The Twilight Saga

This is the story of Jacob Black and Renesme Cullen. The love that they share and how much they want to be together. They are a perfect match. But when Renesme also known as Nessie finds out the truth behind what Jake did will she love him still or will she leave her one true love. When the Volturi returns what will happen with there love. Will Bella and Edward support Nessie in her decision or will they try and talk her out of it.



The Life I Live.... (Renesme and Jacob)

By: Tia Downs



Chapter One the First Time


It was 6'o clock on Friday night and I was so excited to meet with Jacob. It was our night together and a date with Jacob was always fun. He asked me out on a date when he came on his motorcycle to pick me up from my dance competition today. Dancing was my favorite thing to do, besides hanging out with my mom and dad and learning all the cool vampire stuff. I walked outside of the all glass double doors and saw him standing there waiting for me. I was so excited to see him that I ran and jumped on him. Jacob spun me around and then gave me a kiss. 

“hey, beautiful"

"Hi" I was still kind of shy around him. Even though we have been dating for seven months.

"How did it go?"

"It was so much fun, and guesses what?


"I won" He hugged me and expressed how happy he was that I won. Jacob always knew how important dancing was and he supported me all the way. I was ready to go because I was tired and I just wanted to go and relax in his arms. But he asked me a question that broke my concentration.

"Billy is having a fancy dinner party and he wants everyone to come and get dressed up. It’s going to be at this hotel called Fantasy. Would you like to go with me?" I didn't even hesitate

"YES, I would love to, I'm always ready to get dressed up, and I guess I got that from my aunt Alice"

"OK". He took my dance bag and put it across his shoulders. I hopped on to the back seat of the motorcycle put on my helmet that said across the top in big bold letters "I Love You, from Jacob". He was so sweet and it we were perfect together. When dropped me off in front of my small cottage. He said for me to be ready by eight tonight. I got off the bike and kissed him soft yet passionately. We said our goodbyes. I watched him pull off. I was in my shower remembering all that took place that day and forgot to watch my time. I jumped out the shower and looked at the gold clock on my wall it read 6:15pm.

"O.M.G". I was in a hurry known because; I had to be ready by eight. I wrapped my favorite towel around me and went into my room. I opened up my walk in closet door. The light instantly came on and I saw the perfect dress for me to wear with the matching shoes. It was an all red spaghetti strap tight fitting dress that stopped right above the knee with a slight slit in the middle. The shoes were all black with a strip of red going up the middle. I placed the outfit on my bed and put the shoes on the floor. I went back into my bathroom and put on the honey smelling body lotion that Jacob loved so much on my body and went back into my room to get dressed. It was a struggle to put on the dress but once it was on it fit me perfect in all the right places. I went back into my bathroom to put on my make up. I really didn't like cover-up, and neither did Jacob. So it was just mascara, eye shadow blush and lip-gloss. I straighten out my dark brown hair and put nice curls in it. Once my curls were bouncy I was finished with that. I ran back into my room because it was already 7:45pm and I still didn't put on my jewelry and perfume. I sat on my bed and slid my shoes onto my feet. I stood in front of my dresser and put on my gold necklace that was just right for the dress a gold diamond ring that Jacob bought me for my 24 birthday as I was reaching for my bracelet I heard my door bell ring.

"I'm coming" I shouted I quickly put on the rest of my jewelry. Sprayed the honey perfume that matched the lotion garbed my purse and walked slowly to the door. When I opened the door I heard Jacob say

"Wow, you look gorgeous" he smiled that crocked smile I loved so much.

"Thank you, and you look very handsome" I always loved to see Jacob dressed up because it brought out everything I loved about him. Jacob put his hands around my waist and pulled me close to him for a kiss. I didn't want him to stop but I new we had to leave.

"Come on beautiful'

"OK, love"

"Do you need something for arms just in case the hotel is cold?"

