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Bella lives with her mother,14 year-old siter(Elizabeth), and her 11 year old brother(Nathan) in Phoenix. Her parents had divorced 11 years ago, her grandma died that same year but left Bella a gift after she died: through her dreams she could see visions, things that will happen. Everything changes when she has to move to Forks. She meets Edward and his siblings, but she is restraining herself to fall in love because she had promised it since her parents fight. She has always been so closed to meeting people. Will Edward show Bella life is better with someone to love?



(( This is my first Fanfic and was inspired by "The Only Exception" song by Paramore. I am also a Latina which means my mother language is spanish! Sorry for any mistake you find! Please comment and tell me what you think!!))


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Chapter 1: News

Chapter 2: Visit

Chapter 3: Esmeralda

Chapter 4: Hide and Seek

Chapter 5: Party Time 

Chapter 6: I Hate Games

Chapter 7: Big Spiders & Ruined Trucks

Chapter 8: Fluffy Pink Dress









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Ooooooohhhhh! i bet the parties r the same!&i also bet that something will happen between Edward&Bella! whether its good or bad im still not sure....i guess ill just hav 2 find out when u post chap 5(which i hope is soon!) all my love,Maddy
Chapter 5
I HATE parties. I can give you three good reasons why to hate them. First, I can’t dance. Second, I don’t like dresses. Third, I’m clumsy, therefore I can’t, CAN’T wear high heels. But apparently I didn’t have a choice here. It was mom’s time to shine in a job in which she rather prefer be a teacher. Mom has always been a good educator. She helps us whenever we have a problem with homework.
All week we spent at home, unpacking stuff that were still in boxes. We gave Esmeralda a bath to on Wednesday. And then the day I had been wishing to escape came. Friday.
I wasn’t ready, obviously. I was still wrapped in a towel eyeing my dress, if something so short could be called dress. And those heels! I admit it, they were pretty but not for a klutz. I had a plan B though. My sister accessorized my mini dress with a big bag; I could fit in another more appropriate dress and a comfier pair of shoes…
“Bella!” my sister yelled from behind the door. “I can bet my allowance and my future paychecks that you’re still wrapped around your towel!”
I was going to put the dress on but I couldn’t, so I gave up and let her come in.
“I was right!” Liz told me. She was ready; she had her hair in perfect flawless waves and an amazing, spaghetti strap, animal print, above-knee dress.
“I don’t know if I can wear this, Elizabeth.” I managed to emphasize the word ‘this’ with
“Why? It will look amazing. And if you’re thinking that dress is not for the occasion, you’re wrong. Mom’s boss has children our age and all the other workers too, so mom told me this party is basically for teens. Besides I don’t think many people will go, it’s a small town.”
“Please Lizzie let me wear the other dress I wore for Christmas.” I begged.
“No way! When we look at the album you’ll appear with the same dress in both pictures! That dress wasn’t cheap so you better wear it! ”
Plan A wasn´t working. But I still remembered Plan B.
“Why do you have that stupid grin on your face?”
I was grinning? …This plan might work. “I-I decided to wear the dress, that’s all.”
“Oh well, let me iron your hair after you’re dressed.” Then she left the room yelling Nathan’s name asking if he was ready and yelling when she saw he wasn’t.
It took me a while to figure out how that dress was supposed to be worn. Then Lizzie ironed my hair until it was supper straight.
“Kids, hurry up. We don’t want to be late!” mom yelled from downstairs. But I was horrified. One of the reasons I decided to come here to Forks, was simple. In Phoenix mom went to many parties with us. For some reason business people just kept dragging their families to events. I supposed that here in the small town of Forks parties had to decrease. But no, just a couple of days after our arrival we already were invited to a party.
I grabbed by bag which now held my other less showing dress and lower, safer heels. We entered the car quickly because it was raining. That caught me my surprise, the last days were with a better weather than tonight. Maybe my brain hadn’t processed the information that this town was rainy. I was thinking the whole way to the party; about how the hell I was supposed to change if I didn’t know where it was. But I had to find a way.
