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Robert’s POV

“Why so down?” The Enoch bartender looked concerned for me.

“Love,” I spoke lowly.

“She broke your heart?” He asked.

“No, I broke hers.” I answered honestly.

“What’s her name?” He leaned over the bar.

“Quinn Hathaway.” I said.

“What’s the story?” The Enoch’s sixth eye twitched.

“It started with my being late, I was late for destruction.”


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I very much like Quinn as well but Robert is still my favorite after this chapter. I sort of feel bad for Caroline in a way but at the same time feel that she shouldn't be so childish about Quinn being around. Poor Quinn though... her connecting the dots was sad :( I felt so bad for her. Please keep up the writing here. You are such a good, creative, writer and I love what your doing with the story.


- Dajah


Gah, I love your GIF btw.

I like Robert because he's very quirky yet a tad cocky, and I like that.

At the same time, I like Quinn because she's practical, and similar to me in real life =).

Thanks so much for your comment Dajah!

Quinn and Robert seem like very interesting characters.  It just hit poor Quinn that she lost her sister forever.  It is very nice and considerate of her to apologise to Caroline.  I wonder what her plan is with those Analyser Robots, and why one of them threatened Pippa.  Something funny is going om in that time.  Robert the Timekeeper seems very committed to his mission to put things right in different times, which is very noble.  It was bad for his relationship with Caroline.  I wonder how it will influence his relationship with Quinn and if he will ever settle down, or will she join him on his mission?  Lots of questions.  Let's see how this story progresses!

I'm glad you liked it. The Analyzers are interesting. You'll find out a tad more about Caroline in the next chapter. Very interesting theories here. I always adore your comments Seugnet!

Chapter Four; Lacienega

Caroline/ Lacienega’s POV

 I left the laboratory as Robert and Quinn did. I needed to check the computers. There were many things I needed to do. I had to gain Robert’s complete trust, so he’d be gullible enough to think Quinn was evil, just long enough for me to make her an Analyzer. No humans could be left here, not even one.

“Doctor Winchell, I am down to my last hole.” Pippa the Cyclops came up to me with her card.

“I don’t exactly care,” I began walking away.

“Please have mercy Caroline.” She begged. I turned toward her.

“Listen, I don’t make exceptions for anyone, not even my family. But don’t think of it as dying; think of it as being reborn. You will become an Analyzer, simple as that.” I crossed my arms.

“Dr. Winchell please, if I die do not make me one of those horrible machines.” She begged.

“I do not make exceptions!” I shouted, and I stormed away.

 Inside the observatory were all of my computers, and a view of the city. Hollis, my assistant, was waiting for me. Caroline’s face was fading off.

“Hollis, give me the medicine, now!” Her voice was cracking into my own.

“Yes mistress,” He bowed slightly, and gave me the bottle. I snatched it from his craggy hands. “Lacienega, I’m not sure how long the Timekeeper will believe you are his former companion.”

“Nonsense Hollis, he will believe it. Our plan relies on it.” I said, caking more makeup onto my face that was beginning to look like Caroline’s again.

“What is that plan exactly?” Hollis asked.

“To make humans go extinct and become Analyzers so that we can control the world through time and space!” I said excitedly.

“Soon enough he’ll sense the alien in you.” Hollis spoke doubtfully.

“True, but by then it will be too late, I assure you.” I shrugged.

“Can I ask you something? Why are you pursuing the Timekeeper romantically?” Hollis asked.

“When I killed her, I sucked in Caroline’s memory. She had feelings for Robert, therefore I must show them, as not to blow my cover,” I sighed.

“I hear someone coming, shut up.” Hollis said. Being a Weet, with big ears and squinty eyes, but otherwise human features, Hollis had developed supreme hearing. I listened as well.

“Pippa, have you seen Caroline? I must apologize to her.”

“She’s in the observatory.”

“Thank you.”

 Hollis raised his miniscule eyebrow. I groaned. “It’s that rotten girl Robert travels with.” I murmured.

“Shall we dispose of her now?” Hollis asked.

“No, it’s too early. I’m going to leave before she enters. I’ll see you later darling.” I breathed, and left the room.

“Quinn,” I pretended to sound excited when I saw her.

“Oh Doctor Winchell, I must apologize for my behavior earlier.” She said.

“I understand. I’ve lost many people, I know how you feel.” I lied. I had no idea how she felt, and I couldn’t care less about most people.

