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Hey guys ok so I got an idea for a ff and I thought I’d give it a try so let me now wat u think.

 Isabella Swan is a top chef in Paris and own her owns restaurant. Edward is an intern coming in from the U.S to train with Bella and she’s not happy about it because on that same week a very important critic is coming and his opinion will be published all over France. A part from all that Bella’s parents are coming and expect her to be getting married soon when she doesn’t even have a boy friend and the Swan’s life-long enemies, the Hale Family, will be coming to the restaurant on the same night as them. How will it all turn out?? Read n c!!!!......

Here is the first chapter,               

Chapter 1:


I am one of the top 10 chefs of Paris. I am the famous Isabella Swan from the little town of Forks, Washington. I have loved cooking since I was 6 years old and I received my first very own professional set of knives when I was 10 years old. I’ve never stopped cooking, it’s what I do. The best feeling in the world to me is making people happy with my wonderfully delicious and unique creations. Every time I cook I improve up to the point that I’ve made up my own recepies. I started watching my mom in the kitchen, cutting, frying or boiling things and I decided to give it a try. And if you’re wondering, yes I have cut and burned myself so many times that I can’t even count them. But hey, practice makes perfect.


When I was about 14 I started going to a cooking school where I learned a lot and I got a job at a crappy restaurant as a cook, that I later realized I was too good for, but we’ve all got to start somewhere, so anyway it was uphill from that point on. A famous chef had coincidentally come to the crappy restaurant I worked at and had ordered a dish-my specialty. And so to make a long story short it went something like this; I cooked it, he ate it and absolutely adored it and asked to speak with the cook -moi. He kept in contact with me and offered me a job as an intern at one of his restaurants in Paris, with everything paid, after all I was only an intern and I wouldn’t make much money at first but if I did good he promised to get me a steady job as a chef, and so of course I had to say yes. So I worked hard and trained with professionals and it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park because the kitchen is a stressful, hot, fast-moving place where a lot of yelling happens and not meant for everyone but I learned a lot. And believe it or not I have actually seen people leave crying.


I quickly up grated from cook to a 5 star chef, to top 10 chefs in Paris and to finally-my life-long dream- owning my very own restaurant. Le Cygne Rouge which means The Red Swan in French. I work hard and I love what I do. Even thought I own the restaurant I also work here, I’m the top chef. Alice is my fille de droite (my right hand girl) which means that if I can’t make it to the restaurant one day, she’s in charge and everyone knows it. It’s rare to have women chef which is ironic if you think about it because in a common household it’s rare to see the men in the kitchen.


Believe me when I tell you that Alice Brandon is anything but ordinary and the best thing that ever happened to this restaurant. She’s fast, competent, tough, a very good chef who can handle pressure and criticism and best of all I know I can trust her with my life because she’s my best friend. Alice also has a passion for fashion and when she’s not cooking with me she’s usually designing clothes. She’s very talented and creates beautiful pieces of clothes that are magazine-worthy and she even designs clothes for me. Alice’s life-long dream is to open her own fashion store. Almost everything in my closet is Alice designed or Alice picked out for me. Alice has to be the funniest thing you’ll ever see in a kitchen because of how small and fragile and pixie-like (which is by the way what we call her) she looks you wouldn’t take her seriously at first but she’s the toughest chef you’ll find. She was born in the U.S.A but has French heritage and was raised here all of her life so she considers herself to be French and gets offended when you call her anything but.


My l’homme de gauche (left hand man) is Jasper Clairoux. He is French and speaks English with a small accent. Like Alice he’s a very good chef. I also trust him because Alice was the one who recommended him to me, but deep down under all the professional stuff I think Alice and Jasper secretly have a thing for each other but neither knows it or acts like they don’t which is a good thing I suppose since the kitchen is no place for romance. Then there are Emmett Reneard and Stephan Villette who are also great cooks. My crew is the best and have been with me for a while and I wouldn’t change them for any other.


