The Twilight Saga

Bella's Pov:
I paced around the house for the stuff I needed to take with me and had the movers pack it and take it out of the house, Edward was depressed on the couch, I didnt take a chance to glance at him.. he was always asking why, and I always said the same thing..things are different between us now, and they were. I wasnt ever planning to tell him why either..I wanted to get my stuff and try to leave this life behind me, even if it hurt, and even if I could cry over it, it was the right thing to do, I knew that already..

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"Twilight" Edward whispered in my ear as we danced it perfect unison, to a song that didn't match... and it didn't matter much.
"This one seems sweeter" I whispered, "it's another chance, there's hope in tonight's sunset" I mumbled into his chest where I rested my head listening to him breathe. "Hmm" I assumed that was an agreement, then as the music stopped so did Edward, "Bella, go give your love to your family, and I will meet you at the clearing" he told me kissing the top of my head in his departue. After I said good bye's and everyone gave me their love and wishes I asked Alice if she knew what this was about.. she lied and danced off.
I ducked into the clearing where Emmett had walked me from and was swept off my feet, "Don't worry love I stayed closer to home... it's not Esme Isle but it's me and you."
I didn't mean to but a giggle of joy slipped out, "perfect" I assured him, not that he was asking for it.

Nathan's POV:

Everyone in the house was positively euphoric that night, and the truth was, I couldn't be happier either... for my mother, and Edward.. I just couldn't grasp what it was that I didn't have. Love was so twisted and yet seemed so luring I was old enough to fall in love, wasn't I... I spent much of my time pondering the future, and even more time searching for it, my future held nothing of love that I could see.
Esme and Rose had noticed my moping and questioned, I shrugged they hugged me and left the matter be.
I slipped out of the room to find the one that I knew could help me, heading up the huge staircase I whispered, hopefully getting quiet enough for only her.. and maybe Jasper to hear and she was at my side... "Yeah Nate what is in sweetie?" she asked, I suppose Jazz told her about the negative confused energy that I probably emanated.
"Can we talk, just for a moment, I don't mean to be a bother: I told her, and her brows furrowed only slightly as she pulled my into and auntie like embrace that was meant for comfort. "Thank you" I whispered as she lead me to her room.
"Alright talk to me" she said simply as she crossed her legs and sat gracefully onto her bed where Jasper was now sitting up looking intent.
I took a deep breath and sat down beside her. "Auntie Alice, I need you to search my future" I stated as quickly as I could.
"I do that frequently" she told me comfortingly, "Nathan Edward Jay Masion, I worry about you every minute"

Auntie I don't know what to do, I want to be in love to, as you and Jasper are, mom and dad... its stupid I know

I mumbled into her thoughts and she place a finger on my lips to hush my silent rambling and spoke, "I'll look Nathan but you are surely just as capable or more" I shook my head, "I've searched the future Alice, mine is bleak in comparison"
Alice's eyes went distant and I knew she was trying so hard to find something that I was sure didn't exist, she gasped and Jasper was at her side in the same moment that she touched my knee.
"What is it?" Jasper and I asked in unison.
Alice mumbled something that sounded like, "I don't want you to leave"
She stared into my eyes and brushed her fingers down my cheek, "I will miss you terribly" she sighed.

Where am I going Alice, When?
I could have spoke it was only Jazz and Auntie Alice but I wasn't sure I could speak at this particular moment.

"Your off to find Love Nathan, She is amazing, I have never seen anyone like her" Alice went on, "and now if you want to escape the wrath of your mother, I love Bells but she won't allow it" Alice giggled, "Oh I can't stay upset" she said tossing Jasper a look, "You will be happier than anyone, my green eyed angel" she said kissing my forehead.

"I meant to give you this anyways" she tossed me a pair of keys, "If you don't hurry Esme is going to notice, I will tell them all that you love them, it won't be forever" she paused and looked at Jasper from the closet... "Where did I put your vaction bag?"
"Its under the bed, I moved it" Jasper told her, "Do I get to be part of this?" He questioned, only he would question Alice.
"Nathan is going to leave right now, I found her... She's looking for you Nathan" she smiled at Jasper....

Like how you found Uncle Jasper?
I asked her interrupting her busy thought pattern

"I suppose so, you'll see" She kissed Jasper and we were out the window...

Alice's POV:

I don't know why I had never seen this in my searches before... I suppose she had decided very recently that the draw to Nathan was strong enough.
"Auntie, I didn't expect all this, want to explain to me whats going on before I come to conclusions" Nathan snapped me out of my thoughts.
"Well I was looking, deeply.. Foe what I had no idea... But I seen you two togther and I figure it is worth a try"
"How does she know about me?" I asked her as we sped down the highway, "and why are you in such a rush"
"She I think, you'll have to ask of course but I've seen it .. not manifested in this way, but she can find a soul mate for anyone, I think like Nessie it is through touch, but she seen you when she was trying to figure out herself... she will eventually decide to come find you.. I am just intervening"
"As for the rush, why not and Besides your mom will want to talk to you guys eventually on this trip.. I need a little time to fabricate your disappearance" She grinned at me and the car squealed in protest as we stopped.
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House of Night
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