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Hi! Thanks for taking your time to read this! My Fancic is basically this :


Bella lives with her mother,14 year-old siter(Elizabeth), and her 11 year old brother(Nathan) in Phoenix. Her parents had divorced 11 years ago, her grandma died that same year but left Bella a gift after she died: through her dreams she could see visions, things that will happen. Everything changes when she has to move to Forks. She meets Edward and his siblings, but she is restraining herself to fall in love because she had promised it since her parents fight. She has always been so closed to meeting people. Will Edward show Bella life is better with someone to love?



(( This is my first Fanfic and was inspired by "The Only Exception" song by Paramore. I am also a Latina which means my mother language is spanish! Sorry for any mistake you find! Please comment and tell me what you think!!))


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Annjulie V.


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Chapter 1: News

Chapter 2: Visit

Chapter 3: Esmeralda

Chapter 4: Hide and Seek

Chapter 5: Party Time 

Chapter 6: I Hate Games

Chapter 7: Big Spiders & Ruined Trucks

Chapter 8: Fluffy Pink Dress









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cool, continue writting , i love it very much!!!!!!!!!!! post more soon, wow i don`t imagine how cool it will be chapter 4
gracias nelmy!!! te veo luego!! jeje
Pweeeeeezzzzz post capter 4 sooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am on it, I AM ON VACATIONS NOW, so it will be soon!!
Chapter 4
Hide and Seek