My days at the restaurant are always pleasant but unfortunately today I’m really stressed, and the cause of my tension you may ask? Well I have a new intern, an amateur cook who is coming to ‘help’ and learn. Why would this stress me out so much you wonder? Because I’ve got a very important critic arriving at the restaurant the same week as my new intern (which let me point out that Alice hired without my permission). My parents are also coming to visit this same week for their 25th anniversary and are expecting something special from their ‘amazing daughter’, I have to create a new and totally unique dish for a very important family that are coming to visit the restaurant and have already tasted everything on the menu (that’s how many times they’ve been here). And that same family happens to be my family’s life-long enemies. They’ve been rivals ever since I can remember and so I have to make sure there here on separate nights. How well all this is going to go is beyond me and your guess is as good as mine. Trust me I’m as worried as you are.

A/N: Hey thnx 4 reading chapter 1 and plz tell me what you think and if I should continue. Honest opinions plz and I promise the next chapters will be much more interesting!!!!!.... :) oh yeah n i need banners so if you wanna make me one feel free!! :P


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Thnx 4 reading n comenting!! n dont worry this wont be 4 long !! u know bella n alice can't stay made at each other 4   very long :) oh n i didnt know about the other stories :)) anyway glad u liked !!!
wow.. Best friends quarrel was not something I expected. Oh Bella, c'mon see the light!! haha.. Nice chappie gurl!!
Yaay thnx 4 reading!!! lol xD hopefully they'll make up again :)

another inspiring fantabulous story by you!


pleeease update moi! :D

loving this (:

xoxo--Dancing Vampire

Awwiez thnx dancing vamp!!! i will post asap !!!! ill let u know when i post!!! :)

Happy 2011 everyone!!!

AWEZOME! i <3'd it !!!!!!!!!!! :)
moreeeeeee sooooooooooooon plzzzzzzzzzzz

This is very interesting.


When I first read it, it seemed like it would be kinda boring. But after getting this far into it, I love it. :-)

Thnxx everyone!!! thnx for commenting and sorry for not updating but i'm back and i will update very soon!! hope u haven't given up on the story...


Love u guyz!!,


can't wait for more!!!!

Hey guys..!! ok so i wrote the chapter finally and im in computer class now trying to post it but the stupid computers here wont let me copy&paste...!!! grrrr im really annoyed riight NOW.!! anyway ur gonna have to wait till i get home srry :/ oh well at least its done riight..??


Love u all!!


Chapter 6: BPOV

I smash up some garlic that I’m about to add to the tomato sauce I’m making not even paying attention at how hard I’m smashing it as my thoughts drift to the fight I just had with Alice a little while ago. I mean really how could she not tell me she was getting married before? Heck how could she not mention to me that she was dating Jasper? Sure I wouldn’t have been too happy about it considering how I feel about co-workers dating each other but come on Alice was my best friend, she was the person I most trusted in this world. She and I had been through so much in the past, good and bad, but always together. I apparently got carried away with the smashing because Edward looks over to me smirking. Stupid intern.

“Hey don’t take it out on the garlic” he says to me still wearing that idiotic smirk on his face. God, couldn’t he just mind his own damn business?

“I’ll do what I want” I snap at him frostily, then regretting it instantly since I know it’s not his fault I’m in this messed up situation but I can’t help how frustrated I am at the moment. Edward rolls his eyes at me turning back to his station. I look around the kitchen and notice Emmett grating some cheese, Stephen rapidly cutting onions as Jasper moves around the contents in a sizzling pan. Alice on the other hand is speaking to a waiter outside and I can’t help but glare at the garlic as I pour it into the boiling sauce pot. Every one of the people in this kitchen knew all along Jasper and Alice had been dating, so how could I, her best friend, not have noticed? Was I really that unobservant? If so I really didn’t deserve to call myself a best friend. Sure I was upset at Alice for this but I had my faults in this argument as well.

