The Twilight Saga

Cammy ran away from her home and ended up at La Push beach, with just a bag full of clothes, a pillow and blanket. While Cammy is sleeping on the the beach, Paul (who imprints on her) sees her while hes hanging out with the guys and their imprints. They get concerned and go check on her, thats when Paul imprints on Cammy. Thats were we will go from there. 


Name- Cameron (Cammy) Evans

Age- 16

Role- Main Character. Pauls imprint.

Extra- She loves to write and has a passion for animals.

p/b- ME



I am going to play a werewolf when we figure out who we need. Who ever wants to be Paul, we can start sooner,

Boy and girl







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Paul laughed "alright" he said as he heated up a marshmellow over the fire to eat.


Scar smiled "I love you too I have a question for you do you want to know what it is?" she asked a bit hesitantly though he wouldn't have lied he looked her straight in the eyes and had said it.

Cammy smiled and watched him
embry kissed her "sure love, anything "

Paul smirked he cooled the marshmallow off and ate the black part leaving creamy white and when she wasn't expecting he touch the tip of the marshmallow to her nose leaving a little white marshmallow left not a lot just a little and smiled at her.


Scar smiled "never mind" she said and kissed him back. 

Cammy laughed and wiped ot off her nose then did the same back to him "that's not nice " she laughed and pouted
Embry looked at her "babe, please tell me,"

Paul "no but it is funny" he said as he cleaned the tip of his nose then kissed the tip of her nose "your so cute do you know that" he asked her she was perfect he wanted her forever he decided.


Scar looked at him "its stupid but alright why would you want kids like me I mean I'm not like you or Alix?" she said feeling incredibly dumb for even having to ask the question Embry made her so different she wanted to be perfect for him.

Cammy laughed and blushed 

Embry looked at her "Because you are the most beautiful girl and you're brave and arent afraid of much" he said "You are perfect to me"

Aix*giggles and sits in Jared's lap feeling safer with him than apart from him

Jakes*smiles caring Nessie as she had fallen asleep*

Jared smiled and held her close

Alix*smiles and looks up at him* I love you jared*smiles and leans on your shoulder* I'm really glad you chose me

Jake*gets up* I gotta take Nessie home

Scar frowned "oh you can't take her back" she pouted a little she loved having Nessie around "just stay around a little longer think they will listen to me if I ask them to let her stay a while longer" she asked blinking up at him "and thanks honey" she said as she kissed him and pulled back "I feel much better now" she said as she picked up a marshmellow and chucked it at Jared.


Jared laughed "you don't need to blush Cammy love its true" he said taking her chin and lifting her face up and kissing her he now knew that she was well worth the waiting for his life mate.

Jake*laughs* alright ill hold you to that*he smiles sitting down noticing she woke up*

Alix*giggles and looks at jared he was perfect for me and oddly enough I was perfect for him*

Cammy smiled and kissed him back. She leaned into him and blushed. 

Jared smiled at Alix "I love you too" he said and threw a marshmallow back at Scar.


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