The Twilight Saga

A/N So this story is based upon Blink 182's song All The Small Things, and the song Self Esteem by the Offspring... I hope you like my story(:

Chapter 1 The New Girls in Town (Jacob's POV)

Seth, Embry, Leah, Quil, and I were all at the beach on one of the rare sunny days in La Push. We were sitting around laughing when we heard laughter; and it wasn't one of ours, we turned around and saw two girls. One girl was really tall about 6 foot or so she was covered in tattoos she was pale from what I could tell, and then the other girl was very short only about 5 foot or so and she looked like a very innocent looking girl who was very tan. Those girls' couldn't be no more then 17; well the one with tattoos might be 18 but I don't know.

"Hey there, do you guys know if the water's cold?" The one with tattoos screamed at us.

"It's warm." Leah screamed back as the girl with the tattoos dropped her stuff a couple feet from where we were, and ran into the water laughing.

"Sorry about my sister, she's very weird; and she's been looking forward to exploring the ocean life here in Washington... I'm Gabriela, but Gabby for short; and then that's my crazy older sister named Ashley."

"It's nice to meet you both." Seth said, wow he's usually the shy one, he smiled at Gabby as he patted the seat next to him; she sat and smiled, we all started talking with her. It turns out Gabby's 14 and a half, and Ashley is about to be 16; they just moved here a week ago, and their emancipated, so they don't have much family. Just then Ashley ran up to us sitting on her sister's lap, laughing.

"Ew Ash, you're soaking wet." Gabby said as Ashley laughed.

"Hello all, I'm Ashley Nova." She introduced herself as she shook my hand; I then looked into her blue eyes and I was in love............................

A/N How does that seem so far? I hope you like it, and there will be more tomorrow(: Pleease comment and enjoy(:

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Awesome! Continue if you may ^_^

- Alex

Continuing from Chapter 1 (:

"Jake!" Seth screamed after what seemed like hours staring at Ashley.

"What!" I screamed back, as I came back to reality, I saw Embry, Quil, Leah, Gabby, and Ashley messing around with a football.

"Dude, I think we just imprinted on them....." Seth said, as we stared at our imprints; (Gabby and Ashley's outfits- my imprint was really 6 foot, a really nice body, she's covered in tattoos, she has the deepest blue eyes you'd ever see, waist long hair, and big full lips. She was absolutely gorgeous beyond anybody's comparison.

"We did Seth... We did." We got up then and walked over to everybody, as Ashley caught the ball and threw it to Embry to was running away about 30 yards, Embry caught it but was soon tackled by Leah.

"Hey Ashley, Gabby can we talk with you for a sec?" They nodded, as we walked back to where all of our stuff is, Ashley and Gabby sat next to each other, as Seth and I sat next to our imprints. "Well there's a bonfire tonight, and we were wondering would you guys like to come and hang out with us?" I questioned.

"I would love too." -Gabby.

"I can't. I um have stuff to do..." Ashley said as I got really sad. "I'm sorry, it's just... I can't tell you guys." She got up running towards the cliffs, Gabby apologized as well, and ran towards her sister.

"Well I'm very butt hurt now..." I said as Seth patted my back.

"Dude, maybe she has a boyfriend."

(Ashley's POV)

I sat on the cliffs looking at the beautiful sun set, tears silently streaming out of my blue eyes; Gabby came up to me hugging me.

"Gab, it's too soon after everything.. I don't know if I'll be able to trust a guy afterhim.I feel bad, because I do like Jacob, I think he's hot and everything; and he seems like a nice guy... But I don't know if I'll be able to trust any guy anymore..." I sighed, as Gabby did too, as she started soothingly rubbing my back.

"It's okay Ash, I understand... I'll not go tonight if you don't want me too."

"No, go, I'll be fine.." I stated as I got up from my position against the tree; Gabby and I walked down to the sand from the cliffs; Jacob, Embry, Leah, and Quil were all in the water as Gabby ran into the water with them."Bye guys! It was nice meeting all of you!" I screamed, as I picked up my shoes, but very soon I felt a REALLY warm hand on my shoulder.