It had only been a couple of hours or so after our fight and already I found myself missing her incredibly. I missed her presence next to me as we talked while cooking, missed her easy smiles that always seemed to make me smile too, I also missed the way she’d try to calm me down when things got hectic. I was so lost in my own thoughts I didn’t notice my knife had slipped when I was cutting zucchini and it had cut me. I immediately felt the stinging pain of the deep cut and winced.

“Crap” I muttered mostly to myself. I was surprised at myself I mean I hadn’t cut myself so stupidly since I was about 10 years old what was wrong with me? I was a professional chef for god’s sake. I couldn’t afford to be distracted by things like fights and arguments, I had to focus on my cooking. I quickly removed my hand from the cutting board so as to not get blood on anything. The long slash on my palm starts oozing blood so I put it over the sink as I look for something to wrap it in. I hear Edward gasp and rush over to me with a towel. I take it without saying anything and wrap my bleeding hand around it.

“We need to clean up that cut, do you have a first aid kit?” he asks me.

“Yeah in my office” I tell him heading in that direction with him following behind. I open my door and we head inside.

“In that cabinet over there” I say pointing to the cabinets where I keep the first aid kit. He gets it and tells me to sit down on one of the chairs. I sit down and he leans in front of me opening up the kit and getting everything he needs to clean it up. He slowly unwraps my hand from the now red towel setting it aside.

“This may sting a little” he warns before putting liquid on a wash cloth and gently cleaning up my hand and I can’t help but notice how gently his hands move over mine. His touch is so soft that I barely notice the stinging. After cleaning it up he puts on a band-aid and looks up at me and we’re so close were almost touching.

“All done” he says to me still looking up at me.

“Thanks” I say politely not bothering to look away either. I then look away afraid of what might happen if we keep staring at each other, I can’t afford to slip again.

“What’s wrong?” he asks and I can tell what he’s really asking is why are you so distracted but I just shrug.

“I…it’s just Alice…we had an argument. Edward tell me honestly did you know about Alice and Jasper?” I ask him suddenly dreading the answer he’s about to give me.

“Well…yes I did since the first day I got here actually” he says to me sympathetically.

“How come I didn’t see it? I’m such a horrible friend. This is all my fault. All I do is work, Alice was right I don’t have attention for anything besides work anymore, not even our friendship” I say covering my face with my hands and feeling so completely down right now and lonely.

“It’s ok Bella, everything will work out you’ll see, just talk to Alice” he says gently rubbing my hands with his. I nodded my head and we got up to leave and go back to the kitchen. I found Alice at her station and walked over to her working up the courage to apologize to her for everything.

“Alice” I say and she stops what she’s doing to look up at me. “Alice I’m so sorry for everything, you were completely right about everything. All I’ve been doing lately is work, I can’t even believe I couldn’t see your relationship with Jasper when everyone else did, it was completely obvious. I don’t even dare call myself a best friend anymore since I’ve been everything but and-“ I’m saying when Alice interrupts me with a hug, I hug her back tightly.

“Bella I’m sorry for not telling you before about all this and it’s not your fault I know you’ve been really stressed out about your parents coming, the critic and all of that but as I’ve said in the past, you’re not alone were a team ok? And no matter what happens I won’t abandon you got it? So let’s just forget about all this, yes?” she tells me, her easy smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

“The invitations we’re really pretty by the way, and oh I can’t wait to see my bridesmaid dress” I tell her which makes her jump up excitedly clapping her hands.

“Oh yay Bella! You’re the absolute best! And you’re going to love it!!” she screams at me and I cant help but smile with her, god did I miss Alice.

“Aww isn’t that cute? Best friends made up again! This calls for a celebration!” yells Emmett a mischievous smile on his face.

“Emmett no, we we’re just over at Alice’s house yesterday” I say to him.

“Come on Bells, it’s Friday! We’re going out like it or not and your coming too” he tells me and I roll my eyes at him knowing there was no way I could get out of this one. But after everything that’s happened I need a night out so I decide everything will be fine as long as I don’t touch alcohol again.

