The Twilight Saga

Cammy ran away from her home and ended up at La Push beach, with just a bag full of clothes, a pillow and blanket. While Cammy is sleeping on the the beach, Paul (who imprints on her) sees her while hes hanging out with the guys and their imprints. They get concerned and go check on her, thats when Paul imprints on Cammy. Thats were we will go from there. 


Name- Cameron (Cammy) Evans

Age- 16

Role- Main Character. Pauls imprint.

Extra- She loves to write and has a passion for animals.

p/b- ME



I am going to play a werewolf when we figure out who we need. Who ever wants to be Paul, we can start sooner,

Boy and girl







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Cammy nodded at Paul, she had to admit that he was cute. "I n-need a place to stay" she whispered and took Alixs hand and got up.

Embry looked at Scar and nodded "Just give it time Scar"

Paul "alright" she was beautiful he thought "you could stay at my place" I automatically said it would be alright as he watched to make sure she was steady on her feet.


Scar "ya but it ain't no fun till she does" she wined a little as she hugged him she loved her Embry then whisphered in Embrys ear "what if she is Paulys Imprintee" she said it so no one but Embry could hear.

Alix*smiles helping her up looking at scar the only way this girl could get to close to our family was the same way scar and I had* well Paul just remember she's shakin up she doesnt need any more suprises*smiles at her* he will take care of you and me and scar are just next door

Cammy nodded "Sure i suppose" she said and looked over towards Scar and apparently her boyfriend

Embry looked at her "She probably is" he whispered back

Jared came running down the beach, seeing Alix, Paul and Scar and some girl he didnt know. 

Paul- "hey Jared this is Cammy shes staying with me for awhile" I told him as I introduced him to Cammy" and Cammy this is Jared" I wasn't about to tell her everything yet either


Scar "oh you should tell her one of our secrets so she will tell one of her secrets" I said excitedly hoping that would work to make her talk I guess I'm pushy I thought as I looked at her with excitement a new sister practically if she was Paul's imprint!

Cammy nodded at him and looked at Paul. She still wasnt sure what to do or say around these people.

Jared smiled "Hi there Cammy" he said and looked at Alix.

Embry looked at Scar. He held her hand and smiled "Scar, give it a little while"

Paul: "you guys are great around new people" I teased my makeshift family I turned to Cammy "sorry about them especially Scar she's a little blunt and nuts" I said about the small blond to make Cammy smile "how bout we get off the beach and to my house" I asked her.


Scar: I stuck my tongue out at Paul and smiled at Cammy "its a little true but we will be great friends I just know it" I said excitedly "so be nice to her Pauly"

Alix*smiles back at Jared it was so embarrassing that he noticed me one day in class but I was so happy when he did* yeah it looks like its gonna start raining anyways sam and Emily will want to meet her and dinners ready at my house*smiles* like hamburgers or veggie burgers?*smiles looking at cammy?*smiles* we make lots these guys eat everything*laughs softly* especially embry and paul

Scar- I start to laugh "she basically called you a pack of starving wolves" I said chirpily as I smiled at Alix knowingly as I gave her a hug and looked at Cammy.

Paul: "hey Alix" I said with a smile hoping to ignore Scar she was getting to excited which made her a little to open which frightened him a little.

Alix*smiles back hugging her* with the way they eat they may aswell be wolves*giggles* after all we do have to make a lot of food I thought Emily was feeding an army when I first met them*smiles at jared*

Scar: "yesss" I said bouncily "Al is on my side" I said excitedly "as I bounced on the balls of my feet in between Alix and Embry.

Paul: "could someone please shut her up" I pleaded looking at anyone know before her mouth went faster than her brain and she said something stupid.

Alix*watches Paul get uneasy* hey scar how about me and you run ahead and get out of the rain*looks up* we can get the food ready while we're at it*smiles looking at paul then whispers to scar* keep cool remember the secret of our tribe we protect*smiles*


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