The Twilight Saga

 Seth and Nickys Daughter-Alicen Clearwater                                                

Seth and Nicky's daughter-Annita Clearwater


Paul and Rachel's Daughter -  Sammy Lahote

Jacob and Renesmee's Daughter- Jennett Black

Jacob and Renesmee's Son -Ember black

Sam and Emily's Daughter - Meya Uley

Sam and Emilys Son-Mark Uley


Leah and Matts Son - Jace

Leah and Matts Son- Nic

Kim and Jareds Daughter- Sayanna Cameron

                                  The Secret life of a La push teen



 I dont think life would have changed in a more perfect, More unexpecting way. I sat on the edge of my bed pacing back and forth. I was use to the un natural, heck my best friend was beyond normal. Most people expect these things to happen years after they are out of highschool. "Are you ready" I asked ..He stared back at me his face had stayed frozen for hours. "No" that hit me in the heart, No, he said, i did the only thing i knew how to do, I ran. I ran all the way over to my bestfriend house. 

                                                     Chapter one Meya's P.O.V

   "well how was it" Annita asked me

  "Well, it was kind of romantic" I said leaning against the wall 

  "Wow" Sammy said

  "I know" I slid to the floor and laid my head against my bedroom door so my mom wouldn't come in. Suddenly Sayanna's phone rang.

  "hello" she said 

  "Where are you, you were suppose to be home hours ago" She sighed 

  "Im on my way home mom chill" 

  "Ok ok, i will" Sayanna finished.Her mom Kim, was pregnant and always stressing that she wasn't paying enough attention to her. 

  "I have to go guys"

  "Alright" she gave annita a kiss on the lips, and smiled then left the room. Annita Imprinted on sayanna when she turned wolf last year, tho her parents dont know still that they have imprinted nor do they know that they are dating. Tho i'd personally love to be there to see paul and rachels faces.After sayanna left, me and the girls went back to talking. 

  "Jennett,Sammy,Alicen" they looked at me

  "Yeah" they said at the same time 

  "You cant tell the guys" the guys , there were no other guys for us, The packs kids all pretty much imprinted on eachother, in some weird way, Altho Quil and Clairs son hasnt imprinted

 "Awe come on Meya, its not like they will tell"

  "If, they think about it and it gets back to my brother or my dad, i think both of them will pound ember to death." Jennett frowned. She knew i was right, her brother imprinted on me when we were 16 and there was a vampire war going on, he phased and batta bing batta boom, instant love. 

  "Shes right" Jennett whispered

  "I know" Sammy and alicen said together.

  "and the last thing we need is rivalry in the two packs right" 

  "Right" there was a knock on the door behind me.

  "who is it"

  "Mark" Why did my brother always have to come around.Of course Alicen his imprint lite up like a kid at christmas.

  "what do you want"

  "that was a stupid question"

  "I know" I got up and opened the door and Mark came in picking Alicen up in his arms and planting a kiss on her face. 

  "Ew, thats my brother, and my friend" he chuckled.

  "but i brought you a present too meya" I turned and Ember was looking at me. I practically jumped in his arms. He cupped my chin and kissed me lightly.

  "Want to go for a walk" he asked me, i looked into his , and for that second i relived the night he and i made love.

  "Sure" I said smiling. He took my hand and gave my brother a look.

  "tell your dad, im stealing your sister and that ill see him on patrol tonight"

  "No problem"He pulled my hand and we headed down stairs my mom was sitting on the couch.

  "Dont be out late, its a school night" We had one month of school left and i couldnt wait to get to summer. 

  "Alright" i yelled back.We walked down the beach.

  "Do you keep thinking about it too" He asked me , i looked up at him and smiled 

  "Of course" He turned and kissed me, but when he went to kiss me we fell in the sand. He still pressed his lips against mine softly. 

  "I love you meya" 

  "I love you too" He kissed me again, his hand roaming my body.

  "Ember we cant do this here" He smiled 

  "why not, are you scared"

  "Do you want my dad or brother coming to look for me and find us ,well you know"

  "come on scarty cat" He said kissing my neck.

  "No no we cant"

  "ok fine" I kissed him and got on top of him and teased him alittle.Then got up and ran. He laughed and ran towards me. 
                                                            Jennetts P.O.V

  I sat on the couch with my uncle Jasper watching Tv. I was flipping channels so fast im not even sure if the vampire could keep up.

