The Twilight Saga

 Seth and Nickys Daughter-Alicen Clearwater                                                

Seth and Nicky's daughter-Annita Clearwater


Paul and Rachel's Daughter -  Sammy Lahote

Jacob and Renesmee's Daughter- Jennett Black

Jacob and Renesmee's Son -Ember black

Sam and Emily's Daughter - Meya Uley

Sam and Emilys Son-Mark Uley


Leah and Matts Son - Jace

Leah and Matts Son- Nic

Kim and Jareds Daughter- Sayanna Cameron

                                  The Secret life of a La push teen



 I dont think life would have changed in a more perfect, More unexpecting way. I sat on the edge of my bed pacing back and forth. I was use to the un natural, heck my best friend was beyond normal. Most people expect these things to happen years after they are out of highschool. "Are you ready" I asked ..He stared back at me his face had stayed frozen for hours. "No" that hit me in the heart, No, he said, i did the only thing i knew how to do, I ran. I ran all the way over to my bestfriend house. 

                                                     Chapter one Meya's P.O.V

   "well how was it" Annita asked me

  "Well, it was kind of romantic" I said leaning against the wall 

  "Wow" Sammy said

  "I know" I slid to the floor and laid my head against my bedroom door so my mom wouldn't come in. Suddenly Sayanna's phone rang.

  "hello" she said 

  "Where are you, you were suppose to be home hours ago" She sighed 

  "Im on my way home mom chill" 

  "Ok ok, i will" Sayanna finished.Her mom Kim, was pregnant and always stressing that she wasn't paying enough attention to her. 

  "I have to go guys"

  "Alright" she gave annita a kiss on the lips, and smiled then left the room. Annita Imprinted on sayanna when she turned wolf last year, tho her parents dont know still that they have imprinted nor do they know that they are dating. Tho i'd personally love to be there to see paul and rachels faces.After sayanna left, me and the girls went back to talking. 

  "Jennett,Sammy,Alicen" they looked at me

  "Yeah" they said at the same time 

  "You cant tell the guys" the guys , there were no other guys for us, The packs kids all pretty much imprinted on eachother, in some weird way, Altho Quil and Clairs son hasnt imprinted

 "Awe come on Meya, its not like they will tell"

  "If, they think about it and it gets back to my brother or my dad, i think both of them will pound ember to death." Jennett frowned. She knew i was right, her brother imprinted on me when we were 16 and there was a vampire war going on, he phased and batta bing batta boom, instant love. 

  "Shes right" Jennett whispered

  "I know" Sammy and alicen said together.

  "and the last thing we need is rivalry in the two packs right" 

  "Right" there was a knock on the door behind me.

  "who is it"

  "Mark" Why did my brother always have to come around.Of course Alicen his imprint lite up like a kid at christmas.

  "what do you want"

  "that was a stupid question"

  "I know" I got up and opened the door and Mark came in picking Alicen up in his arms and planting a kiss on her face. 

  "Ew, thats my brother, and my friend" he chuckled.

  "but i brought you a present too meya" I turned and Ember was looking at me. I practically jumped in his arms. He cupped my chin and kissed me lightly.

  "Want to go for a walk" he asked me, i looked into his , and for that second i relived the night he and i made love.

  "Sure" I said smiling. He took my hand and gave my brother a look.

  "tell your dad, im stealing your sister and that ill see him on patrol tonight"

  "No problem"He pulled my hand and we headed down stairs my mom was sitting on the couch.

  "Dont be out late, its a school night" We had one month of school left and i couldnt wait to get to summer. 

  "Alright" i yelled back.We walked down the beach.

  "Do you keep thinking about it too" He asked me , i looked up at him and smiled 

  "Of course" He turned and kissed me, but when he went to kiss me we fell in the sand. He still pressed his lips against mine softly. 

  "I love you meya" 

  "I love you too" He kissed me again, his hand roaming my body.

  "Ember we cant do this here" He smiled 

  "why not, are you scared"

  "Do you want my dad or brother coming to look for me and find us ,well you know"

  "come on scarty cat" He said kissing my neck.

  "No no we cant"

  "ok fine" I kissed him and got on top of him and teased him alittle.Then got up and ran. He laughed and ran towards me. 
                                                            Jennetts P.O.V

  I sat on the couch with my uncle Jasper watching Tv. I was flipping channels so fast im not even sure if the vampire could keep up.