"Ashley wait... It's too dark for you to be walking home alone, let me walk with you." I smiled at Jacob, and nodded. We started walking towards my home in silence; finally Jacob decided to break it. "Ashley, what do you have to do tonight?" I questioned curious.

"Practice for my show, I'm an aspiring musical artist." I smiled, as Jacob smiled back. 

"What kind of music do you play?"

"A little bit of everything..." I laughed, as we finally came to my house, and it had started raining. "Jacob, I don't want you to get sick, please come inside." He snorted, as I led him into our humongous house, it was the only mansion in La Push.

"Wow, this is a gorgeous house." I nodded and laughed.

"Please, stay here for a sec while I go change." I smiled, as I ran up the two flights of stairs to third story bed room, as I grabbed a sweat shirt, a pair of vans, and skinny jeans, as I threw my wet bathing suit into the hamper; and changed into my new clothes. On my way out of my room, I grabbed my notebook and my acoustic guitar; I wanted to play for Jacob, he doesn't know me well, so I know he'd most likely tell me the truth if I suck or not. "Hey Jacob, can I play for you!?" I questioned running down the stairs.

"Of course." He smiled, I led him to our living room, as I sat next to him on the love seat; as I started my first song Behind Blue Eyes.

A/N That's it for now... Hopefully more up later.... I hope you like it, and please comment!

love it ash!(:

Chapter 2 Behind Blue Eyes (Ashley's POV)


I started playing for Jacob, this song explained a lot of my life lately... See I was dating a guy named Matthew Ejia, I was already in love with him, he was my first love. Him and I were supposed to hang out at the mall one Saturday, but he was late; and I was hungry... So I went to the food court where I saw Matthew, he was making out with my best friend at the time named Jordan, I went over to them after I grabbed my food; and I dumped my soda on Jordan, and my chinese food went on Matthew.


"Matthew, you can go suck a big one; we're done." Is what I told him, I walked away then. About a week later, I was at home with Gabby and my dad; like 8 of my dad's friends came over, my dad paid his friends to rape me. He sat there watching me as I screamed for bloody murder, he said their hysterically laughing at my pained face; and I got all of them because I begged them not to touch Gabby. That's why I'm afraid to trust any guy, because any guy I've ever dealt with has always skrewed me over in the end.


"Wow Ashley, that was... Amazing!" He screamed, as I laughed.


"Thanks Jacob... Are you hungry or thirsty?" I questioned.


"Yes... Kind of both." We laughed, as I sat my guitar down; and brought him into the kitchen.


"Okay, we haven't really went shopping yet but... There's ribs in the freezer, I can make mac n cheese, tater tots, or pizza rolls..."


"Mac n Cheese please." He said laughing, I went to the cabnet to try to get a pot, but I couldn't reach. Soon I felt hands at my waist lifting me up, and I finally was able to get the pot.


"Why thank you." I smiled, as I started cooking; I was dancing around the kitchen while Jacob laughed at me. He even took out his cell and was video taping me singing and dancing; finally the mac n cheese was done so I served it up to Jacob. "Sorry there's no chairs in here, and Gabby doesn't allow people to have food anywhere else besides the kitchen... She's a neat freak." I said laughing, as I sat on the counter. Jacob put his plate on my lap, as I held my plate close to my face I was stuffing it full of mac n cheese.


"So Ashley, I was wondering... Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow? My friends are having a dinner, and I need a date." He said winking, I thought about it for a moment.


"Sure, I'd love too."


"Oh yeah, it's like  1950's theme." He said smiling, as Seth and Gabby walked in the door holding hands.


"Hey guys!" Seth screamed, as Gabby laughed, but then I smelt it...


"Gabby, go down to the cellar now."


A/N I hope you guys like it... Please comment and enjoy (:

Chapter 3 Like Toy Soldiers (Ashley's POV)

Gabby went down into the cellar as I walked outside, Seth and Jacob followed; a flash of red flew past me as I turned but too slow.