  "Something on your mind" He asked 

  "No nothing , nothing at all" 

  "I can tell when your lieing" He took the remote from my hand and it landed on the cooking channel.

  "Im not lieing" I said, Ember came walking through the house then, i looked at him with knowning eyes. 

  "hey jen, can you help me" he said 

  "sure" I got up and started to walk to the kitchen with him when we started getting cornered, uncle emmett made us back up into the living room again, and Grandpa was blocking the front door and Dad was blocking the stairs. 

  "Oh great" I said, i sat back on the couch.

   "If you wanted to kill us , you could just suck our blood" I said , my mom smacked the back of my head.

  "tasteful joke" Alice said bounding down the stairs. 

  "What are you too hiding"

  "Nothing" I said inacently. Grandma bella laughed 

  "Even i lie better than that"Coming from grandma it meant alot. I sighed 

  "Honestly, i dont know much" I said 

  "then what are you hiding " they asked Ember. Ember frowned at me. 

  "Im not hiding anything"

  "Is it about Meya" Grandma bella asked , i could tell he slipped.

  "EW" grandpa chuckled 

  "See thats why i didnt want yall to know" He rushed up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door.

  "Did you know about it" grandpa asked me.

  "I can not tell a lie,NO" 

   "oh yes you are miss honesty "

  "What is it" my mom asked "They, you know" My dad and mom exchanged looks.

  "Look its my brother and my bestfriend, im not going to continue listening to people talk about it, its bad enough she was all weak knees about it this morning." They all laughed, and i ran up to Embers room.I knocked on the door. 

  "What" he asked I opened the door.

  "I tried to keep it a secret" I said 

  "I know"

  "Stupid vamps" I said He chuckled 

  "what can you do you know, I hope they dont tell her parents." 

  "Me either"

  "Ill talk to you in the morning" I said , he smiled and said goodnight, i walkd to my room and crashed on my bed. This month was going to be heck i can feel it. I thought about what the kids at school, bunch of gossips already think the pack kids and tribal member kids are freaks. I sighed and started to think of Jace, i havent seen him since before his last patrol two nights ago. I rolled over and grabbed my phone.

 -Are you there

-Yes -I cant sleep

 -Im on my way there now   

-okay see you soon. 

I laid on my bed waiting for him there was a knock on my window and i opened it waiting for him to swing in. I smiled as he hopped in my room. I laid down pulling him with me, He only wore pants now a days and i was excited about it too, i loved his abs. I kissed him with passion.

  "I missed you"

  "I missed you too" he kissed my nose. I laid my head on his chest and fell a sleep.




p/b Raven Black- this is my first fanfic so please tell me what you think about it!



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* calms down , only a little*

ahhhh , too much things at once , she told them she was pregnant, they told them they were lesbians and ember asked her to marry him , wonderful , that was an amazing chapter , posst ssooonn :))))


 best chapter ever post more soon plz

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did it have to be jacobs son and sams daughter



It didnt have to be i guess it just ended up like that and thank you for reading!
Oh god!! She better say yes!! If she doesn't, then Ill just have to keep reading.
Chapter Five
                                                                   Meyas P.O.V

    "You want me to be your wife?" I asked, stunned, i couldn't believe that he just asked me to marry him.
    "yes, I want you to be my wife" I was speechless.
    "well?" my dad and his dad said at the same time.
    "No" Everyone gasped
    "I love you too,and someday I want you to be my husband but i dont want you to marry me because of the baby"
    "I'm not" he protested
    "yes you are, you may not think you aren't but you are, think about it , If  you wouldn't have known about this baby now, do you think would have got down on one knee and asked me to marry you now?"
    "Probably not, i would have asked you after high school on an expensive date"
    "see, so no, thank you but no, I love you tho" He smiled and stood up
    "I love you too and the baby" He lifted me up and kissed me spinning me in the process.
    "Wait a minute, im not sure if you shouldn't marry him" my dad said
    "Honey its her choice"my mom said
    "No its not" he protested
    "yeah no its not" agreed
    "Yes it is Jacob" Bella Cullen said
    "I dont care what you guys say, im not marrying him yet, and i am having this baby" I took Embers hand and the group and i started walking down the beach leaving our parents speechless.When we got far enough, i turned and hugged Sayanna and Annita.
    "Whats that for" they asked
    "you didn't have to tell them"
    "Actually, we were going to tell them any ways , you just gave us the opportunity, tho i think they didn't hear us all the way"
    "Well thank you for doing it then anyways your stopped them for a moment"
    "No problem it was worth it "