"No not really"


"Because as hot as you are, if I get cold I can just get closer to you and I know you will warm me right up" I winked at him and he smiled. He kissed me on my forehead and said "let's go"

I must admit whenever he kissed me on my forehead it always made me blush. I told Jacob OK, I made sure that my house was locked up and we walked along the lighted path that went all the away around my house. We reached his car and I stopped. He asked me what was wrong as he gazed into my eyes confused. 

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and how happy and proud I am to be called your girlfriend" 

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Thank you for your comment. There will be a new chapter posted soon



I Love It !!!


Safae i have to take it down but i will post it right back up i have to correct somethings


Chapter 15

Pregnancy and Fun


I ran to bathroom to puke again. I was three months pregnant and still going through the morning sickness. It was getting annoying. Every time I ate something it came right back up. I walked from our bathroom back to the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed. The day after my family left me and Jake decided that it would be best if he moved in with me. He was the greatest he didn’t want me to be alone and he knew how hard it has been for me without my family being here on a regular basis. I took a deep breath and just sobbed. It has been a month since my family moved to Italy to restore order to the Vampire world. I was still able to see them twice a month because daddy insisted that Grandpa came back at least twice a month to give me check up’s. I missed my family so much. It was wired not seeing them everyday and being able to go to the house just to say hi. When they were here I would just go by to see everyone, now when I go pass the house it’s empty and dark. I sat on the side of the bed re thinking the night that they left. I rode with them to the airport because no matter how sick I was I was not going to let them leave without saying goodbye. We arrived at the airport and it was time for them to go through the terminal. I hugged my mom first

“I love you mom and I hope that everything goes well in Italy”

I was crying. When I looked at mom she was sad the expression on her face I cant even describe.

“Nessie you are my only daughter I don’t want to leave you, but I know that I have to this is the hardest decision I ever had to make but I know that you will be ok. I love you with all my heart and remember if you need me just call. I love you baby”

I hugged my mom so tight, this time not wanting to let her go. I pulled away from her and watched her go through the terminal.

“Daddy please don’t go please. I love you guys so much don’t go please daddy”


My dad dropped his bags and wrapped me in his arms. I was able to say bye to everyone but when it came to my mom and dad I didn’t want to let them go.

“Nessie baby you know that I love you but you also know that we have to go”

“I know but daddy please. I will be good I promise don’t go stay here with me I need you guys”

If my dad could cry he would have he just hugged me tighter as I was talking in arms.

“Nessie baby look at me”

I held my head up. I didn’t know that I saying bye to them would be this hard.

“You know you are my number one girl. You will be fine and I know that you will be good but I need you to be the strong women that we have always taught you to be. We will be back in a few weeks to see you and we are only a phone call away you know us vampires run really fast too.”

He made me smile but it was still hard to say bye to them. He placed his hand over my stomach

“You and the baby will be fine with Jacob and the pack. I know that you two love each other and everything will be ok but we have to do this, now be the strong young lady that you are and take care of your family on yourself. I love you baby girl”

I gave my dad one more hug and watched all of them as they walked off. They stopped and waved at me and me at them. I rested my head on Jake and watched my family walk away. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when I felt a warm hand wrap around me.

“Are you ok beautiful”

“Yes baby I am fine just sick again”

Jake has been up all hours of the night since my family left. This was the first time he didn’t get up when I was feeling sick. Jake got up when I got up he moved when I moved. I think I scared him a few days ago when I landed my self in the hospital. That night I was so tired and I wasn’t eating very well. I got up to go use the bathroom. As I was walking to the bathroom I started to feel dizzy. I leaned on the side of the sink in the bathroom and passed out. I woke up in a hospital bed. That’s when I saw Jake sitting on the side of the bed holding my hand. I couldn’t remember anything that happened. I place my hand on top of his head.

“Hey babe you scared me. How do you feel?”

“I’m ok I have a big headache though”

I placed my hand on top of my head and felt the bandages. Jake was crying and talking at the same time so it was really hard to understand him.

“Jake what’s wrong?”

“I should have gone with you I should not have let you go by yourself. I knew you weren’t eating. I should have walked with you.”