  "Something on your mind" He asked 

  "No nothing , nothing at all" 

  "I can tell when your lieing" He took the remote from my hand and it landed on the cooking channel.

  "Im not lieing" I said, Ember came walking through the house then, i looked at him with knowning eyes. 

  "hey jen, can you help me" he said 

  "sure" I got up and started to walk to the kitchen with him when we started getting cornered, uncle emmett made us back up into the living room again, and Grandpa was blocking the front door and Dad was blocking the stairs. 

  "Oh great" I said, i sat back on the couch.

   "If you wanted to kill us , you could just suck our blood" I said , my mom smacked the back of my head.

  "tasteful joke" Alice said bounding down the stairs. 

  "What are you too hiding"

  "Nothing" I said inacently. Grandma bella laughed 

  "Even i lie better than that"Coming from grandma it meant alot. I sighed 

  "Honestly, i dont know much" I said 

  "then what are you hiding " they asked Ember. Ember frowned at me. 

  "Im not hiding anything"

  "Is it about Meya" Grandma bella asked , i could tell he slipped.

  "EW" grandpa chuckled 

  "See thats why i didnt want yall to know" He rushed up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door.

  "Did you know about it" grandpa asked me.

  "I can not tell a lie,NO" 

   "oh yes you are miss honesty "

  "What is it" my mom asked "They, you know" My dad and mom exchanged looks.

  "Look its my brother and my bestfriend, im not going to continue listening to people talk about it, its bad enough she was all weak knees about it this morning." They all laughed, and i ran up to Embers room.I knocked on the door. 

  "What" he asked I opened the door.

  "I tried to keep it a secret" I said 

  "I know"

  "Stupid vamps" I said He chuckled 

  "what can you do you know, I hope they dont tell her parents." 

  "Me either"

  "Ill talk to you in the morning" I said , he smiled and said goodnight, i walkd to my room and crashed on my bed. This month was going to be heck i can feel it. I thought about what the kids at school, bunch of gossips already think the pack kids and tribal member kids are freaks. I sighed and started to think of Jace, i havent seen him since before his last patrol two nights ago. I rolled over and grabbed my phone.

 -Are you there

-Yes -I cant sleep

 -Im on my way there now   

-okay see you soon. 

I laid on my bed waiting for him there was a knock on my window and i opened it waiting for him to swing in. I smiled as he hopped in my room. I laid down pulling him with me, He only wore pants now a days and i was excited about it too, i loved his abs. I kissed him with passion.

  "I missed you"

  "I missed you too" he kissed my nose. I laid my head on his chest and fell a sleep.




p/b Raven Black- this is my first fanfic so please tell me what you think about it!



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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, she's PREGNANT  :)) omg omg omg , post soon can't wait for the next chap. :))))))))))))))))))))))
Love it!!
oh my lord! UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!

                    Chapter three
                    Meya's P.O.V

    "What" Sammy yelled
    "I dont know how this happened, we were safe" I laid on my pillow.
    "I cant believe this, you have to tell him" Jennett said looking furious.
    "Why" I was being stupid i know
    "Lets just pretend nothing happened"
    "But it did happen, and my parents are going to kill him" Jennett protested.
    "he's your imprint , he will be their for you no matter what" Annita said
    "I know" I said sighing.
    "Ill tell him on our date tomorrow" It was Saturday and mine and his 2 year anniversary.
    "I cant believe im almost 18 and ...and" I couldn't get it out
    "Having a baby" Sayanna finished for me.
    "thanks" I said, groaning.Jennett still looked mad.
    "Why are you so mad Jennett, your going to be aunt, its not like you are going to be a 18 year old mom" She smiled a bit.
    "Its just , My parents already know about you guys well you know, so this is going to set them in a even more foul mood."
    "WHAT, how did they find out" I asked
    "Gramps, read his mind after mom asked if you were OK"
    "Oh" I knew they would find out sooner or later.

I heard the garage door open down stairs.
    "Great the rents are home, should i tell them first or tell your brother first" I asked Jennett, she always seemed to be smarter than me, maybe its cause she was older.
    "My brother, you wouldn't want your dad going to go kill him and ember not know why hes going to kill him."