I took Embers hand again and we kept walking. I finally got tired of walking and sat in the sand , we sat in a circle and started our own bonfire.
    "You know, you think our parents would be more understanding" Jennett said
    "why do you say that" Ann asked
    "Well my mom was showing me with her powers all about my dads life and my grandparents life."
    "Yeah so"
    "well the pack use to be more complicated, Leah use to love your Sam and Sam imprinted on Emily and broke Leah's heart, Then my dad use to love my grandma before she had my mom and he imprinted on her,and uncle Embry's one of our parents half brothers, everyone likes to think that he is Sam's half brother,but yeah So the pack is just one big melodrama TV show really"
    "Ew your dad loved your grandma" Mark chuckled
    "Shut up, you imprinted on Alicen and Isn't Emily Seth's Cousin"
    "She was along time ago, but she was only by marriage and then her parents slit so HA!"Mark said as if he won the argument. Jennett laughed
    "yeah i guess our whole little werewolf,Vampire world is screwy" Jen said while laying her head on Jaces Shoulder.
    "Ouch" I said while grabbing my stomach.
    "what" Ember and everyone asked at the sometime
    "Its nothing, just a muscle spazem is all" The all looked relieved.
    "Thank you guys for being her with me" I smiled
    "I couldn't have asked for a better family" All of our cellphones started to go off.
    "We better get home meya"
    "Yeah" We all  stood up and kicked the sand on the fire and put it out. The beach was very dark and could hardly see a thing, I felt Embers hot hand on my body.
    "I love you meya, and one day i want you to be my wife"   
    "I love you too, and one day i will be your wife" He kissed me , intertwined my fingers in his hair.

We each went off on our own ways. Mark and I got in the house my mom and dad were sitting on the couch.
    "Sit" is all my dad said
    "We have some things to talk about" my mom finished his sentence. He and her were holding hands. They made they're decision on what ever it is they are about to talk to us about.
    "Meya, i respect the fact that you dont want to marry him just for the baby" I nodded
    "I want to know how and when this - He gestured to my stomach- Took place"
    "First i want to say thank you for not making me marry him because, i would have just ran away and had this baby on my own, and second, It happened two weeks ago when his parents went out of town, and we were safe, I dont know 'HOW' He or she happened" My dad nodded his head.
    "Another thing young lady is , we are not mad because you and Ember are imprints your meant for each other and that's how we know this will work out, But you we have talked to Renesmee and Jacob about this and we have decided that ever other week you'll take turns at our house then theirs, you will do the parenting and stuff all on your own but we will supervised to make sure that the baby is getting the nutrition it needs and place to sleep. Then when you guys decide to marry each other, you will move out." I smiled.
    "Thank you" I hugged both of them and kissed them on their cheeks. I pulled away and sat back down next to Mark.
    "And you" my dad said next to him.
    "how long have you known"
    "Since yesterday, that's why i haven't phased since last night, didn't want to give her secret away"
    "I'm proud of you" he said , that took both of us by surprise
    "What" we both said arching our eyebrows
    "you were there for your sister and you didn't beat ember up" Mark gave me an OHHH YEAH kind of look, as if too say, they are proud of me neener neener neener.
    "I'm going to bed"   
    "Good cause tomorrow we are going to the doctor"
    "because we have to make sure the baby is ok" my mom replied
    "Oh ok"

I laid in bed and soon fell asleep on my warm furry pillow.

                        Sayannas P.O.V
    Annita and I got back to my house, where her dad and mom where sitting on the couch with my parents.
    "Hello Mr.and Mrs. Cameron" annita said
    "hello" they said they looked uncomfortable. Annita was holding my hand as we came and sat on the couch in front of them.
    "How long have you been dating" my mom asked
    "About a year "
    "Well its a little shocking , but we are happy that you too are happy" We looked at each other shocked.
    "Really your fine with this" I said holding up our hands intertwined together.
    "yes" all our parents said at the same time.Suddenly Alicen walked in.
    "Bout time they found out"
    "We're actually surprised that you didn't rat her out, what made you keep her secret" I looked over at Alicen, would they figure out she had a secret too.
    "Shes my sister, and last time i checked i think she can still beat me up" Annita laughed.
    "yup shes right"Annita said
    "well were proud that you keep her secret that long"
    "Were going to bed" Annita said
    "Okay, dont stay up to late" my parents and her parents said
    "No problem" we said together.