"Jacob, Seth get back into the house, go down to the cellar with Gabby; I can handle Victoria." I snarled, as Jacob and Seth transformed into wolves. "You guys are wolves?" They nodded as Jacob howled, the flash of red flew past me again, but my instincts kicked in and I caught this fiery red by the hair and threw it to the ground.

"Ashley?" I nodded as I snarled, she tried thrashing away from me, but I had her firmly to the ground. "You got stronger?"

"Lycan's get stronger with age little Vicky." My werewolf fangs lengthened as they came out of my K9 teeth; I bent down to Victoria's neck. "Get ready to die a very painful death." I then used my powers as I made her think she was in flames, her entire body was burning from the inside out; she screeched, as more wolves surrounded me. "Goodbye Victoria." I bent down and bit into her jugular vein; I easily tore her head off her shoulders, her whole body was in pieces within seconds.

"Put them in a pile." Gabby said coming outside, the wolves did as we commanded; I then used my powers and felt the tingling and fire flowed out of my finger tips. Soon enough the wolves were back into humans as they came towards me with scared faces. 

"We are absolutely no harm, we swear... We'll let you guys kill us if we EVER step out of line." I said as Jacob nodded.

"What did that mean when you told Victoria about Lycan's get stronger with age? What's a Lycan?" I made the boys and Leah come inside, they all sat around in our 2nd story loft.

"My story actually starts about 150 years ago, my mother was half-vampire, half-human, but my father was a werewolf... I'm one of the first Lycan's in the entire world. So yeah; I'm half-vampire, half-werewolf, and half-human; about 50 years ago I met up with Gabby, she's been going through the process of being changed into a lycan... When we met she was human, but she um... Got with a werewolf, and you guys have a type of venom; the venom got into Gabby's system and she's being changing into a Lycan ever since 30 years ago... Gabby isn't my sister, she's just a friend that I met hunting, but when we decided to stay with each other we decided that'd she be my little sister; so yeah... Any questions?"

"What do you guys eat or drink?" Seth asked scared.

"We can eat regular food but we prefer not too, it doesn't suit the taste of a werewolf and a vampire; a lot of the time our werewolf and vampire side cancels out the human side... But as for hunting we like to eat the meat of animals; Ash is more of a drink, while I'm more of the meat eater. Ash likes the vampire part better, where as I like the wolf part." Gabby said smiling, Jacob finally sat down next to me; I laid my head on his shoulder as he smiled and grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers together.

"Jacob, I already know you imprinted on me; but I'm not ready for a relationship at this instant... I'm sorry ." I whispered in his ear as he nodded.

"Do you guys have any younger 'family' members!?" Embry questioned loudly as we laughed.

"No, we don't sorry bud."

"Well, Ashley and Gabby would you like to be apart of our pack?" I nodded, but I looked at Gabby and she sighed.

"Gabby's wolf phasing abilities aren't in yet; she hates it." We all laughed at her as she got all butt hurt; I patted her back as the rest of the "pack" introduced themselves. There was the alpha Sam, Paul, and Jared; I found out that Jacob's the beta.

"Well goodnight to you all, I'm going to sleep, you can stay and do whatever you want just don't break anything." I said laughing, as I got up taking Jacob with me. We got up to my room, Jacob sat down on my bed as I went to my balcony and brought in a little puppy.

"Awe, what's his or her name?"

"It's a girl, and her name's Loca. She's very wild and crazy, I adopted her last week; she's only 4 weeks old; Loca was left in a box in Seattle on the side of the road. The vet says she's a wolf puppy, like a wild wolf; so I adopted her because I'm infatuated with wolves and I've always wanted a puppy so yeah... I'm basically her mother, when we went to the beach today it was the first time I've ever left her alone." Jacob had a look of awe on his face.

"Can I hold her?" I nodded, as I went to my bathroom; I made Loca a bottle, when I came back Jacob was getting licked to death by her.

"Do you wanna feed her?" He shook his head no very quickly. That's kind of how the whole night when just laughing and talking...............

