The Twilight Saga

this is after eclipse, 6 weeks before edward and bellas wedding, and victoria isnt dead yet. PLEASE READ. i really appreciate banners so if you can i would love a few banners 
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btw i am reposting it and i didn't finish and if you read it before I'm changing one part of it slightly but its still the same story

   chapter 1
    I was driving to the Cullen's. I pulled into the wet driveway. It had been raining all week, and I was driving in the middle of a storm. I knocked on the door. A stressed out Edward came to the door. "Edward", I exclaimed. I threw my arms around him in a kiss. He didn't return the same passion. It was strange. After all, we were getting married in 6 weeks, so I figured he would. "We need to talk", he said. "What is it?" I asked. He was scaring me now. What was going on?

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Awww, I hope Bella finds Jacob. But if I know Edward he is not going to let her go out in that storm.
awesome job =)
I can't wait for more!
oh wow this is great.
love the idea i really
can't wait for more :) xx
luv it plz keep me updated :)
heres chapter 4 and 5!!!!!!! :)

Chapter 4
Edward went upstairs to leave me alone. I snuck out into the rain. It was pouring but I couldn’t tell. My body felt numb. Jacob. No , no, no. Jacob had to live. Would he return to me? I didn’t love Jacob , but he was my best friend. The last time I saw is when I left him heartbroken. I felt horrible for that. That’s why I need to find him.

Chapter 5
I heard a sharp cracking sound. The sound slowly grew. I turned to see a large tree crashing down onto my, I let out a loud scream. One of the heavy branches crashed onto my hip. A smaller one crashed onto my stomach. I couldn’t move. All I could see were branches around me. Then I saw Edward kneeling next to me. The pressure was too much. My eyelids got heavy. I felt a branch come off my stomach. My eyes closed in defeat. I tried to call for Edward. My voice could barely be heard. I tried to say his name and it came out clearer. “ it’s ok Bella, you’re going to be ok,’’ Edward soothed me. Of course I was O.K. , but Jacob wasn’t. All of the pain faded away as I drifted into sleep. I was lost in the darkness and I wondered if I would ever get out.
It's very good! I like it.
cool thanks
thanks :)
heres chapter 6

Chapter 6
I heard voices close to me. “How long has she been unconscious” Carlisle asked. “About 3 hours”, replied Edward. I was unconscious that long! My eyelids fluttered open. “Oh Bella thank god.” He sighed. “W- what happened?” I asked. “When the tree hit you broke you broke you’re hip, and you have some cracks in you’re ribcage. I tried to get up but a sharp pain stopped me and I moaned in pain. “ARE you o.k.” Edward asked. I looked up to see his golden eyes full of worry.”Yes”, I said and leaned closer into his lips. He saw what I was doing and leaned in to kiss me so I didn’t hurt myself. “Jacob”, I whispered. “They found him”, he said. “REALLY”, I nearly screamed. “Calm down crazy! Yes!” he said. “ “But your not going there in this condition” he added. I pouted in disappointment, and he grinned and pulled my lips to his again making me dizzy.
cool cant wet for th enext chapter.


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