When we got up to my room. We got changed into our PJs and got in bed , Annita hugged me close to her and i soon fell asleep in her warm arms.

                                      Meya's P.O.V
                                Three Weeks later

    "No body is looking at you" Ember said, tho i didn't believe him. He was walking me to my last class,and  today was last day of school. My stomach was larger now, Students Immediately started rumors a week after i had found out that i was pregnant. Mr.Cullen, Embers great grandfather thinks Jennett was pretty close that It will only take me about 7 or 8 months before im ready to have the baby.When we got to the door , he gave me a soft kiss on the lips.
    "Ill be right here after class" he said, i smiled    
    "Ill be waiting" I walked into class, and of course people stared, i sat next to Jennett.
    "Meya?" A girl asked from next to me , i looked up.
    "Whens the baby due" she asked politely
    "In about 6 or 7 months" I smiled, no reason to say 'What baby' cause it was obvious, i couldn't even fit in most of my skinny jeans anymore.
    "Have you found out the gender yet"
    "Umm, no not yet, im trying to make it a surprise if possible"
    "Oh" she said , then she turned back around and went to talking to the girl beside her.It had been pretty obvious that i was pregnant when i came back to school that first week, i was always using the bathroom, always hurling, and always eating. Now i know what my mom was saying about it being to early and wished i had waited, but it seemed as if our parents moved past the im pregnant phase and moved on to the , i cant wait phase. I sighed , and then the teacher started talking. After 45 minutes of the teacher talking about what hes going to do for the summer and hes proud of us, blah blah blah. The bell finally rung. I slowly got up and walked to the door, students staying clear of me as to not knock me down. Ember had his arm around me as soon as i was out the door.
    "hey" I kissed him.He held my face in his hands.
    "I love you"
    "I love you too"
    "Do you want to stay the night tonight." I looked up at him.
    "Is it just us , or is your family going to be there"
    "probably both, Not sure, but i think the family will be there, you dont have to if you dont want to"
    "No i want to, i want to see Rose" He frowned
    "What" i asked
    "Nothing, its just odd that you like her, most people feel threatened by her"
    "No she makes me feel happy" Jennett laughed and so did Jace, i didn't realize they were behind me.
    "what" I asked irritated
    "Aunt rose makes you feel happy, Grandpa will get a kick out of that"  I laughed and we all headed to Ems and Jens house.
When we got to their house, Mrs.Black was in the kitchen making cookies. Ember set my book back next to the couch and I laid on the couch. Rose walked in an instantly smiled
    "Hey meya"
    "Hey rose" I said Cheerfully, Suddenly Jennett and Jace started laughing.I growled
    "What" rose asked, that sent them into another laughing fit, There grandpa was sitting on the love seat with Bella laughing .
    "they think its funny that you make me happy" I rolled my eyes dismissively. Rose looked at her niece and nephew.
    "Its not that you dont make us happy rose, its just we are family, usually you make other people out side of the family feel nervous, cause your so pretty" he said trying to get on her good side, she instantly perked up.
    "Well, thank you, im glad she likes me , i like her too, are you hungry meya" she asked
    "OH yes" I  said, everyone laughed, i blushed.
    "Dont feel nervous dear" there grandma Bella said
    "Thank you" I said, Rose brought me some cookies that renesmee was making.
    "thank you" I said again. Ember came and sat at my head letting my head lay on a pillow on his lap. I lifted my shirt while eating cookies, and started drawing circles with my fingers.Ember put his hand on my stomach i looked up at him and smiled. He looked down at me and smiled back and then looked back at my stomach.
    "Did you feel that" I asked
    "yes" he said
    "He likes you" The baby had kicked right were his hand is, which is normal the book i had read said that they usually start kicking between 16-24 weeks, and since the baby is growing faster than a normal baby i just figure its normal. Ember kissed my forehead. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Jen and Embers dad opened the door to see....

Her outfit
Lol, the rose part was funny...keep me updated

yay , love it , im happy their parents weren't mad at them , love this chapter post soon . and oh  , what did jacob c when he came in the house ????


u are so wrong for leaving me hangin like this who is at the door
omg this is super duper good i bet i know whos at the door DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN haha


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