“Thank you for understanding, I do appreciate it.” Quinn sounded relieved.

“Of course darling.” I smiled.

“Doctor Winchell, someone is trying to phone you,” Hollis called, not leaving the observatory.

“I must be going Quinn, thank you for stopping by.” I began walking away. I went into the observatory to find my affiliate on all of the computer screens.

“Thank god, what took you so long?” He asked.

“Have you any idea how annoying humans are?” I groaned.

“A bit, considering I only transformed last year.” He answered, his narrowing brown eyes staring into space.

“Listen, the Timekeeper isn’t the only one we have to worry about. We have to be concerned about his new companion as well. I’ve only known her for twelve hours or so, but I can already tell she’ll be trouble.” I sighed.

“What is her name? I’ll come there now and kill her, she will not expect me.” He smiled grimly on the screen.

“Quinn Hathaway, a cute little thing she is.” I glowered.

“Did you say Hathaway, Lacienega?” He asked.

“No Benjamin, I said hummus, of course I said Hathaway!” I spoke sarcastically.

“I just killed her sister,” He began.

“Holly? Her sister is Holly Hathaway? Oh well now it all makes sense.” I smiled. “Thank you so much.”

“Yes she is. Wait until she discovers that we made her sister an Analyzer.” He grinned.

“Now she is actually of value to us! Oh Benjamin, we have one of same blood! She is the key!” I spoke with enthusiasm.

“I can’t believe it, I never thought of it. I’m on my way now. Can you send a portal?” He questioned.

“Of course darling.” I answered grimly.

“Goodbye Lacienega.” He smiled.

“I look forward to seeing you Ben.”

Then, Benjamin Hansen logged off of his phone.



Well, it's obvious who our antagonists are =P.

Any predictions on what happened to the real Caroline besides Lacienega's short description?

Were you surprised?

What about the fact that Holly is an Analyzer?

Leave all predictions, questions, and comments as usual =D


Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I miss this update! Now I just want even more for chapter six!!! So good!


- Dajah

LOL it's okay! Glad you found it, it's really important to the story =P.

Some very interesting revelations! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Figured I'd share the song that inspired me to write the story, along with Doctor Who. =P. And Timetraveler's Wife.

Anyway, here is Timekeeper by Grace Potter.

Chapter Five; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Analyze?

Robert’s POV

 Breakfast was served at ten thirty AM sharp. My sleep was glorious, the bed was so comfortable, and my bedroom itself was just exquisite. At the table, Caroline was at the head, with her fellow scientists Dr. Rainsford and Dr. Thyme were on either side of her. The table looked uneven, with Quinn and me next to each other on Dr. Rainsford’s side of the table.

“Coffee miss?” I recognized that it was Pippa who asked Quinn.

“Yes please.” Quinn answered, and the dark roast was poured into the Tiffany blue mug. Cream puffs and pancakes were placed in front of us. There was tea and biscuits, not to mention the bagels, locks, and cream cheese. It all looked amazing, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“How is everything my dear guests?” Caroline asked, her milk chocolate colored eyes glittering.

“Wonderful,” Quinn and I spoke at the same time, both still with a little food in our mouths.

“That’s grand!” Caroline said, noticing Quinn’s coffee cup getting low. “Doyle, be a doll and get Quinn a fresh cup of coffee.” Caroline spoke to the serving boy.

 He was obviously human, besides the absurdly tight clothes he was wearing. He had freckles flecked across his face, and pale blue eyes along with his ginger hair. He looked stunned when he saw Quinn’s hazel eyes and now long hair that was somewhere from dark brown to black in color. I smiled, realizing he had a bit of a crush on her.

“Doyle, today please.” Caroline was a tad impatient.

“Oh, yes Doctor Winchell.” He left the room to get a new pot of coffee.

“I’m sorry; he’s never quite that slow.” Caroline said, loud enough for him to hear as he left the room.

“Oh gosh, you guys still have restrooms right?” Quinn asked.

“But of course Miss Hathaway! Down that corridor to the left.” Doctor Thyme’s friendly but seasoned eyes smiled at Quinn.

“Thank you sir,” She smiled back, and made her way out of the room.

“So Robert, would you like to see some Analyzers at work?” Caroline smirked.

