The Twilight Saga

Cammy ran away from her home and ended up at La Push beach, with just a bag full of clothes, a pillow and blanket. While Cammy is sleeping on the the beach, Paul (who imprints on her) sees her while hes hanging out with the guys and their imprints. They get concerned and go check on her, thats when Paul imprints on Cammy. Thats were we will go from there. 


Name- Cameron (Cammy) Evans

Age- 16

Role- Main Character. Pauls imprint.

Extra- She loves to write and has a passion for animals.

p/b- ME



I am going to play a werewolf when we figure out who we need. Who ever wants to be Paul, we can start sooner,

Boy and girl







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Paul stayed completely still not wanting to scare her and watched her.


Scar nodded "sorry shouldn't have" she said as she rolled over on her side.

Cammy reached her hand out and touched his fur
embry Sst on the floor next to Scar since she was on the couch

Paul loved the touch of her on his fur

Scar felt Embry leave she turned and saw him sit on the floor "you don't need to sit on the floor" she said softly patting the couch next to her the empty space.

Cammy smiled at him. "This is kinda cool"

Embry smiled and ssat with Scar. He pulled her close

Paul gave Cammy a goofy wolfish smile trying to get her to laugh.


Scar smiled up at him. 

Cammy giggled and looked at him.

Embry kissed her head and smiled.

Alix*giggles* jared is it almost time?*looks at him excited about the bonfire playing with jakes imprinted *

Jake*chuckles watching Nessie play around* geez chill alix

Jared laughed and nodded "Almost"

Scar nodded "ya I'm ready to throw hot marshmellows at people" she said excitedly to Alix as she sat up next to Embry.

Cammy looked at Paul

Paul changed back "so what did you think" he asked her.

Cammy looked at him "That was kinda cool"


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