There was a knock on my bedroom door.
    "Are you feeling better" my mom asked from the other side of the door.
    "a little"
    "that's great dear, be sure to take some medicine, wouldn't want to miss your date tomorrow"
    "I know"

After my mom left we went back to talking for another hour, until Mark and ember interrupted.
    "I'm stealing Alicen" Mark said
    "Okay" I watched as embers eyes never left mine. As soon as they left the other girls looked between up and then said
    "I guess we will leave you two alone" With that they left, shutting the door behind them. Ember laid on my bed next to me. I kissed him for only a moment
    "Are you feeling any better my love"
    "A little" I said nervously
    "Why dont you go back to sleep" he said, i laid my head on his chest.
    "that's not a ...bad..i..dea.." I yawned. I soon fell asleep on Embers chest.

The next morning ,Ember was gone, He must have had patrol last night. I got out of bed and I went to the bathroom,and screamed.My stomach had a little bump working its way into my stomach. My mom came rushing in. I pulled my shirt down.
    "What is it"
    "I almost fell" I lied Quickly
    "You scared me" She said
    "I'm sorry i didn't mean to"
    "I know"
    "well hurry up and get dressed your father and i want to talk to you and your brother" I froze.
    "About what"
    "you'll see when you get down there." They couldn't possibly know. No .I hopped in the shower and then got dressed. When i got down stairs my parents where sitting on the couch waiting for me, Mark was on the other end of the couch waiting as well.
    "whats up" I asked
    "Your mother and i are going out tonight, and we wanted to ask you or your brother if one of you will watch Quil and Clair's son tonight"
    'I will" Mark offered.
    "I cant, i am suppose to go out with ember tonight"
    "that's fine, we just wanted to let you know"
    "are you feeling well meya , you look paler than normal."
    "I'm...Fine" I lied
    "I'm starving is their any breakfast left"
    "yes there is a plate in the oven for you"
    "thank you mom" I kissed her head and my dads head and punched mark in the arm. He chuckled and then left.

As soon as i was done eating Jennett entered the door.
    "whats up chicken butts" She giggled
    "Nothing much purple goose" she laughed harder, I pulled her up stairs.
    "I have to ask you something"
    "how long did it take for your mom to get pregnant"
    "Well she and dad said I came withing 4 months why" I pulled up my shirt.
    "OMG" she screamed. Once again my mom came running up the stairs.
    "Are you guys OK"
    "yes, jennett almost slipped on my rug"
    "you girls should really take some walking lessons" she offered
    "thanks mom"
    "No problem" she closed the door behind her.
    "I forgot about this part" Jennett said
    "What that i would grow fast"
    "well to late now its happening, so much for that skin tight dress i bought to wear for him tonight"
    "first off EW, didn't need to know that and second off ,your gonna have to tell him, and then tell my parents"
    "I know" I laid on my pillow, i sighed , how could this be happening to me. I looked at the clock.
    "Do you think your aunt could get me ready for my date."
    "sure, but you might want her to come here, my grandpa is getting nosy around me fore some reason, i had to rehearse the star spangled banner in Hebrew to keep him out of my head, and think about Jace and naughty things just to keep him out." I laughed at that, her grandpa probably left her alone when it came to the Jace thought.
    "Actually there is a bonfire tomorrow night why dont i tell the whole family about it tomorrow" She smiled
    "that's a better idea" I smiled
    "Good id rather get it all done at one time , If you know what i mean"
    "I do" .........

                            Sammy's P.O.V

    "what are you thinking about" Nic asked me, I looked at him and smiled, We were laying in his bed.
    "Just thinking about the future"
    "why what do you see in yours " He asked me
    "You, me, a big house" He smiled    
    "I like that future" he said
    "really i didn't think you would"
    "why not"
    "Ive never heard you talk about our future" He smiled
    "Even if you weren't my imprint, i would want a future with you" he said , I smiled and kissed him against, We slid under the covers and went for another round.
    I woke up later that evening to the smell of bacon. Mmmmm bacon. When i got down His mom and dad were sitting on the couch, they looked up at me .
    "Good afternoon Sammy" I smiled
    "Morning Leah" She never like me calling her by her last name, she said it made her feel old. I looked down i was wearing Nic's Sweat pants and his big t-shirt. I always wondered what they thought we were doing up their. Jace came walking in with a smile on his face.
    "you look happy, hang out with Jen last night" He chuckled
    "Yes, did you stay the night "he asked, i blushed
    "Is something wrong with meya" he asked, Nic looked over at me. I looked down at my plate.
    "Dont know what your talking about"
    "Shes acting different, and mark wanted me to ask"
    "Not that i know off" I said innocently, Jace shrugged and headed to his room, Nic came up behind me and to my ear.
    "I can tell when you lying" he said softy, he always reminded me of Emmett, Jennett's crazy uncle,but softer.
    "I dont know what your talking about" I mumbled
    "He didn't notice the way your voice got softer at the end, i did" I gulped
    "We'll talk about it later" he said