A/N I hope you all like it, and please comment and enjoy(:

love it

Chapter 4 Self Esteem (Ashley's POV)

Here I am, at Jake's friend's house; I'm sitting here talking with Alice, she seems really cool. But she already wants to throw me a 16th birthday party; and by the looks of this house, these are the type of people that like to go all out for parties. Just then Loca ran up to me with a squeaky toy in her mouth; I looked at where she ran from, and saw Emmett holding a bag of dog toys, I laughed at Loca and picked her up as she licked my face.


"Ashley, I like your puppy, she's adorable." Emmett said smiling; as I laughed, I then caught sight of Jacob staring at me, so I winked at him and walked to sit next to Gabby and Seth. I actually looked at all of us then, and I thought; wow who knew a group of monsters could be this beautiful... (A/N Cullen Girls-    Ashley, Gabby, Seth, and Jacob- ) Edward, the mind reader, started laughing at me as Emmett picked me up and threw me over his shoulder running me into the back yard.


"Yes Emmett?" I asked, as I saw Loca trying to figure out how to jump down from all of the stairs; Edward came out, picked her up, and put her on the ground; I laughed as Emmett finally put me down. "Yay!" I tried running inside but I forgot I had heels on; and I kept sinking in the ground as Loca ran up to me trying to get me to pick her up. But Emmett beat me to it, as he ran inside and left me outside standing in the middle of the Cullens backyard. Finally Jacob got pushed outside by Bella and Edward; as I went to sit on a rock taking my heels off.


"Ashley, I'm so sorry the Cullens are making us do this..." I laughed it off, as Jacob sat next to me, I was staring at the stars, and the beauitful almost full moon. "Ashley Nova, Will you give me a chance to show you I'm not like every other guy out there?" Finally I tore my gaze from the stars to look at Jacob, but he was already looking at me; I nodded at him. We both leaned in, Jacob finally kissed me; we both heard screams and yells from inside when we stopped, we laughed and I got up putting my heels on. After I did, Jacob carried me in his arms bridal style, we walked inside as everyone congratulated us; but around midnight we went home to La Push.


"Hey, do you guys wanna stay here for the night? It's raining pretty badly, and we don't want you guys walking in the rain..." I questioned, as they nodded enthusiasticially. We both laughed, as we went up stairs to change; I fed Loca and put her in her kennel, then changed into my pajamas, grabbing my guitar. Gabby and I went down stairs at the same time, (A/N Their outfits- Jake and Seth's stomach was rumbling pretty badly...


"We gotta go to the store." We laughed, I wonder what adventures we'll have at Walmart.................



A/N Sorry, I've been SUPER busy, and I 've had writers block ;/ I hope you like it



omg that is freaking awesome!

Chapter 5 Bridges Burning (Ashley's POV)

Alice woke me up in the morning, screaming Happy Birthday; I looked outside and I thought wow it isn't even day light yet and you're already waking me up. But then I got up to go look out my open window and everything was WHITE! As soon as I thought that I got a VERY cold snow ball thrown at my face; I looked down to see Seth sitting there smiling like a little kid. I jumped down out of my window screaming Seth, which got a humongous snowball fight started. Soon enough I was completely soaked, so Alice, Esme, and Carlisle broke up out snowball fight so Alice could go get me ready for my birthday party. 

"No boys besides Carlisle upstairs till the party got it?" Alice scolded.

"Yes ma'am!" They all saluted her, as Jake came up to me.

"Happy 151st birthday Babe." Jacob smiled at me, as he picked me up and kissed me, I've missed this Jacob. Lately he's been distant to me for some reason, but I've ignored it; we were ripped apart by Alice as I got up stairs to be tortured in h**l.

(Jacob's POV)

"Edward, I hate the fact that I know Ashley's pregnant, but she doesn't know. Can I tell her tonight please?!?!" I begged, as Edward look towards Carlisle and Esme, they nodded. See Ashley confessed her love to me about 2 months ago, and that night we made love; then about a week and a half ago Edward could hear a babies thoughts coming from Ashley's stomach. So yes, I'm going to be a father in 9 months; a 19 year old father, and Ashley's going to be a 151 year old mother. Wow she's a cougar.