I adjusted my self in the bed sitting up a little bit. It made my head hurt more.

“Jake are we ok?”

“Yes you are fine and the baby is fine too. You passed out Nessie”


“When you went to use the bathroom you passed out from not eating but when you passed out you hit the side of the sink in the bathroom”

I had no idea that I passed out. I knew that my head was pounding like someone was river dancing with two hammers in my head.

“Jake sweetheart it’s ok as long as the baby is ok that’s all that matters”

I was deep in thought when I felt his arm move from my back to my leg. I turned and looked at him

“Thank you Jacob”

“Why are thanking me beautiful?”

“For everything you have done for me”

“But babe I haven’t done anything”

I just looked at him I shot him a smile. I placed his hand over my belly we felt the nudge.

“Yes you have. Jake you have been there more then anyone you have had my back when it came to my parents. You gave me this baby I am carrying. You have put your life on the line for me. You have made me the happiest women and I am so happy that we are doing this. You have been my number one even when I am sick you make sure that you are there to hold my hair back. You have helped me in more ways then one and I cant thank you enough for it. You mean the world to me I love you so much. I don’t know one else but you. You have supported me and loved me so for that I say thank you”

There was no response from him he just laid on the side of me. I seen the tears start to drop form his eyes. It was so cute to see him like this after all he always made me cry. At that moment I heard the front door fly open Jacob jumped out of the bed and walked fast to the front. I was right behind him. I walked and saw Seth and Leah walking towards us.

“Hey you guys what’s”

They cut him off mid sentence

“Jacob come quick its Paul something stabbed him”

“What do you mean?”

I heard the word clearly “something”

“I don’t Jake but we need you to come to your dad’s house and fast. Jake turned and looked at me as he did Leah said

“Don’t worry I will stay with her”

The look on Jakes face said it all. He didn’t trust Leah especially because I was pregnant he didn’t want nothing to happen to me while he was gone.

“Jake you need to go I will be fine with Leah we can talk and just hang out. I will be fine trust me”

“Ok… you take care of her Leah because if anything happens to her I will hurt you”

He kissed me on my forehead and was off. I shut the door behind them and it was just me and Leah left in the house. I hope everything was ok with Paul.

 I walked over to the stove and turned on the pot of water for a cup of tea. I opened up the refrigerator door and heard Leah sit in the chair.

“Nessie, how have you been?”

“I’ve been ok just sick like crazy”

“I can imagine. How far a long are you?”

“I am three months to date. How have things been going with you?”

There was a brief pause. I closed the refrigerator door and walked back over to the stove.

“Everything is ok I guess”

“What do you mean?”

I actually liked talking to Leah and it was nice to not have to explain me and Jake and the fact that I was pregnant.

“Well I went on a date last night”

“Did you really and how did that go?”

I really wanted to know how it went. Leah needed someone special in her life. I think that by her dating she would lighten up and get over Sam. Even though I was against women dating guys just to get over an ex Leah was the one exception.

“It went ok. I just can’t tell if he likes me or not”

“Do you want?”

I had to stop mid sentence. I started to feel sick again. I put the tea up to my nose to sniff it and it made me sick. I took off and ran to the bathroom Leah was right behind me. I was puking again. I felt Leah hold my hair back as she was rubbing my back. When it was over I sat on the floor while Leah got some tissues.

“Thank you I should be fine soon”

“No problems take as much time as you need. I will be right here”

We sat in the bathroom for a while. I was able to finally stand up I brushed my teeth and wrote on a log that my granddad left me. He wanted me to keep track of how many times I puked in one day which to me was disgusting.

“What is that Nessie?”

“Oh ha-ha it’s a log that my grandfather left for me. He wants me to keep a log of how many times I puke in one day because I’m sick so often and this allows him to get an idea of what he will have to do when he comes. But this should be last time for the rest of the day”

“I know this is not a conversation I wish to have but how many times do you get sick in one day?”

I looked at Leah and just chuckled.