“Of course, I’m always up for some new inventions.” I grinned as a dug into the blueberry muffin I’d just grabbed.

“I’ll bring you down to the Analyzer lab in an hour,” Caroline smiled.

“Great,” I smiled. Though, I wasn’t sure what to expect.


Quinn’s POV

 The bathroom was amazing. Unlike the smell of rotten eggs in the restroom in the restaurant where I was a waitress, this place smelled like vanilla cupcakes. There were mirrors at every angle, so I had a 360 degree view of myself.

 I walked out, only to run into Doyle. I smiled at him, and he grinned in return. “I just poured your coffee.” His smile widened.
“Thanks, I appreciate it.” I said.

“I’m glad you came with him. We need your help.” Doyle sighed.

“What do you mean?” I questioned. He looked down. “Come with me.” He said. I hesitated. The doctors and Robert would wonder where I was. But I liked Doyle. He was so kind.

I followed him. He led me down six hallways, each one narrower than the next. Finally, we opened a large door. “Welcome to the Death Ward.” He sighed. I looked around in amazement. The place was rich in crimson stains and automated voices.

 Analyzers roamed the entire room. They had legs like humans, except they were metal, and each ligament was attached to a gear of some sort. Their bodies were more round, and had several more flashes and buttons than I remembered were on the Analyzers I’d ever encountered. Their heads were silver with a giant button at the top that glowed like a lantern. The rims that separated the heads from their bodies were outlined in blood on most.

“What are Analyzers?” I asked Doyle, a shocked expression covered my face.

“Analyzers are bionic superhuman things, Human 2.0 in best terms. They are dead people, slaves practically. They analyze human DNA, and every time a human passes a barrier Caroline Winchell created, the Analyzers must punch a hole in their identification cards. Once a human reaches a certain amount of holes, they end up in here, the Death Ward, and are either turned into an Analyzer or are disposed of.” Doyle answered.

“Disposed of?” I asked.

“They are mauled. Burnt at the stake, you are better off as an Analyzer.” He couldn’t look at me.

“For what purpose? Why is this necessary?” I asked, hearing screaming all over the terrible room.

“It’s like a really big experiment.” Doyle explained. “Except now it’s not an experiment.” He closed the heavy metal door behind us.

“Why do you need Robert and me?” I wondered aloud.

“Robert is the only one who could probably fix this, being that he isn’t completely human.” Doyle shrugged.

“Not human?” I asked.

“Oh, he hasn’t told you? He’s a hybrid, half human half alien. It’s what helps him stop time.”

“Oh,” I answered lowly. “What about Caroline, she’s human. How can she stand this, being that she’s the one who invented all of this.”

“No one knows much about Dr. Winchell.” He sighed. “For all we know she could be alien too,” He chuckled. “Which is possible, considering alien is half the population.” He winked.

“Don’t joke about that she’s your boss.” I smiled, and I nudged him in the shoulder. He laughed.

“Come on, we shouldn’t really be here.” Doyle said more seriously.

Then, we glided through the corridors of the place Caroline called Headquarters, and I’d recently begun calling hell.


So, what do you think of Doyle?

The Death Ward? Or as "Caroline" calls it, The Analyzer Lab?

Do you guys like Ed Westwick as Robert? Claire J. Darling and I were talking about it, and we think he's perfect!

But I was wondering about the rest of you.

For those of you who know him as Chuck Bass, he is British in real life.

Speaking of Claire, she made the beautiful new story banner you see at the top of the discussion and in the message I sent. Isn't it amazing?

Anyway, please leave comments, questions, and predictions!


This was great, Nikki! Wonderful job writing this update and I cannot wait for more. The Analyzers are so strange and creepy yet I can't get enough of them. I need to know more about them. I also think Doyle is rather cute and picture him as a child-like boy. Hmm. I would love to see more of a relationship building between Robert and Quinn :) Those two are cute. Anyway, good luck with the next chapter and can't wait for more. You always leave me unable to stand waiting for the next update and thats another thing I love about your writing.


- Dajah


OMG, thanks so much Dajah! I love your replies because they are always so thoughtful, and I can tell that you really read people's writing!

I'm sort of dragging out the Robert/Quinn relationship to bother everyone... LOL TOTALLY JK.

I just don't want it to happen too fast you know, in my previous stories it has, and people flip out, so I'm saving it for like, chapter eight or nine.

Thanks for your read =P.



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