The Twilight Saga

One day, Emmett and Alice were so bored that they decided to invite some of their old friends over to have a sleepover. So, they decided to invite the Emerald Coven. Yet they had forgotten that the leader of the Coven, Zeria Emerald, used to be super in love with Edward and he was also in love with her and to make it worse he's married to Bella and Renesmee is all grown up. There will be betrayal, love, and heartbreaks. Find out what happens in The Sleepover At The Cullens..



-Boy +* Girl

-Long and Detailed replies please! :)

-Up to 2-4 characters you can make


-No OOC drama

-Looooooooooots Of Drama in the rp only!! I love me some drama!!! ;D

-You can make look alikes in this makes it more awesome

-GIFS, GIFS AND MORE GIFS!!! BTW Gifs are moving pictures. I Loooooooooooove when people use gifs in the rp. I ALWAYS use them. So use them as long as it gows with your comment. I LOVE YOU IF YOU DO!!!! :D

-Add me as a friend so that I can tell you when we start and if your not on for a while I can just remind you about this RP.

-Tell me when you're getting off

-Tell me how long you'll be gone

-If you read the rules put "Love? No, I want chocolate."

-HAVE FUN!!! :D <333




Name | Age | Personality | Crush | Enemy



Bella - TAKEN BY Rue Meadows

Edward - TAKEN BY ε/>DXDεαtн♡By♡BℓoodDX</3

Renesmee - TAKEN BY With You x


Emmett - TAKEN BY ME


Jasper - TAKEN BY ME




Zeria Valerie Emerald | 18 | Clever, Cute, Nice, Sweet, Sneaky, Broken | Crushing on Edward | Enemy is Bella

P/B;; ƨℓσω ∂σωи♡

Emmaline Winters Emerald | 18| Cute, Flirty, Funny, Sneaky, Rude (On Occasions), Competitive, Manipulative | TBA| TBA

P/B;; ε/>DXDεαtн♡By♡BℓoodDX</3

Cameron June Emerald | 19 | Super Flirty, Rude(Sometimes), Overprotective, Funny, Weird, Cool, Nice(Not That Much) | Crushing On Zeria & Bella | Enemy Is Edward

P/B;; ƨℓσω ∂σωи♡


Blake Winchester Emerald | 19 | Sweet calm and fun | Crushing on Bella | Enemy Is Edward 

P/B;; shruti lautner

Aribella Emerald| 18/398 | Manipulative, Wanting what she gets, Can be nice at times | Crushing on Emmett | Enemy is Rosalie

P/B;; With You x

Clapton Davis | 17/76 | Sweet, kind, protective and loving| Crushing on Zeria | Enemy is Edward

P/B;; With You x

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((HAHAHAHAHAHAHA xD btw does Clapton like Nessie now too? :/ and plzzzzz reply with Edward, idk how to reply with Zeria  xP))

Emmett looked at Clapton and shrugged. "I dunno." Then he saw Rosalie come to the front and dance with Zeria and Nessie then his jaw dropped. "I think we're both dead."

Bella glared at Zeria and saw Alice dancing with Nessie. She went to the front and went in front of Zeria. Then she felt Zeria trying to push her and they both started dancing it, making it look like a dance battle between only them. Then Bella saw Ari do the same with Rosalie.

((Pretend this is Bella))

Zeria glared and tried dancing better then her then she saw Rosalie and Ari but ignored them and stayed focused on being better than Bella.

((Pretend it's Zeria))

((Okay :P I got confused))

Emmett danced in front of Rosalie and Ari, smiling at them both.

Zeria and Bella were too close to the boys so the took two steps back, staring at Edward wide eyed. Then Zeria looked at Clapton, smiling at him as him and Edward danced together.

Alice watched Jasper and smiled at him. Then she laughed when she saw Zeria and Bella staring wide eyed.

Jasper danced while laughing too when he saw Zeria and Bella. Then a new Eminem song came on.

((I know xP))

Zeria couldn't help it. Berzerk is her favorite song so she started dancing and sang along.

Zeria smiled at them and blushed. "Sorry. I couldn't help it!"

Bella saw Edward and laughed. "Really babe?" She said in between laughs.


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