks and the rules of the pack.

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Azriel didn't join, finding it fit to just listen. His ears twitced as he watched the sky, his golden eyes curios. He watched the pack howl and his mouth opened before closing again. He had an overwhelming urge to join in, and finally surrendering he threw his head back and howled, his song strong and sure, even a little dark.


IceSoul was howling along with them, his own song sounding lonely, yet calming.

Finally, after a long time, Yuki's howls slowed. She brought her head down, and for a moment everyone was silent as they watched the auras. She then turned, looking at her pack with fondness. "Now is the night we celebrate when Midnight brought our ancestours into this territory. The places our paws now reside on is the same spot where she once stood to speak to the stars and her mother, MayRain. Now, we must celebrate what it is that is all around us. The fact that, through all hardships, the pack still always lived on -- it came to be what it is to us today."


She looked to all the members, and then to the auras. "These auras are the remnants of our ancestours. Their souls dancing across the stars before us in their happiness. Here we know that, one day, we will all be together once again."

Azriel grimaced and turned away. He hadn't known his parents. His had been killed by the alpha male of his own pack since others beside the alphas weren't allowed to mate. The alpha female had taken him in and raised him as her own. He clenched his teeth and his golden eyes were like golden flames. He turned his back on the pack and sat down, looking out at the shadows.


IceSoul took in a deep breath, feeling at peace. He wished his own parents were still alive, but he'd see them again...some day.

Leaf, a young pup with amber eyes was looking around. No, she reminded herself, I am an apprentice now! She glanced around quietly, shuffling her paws through the snow that was beneath her paws. She glanced up again at the auras with pure awe. Tilting her head to the side, her little, short tail wagged.


Yuki stepped down, dismissing the others. She allowed the others to do as they pleased, afterall, this was their celebration. She pushed her way through the crowd, and then she finally came to a small halt. She slowed when she saw Azriel and Colby. "Colby," she said firmly, "please go see the other pups and apprentices." Then she turned back to Azriel once again. "So, what do you think?" she asked, tilting her head to the side curiously, referring to the auras.

Azriel watched the pup go back to the others before looking at Yuki with honey gold eyes. "Pretty." His voice was short and clipped and it was obvious memories haunted him. He looked back towards the shadows, his muscles still tense as though to fight...or run from an enemy.

Leaf glanced up. "Hello, Colby!" she said excitedly, glancing over toward him as she turned her gaze back toward the auras again, tail wagging.


Yuki glanced at Azriel. She could tell he was tense. "Let it out," she murmured, "let it out to the spirits. They'll help soothe you, whatever it is that's haunting you."

Azriel gave a short laugh and a small smile, but neither held humor. "No one can help me." His voice was low and rough. He hated that another knew how he felt, but he couldn't bring himself to be angry at the pretty female. He averted his eyes from her. "Please. Don't let me ruin your evening miss." He looked back over at her, his eyes frozen as he hid his emotions. "I'll be fine." He gave another smile, but put more warmth into it, meaning what he said.

Yuki sighed. "You aren't ruining my evening, Azriel," she said firmly, but it was kind. She watched him for awhile, quietly. "No, you won't. I can tell. I care about my pack, and now that means I care about you."


Leaf glanced over at Colby a moment, and then she stared at the auras once again.

Leaf shrugged. "I've only been an apprentice two or three days, Colby," she reminded him, shrugging. "It's nice, though, being able to become familiar with the territory." Her tail wagged excitedly at the thought of it.

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Azriel fell quite and he mulled this over in his head. "I've always lost the ones I've loved my whole life. I never got to meet my parents, then my own mate and two pups are killed." His voice starts to turn into a low growl at the thought of the grey stray that had killed them. "He was also the one that destroyed my pack. I use to be the beta." He clamped his mouth shut, not willing to say more. He shrugged. "I just need time."


IceSoul watche cautiosly from a distance and he hesitated to look back at the sky, but he did.

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"Just a few more days!" Leaf reminded him with a tap of her tail to his shoulder, wagging her own tail. "Then, we'll be able to train side by side!' she added excitedly.


Yuki looked Azriel over with pity. She pushed her nose to his shoulder, and she gave it one quick lick. "Take all the time you need. I assure you, they're watching over you know in the auras, glad that you are here to see them."

Azriel flinched feeling her nose touch him. For years he'd deprived himself of the touch of others. Wolves were a social creature, usually always touching another. He reached his head out and touched his nose to hers before pulling back.  He looked at her quitely with questioning golden eyes. He nodded. "Yeah...I guess.." Him and his mate had had a fight the day before she and the pups were killed. Their alpha had ordered him to lead a troop of scouts to venture out of the pack and see how many rogues lived out there. He'd returned to a ruined home, his pack mates dead, or missing and he'd looked up to see a proud grey wolf regard him with cold grey eyes before taking off with a pack of what looked to be twenty. Azriel had give chase, only to find they'd dissapeared without a trace.


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