The Twilight Saga

Hello and welcome to the icepack. So very glad that you could join us! 

This is where we will be roleplaying the pack. 
If you interested in joining, go to this discussion:
Above discussion also holds information on the ranks and the rules of the pack.

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Yuuki touched her tail to his shoulder. "Trust me," she responded, looking him over.

Leaf's tail swished back and forth happily. She nodded, flicking her tail. "It's going to be fantastic," she responded.

"If you say so." His voice was sour and he looked away again, completely closing off his face and steeling his heart, putting in its place emptiness instead of sadness.

Yuuki frowned a bit, but she said nothing more.

Leaf's tail swished excitedly. "And when we do, I will win!" she told him, flicking him with the tip of her tail.

Anna, I forget, is it on this site that you wanted me to join Ice Pack or on your website?

Either way I made two wolves on the join discussion.(:

Evermace scowled as the wind whipped his hair, making him look mangy and dangerous. Even as the cold bit into his flesh he continued patrolling border. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, snow lay on the ground and the sun shimmered on it, like it was dancing. Evergreen nettles were christened with frost. The whole place was a winter wonderland. A bluejay who had not yet migrated south perched on a branch singing a tune. Evermace appreciated the sweet tone, and continued securing the perimeter while enjoying the melody. 

Azriel sighed and nudged her with his nose. "Thank you for trying to cheer me up."

Yuki chuckled. "Anytime," she responded, glancing over at him. "I would do anything for the members of my pack," she added in a murmur, glancing up at the sky silently.

He sighed and looked up at the stars as well, his dark brown eyes sad. He shook his head, his black fur ruffling.

Slowly it seemed that the lights came to a slow. "It seems it's time to begin heading back to the den now, and we rest tomorrow in honor of our ancestors," she murmured. She barked, standing up. Everyone turned and she simply swished her tail. Some of the elder wolves let out a final howl to the lights, their ancestors, and the pack begin to descend the cliff.

Azriel was the last to move as he looked up at the stars. The pack was moving further and further away and he contemptelated leaving, thinking it'd be easier to be alone. He gave a low growl though and stood to follow, but didn't run to catch up.




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