We got there eventually. Mom led the way in because it was raining cats and dogs. Then I had hope, maybe and just maybe, the party was outside and the strong winds blew everything. But I knew that wasn’t the case because I had dreamt last night I was in a safe, dry party.
My family was already seated in a table, when Esme arrived.
“Good Night. How are you Renee?”
“Good night. I’m fine; let me introduce you to my family. She is Isabella, my first born.”
“Just Bella.” I interrupted shyly.
“Nice to meet you Bella, I’m Esme Cullen.” She greeted me.
“Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Cullen.” She was so nice.
“She is Elizabeth, my middle child and he is Nathan my baby.”
“You can call me Liz, Mrs. Cullen.”
“I´m not a baby.”
“Yes you are, to me.” Mom told him.
“Nice to meet you all. I was going to introduce myself along with my family but I wanted to meet these beautiful children.”
“Thank you, Esme.” Mom was flattered, I guessed.
“In an hour or so you and your kids will be introduced to the whole guest list, table by table. We all want you to be welcomed.”
Oh. No. What? Why? I choked my punch back before I spit it out. I couldn’t walk table by table with this mini mini dress! Plan B had to start and fast. I grabbed my purse and left the table. It was 7:00 P.M. so I had until 8:00 P.M. to find where to change to a more covering dress.
“Excuse me. I want more punch.”
I went to the table that had food and drinks. It was far from our table behind the dancing crowd. I noticed a door beside the table. I walked towards it, turned the knob and noticed it was unlocked. I opened the door and saw it was a closet. Perfect, I thought to myself. Someone then pushed me inside and something round hit my arm as I collided with the wall behind the racket of jackets. I touched the wall and it was a knob, I turned it and it was unlocked too. Stairs were behind this door, like a secret passage. I began to walk up the stairs until another door stopped my way. It was like a door that led to an attic, on top of my head. I opened it. It led to a dark room.
“The switch, where is the light switch?” I mumbled to myself. “Aha, there you are!”I thought. It was at the left side of the door. I turned the lights on then. “Wow.” This room was stocked with a lot of music. A black leather sofa and a big bed filled the room. It had a golden carpet with a hole beside me which was made by the secret door. I closed that door and went to stare at the beautiful large window at the south of the room. The music from downstairs was softer, like background music. The rain along with the clouds had vanished. It was like it even hadn’t rained. I covered the window with some thick curtains. I had to change from this dress.
I took off the show-a lot-of-skin dress and the mortal trap heels. Then a fancy notebook caught my eye. It was like a journal. I wanted to pick it up but fought that urge; I wouldn’t want a stranger to read my Diary or My Dream Journal, so I placed it on the bed again.
Then someone entered the room before I could even blink. It was a guy! I hid behind the curtains; I was wearing a strapless bra and a bikini panty! I grabbed a big book that was on the floor so I could hit him and disappear.
“Who’s there? A dress?” the guy asked. Apparently he noticed my clothes on his floor. Then he opened the curtain and I hit him as hard as I could.
“Ow! Ow! Bella?” he asked.
“I’m so sorry! I thought everybody was supposed to be downstairs and I had to change because I didn’t want to meet people dressed with that kind of mini dress.”
I looked up, my cheeks burning. It was Edward, he was wet and wearing a towel, he came from the bathroom, I guessed. “Edward? What are you doing here? And wrapped in a towel.”
“What are you doing here?” he asked me instead of answering my question. Then I remembered I was half naked, so I hid behind the curtains again.
“I wanted to change. What are you doing here?”
“I live here! This is my room. Here, this is your bag?” He handed me my bag.
“Yes, thank you.”
“You can change in here; I’ll change in the closet.”
“Umm, thanks.” I waited until I was sure he was locked on the closet to step out. I quickly dressed and strapped my heels. I picked my mini dress and dangerous heels and stuffed them in my bag. “I’m ready now! You can come out.”