Before I know it, it’s closing time at the restaurant so we lock up and go. Alice and I are getting dressed at her house while the guys are going to Jasper’s house to get ready and then they’re coming to meet us at Alice’s house. When we get to her apartment, memories from last night flash through my head. Getting drunk, dancing freely, then Edward joining, going to the kitchen, Edward following behind and then kissing Edward. I shudder at the last thought as I remember the feel of his lips on mine. When Edward had gotten to the restaurant I was sure he was the player type and then when he had kissed me he had proven me right but today when he bandaged up my hand it had gotten me thinking that maybe there was another side to him.

As Alice and I get dressed I can’t help my thoughts as they drift to Edward again. Could I be falling for him already? I had only known him for two days and I was already finding myself not being able to stop thinking about him, it was so frustrating.

“So, you and Edward huh?” Alice says as if reading my mind.

“What?!” I gasp at her surprised to hear her say that.

“Come on it’s obvious he’s head over heels for you and let’s face it the guy’s totally hot, and nice. You guys would make a really cute couple” Alice says to me as she puts on her make-up and fixes her hair. She has on a very sexy little purple strapless dress that fits her like a glove.

“Hold on a sec I’ve only known the guy for two days” I say back defensively.

“And yet you two have already kissed” she says in a sing song voice.

“What? How did you-“ I say but she cuts me off.

“Things get around” she replies simply but before I can say anything she adds “Bella just give the guy a chance, please for me?” she says pouting at me adorably with her stupid puppy dog face.

“Oh fine, but I can tell you now I don’t it’s going to work out, he seems like the player type to me” I say to her, though not even believing my own words as they leave my lips. How could I judge Edward if I had known him for such a short time. Maybe Alice was right, maybe I should get to know him better.

“Bella he’s really nice and sweet and I can tell he really likes you a lot, I mean did you not see how he was staring at you when he saw you? He’s crazy for you” she practically shakes me as she says this. I put on the dress Alice has picked out for me, its black short and strapless, basically it’s a replica of Alice’s dress but in black instead of purple. I look in the mirror and notice how the dress all my curves so well.

“Whatever” I mutter at her as I sit down and close my eyes so Alice can do my make-up. When she’s done I fix my hair a little leaving it down and wavy.

“Wow Edward is going to drop dead when he sees you tonight” she says to me as we hear a knock on the door signaling the guys have arrived. I follow Alice to the living room as she opens the door and we head out.

“Lui donner une chance” (give him a chance) Alice mutters in my ear just before going over to Jasper as he wraps an arm around her waist. Emmett whistles loudly when he sees us and I roll my eyes at him. I can’t help but notice Edward and Stephen stare at me with wide eyes. Stephen walks over to me and puts an arm over my shoulder. He’s dressed in all black from head to toe and wow does it suit him. But Edward on the other hand just looks out of this damn world.

“You look hot Bella” Stephen whispers in my ear making me smile a little.

“Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself” I reply back with a smirk. We head over to our cars and head over to the club called Minuit Etoille. We enter the club pretty fast considering Alice knows the guy outside. I hear the loud electro/techno music playing from outside and it’s even louder when we walk in. I gaze around at the club as the multicolor lights flash everywhere, the dance floor is packed with people and so is the bar on the far corner of the bar. We head over to a table and Alice and Jasper leave off to the dance floor right away as a new song starts playing. I notice Emmett goes off to the dance floor with a blonde girl and Edward goes off with a red headed one.

“Wanna dance?” Stephen asks me reaching a hand out to me. I take it without hesitation and we head off to the dance floor. Suddenly a remix of the song I Get Around by Dragonette comes on and so Stephen and I keep dancing like crazy. I look over to the side to find Alice and Jazz dancing pretty close together, Emmett is off to the side making out with the blonde chick and I can’t help but notice Edward is nowhere in sight. I keep dancing until I feel a hand catch mine and twirl me away from Stephen and into Edward’s arms.

A/N: Finally! I posted yay! Comment plz I haven’t written in a while so plz let me know if u liked or not and oh btw next chapter will be in Edward’s POV!!!



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