“I usually get sick three times in one day”

“Isn’t that to much”

“Yes but it should be passing my grandfather said the first trimester is usually when you get sick the most because that’s when your body is adjusting to the baby”

“Oh interesting”

I filled in the rest of the log and we walked out of the bathroom. I went back to the fridge to get the lemon juice so that I could drink it and stop the feeling of queasiness from coming back. I drunk the liquid I felt my face twist up as I was drinking it but I managed to get it down. I sat across from Leah.

“So tell me about this guy that you met. What’s his name? How old is he? Where is he from? Details please”

She just smiled at me. I know she likes him because I have never seen Leah smile from ear to ear. She was a very pretty girl when she smiled.

“Well his name is Shawn and he is originally from Texas he moved out here to get away from city life. He is 24 and he is gorgeous. I really like him Nessie.”

“I can tell so how did you meet”

“Well… I was making my rounds in wolf form and I seen him down by the beach. He was just standing there with a button up shirt and some dark blue jeans. I transformed back into human form and put clothes on. I walked to where my cave was and just sat there. I guess he noticed me because the next thing I new he was walking towards me he took a seat and we just started talking from there”

I was happy for Leah she was a good person and she deserved to be happy.

“It sounds like you like him a lot when are you guys meeting up again?”


“Really so what are you going to wear?”

“I have no idea he wants to take me somewhere romantic. I don’t know I don’t have clothes for that”

“Well luckily you know me… makeover time”

“Nessie no please”

“Oh come on Leah it will be fun I promise. I can do your hair, give you a nice dress with some nice shoes you will look great”

I could tell she was hesitant Leah wasn’t use to dressing up and wearing shoes instead of sneakers. This was my chance to turn Leah from being a tom-boy to actually looking like a female.


I was excited I jumped out of me seat and grabbed her by the hand. As we were walking down the hall way she stopped at a picture that I took for Jake of all them.

“Nessie do I really look like that”

“Do you look like what?”

I walked over to the picture and saw what she was talking about she was angry with just a cut up shirt on and some ripped up shorts she had her crossed on her chest. She looked like a convict.

“Well Leah… yes you do but we can change that starting tonight know come on”

I took Leah into my room and had her sit in the chair that was at the computer. I opened up the walk in closet and invited her in she did not budge.

“Come on Leah it’s just clothes”

She still didn’t move. I walked behind the chair and pushed her in side the closet.

“Wow Nessie you have a lot of clothes.”

“I know and some still have tags on them. I just love to look nice unless I’m just going somewhere were I have to run and lately I haven’t been doing that either”

We both just laughed. I started to pick through the clothes and picked out an kaki dress that was short it had a halter top that you tie in the back with a dark brown belt that went across the belly it would be perfect. Leah just sat in the chair. Watching as I matched the dress with some kaki ankle boots with a three inch heel. I also picked out some light brown feather earrings and a bracelet that matched. I walked passed her and she spun around in the chair.

“Nessie I know you’re not putting this out for me”

“Yes I am you would look great in this Leah and everything still has the tags on them. He won’t even recognize you.”

I saw Leah put her hand on her head and just shake it back and forth. I walked over to her

“Leah you will be ok and just think I can do this all the time”

“Oh no”

“And… Why not?”

“Because you are into this stuff I’m not”

“Well now its time to start”

We laughed. I placed the dress and jewelry on my bed put the shoes on the floor. I told Leah to go in the cupboard and get a towel and wash cloth so that she could shower. Time was passing by so fast it was just noon and now it was four. While Leah was in the shower my phone started to ring I new who it was by the rig tone.

“Hi Jake is everything ok with Paul?”

There was silence on the phone. I was praying that he was ok. I didn’t want anything happen to Paul.

“Umm… yeah he will be fine he is getting stitched up”

“Do you know what did that to him?”

“Yes and no but we will take care of it don’t worry your pretty self about it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes baby I’m sure”

I knew there was something wrong he just didn’t want to tell me what it was. I wasn’t going to push the issue I will be able to talk to him when he came home.