Then he stepped out of the closet. He looked good. He wore a light blue long sleeve shirt and a dark blue jacket with jeans. His hair was still wet. “You look pretty in that dress.”
I blushed, again. “Thank you.”
“So why exactly are you here. I know you wanted to change but why?” he asked as he came to sit by me at the couch.
“My mom is the new manager, so we were going to be presented to the entire guest list. My sister wanted me to wear an all-showing-dress but I entered a closet to change. Then someone pushed me and I ended up here.”
“Amazing. You found my secret entrance.”
“Why were you covered in a towel?”
“I helped Alice with the decorations I was exhausted and decided to take a shower. But I didn’t expect that a half-naked intruder would hit me on my head.” He chuckled
As expected, I blushed again. “Sorry, I’m so sorry.”
“I’m kidding. Don’t worry at all. I should know better. Next time I enter my room, I’ll knock.”
I looked at my watch. “I have to go. Mrs. Cullen wants to introduce my family and me, to every single person on this party.” I stood up and found the secret floor door. I began to descend when I heard someone coming behind me. I didn’t want to have anymore contact with him, I must keep my distance. I stepped out of the closet wearing a less extravagant outfit. The room was more crowded and noisier. The song played was too exotic for my taste, but what did I know about parties, zilch.
“Wait Bella!” Edward called. So I turned around to face him. “Do you…want to dance?”
What dancing? “I have to look for my family besides I don’t dance. Thank you anyways for asking.” I turned away from him a spotted my mom talking with Esme. I went towards them when my sister appeared before me.
“What? You changed! I should have expected this from you! We have only taken a couple of photos! Now you’ll appear in the rest wearing the same exact thing as in Christmas!”
“I’m sorry! Those heels were killing me and that dress was super extravagant! Besides you know red isn’t my color-”I stopped to turn and see where she had taken her eyes to something behind me. Edward.
“Who is that…hottie?!” she exclaimed
I grabbed her hand and took her to a dark corner. “He is Edward. I don’t know why we keep crossing each other’s path. ”
“What are you talking about?”
I explained her the Esmeralda almost accident and how he found her. And the half-naked incident too.
“Destiny! It has to be destiny!”
“Destiny?! It can’t be, and the weirdest part is that I can’t dream anything that will happen that involves him. Because most of the time I dream about embarrassing stuff that’s going to happen. And I had no clue that was his room.”
“Bella you have to talk to him. It’s destiny, can’t you see?”
“I won’t talk to him. I will avoid him.”
“Bella, love is searching for you.”
“Love? That definitely does not exist!” Can’t she remember what Jason had done to her back at Phoenix?
“Yes it does! You don’t know anything about it! You’ve always kept your distance when someone was interested in you.” Damn it, she was right. But I knew better. What if this guy ended up hurting me? I would have to move for the pain to go away. Just like mom.
“Whatever ok! You think he is a ‘hottie’ so you go for him, but not me.” I walked away already mad. Not at Liz, but at that stupid destiny. All the way until I reached mom I was mumbling to myself. Love, who needs it! Destiny ha! If true love that doesn’t hurts you exsists than so do unicorns!
“Mom, I wanna go home please. Now.”
“I’m sorry honey but the party isn’t over. We can’t.”
“Well, I’ll be outside, it isn’t raining anymore.” Fresh air might take away this bad mood.
I went to the south wall and opened the huge glass door. There was a bench under a big tree some feet from the house, someone was already sitting down at the other side, but I didn’t care. I went towards it, checked it if it was wet and sat down. Amazing how earlier before cats and dogs were raining and now the sky was clear. I noticed my sister on the door debating whether to come join me or not. I placed my bag on the bench so she couldn’t come and sit down, I was mad. But then something fell from it and I bended myself to grab it. When I straightened up again I hit my head on something. “Ow, Ow!” I said at the same time as the person on the other side exclaimed the same thing.