We carried my bike, which now was a piece of junk, back to my house. Although I should replace the pronoun “we” with the pronoun “he”. Edward carried it and didn’t allow me to help him. Instead he gave me his keys so I could take his Volvo to my house while he carried my bike. I wanted to protest but I didn’t want to argue with him. So I took the keys and the car home, slowly though beside him because he didn’t know where my house was. His car was full with stuff for a party I guessed. Amazingly he carried it with ease.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to help you?” was my last attempt at making him leave the bike rust there at the street.
“No no. You leave this to me. Now since you said this was street, which of these is your house?”
“The yellow one, over there.”
He left my bike at the backyard. There no one will notice it…for now. Mom wasn’t home and apparently Liz and Nate either. I had to go and look for our dog. If I didn’t find her soon I might as well hide under a rock. My mom wouldn’t care as much she didn’t like much pets that weren’t fish. But my brother and sister…that is another story. Where could a dog hide? I had to find her, soon. I think I was too much in thought in where our dog could be, that Edward broke my silence.
“What’s the matter?” he asked concerned. “I didn’t hurt you right? When I almost crushed you?”
“Um, no. Its my dog. Before the accident I lost her. I have to find her, if not you don’t wannaknow what my brother and sister will do to me…”
“Well then, I can help you find her, if you’d like me to.” He offered.
“Thanks. She is about this tall,” I gestured with my hand how tall she was “she has gray fur and one green eye and the other one is brown. I think she is a Siberian Husky, but I’m not sure.”
“Okay then, let’s go look for her. She might be in the park, that’s where I found my family’s dog last time it got lost.” He explained.
Ring, Ring!
His phone rang. Before he answered he look to see who it was.
“Um, hi Alice…..Yes I got everything you wrote down on that tiny list of yours…..yes I’m on my car driving now, I have to go. Bye.” Apparently he lied to his girlfriend.
“You have to go right? Your girlfriend is not going to be happy if you don’t leave right now.”
“What? She is not my girlfriend! She is my sister! And thank God for that! But yes, I should go. She is planning a party.” That should explain the things in his car.
“Well, thanks for bringing my bike home. See you later.” I smiled and headed for the park.
“Bye. If I find your dog I’ll call you. Ok?”
I might have looked like a weird person calling Esmeralda! Esmeralda!, but I had to find her, I needed to find her. So I called Charlie. Since he was a cop he had to help me with this, by looking for her without the need of placing “Lost Dog” posters all over town. Or he could help me by pretending to have her at his place. I didn’t want to play this Hide and Seek game with this dog alone.
“Hello. Swan residence.” a familiar voice greeted me.
“Nate? What are you doing at Charlie’s? I thought we were all going tomorrow.”
“Since you went took Esmeralda for a walk and Liz went with mom to Port Angeles to buy some girl stuff, I decided to come spend time with dad. Mom dropped me here before they left. Are you still with our dog? Bring it please, so dad can see it.” Great, just great. Nathan was with Charlie so there was no way I could get away with my plan.
“Well,er, yes she’s right her.” I lied, though I hardly believed it myself.
“Really? Let me speak to her.”
“Dogs can’t speak.” Oh no, I had seen this before in a movie. I would had to bark! No way. I already looked like a weirdo calling all day for that dog.
“I want to hear her bark.” He insisted.
“Okay. Esmeralda here, woof, woof! Woof, woof!” that was so low. But I had to do it to save my life.
“Is she okay? I think she has something in her throat.” I had fooled him.
“She is tired that’s all. Bye, I’ll meet you there. It’s getting dark.”
Then I got up from the bench in the park. Oh no! Edward was behind me. How long had he been there? Did he hear me bark? Edward was there quietly standing with…Esmeralda!
“Esmeralda!” I yelled while reaching over to hug her. “How did you find her? Thanks!” I hugged him too. He had saved my life, twice now.
“You’re welcome. I was heading home when she appeared in my rearview mirror. I didn’t know if it was her, but then I looked at her collar and the address was the same as your house’s.”
“Thank you so much. You just saved my life.” Then I blushed, wondering if he had heard my barks.”How long have you been there standing?”
“Well…” I knew it he heard me!
“Oh no! You heard me bark!”
“You did sound like an actual dog.”
“I’m sorry. My brother asked me about Esmeralda and I had to convince him she was with me…”
“Don’t worry I’ll keep your secret to the grave.” He promised.
“Thanks. I’ll have to go and pick him up right now.”
“I can take you. If you want.” Edward offered.
“Okay. Do you know who is Charlie Swan? He is my dad, and my brother is there.” What was I supposed to do? He had saved my life.
“Yes, he is a cop right?”
“Yes, he is. C’mon Esmeralda! Let’s go.”
We got to his car and he drove us to Charlie’s. We got there and then he left. I grabbed Esmeralda and took her out of his car. I knocked the door and my brother opened it for me.
“Esmeralda! Who’s a good dog?”he hugged her and patted her head.
“Where’s Charlie?” I asked when I entered his house. It was as I had seen it a couple of summers ago.
“He’s right there at the living room. Mom called she is on her way. We left you pizza, you can find it in the kitchen.”
I greeted and hugged my dad before heading towards the kitchen. I was starving. All this afternoon had been weird. Then just as I finished, I heard a honk. It was mom. We said good bye to Charlie and promised to come back soon. It was nice, being with him. Nathan took Esmeralda and got inside the car after me. We waved bye and went home.
“Hi kids! How was your afternoon?” mom asked when we got to the car.
“Fine.” I said
“I played some videogames with dad. He wasn’t good at it, so I won most of the time.” Nate told her.
“We bought some outfits for you both and us.” Liz informed us.
“Outfits? For what?” I asked
“We will all be attending a party with mom this Friday. So mom and I went to Port Angeles to buy some clothes so we all can look decent.” She explained.
“A party?”
“Yes. My boss is organizing a ‘Welcome New Manager’ party for me.” Mom told us.
Great. A party. I hate parties. All those dresses,people socializing… Not to mention…the most dangerous of all….the HighHeels! I already didn’t want to see what my sister and mom got for me.

What did you guys think? I added some humor, I hope you laughed *cough cough* haha. Chapter 5 is on its way! Peace and Love, Annjulie
love it <33
they are going to go to the party alice is gonna trow!!
i think.
keep me updated!!!
love shauny
anjulie...k fresa te esta kedando....i like the idea of the party hope is good jajajaja....i already predicted something hope it happens...waiting for chap 5!!!! lova ya tonz....hey keep also touch of the mermaids story ...tkm
hmm... Edward's Helping Alice with a party... and someone's throwing Bella's mom a party......... this should be interesting :] Update soon
this chapter was great..!!!!! me encanto annjulie..!!! gracias a Dios ya stamos de vaccaciones vas a poder escribir mas yay..!!!
update soon plizz...!!!!
love the story and the song Paramore es uno de mis grupos favoritos y adoro esa cancion..!!!
love it <3...!!!! :D
thanks! Thank you all for reading and thanks again for even taking your time to comment! Luv Ya All!!! ;) XOXO!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!


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