"Haha, Jake that's mean. Look at Bella and I?"

"You're just a old man that likes to creep on younger girls." I smiled, as Edward flipped me off. I flopped down on the couch in the middle of the Cullen's living room, I started thinking about our kid; what it would look like... Would it look more like Ashley or more like me? I hope it looks like Ashley but with my skin tone, she's too white... Haha.

A/N Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been RRRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY busy lately ;/ Well I hope you like it, and there will hopefully be more up soon! :D

Chapter 6 Stronger (Ashley's POV)

I fell asleep while Rose was doing my hair, it was just so soothing, and I loved it. When I woke up my hair was in cute up do with a bright white ribbon in it, she shooed everybody out of the room so I could get dressed, my dress was a pretty blue lace dress; finally everybody came back inside all dressed and pretty. (A/N Their Outfits- Alice called us then to go find "our men" so we walked out of Alice's bathroom to find all of them standing in her bedroom, Jacob picked me up smiling as he sat me down he kissed me.

"Ashley, you look beautiful." He smiled as he kissed my cheek, I could hear hundreds of voices down stairs; but I picked out one in particular, my best friend Breauna she's Embry's imprint. Breauna goes to La Push High with all of us, and tonight Embry's going to finally tell her EVERYTHING; about him, the pack, the Cullens, Gabby and I, literally EVERYTHING. Jacob and I then got in a line with everybody to walk down the stairs, Alice went down first so she could announce mine and Jake's names. 

"Here's the most beautiful and gorgeous couple of the night!  Ashley and Jacob!" Everybody clapped and cheered for us, my party was old school 1950's theme, we had a band that played 1950s music till about 10 p.m. and then the DJ came to play music from this era. Embry and Breauna immediately came up to Jake and I, Embry was of course being super overprotective of Breauna, but it was kind of hilarious. Especially because she keeps asking me why he's doing it, and I just shrug saying I don't know; I kind of feel bad about lieing to one of my best friends, but oh well she'll thank me for not telling her.

"Wow Ash, you look amazing!" She screamed as I hugged her, and hugged Embry.

"Why thank you my kind ma'am. Haha, but I really don't think so." I smirked, as that earned a slap in the head from both Breauna and Jake.

"You're freaking gorgeous! I wish I looked like you!" Breauna screamed as I giggled, and she got a slap upside the head from Embry. We punched our wolf's in the stomach and ran away laughing, we went to the bar and got a soda; soon enough we both had the very strong arms of our wolves around our waists. Us four went around mingling with people, laughing, but finally it was time for us to perform. Insert sad face here. Haha.

"Come on Ashley!" Alice kind of screeched in my ear, as I laughed and went upstairs to change. Everyone of the party goers went outside, as we all came downstairs dressed and ready to perform. (A/N Their Outfits- I loved the colors, black, white, and red; Jake and I matched of course, soon we had to go out, first it was the group number with Carlisle and Esme.

"The first set of dancers is Bella and Edward!" Breauna screamed as the band started playing, (A/N What they look like- "Next is Jake and Ashley!" Then after us it was Emmett and Rose, Carlisle and Esme, Jasper and Alice, and then Seth and Gabby. Carlisle and Esme then got out of the number, as us younger kids started to dance. (A/N What it looked like- "Watch out there guys! Here's the old man and Ashley!" Everyone laughed at Breauna, Carlisle and I did this little dance by our selves, (A/N What it looked like- people probably got very surprised that Carlisle could dance like that. "Finally the it couple, Ashley and Jake!!!!" I loved this dance with Jake. (A/N What it looked like-

"Well thank you everybody for you patience for watching us, and go enjoy the rest of my party!" I screamed, that night was one of the best nights of my life....

A/N I hope you like it, and Jake hasn't told her...... Yet. haha, please comment(:

great update!  i hope he tells her soon!



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