“What? Bella?” oh no! I stood up and headed for the door.
“Told you, destiny!” Lizzie told me when I passed by her.
“You and your destiny can go to hell!” I was maaad! I went to our table; fresh air was a bad idea.
“What’s up with you?” Nathan asked
“Nothing, absolutely nothing!” I yelled
“Sheesh!” he said and then he went to get some more food.
I laid my head on the table. I had a headache now. I knew this party wasn’t going to be great.
What a night! I thought to myself. The moon was bright and so were the stars. I didn’t hate parties but they weren’t the thing for me. That’s why I had installed this bench under this tree. A place to come if you wanted to escape Alice’s Super Big Parties. I was submerged in thought that I hadn’t noticed someone was sitting on the other side of this double bench, until he or she hit me hard on my head. “Ow! Ow!” I exclaimed just as the other person exclaimed the same thing. I turned around to see who it was…Bella? “Bella?” Weird how we kept crossing each other, and how I couldn’t read her mind. But she didn’t even look at me; she just left and stopped near someone at the door.
“I told you, destiny.” That person said and thought.
“You and your destiny can go to hell!” Wow, Bella was angry.
“Oh, Bella. You and your stubbornness. Why can’t you be normal and go talk to him?”
Bella was avoiding me? Or trying to at least. Why? I searched for Alice. She could help.
“Alice! Alice!” she was dancing.
“What Edward! I won’t turn the music down for you grandpa!”
“I know. Could you do me a favor?”
“What?” like she didn’t know. Alice and I had more usage of our brain. I could read minds and she could see the future.
“I want you to go and ask that girl over there what’s wrong with her sister ok. I’ll be near to hear your thoughts and hers. ”
“Can’t you read her mind?”
“No. I don’t know why but I can’t.”
“Ok. But I have a condition.” Like I didn’t see that one coming. “I’ll think about it later.”
“Whatever you say but please go ask her.” I followed Alice But stood near the closet to hear their thoughts.
“Hi I’m Alice. Esme’s daughter. You must be Renee’s”
“Yes I am. I’m Elizabeth.”
“Okay, here’s the thing. My brother Edward wants to know what’s wrong with your sister.” What?! “That will be my condition.” She thought for me. Evil little pixie!
I knew it; he is interested in my sister! “Really? She hates parties and this one made that opinion even worse.”
“She wanted to change from the dress I made her wear and somehow ended on your brother’s room. They were both half-naked and she says she has to avoid him. She doesn’t want to her to feel feelings towards him further on, and she will fight destiny to be away from him.” That could be changed. I will have to earn her trust and then…she will fall in love with me.
“You know we could change that.”
“I’m starting to like you Alice.” Along with Alice I could make my sister forget all the ‘Love doesn’t exist crap’.
“I’m starting to like you too, Elizabeth.”
I left them talk alone when they got to the fashion part. Somehow I was decided to win Bella’s heart. She held some attraction no one had ever had upon me. And the fact that I couldn’t read her mind made me wonder, what were those reasons behind her closure to any feeling that involved someone besides her family? I was determined to win her heart.
But for that I’ll need help from her family and mine. So why not start with her brother. Elizabeth thought about him back at the backyard. He had reported before to be going to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom but no thoughts came from there. Then I heard a kid trying to get a girls attention. It was him, I approached him and the girl he was with left. Poor kid he looked down.
“You’re not having so much luck with that are you?” I smoothly asked. To get to Bella, I’ll have to win her siblings.
“Naw. Girls are still not falling for me here either.”
“I’m Edward.”
“I’m Nathan the single guy.”
“Well then Nathan the single guy, do you play videogames?”
“Will that make you happier?”
“Duh. Where are they dude?”
“Follow me.”
We spent like an hour playing upstairs. He told me about what his techniques on getting girls were and how he liked Forks better now. I got to know him more. Alice should already have planned a slumber party with Elizabeth, they have similar brain cells.
School was going to start on Monday, there I will get more chances with Bella. I hoped our schedules match.

