The Twilight Saga

Bella's Pov:
I paced around the house for the stuff I needed to take with me and had the movers pack it and take it out of the house, Edward was depressed on the couch, I didnt take a chance to glance at him.. he was always asking why, and I always said the same thing..things are different between us now, and they were. I wasnt ever planning to tell him why either..I wanted to get my stuff and try to leave this life behind me, even if it hurt, and even if I could cry over it, it was the right thing to do, I knew that already..

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Rustic Coven : The coven which Kylandra (the girl nathan is looking for) is apart of

"Mother" figure in the coven

senses connections of love between people at random, and can see to whom it is with however clueless as to where that person(s) are

plays the Aunt figure was changed by the same vampire as Melody
no other powers

"adopted" by Melody a few years back
Can make one experience temporary amnesia

I wandered down by the stream with my aunt right behind me sighing annoyingly over something which we had bickered over before and she knew how I felt about it.
"Auntie, seriously I understand how you feel about it, but you and I know that my intuition doesn't lie and he is out there" I nodded with my own belief in that truth.
"You have trusted me every other time I found love, when it was for other people" I continued, she was convinced that I couldn't be sure this one was true, she made it clear that she felt I was wrong this time, something about being clouded by my desire to be loved and start a life... in this life. Maybe I was, I mean who doesn't want to find somebody that adores them, but I knew.
"How can you be sure of this, you can't just leave the coven to run after this boy, I mean you sense may this connection but that doesn't tell you where he may be" I watched as she threw her hands up, she probably realized her voice became a background sound to my thoughts, he was somewhere in the world unaware of me, and I loved him, I had no choice but to find him.
"Your not even listening, Damn it Ky you never listen to me anymore!" she was almost shouting now
"Yeah I do, you said something about distance and that doesn't matter" I said dipping my feet in the cool waters, it helped me think, my minds been so lost lately
I herd Rayne's footsteps retreating, hopefully toward the house which wasn't too far from here, I sat on the banks with my head in my knees staring at his face which must be imprinted into my memory by now, he was so lovely
"where could you be?" I whispered questioning the man in my terrorizing thoughts

"Hey pumpkin, whats with the look?"
I jumped at the sound of Alex's country accent, "Rayne didn't need to send you to I'm not planning anything irrational" I assured her looking up at her, she never doubted me
"I know" she said sitting beside me, "when are you going to see whom I am meant to be with, them darn powers of yours are slow" she laughed, we talked about his a lot to
I just smiled, "it'll happen.. someday" I said unsure yet hopeful

"So about this boy, is he cute?" she asked it was always like Lexy to keep the subject light
"Unbelievably" I smiled at her
"What are you still doin' here Ky, honest babe the world isn't that big and you'll never find him if you sit in a creek and wait"
I gawked at her, I knew she was spontaneous but our coven splitting was uncomprehending

I unpacked at the hotel and figured I may as well go hunting, there was a mossy area not to far from here that seemed promising, I couldn't forget why I was here but I was thirsty.
On my run I was distracted by thoughts of my Jane doe, I had nothing to go on, this was ridiculous
I need to call Alice, and go home
that's all I could think, how would you really find a needle in a haystack

"What are you still doin' here Ky, honest babe the world isn't that big and you'll never find him if you sit in a creek and wait"

Her voice drifted through the woodland toward me, and when I could smell her I knew she was a vamp to.. it was worth a try
Thanx so much
I really appreciate it
Deirdra Cullen
sis, I LOVE IT
absolutely wow gotta have more
Aw thank you guys so much
I will asap
I love it. can't wait to read more
Im more than happy that people are readingagain I will write very soon I pinkie promise
I wandered slowly over to the voices readying myself to apologise for invading another covens territory if that was necessary.
However I was startled,they were both exeedingly pretty, and I became speachless. At my loss of words she was the one that spoke first, "hey there stranger" she said with a country twang that was absolutly adorable. "Hey, I'm sorry if I was crossing any..."she started to laugh, "its all good darlin', I'm Alex, and this here is Ky" she told me pointing to her friend that stood in a creek a few feet away from where we stood. "Oh yeah pardon my rudeness, I'm Nate, short for Nathan"
the girl who stood in the creek turned to look at me, she seemed shocked and there was a twinkle of recognition in her eyes, yet I could see nothing about her that was any bit familiar.
"where are you from Nathan uh" she smiled and nodded at her friend and she nodded excitedly.
"I'm from the oylimpic coven, in Forks"
"What brought you half way across the world?" she pressed on with her question as if my life had some importance to her
I smiled and laughed at the long story she didn't know she was requesting
"Well I have this annoying auntie, and she sent me to find someone, someone I don't know.. is that crazy"
Thats when I realised that Ky the girl from the creek had joined our conversation
"Absolutly crazy" Ky said quietly examining me

I will be writing and edward and an Alice pov as well today ~ luv ya
thanks babes I didnt get to writing more last night but I will today


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