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One day, Emmett and Alice were so bored that they decided to invite some of their old friends over to have a sleepover. So, they decided to invite the Emerald Coven. Yet they had forgotten that the leader of the Coven, Zeria Emerald, used to be super in love with Edward and he was also in love with her and to make it worse he's married to Bella and Renesmee is all grown up. There will be betrayal, love, and heartbreaks. Find out what happens in The Sleepover At The Cullens..



-Boy +* Girl

-Long and Detailed replies please! :)

-Up to 2-4 characters you can make


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-Looooooooooots Of Drama in the rp only!! I love me some drama!!! ;D

-You can make look alikes in this makes it more awesome

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Name | Age | Personality | Crush | Enemy



Bella - TAKEN BY Rue Meadows

Edward - TAKEN BY ε/>DXDεαtн♡By♡BℓoodDX</3

Renesmee - TAKEN BY With You x


Emmett - TAKEN BY ME


Jasper - TAKEN BY ME




Zeria Valerie Emerald | 18 | Clever, Cute, Nice, Sweet, Sneaky, Broken | Crushing on Edward | Enemy is Bella

P/B;; ƨℓσω ∂σωи♡

Emmaline Winters Emerald | 18| Cute, Flirty, Funny, Sneaky, Rude (On Occasions), Competitive, Manipulative | TBA| TBA

P/B;; ε/>DXDεαtн♡By♡BℓoodDX</3

Cameron June Emerald | 19 | Super Flirty, Rude(Sometimes), Overprotective, Funny, Weird, Cool, Nice(Not That Much) | Crushing On Zeria & Bella | Enemy Is Edward

P/B;; ƨℓσω ∂σωи♡


Blake Winchester Emerald | 19 | Sweet calm and fun | Crushing on Bella | Enemy Is Edward 

P/B;; shruti lautner

Aribella Emerald| 18/398 | Manipulative, Wanting what she gets, Can be nice at times | Crushing on Emmett | Enemy is Rosalie

P/B;; With You x

Clapton Davis | 17/76 | Sweet, kind, protective and loving| Crushing on Zeria | Enemy is Edward

P/B;; With You x

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Blake Winchester Emerald | 19 | Sweet calm and fun | Crushing on Bella | Enemy Is Edward 

played by shruti lautner


thanks :3 yhu wanna start now so I could tell everybody . ??

when we needed emrald coven no 1 came and now when it is done see they r joining

yaaay . !! :D thank yhu :3

do yhu wanna start now . ?? :)

Thanks :D

Thanks :3 and it's okay

sure :) i`ll start it first

Alice sighed and paced back and forth while Emmett switched through the channels on the tv. Their family had gone hunting but they didn't go since they weren't thirsty. She sighed again but louder. "It's so boring living foreverrrr!" She said, whining then sat down next to Emmett. "Really? SpongeBob?" She looked at Emmett and he just shrugged and kept watching it. "You wanna do something? I'm bored..."

Emmett laughed at something in SpongeBob then looked at her. "Sure..what about a sleepover? We could invite one of the covens we know." He said, smiling. "Gimme your phone." When Alice handed him her phone he looked through the contacts list and saw Zeria Emerald at the bottom. "How about we invite the Emeralds? We haven't seen them in decades...literally."

Alice smiled. "Great idea..gimme." She took the phone and called Zeria.

Zeria was watching Disney Channel with Clapton. Then she got a call on her phone. "Hello?" She asked as she answered it then she heard Alice speaking rapidly. "Alice? How are you? I haven't seen you in a loooong time. A what? A sleepover? Uh..hold on, let me ask everyone else." She covered the phone with her hand and screamed. "Everyone come down here!!" She looked at Clapton who was covering his ears. "Oh..sorry."

Zeria rolled her eyes at Aribella. "Ari..listen please." She looked at her coven as they came downstairs. "So..Alice Cullen was asking if we would like to sleepover at her house..Would you guys like to?" She asked them.

Emmett looked at Renesmee. "She's asking our friends if they wanna come to our house. We haven't seen them in a long time."

Bella:I enter te room to find emmett,alice and nesse talking about someting."So wat are you guys up too."

Alice looked up at Bella. "We're inviting some friends over. We haven't seen them in a looong time."


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