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The Perfect Ghost


Summary: At twelve, Edward Cullen never believed in anything from myths to ghosts and everything in between. Everything changes once he is forced to move to Washington in a small town called Forks. He and his parents move into the Swan house, which claims to be full of injured souls or ghosts. When he meets a little girl named, Isabella, she convinces him to cross over and help them. Edward and Isabella go on a journey to save the defenseless spirits and in the end, Edward will have to make a decision that may just change his life forever.


Preface: I could not believe it, but there she stood. She was tall, beautiful, and proud. A smirk plastered to her face; however, you could still see the fear and bewilderment in her exquisite eyes. When I stepped closer, tears began to pool. “Your mind is made up, Edward.” She bowed and disappeared into the mist.


Chapter One: The New House

Edward gracefully stepped out of his parents’ Honda. The music blaring from his iPod’s earplugs could be heard from a yard away. His parents glanced at him; their faces reflected their mood, guilt sodden. Edward trudged up the porch steps and leaned against the front door. His black converse sneaker kicked the rotting entryway. “Edward, honey, the door is open. Why don’t you go inside and look for your room?” Esme Cullen called out.


“Whatever.” he sighed. Edward dragged his heels inside and froze. The house had a reek of dead freesia and decaying wood.


The instant you walked through the door you had a direct view of the kitchen. After ambling all the way through you arrived in the living room. The living room was completely supplied with their furniture but the fixtures looked to rich in the dull atmosphere. Edward turned to the stairs and squinted. The flights of steps were blocked by a bizarre, glowing mist.


He ignored it, as most twelve year olds would and sauntered forward. The mist clouded around his head and in his ears, Edward sworn to himself he could hear a hiss of anger. The stairs were old and loud. With every step taken a shrill creek would resound in your ears.


The fog finally disappeared when he reached the second story, but Edward could see it slowly drift away into another room. He trailed after it and entered a small bedroom with a single bed sitting in the middle of the area. A rust covered window was filtering incandescent sunrays into the dark room. He glanced to the left and peered into the small closet.


“Is this the room you want?” a soft voice asked from behind him. Edward spun around to look at his baby sister, Alice. He glared at her coldly. “I’m sorry, Eddie!” she cried. His gaze softened and he knelt next to her.


“It’s ok, Alice.” Edward held his pale arms in front of him and little Alice ran into them.


“Let’s look for my room!” she giggled. He hoisted her scrawny body into his arms and carried her down the hall. “Wait! I want that room!” she screamed.


Edward sighed, “Alice, this is the bathroom. You cannot sleep in here. What about this room?” he walked into an octagonal, blue room. Alice frowned.


“If I sleep in here, then I wont be able to get you if the ghosts-”


Edward snorted, “There is no such thing as ghosts!” Alice gasped and clutched the air.


“Try telling that to Charlie!”


“Is Charlie a ghost?” Alice nodded. Edward set her on the floor. “Well, this is your room. I am ten yards away. Go tell mom you found your room, so she can put your stuff in your room.” he demanded. Alice screeched and stamped her shiny, black flats. She grabbed the edges of her pink dress and screamed louder.


“Stop, Renee!”


Edward hissed, “Alice, there isn’t any ghosts. Now go tell mom!” She glowered at him and raced out of the room. He smiled as silence filled his ears and slowly made his way back to the other bedroom. The mist was floating in front of the window now. Edward slammed the door closed and inspected the rest of the span. His feet slid on the old wood and insignificant splinters stuck into his souls.


Suddenly a plank cracked and his leg plunged into the gap. Edward kept his mouth clamped shut so his mother would not be alarmed. After awhile of dangling he pulled his leg from the hole and glimpsed in the hole. There, in a cloud a white mist was a pile of dusty diaries dated all the way back to 1699.


I hope people enjoyed the first chapter of my first fan fiction! Plz tell me what you think and COMMENT!

Luv, Lexi

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i luv it and please add me so i can keep up thanks.
luv it plz keep me updated
wow. Interesting. I am speechless.
i loved it
can't wait 4 the next chapter! =)

loved it

big fan
Thanks SOOO much guys. It means so much to me
Chapter Four: A Favor
Edward drew a sudden breath and took an abrupt step back. The girl drifted forward, oblivious to the wind carrying her. “What do you want? Who are you?” he hissed.

The girl cocked her head and smiled. “I am Isabella Marie Swan. That diary you are holding is mine. The room you are standing in is mine and the house you are currently residing in is mine. Therefore, I do you a favor and you give me one in return. That way no one has to get hurt.”

“Alright,” he sighed. Isabella swiftly rushed to his side and cradled his cheek. Then, slowly ran her finger down his jaw line.

“Your skin is so wonderful,” she whispered more to herself than Edward.

He growled, “What do you want me to do?” Isabella peered up at him from under her incredibly long lashes.

“My people are in great danger. Great evil is among us and you are in a world protected from these horrible creatures. I need your help to destroy them-”

“Look my sister, Alice, she’d be happy to help you.”

Isabella rasped, “It is not your sister I need. It is you. Please help us.” Edward closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. Annoyance was clear on his face. Well, he thought, I am probably dreaming anyway. I cannot die in a dream.

His eyes snapped open and he said, “I’ll help you.” Isabella beamed then disappeared. Edward glanced behind him, nothing. Stared above him, nothing. She simply vanished in thin air. Suddenly, a soft childish voice whispered from the shadows, “Edward, follow the light.”

Therefore, he did. His feet carried him toward it. His heart took off and a spurt of adrenaline exploded in his veins. The hairs on the back of his neck stood end and when he took the final step; his soul was sucked into the bright vortex leaving only his body behind. Edward screamed as he fell through wispy luminosity. He had not noticed it before but tons of souls were next to him.

They were silent. Why weren’t they scared? “Because they were meant to die. You weren’t supposed to die yet,” a voice said next to him. Edward looked over at Isabella. She was smiling and laughing! She giggled pointing at darkness, “Our stop is next.”

Then, the light was extinguished and they both collapsed onto the floor. Isabella and Edward were both back in the secret room. Beside them on the floor was Edward’s body. He knelt next to it and said, “What will my parents do?”

Isabella explained, “You are breathing and you have a slight pulse but you won’t wake up until your soul rests in your body. Your parents will call an ambulance and a doctor will say that you are in a coma. Now, we have to position your body in a way that makes it look like you knocked yourself unconscious.”

They both grabbed his limbs and dragged Edward’s body to the bedroom above. Then, they held him over the hole and dropped him. A deafening crash echoed around the house. The soul Edward cringed and watched as his parents sprinted into the room. “EDWARD!” Esme Cullen screamed.

His neck twisted to the left, his right arm was beneath his back and his legs bent in the wrong direction. It was a nasty sight to see and if you had the slightest of weak stomachs, you would be violently ill. Alice stumbled into the room and peered down the hole. She dropped her teddy bear and burst into tears.

As she turned to flee, her eyes caught movement. Alice glanced at her brother and walked up to him. “Why did you leave?” she muttered.

“I had to, Alice. I’ll be back.” His sister glared at Isabella.

Alice snarled, “You hurt my brother, I hurt your face. He better be back in less than two months or I will ruin your ghostly life!”

Hope you guys liked the chapter! Plz comment and tell me what you think!
Love, Lexi
thanks shadow, for the recomendation!! this story is just great!!
This is amazing. I hope Edward will fall in love with Bella. Please post asap.
LoL! Thanks guys, but I hope you do keep in mind that Edward is twelve...I'll write more soon


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