                            Meya's P.O.V

    "Thank you so much Alice, i look amazing" she smiled
    "I'm just glad one of you likes me to play dress up with you" Jen groaned
    "Its not that i dont like you doing it Alice, its just you go over board" Alice laughed
    "I know"

It was getting kind of dark out side, Alice stuck me in a beautiful dress.
There was a knock on the front door, my parents and my brother had already left.
    "Good luck" Jennett said
    "With what" Alice asked
    "Oh nothing , you'll find out tomorrow night"
    "Okay, ill hold you up on that" Alice said glaring at Jennett.
I rushed to the front door and Embers eyes went wide.
    "hey" I breathes
    "hey" He took as step forward and kissed me, wrapping his arms around me.
    "ready" he asked
    "Bye Jen,Bye Alice"

After about an hour of a car ride we pulled up to a restaurant. Ember was out of the car and to my door in seconds. He looked down at me and smiled.
    "you look beautiful"
    "thank you"
The matra'd sat us in the back with barley anyone around. I thought maybe i should tell him now, but he looked so happy right now and i wasn't sure how he would take this.The Waitress, stared at us most of the night asking us how long we have been together, a couple of times flirting with Ember. It irritated me,but it was like Annita said, Hes my imprint he'll be here for me no matter what. I hope. After dinner was over we walked along La push beach looking up at the stars. He put his arm around me and smiled.
    "what are you thinking about"
    "the stars, their so pretty when their not covered by all that nasty clouds and rain."
    "Not as pretty as you are tho" I looked up and smiled , he kissed me.
We finally got back to my house. We were sitting in the living room. It was getting late and i knew i would have to tell him now or never, tho i liked never, never having to worry about it but Jen would literally kill me if i didn't.
    "Ember?" he looked at me worried by the change in my voice.
    "I have something i have to tell you"
    "what is it"
    "are you OK, is there something wrong" He asked
    "Yes , and no"
    "then what is it"
    "I'm..." He looked at me waiting.
    "I'm Pregnant"

i love it what will everyone say at the bon fire
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , omg , did u seriously have to stop here uhg ! anyway i loved it sooo much she finally told him can't wait to see his reaction :)))))
whoah! that was great =]
annita and sayanna are both girls how to imprint
Annita is part of the pack and imprinted on sayanna, sayanna already dated girls before annita but youll see more into each one of their pasts as the story goes on
Chapter Four

                            Meya's P.O.V
    "Did you hear me I'm Pregnant" He was still frozen in place. I went up stairs for a little bit and sat on the edge of my bed.I dont think life would have changed in a more perfect, More unexpected way. I sat on the edge of my bed pacing back and forth. I was use to the unnatural, heck my best friend was beyond normal. Most people expect these things to happen years after they are out of high school. I went back down stairs he was still in the same position.

     "Are you ready to be a dad or even want to be a dad" I asked , He moved for the first time in what seemed like hours.
    "No" I wasn't Prepared for that i would have expected him to say yes or be happy, he looked undecided. The no pierced through me harder than i would have ever thought, The tear ran down my face. I did the only thing i knew how to do, I ran. I ran to my best friends house. Leaving Ember on the couch with this to face him in the eyes. I had taken my heels off at the house before running, My dress and make up were smeared by the rain that was pouring on me. When i reached the house, the lights were on. I knocked on the door rain pouring on me.
    "I..I..I..ssss Je..nnn..eeettt. Here" I asked when her mom answered the door.
    "No, shes at Jace's, whats wrong dear"
    "Its nothing, i just need your daughter see you at the bonfire" the thought of the bonfire set a whole new round of tears. I ran two blocks away, I saw Collin and Brady running through the trees as wolfs. I looked away from them and ran to Mrs.Ls house. When i got their, Jace answered the door.
    "Meya" he exclaimed
    "wheres Jen" I cried in his chest
    "shes up stairs with sammy, come in dry off" The house was empty as far as i could tell. He carried me up the stairs and to his room, With a towel wrapped around my body.
    "MEYA" Sammy and Jennett yelled in concern.
    "whats wrong" they asked at the same time.
    "I ...I ... Told him" I stammered
    "He said he didn't want to be a dad and that he wasn't ready"
    "Oh poor meya" they hugged me not caring i was dripping from head to toe
    "what is she talking about being a dad" Nic asked    
    "Can i tell them now" Jennett asked
    "Finally" Sammy said
    "Shes Pregnant with Embers baby"
    "Dont think about it when your in Wolf form, i have to tell everyone tomorrow night at the bonfire" The both froze for a moment and then unfroze.
    "Gosh, Embers an idiot" Nic said
    "I'm going over there to kick his Wolfy butt" Jace said while headed out the door
    "NO" I panicked
    "What hes being an idiot"
    "Please dont , i can do this by my self, Stupid Imprint or not" I said , he smiled    
    "you were always the independent type , even in diapers" He teased
    "shut up" i said laughing Soon Jaces room was filled with my friends to make me feel better, Suddenly i got a text on my phone.
    -We just got home are you still out with Ember 