New reader alert! I love the story and I can't wait for more. I love the humor and everything about it. Lol. Oh and I like both outfitts but I can see why Bella had to wear her plan b shoes. Lol oh and to keep me updated you can add me, here's my link:
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thanks for reading! cool profile by the way XD
that was cute <333
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thanks for reading!XD I will keep you updated!
Chapter 6
I Hate Games

Maybe I should know better. But I didn’t want to go to school. Maybe I would have before Friday, but not now. I knew that at school He will be there. I admit it, I’m a chicken; but I have to protect my feelings and heart. Grandma hadn’t appeared anymore and my dreams weren’t revealing anything important lately, so I wasn’t completely sure what was waiting for me behind those school walls.
“Bella? Are you ready? Come downstairs please, Charlie has something for you!” mom yelled. Charlie? What was he doing here and what had he for me? I hurried down the stairs and greeted my dad and mom.
“Good morning!”
“Good day Bells! I’ve got something for ya.”
“Really? What? You shouldn’t have bothered.” I was flattered with the fact that he had something for me.
“Come with me please.” I followed Charlie outside. On the drive way, behind his cruiser, was a rusty red truck.
“I thought you’ll need something to drive around. So, what do you think?”
“The truck? Its mine?” Charlie bought me a car? Great!
“Yes kiddo!” he embraced me in a huge bear hug.
“Thank you dad! Thank you so much! It’s perfect, for me.” I hugged him too.
“I need something to drive too dad.” Nate said obviously.
“Not until you are 28.”
“What? I can get my permit at 16!”
“Yes, but you will be a menace to the streets! As a cop and as your father I won’t allow that kind of threat!”
We all laughed at this non sense. This was a good way to start a Monday. Maybe this day wasn’t going to be bad at all. It was Lizzie’s first day at high school too, so for her the morning was made. Liz and I were going on my truck while Nate was being taken by mom.
“You know Alice Cullen?” Liz asked after a couple of minutes.
“The name sounds familiar…” Alice, Alice…where have I heard that name?
“Edward’s sister…” Oh.
“No, I don’t know her but I don’t want to meet her either.” First Elizabeth would want me to know Alice then Edward. I knew her so much.
“You don’t even know her.”
“What about her?”
“I met her at the party.”
“I don’t care, really.”
“Bella, I have to tell you something. But don’t get mad please. The truth sometimes has to hurt.”
“Go on tell me.” I already knew what she would tell me. Something she always tells me when I don’t want to meet people.
“You need to get out of that bubble. Really, if you even got to know Alice or Edward, you might like them. Edward is interested in you, Alice told me. Why do you keep yourself from meeting new people? Boys are not the same.”
“Edward might be like your last boyfriends, Kendra’s dad, or any other guy in this freaking world!” Lizzie’s last boyfriends cheated on her and she got to see with her own eyes. Kendra’s dad left her mom for another woman ten years younger. For me, all men are the same.
“You don’t know Edward!”
“Oh, and you know him? Just one little party and the girl knows it everything.”
“How is that saying you told me once? Oh! Never judge a book by its cover? Yes that’s the one.”
“Okay, I’ll meet Alice. Only her, no one else.” I wanted to be in peace with her.
We were already at the parking lot now. We got off the truck and headed to High School.
“Alice!” I knew it! As soon as she saw her she would ran to her. We walked to her and thank God Edward wasn’t with her. I would have stayed in the truck, if he was with her. I might sound lame or pathetic, or both of them together, but I’ve seen many sad love stories. I preferred to be alone than to be bad accompanied.
“Lizzie!” Alice exclaimed. She was small and pixie-like. Her clothes were amazing, her fashion sense might be as good as Lizzie’s or even better of that could be possible.
“Alice, this is my sister Bella. Bella, this is Alice. Edward’s sister.
“Nice to meet you, Alice.” I said shyly.
“Oh, so you are the famous Bella! Lizzie has spoken nice things about you.”
“Nice party you hosted on Friday.” The worst night of my life, not to mention it too.”
“Thank you. By the way, I think you left a necklace back at my brother’s room.” I touched the bottom of my throat but grabbed nothing. My grandma’s locket!
“Could you give it to me please? It means a lot to me. It was my grandma’s.”
“I wish I had it with me. I think Edward has it.” I hate you destiny.
“Well then, thank you. Nice meeting you. Lizzie, we need to go to the main office.”
“I’ll see you later at lunch. Bye! ” Alice said.
“You’ll need to ask Edward for my locket.” I told Elizabeth when we weren’t close to Alice anymore.
“I won’t. It’s yours; you’ll have to ask him himself. Don’t be a chicken, Bella. The guy won’t eat you. You won’t fall for him if you don’t want to. Get to know him, please for my sake!”
“For your sake?”
“I hate to see you alone, Bella. You haven’t had a boyfriend since when? Live. Enjoy life. Meet him. Period.”
“Wow, my little sister encouraging me in getting a boyfriend or at least meeting a guy. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”
