The Twilight Saga

Cammy ran away from her home and ended up at La Push beach, with just a bag full of clothes, a pillow and blanket. While Cammy is sleeping on the the beach, Paul (who imprints on her) sees her while hes hanging out with the guys and their imprints. They get concerned and go check on her, thats when Paul imprints on Cammy. Thats were we will go from there. 


Name- Cameron (Cammy) Evans

Age- 16

Role- Main Character. Pauls imprint.

Extra- She loves to write and has a passion for animals.

p/b- ME



I am going to play a werewolf when we figure out who we need. Who ever wants to be Paul, we can start sooner,

Boy and girl







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Avery nodded "well yes it is my biological last name but everyone uses it as my middle name" he said as he looked up the information Paul and Cammy had given then had to get back some that Emerald had taken from him "but my adopted last name is Michealson" he explained "here hold her" he told the Paul as he passed off Emerald " its quiet Ironic that your last name is Evans too" he said with a nice smile as he handed papers to Paul and Cammy "Sign these please" he said handing pens to the couple.


Paul grabbed the girl before Avery let her go midflight as he reclaimed Cammy to his side he must have looked odd at the current moment  he kept both girls at his side when I heard parts of the conversation "she is soon to be Lehote" his last name when they got Married he couldn't juggle the girl and papers so he passed Emerald to Cammy "Cammy Emerald Emerald Cammy" he introduced the two girls as he read the document and then signed his name then opened his hands for the little girl again he was definitely ready to be a daddy. 


Scar laughed as he went to him and kissed him then said "alright lets go shopping then for the little tyke to be" she said eagerly as she took his hand and walked out the door after putting Nylah in the baby gated room space just for her so she was safe to be home alone for a couple hours while they shopped for their Nephew and twin daughters..

Cammy looked at the adoption guy.  "Not to be weird but how old were you when you were put into the foster system?" she asked "I have been since i was two days old but i got adopted by a friends mom so i could stay in La Push" she said. She took Emerald from Paul "Hi sweetie" she said smiling. "And Yes i am going to Cammy Lehote soon" she said smiling. "I saw my adoption papers once and i know i had or have a brother." she said and handed Emerald back to Paul. She signed the paper smiling. "and  i know how this works, home inspections first and those things."

Embry looked at Scar and smiled leaving the bedroom. "Alright love" he said and kissed her cheek and walked out to their car. "Are we gonna try to get the paint again?" he asked

Avery smiled "I do not find it weird most of the time people ask that question and I had been in adoption house or foster system whatever you want to call it when I was first born is this brother younger or older or do you not know" he asked her as I looked through the paper work and also are you wanting more than one child" he asked as he checked "and good that will make the process a lot faster after the home inspection and background checks you to should be fine to keep your child or children with no worries" he assured her as he tucked them back in a folder "you both came up clean well mostly clean in the background check" he said eyeing Paul with a amused look in his eyes "I blame Scar" he said which caused him to laugh.


Paul played with Emerald he was playing peek a boo and causing her to laugh making himself laugh "no truly I mainly got in trouble with Scar I swear she needs to speak to cops a bit nicer and some of those times we wouldn't have gotten in as much trouble" he said defending himself and smiling sheepishly Scar and him had been the terrible two since they were two "its amazing how much a younger kid can effect a slightly older kid" he said as he dipped Emerald down and up. He looked at Cammy lovingly.


Scar smiled eagerly "yes lets try again but lets take it easy for I nearly cried last time and I swear anyone looks at me twice I'll deck em in the nose" she said aggressively as she got in the truck and started to buckle in as Embry started the car.

Cammy "Uhm, i'm not actually sure" She said and looked at Paul. She could tell that he had fallen in love with this child.  "Are you originally from California?" she asked. This was actually kinda weird. "And yes Scar does need to learn how to talk nicer with cops, but hey, Its Scar what can you do?" she laughed watching Paul.

Embry nodded in a agreement as they walked to their car "Scar, lets be nice to people" he said and started to drive. He looked over to Scar and smiled. "We'll be in port angels so you should text Cammy and see if they want to have lunch later" he said and drove.

Avery thought "well I would have to ask my dad but I am almost certain that I am from there originally" he said as he ran a hand through his hair "are you" he asked her starting to feel a bit wierded out she was asking a few questions that seemed to relate to him.


Paul noticed the guy start to get a bit anxious "um Cammy dear I think you are freaking him out if you could find out that would be great though Avery" he said as he kissed Emerald on the cheek and held Cammy's hand and smiled at her happily.


Scar laughed "I'm always fricken nice to people baby" she said with a laugh as she texted Cammy where they were and smiled.

Cammy looked a him "Sorry" She said, feeling bad. She looked at Avery then towards Paul holding the sweet little girl.  She looked at her phone and texted Scar back yeah sounds great  she sent and looked at everyone. "Okay what else do we need to sign or talk about?" she asked. Knowing there was something.

Embry chuckled and nodded "Okay love, whatever you say" he said as he drove to the paint store again.

Avery thought for a minute then sayd "have you to truly thought of this ae you certain you want to adopt children?" he asked them.


Paul rose and said confidently "yes" with no hesitations.


Scar laughed "Cammy says sound great babe" she said then added "well without the babe part" she said with a laugh.

Cammy nodded "Yes, definitely, i grew up in the foster system and if i can get one child out of it, then its the first thing" she said holding Pauls hand.

Embry laughed as he drove. "Great." He said and found the paint store again.

Paul smiled as he held her hand tightly he had all her support than noticed Avery smile "great lets go meet some of the little ones" he said as we went into a large play room. I kept a hold of Emerald the whole way and held Cammy's hand none stop.


Avery I took them to two little boys that had been playing ball in a corner one had long dark black hair and light blue eyes and was small the other was much older looking for his age he had buzzed blond hair and vivid green eyes "this is Marcus" he said pointing to the black haired child "and this is Elliot" he said they both shyly waved "they are three and four" he said than looked to Cammy and Paul.


Scar skipped out of the car and to the paint color thingy matcher thing.

Cammy smiled and looked at Paul. She looked at both of them for a second. "Uhm I'm going to get some air really quick" she said and walked outside. She sat on a bench and took a deep breath. She put her head in her hands and thought for a few moments. she looked around, sighing.

Embry laughed and followed her into the store and into the paint section. He looked at the paints and found the purple again.

Scar smiled "how's this" she said showing him a light shade of purple almost Lavender.


Paul frowned as he put Emerald down and went after Cammy he leaned on the door jam "penny for your thoughts" he asked her gently "are you alright" he asked her as he went and sat beside her.


Avery waited for the couple to get back he played with the children to entertain them until they got back he threw the ball on the floor with them and read Em a book.

Embry smiled and looked at her. He looked at the color and nodded. "I think that would be great for the twins" he said "Since were here do you want to get anything? Cribs or more clothes or bottles or blankets?" he asked remembering the things from his cousins baby shower.

Cammy sat on the bench then heard Pauls voice. "I know we both want to adopt a little boy but you seem so content with Emerald and i dont want to get anyones hopes up" she said and leaned on him. "And i should be, i'm just you know, a little overwhelmed," she said "And by the way were having lunch with Scar and Embry" then looked at him "I just don't know what to do"


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