I sighed and texted back.
    - No im not out with Ember, im not sure but i dont think me and ember are together anymore, and im at Jaces.
My phone buzzed a minute later.

    - Oh my, what happened, never mind we will talk about it when you get home.
I shook my head

    "So if its a girl what are you going to name it" Annita asked while sitting in Sayanna's lap.
    "Umm i dont know i haven't thought about names"
    "Well your going to have to , my moms pregnancy took 4 months i bet since we carry her genes and the human genes from my grandma and my dad that yours will be about 6 months. I lifted the big shirt that Nic gave me, and Jace gave me a pair of boxers. The little bump was still pretty promonit. Jace pressed his hand to my stomach.
    "When do baby's move" he asked
    "I dont know, the online thing said first 3 months i think"
    "Oh well i dont feel anything"
    "Me either"
There was a knock on the door then. Nic answered and then mark came in taking in the room.I shoved  Nics Shirt over my knees
    "whats up" he asked
    "Nothing much"
    "Yeah right, i can tell you've been crying , im not that stupid"
    "If i tell you , you have to not think about it in wolf form and you cant Kill anyone or tell mom and dad"
    "I wont"
    "I promise" he vowed
    "Pinky promise" He stuck out his pinky and promised. I felt like a kid again with his huge hand next to mine.
    "I'm ... Pregnant" he stared at me.
    "I'm gonna kill him" he said starting to shake. Alicen stood next to him and hugged him.
    "Baby you already promised and i know you want to kill him but look at me,  i dont want you to strain your self please, Let her deal with it"  He sighed and looked down at me.
    "Dads gonna kill him"
    "dad doesn't know, and isn't going to know till tomorrow"
    "Well what did he say when you told him" Mark asked , i looked away trying not to think about it. Jace leaned over and whispered in his hear.
    "He said what" he almost yelled. I started to cry again.
    "Oh meya" he picked me up and cradled me in his arms.
    "Ready to go home, im sure mom and dad are wondering where we are"
    "Okay" I squeaked
    "bye everyone" they all gave me a hug and Mark carried me to his car. I fell sleep on the ride home.

                        Ember P.O.V

    I sat in my room waiting for her to text or call or something, I wasn't sure if she would even want to talk to me. I didn't mean it, I meant i wasn't ready, I meant that i wasn't sure if i could even be a good dad. I dont understand we were so Careful. I was grateful my grandparents went on a hunting trip. I laid in bed staring at the Ceiling,when i got a text. It was from my sister.

    Jen- Hope your happy, you broke her heart.
    Em-I didn't mean too, I didn't mean to say what i did.
    Jen-Too late now i guess
    Em-What do you mean
    Jen-Shes already decided to do this by her self
    Em-WHAT!, but ill be there for her and the baby
    Jen-Maybe you too need to talk and not be stupid this time BUTT HEAD

I chuckled it was emotionless but i chuckled non the less she hasn't called me butt head since i broke her barbie when she was 4. I sighed and threw my phone on my couch and laid back in bed. I heard the front door slam  I opened my door and looked down the stair case, our parents are back with grandma and grandpa. I saw aunt rose following behind them.
    "Aunt rose" I asked she looked up and smiled
    "yes ember"
    "Can i talk to you for a moment"
I went back in my room and sat on my bed and she came in and sat on the couch in front of me.
    "Whats up pup" she asked teasingly
    "On a scale from one to ten can you keep a secret"
    "Hmmm about a 9 depending on how serious it is" She looked seriously concerned now as if too say what did i get my self into.
    "okay, what would you recommend a guy do if he gets his girlfriend pregnant" She looked at me hard.
    "Did you get Meya pregnant" she looked at me hard
    "you did" AHHH she screeched
    "aunt rose"
    "opps sorry, ill try not to think about it , but you have to do the right thing and be there for her weather your ready or not"
    "thanks aunt rose"
    "No problem"

She went back down stairs , i have to be there for her, she said. I started drifting to sleep thinking about Meya and what it would be like having a baby with her.