“You have a problem, Isabella. You are the only girl who is okay with avoiding an attractive guy that I’ve known. ”
“Better alone than bad accompanied.”
“You are so stubborn.” She started to get pissed.
“Yeah, I get that a lot.”
We went to the office and got our schedules. Then I headed to my first periods. They were great because none of them included you know who. I met a girl named Jessica and went to sit with her until my sister appeared. We both sat on a table just for the two of us.
“So, you’re not going to eat with Alice?”
“Yes. She is getting her food, and then she’ll get here.” I don’t know how my face looked but then she said. “Alone of course.”
“Have you made any friends?”
“I met this boy…”
“Elizabeth, don’t you remember what happened last time?” This past May, she found her boyfriend cheating on her best friend, on our own house. Apparently the guy had been cheating on her half of their relationship, and she never figured it out. Until one day after school she found him kissing or I should say almost hooking up on his car. Guys don’t have any respect at all.
“That won’t happen again, trust me. Robert is…different, I feel it. You know how I have that strange feeling when something is going to work? This time I felt it. Just like the feeling I had when we moved or when Alice told me Edward was interested in you.” She giggled. Apparently she wasn’t going to give up until I met him.
“I don’t want to hear it.”
“Thank God I have mom. You sometimes are a terrible sister you know, when you get all ‘I am not a socialite’.”
“Hi Lizzie! Hi Bella!” Apparently Alice was here.
“Um…hi.” I wasn’t comfortable with her here.
“Have you two chosen your club already?” Alice wanted to start a conversation.
“Club? I didn’t know that. Is it obligatory?” Lizzie appeared as shock as I was. Club?
“Yes. You’ll need to join some extra school activity. Don’t worry it’s just obligatory for this semester. Reading club, dancing club, go green club, music band…I’m in the sewing club.”
“I’ll guess I’ll try the Dancing Club. And you Bella?”
“Go Green Club?”
“That group needs a moderator. Last year the girl in charge graduated. Maybe you could try.”
“I’ll start first as just a member, but thanks.”
“Where is your family, Alice?” Family, what? No!
“They are over there. I told them I wanted to inform you on all the school info. They won’t mind a day without me.” Lizzie and I followed her eyes until we spotted the others. We didn’t get a chance to meet them back at the party. There was a big muscular boy next to a very attractive girl. Beside an empty chair was another blond male. And at the end of the table, looking towards ours, Edward. I turned my head to the table when his eyes met mine. I felt something strange going through my body. What was happening to me? Could he give shocks to people just by looking at them?
“They all are your brothers and sisters?!” Lizzie was surprised.
“No silly, what do you think my mom is? A bunny? I only have Emmett and Edward as brothers.”
“Emmett?” I asked. Weird name.
“He is the big dark curly haired one. The blonde girl is Rosalie, Emmett’s girlfriend. She is also Jasper’s, the other blond, sister. Jasper is my boyfriend.”
“How old are you Alice?”
“17. And you?”
“She’ll be 17 this weekend.” Lizzie informed her.
“Really? Will you host a party?”
“No. I’m okay with just a home baked cake made by mom, and pizza.”
“She’s a granny stuck in a rocking 17 year old body.” I had to laugh as my sister said this.
The bell rang and I headed to my next class, Biology. I was running late.
I opened the door and looked for any empty space while the teacher signed my slip. Oh no, hell no! That stupid destiny again! Why now when the day was going well. Edward Cullen was seating beside the only empty space in the entire room! Why did I have to come in late? Why? Everybody had already chosen their seat. I didn’t know why none of the girls wanted to be with him if he was a “hottie” as I heard some girls refer to him.
I went to sit by him, he had a crooked smile on his face but he was facing to the front.
“Hi.” He started.
I just nodded and faced to the board.
The teacher began to speak he introduced himself and then described our assignment. “Since today is our first day, we will play a little game, non-science related. It’s a game in which you’ll be working with your partner. You will have to get to know each other because you’ll be working as a team from now on. And before you even ask, no you can’t change partners. ” Great. Perfect. Amazing.


Sorry for the long wait! I’m really sorry because I already had this chappie waiting in my documents but I couldn’t upload it because my vacations are rocking my world! :D Anyways enjoy it and Chapter 7 is waiting already typed but first I’ll need comments to prove me I haven’t lost my readers! I hope I haven’t cause it will suck! :P Please comment because they are my inspiration! XD
Terrific chapter! I like when Alice tells her Ed has her locket and she's like, I hate you destiny. That was so funny. I love her sarcasim and how quick she is with her comments with her sister. (I don't think that last sentence made sense, lol.) Well, can't wait for more!
Kendra ♥☼♥♫♥♪
Thank you for reading and waiting! I love it when I get replies! {That means the story is not boring! } lol thanks again!


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