“What are guys doing are you ok?”

“Yes I am fine. I am doing a makeover on Leah she has a date tonight”

“Umm… ok and she’s letting you do that to her?”

“Yes I am having so much fun too wait till you see her you wont recognize her”

“I bet well have fun with that. I was just calling to check on you”

“Ok baby and thanks I am really having a good time. But I will talk to you later”

“Ok I love you”

“Love you too”

“Awe how cute”

I started laughing at Leah.



I hung up my phone and laughed with Leah. She was out the shower with her hair dripping wet. She sat back in the chair and I just looked at her I was trying to figure out what to do with her hair.

“Is everything ok with Paul?”

“Yes he had to get stitches but Jake said that he is fine”

“Do they know what did it?”

“Well Jake didn’t really want to bother me with it so I guess he will tell me later what did it. I am sure that you will find out before I do”

I told Leah to go back into the bathroom so that I could do her hair she was excited I could tell. I followed behind her. I sat her down and started to do her hair. I straighten it and added some extensions so it looked really full and pretty. I turned her to face the mirror.

“O.M.G Nessie I love it its beautiful”

“Thank you. I’m glad you like it but take your fingers out it”

We laughed together it was time for her to go get dressed. I sent her in my room to go get dressed while I cleaned up. When she came and stood ion front of me I was in shock at how good she looked. The dress fit her perfectly and I was surprised to see that she was able to walk in the heels she looked beautiful. I heard the front door open and I recognized the voices it was Jacob, Seth and surprisingly Paul. I guess they heard us in the bathroom laughing and having fun. They came to the door way I didn’t want to stop my progress.

“Hey you guys”

“Hey who is this?”

“What do you mean who is this?”

She turned to face them and the look on there faces was priceless. I felt the jump in my stomach but I just ignored it. I knew it was the baby getting excited at his daddy voice.

“Leah is that you”

“Yes it is”

 Leah and Paul had a great relationship with each other I guess it was because they were both mean.

“You look great. I didn’t know you had it in you”

They were engaged in conversation.

“Ok you guys have to go I have to do her make up. I pushed them all out of the bathroom gave Jake a kiss and closed the door. I had to do her eyebrows. She was screaming because I was using a tweezers. I applied the make up on her face and had her stand up and look at her self in the mirror. She started to tear up.

“Girl don’t cry that mascara is not waterproof”

We chuckled”

“Thank you so much Nessie you made me look so beautiful. I can’t thank you enough”

“Awe Leah its fine you look great and you deserve this and who know this could be the permanent you”

Leah gave me a hug and walked out the bathroom door. I stopped her and told her let me introduce her first. I walked in front of her cleared my throat to get there attention they all looked at me

"Introducing the new and improved Leah"

When she stepped forward i could have sworn Paul, Jacob and Seth stopped breathing. I must admit she looked beautiful. 

"Wow Leah you look great i cant believe that its you"

"Yes its me but dont get it wrong i could still kick you guys butts"

They just laughed.

"Oh Leah one more thing you need a purse"

I ran to my rack of clutch bags and gave her a dark brown one that matched the belt on her dress sprayed with perfume and she was finished. This was something I needed to be with a girl for a few hours. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach but I ignored it.



I Loved It.
I Can Not Wait Until There Is More.
Tia Please Write More Quickly And Lilly You Have To Post Soon !!!!!



A lovely description of the two girls getting closer and being girls for once.

But who or should I say what is this man of Leah's? Is he what has hurt Paul?

I can't wait to find out.

Best wishes



This chapter is going to unfold Leah and Shawn and what attacked Paul. You will have to read and find out. We both hope that you like this chapter.


Lilly and Tia


You can go and read the whole chapter I hope you enjoy it. Tia had the titles mixed up enjoy


Lilly and Tia

Lily and Tia,
great update:)

great update!  so happy for leah!

2th Time I’m reading It !!!

Is There More ??
(Pleas say yes !!!!)


PS.Love it so much !!!!


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