                            Sayanna's P.o.v

    I woke to my mom and dad arguing about the baby. I rolled over and put the pillow over my head. I hated it when they fought, The fighting soon stopped, they never did fight long. I looked at my alarm clock. It was 12:00 on the dot. I groaned. There was a knock on my door.
    "Can i come in" annita asked
    "yes" i said quickly, She came in with a smile on her face.
    "Morning gorgeous" She said shutting the door and locking it behind her. she crawled into bed with me.
    "Morning" I kissed her soft lips.
    "Are you ready for the bonfire tonight"
    "Aren't I always" I replied
    "I guess so" she shrugged, I kissed her, tangling my hands in her hair. She let out a small moan. Out of all the girls or guys i have dated , i didn't know i could love someone as much as i did her. She soon pulled away and smiled.
    "I love you"
    "I love you too" There was a knock on my door.
    "Come eat Lunch" my mom said
    "Okay , well be there in a minute"

I got out of bed pulling her with me, and got dressed. We headed down stairs to find my mom rubbing her big belly.
    "Mom are you going to the bonfire tonight"
    "Okay, just wasn't sure with it coming" I wasn't totally please there was going to be a baby.
    "Your going to have to be getting used to this baby soon honey"
    "no i dont" I muttered, eating my sandwich. Annitta rubbed my leg under the table i smiled.

After eating Annita and I walked over to Jennetts. Ember answered the door.
    "hey jerk is your sister here" annita asked
    "No she stayed the night at jaces"
    "Oh, well see you at the bonfire then" With that we left to go find Jennett.


                    Meya's P.O.V

    I had an hour before i had to tell the parents that i was pregnant, i didn't know how i was going to do this. I stared at my self in the mirror. I had just taken a shower and i had water running from my hair. My belly was getting bigger already. your could tell if you were paying attention like i was. I wrapped a towel around me and went to my room. My phone started buzzing.
    "Meya, are you ready" Annita asked
    "almost, i just got to get dressed"
    "Alright, well be there in 30 mins to pick you up"
    "Bye" I hung up the phone and looked outside, it was already getting dark. I slipped into a pair of jeans and a black tank top with colored bangles. I went down stairs mark and Alicen were sitting on the couch.
    "For someone whose pregnant you sure look pretty" Alicen said, i smiled
There was a knock on the door.I opened the door, Annita, Jennett,Sayanna,Jace and Nic were standing there.
    "Yes" When we got there The bonfire had already started.

Two hours later Everyone sat around the fire talking and laughing. Jennett was sitting next her dad and Ember. She gave me the look that said i had to say something. I stood up and looked around.
    "Everyone, i ..have something i have to say" I said looking down at the ground. My parents looked at me curiously. Mark stood up next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and Alice stood up on the other side of me and put her arm around my waist.
    "What is it honey"
    "Somethings happened" I said, i looked over at ember who was staring at the ground, a tear slipped my eye.
    "Oh honey you can tell us , we are all family here."
    "I'm pregnant" I blurted out. I looked at them the were all frozen.
    "I'm sorry, i must have missed that what did you say" Jennetts mom asked
    "Oh come on Mrs.Black you hear her, she pregnant with embers baby" Mark said , I could hear his distaste for Ember in his voice. Renesmee and Jacob black looked at their son. He wasn't meeting them in the eyes. His aunt rose looked happy.
    "You got my daughter pregnant" my dad yelled shaking. Suddenly All the adults were yelling at once , Werewolfs and Vampires. Annita and Sayanna were talking then stood up and yelled.
    "ME AND ANNITA ARE LESBIANS" The adults stopped for a moment and looked at them then me and repeated another fifteen times.
    "and I imprinted on her" Annita said, The adults looked even more stunned.  I looked at them i couldn't believe they told there secret for me,but it made no use, the adults went back to yelling at each other. Ember Screamed then.
    "SHUT UP" I froze, he walked over to me and got on one knee and pulled out a ring.       
    "Meya, im sorry the way i acted the other night, Of course ill be there for you and our kid, I love you more than anything, your my world, my imprint, you took me of guard the other night is all, i would be honored if you would be my wife?"


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