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Robert’s POV

“Why so down?” The Enoch bartender looked concerned for me.

“Love,” I spoke lowly.

“She broke your heart?” He asked.

“No, I broke hers.” I answered honestly.

“What’s her name?” He leaned over the bar.

“Quinn Hathaway.” I said.

“What’s the story?” The Enoch’s sixth eye twitched.

“It started with my being late, I was late for destruction.”


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Interesting revelation by Doyle!  I hope Quinn can warn Robert in time and that they can do something about the situation before it is too late!  Of course there are still a few surprizes in store for Quinn!  What will "Caroline" do next, especially if she finds out her plans might be exposed?  Can't wait to see what twists and turns this story will take next!

Hmm... I don't know. We'll find out soon. Thanks for reading, can't wait to write the next chapter now, LOL.

Chapter Seven; Alien Blood

Quinn’s POV

 I saw Robert leaving the long table for the third time this week. I smiled dumbly at him through the window. Luckily he didn’t see me. I’d grown to like him over the past few weeks. It had been nine days since I’d seen the horror in the death ward. I hadn’t told Robert yet, he’d been preoccupied with the other experements of Caroline’s.

“Hey Quinn!” I jumped, hearing him behind me.

“Can I tell you something?” I asked.

“What?” He asked.

“The Analyzers, they’re evil.” I whispered.

“Nonsense, they don’t do much, really.” Robert shrugged.

“I’m serious Robert. Doyle showed me this room, it was horrifying.” I shook my head.

“Quinn, the Analyzers are the least we need to worry about.”

“Robert, do you need proof? Where’s Pippa? Don’t you find it odd that she just disappeared?” I asked.

“Now that you mention it, it is odd.” He put on a pair of brown glasses I never knew he owned. “What did Doyle show you?”

“This room, he called it the death ward.” I said.

“Oh? I haven’t seen it.” He responded.

“I don’t remember where it is exactly.” I bit my lip, and he smiled. “What?” I asked.

“You look adorable when you do that.” He laughed.

“Wow, I think that’s the first time you’ve complimented someone besides yourself.” I smiled.

“Enjoy it, it doesn’t happen often.” He winked. “Now, let’s find Doyle.”


 Doyle was sitting in the employee lounge along with Juniper and Faye. Faye’s blue eyes and warm smile welcomed us into the room. “Mr. Turner, Miss Hathaway! Can we help in any way?” She asked. Juniper grabbed what looked like a cigarette and left the room.

“Actually, yeah.” Robert said in a charming voice, and Faye’s face lit up. “Doyle, I need you to take me to that room where you bought Quinn. I need to see these bloody Analyzers for myself.”

“Sure.” Doyle responded, looking down at his feet.

“Quinn, would you rather stay with Faye?” Robert asked, looking at me thoughtfully.

“No way, I go with you.” I said firmly.

“Okay, let’s go now.” Robert said, and Doyle stood up.

 We walked down the hallways slowly. I could hear the faint voices of the Analyzers coming from down the hall. “The Analyzers sense me, I can feel it, and so we have to split up. Quinn, do you know the way from here?” Doyle asked.
“No, can’t you just toss the ID somewhere?” I asked.

“I could try, but it won’t hold them long.” Doyle answered.

“I’m the only one who really needs to see the room. I can take Doyle’s ID and return it safely. They won’t bother me because well,” He looked at Doyle, but I knew that he meant because he’s only half human.

“Cool. We’ll distract Doctor Winchell. The room is down the hall to the left.” Doyle said.

“Great, see you?” Robert smiled at me.

“Sure,” I answered, and soon Robert disappeared.


Robert’s POV

I found a giant door marked do not enter without authorization. I assumed that was like a welcome mat for trouble. I laughed silently to myself; the door wasn’t locked at all. My smile disappeared into shock.

 The room was more horrid than anyone could possibly describe. Caroline’s machines were screaming at the top of their lungs. That was really bad considering robots shouldn’t have feelings.

 But worse yet, there were human voices. Human, living voices. There was shooting of laser guns, and banging in large machines. Then I realized it. These people, they were being turned into monsters.

“Mr. Turner?” The voice was Doctor Thyme’s. I recognized his gray hair and pale brown eyes.

“Oh, Doctor Thyme,” I began.

“Don’t” Doctor Thyme held up his hand. “Do you know what this place is Robert?” He asked.

“No,” I responded.

“This is the room where I will die. It is also the room where the serving boys, maids, Doctor Rainsford, and even your Quinn Hathaway will die, but not you or Caroline. You two are special, alien if you wish.” Doctor Thyme never lost eye contact with me.

“You aren’t wrong Doctor Thyme. But who is in charge of this?” I asked. But then, an Analyzer had him by the neck and began to pull him away. It was as if Doctor Thyme was reading something off the Analyzer’s hand.

“Lacienega!” He screamed in a choked voice. “It was made by Lacienega!”

Then, he was gone; then he was dead.



I'll admit I had a slight writers block, but I'm cured!

There are some plans for romance in the next chapter....

But don't forget that Ben is coming...

Leave all comments, predicts., and questions below!


Now Robert knows about the room!  What will he do about it, and does he know who Lacienega is, or can he find out?  I am also really interested in how the relationship between Robert and Quinn will develop!  Let's see what happens next!

Chapter Eight; Death is in the Air

Quinn’s POV

 Questions, this place was full of questions. Ninety percent of these questions couldn’t be answered. Not even if you tried really hard and concentrated. How could a world be full of dead people in robotic form? How could the leaders of the world just watch as all of these beings walked around? These are those ninety percent.

Robert, Doyle, and I had been close lately. Ever since Robert saw the room, he never spoke about Caroline. But we understood. Anyone who saw that wouldn’t be able to think of Caroline Winchell the same way again.

“How are we supposed to end this?” Robert shook his head.

“I’m not sure. We couldn’t possibly do anything until we find out who or what Lacienega is. I doubt even Caroline knows.” Doyle sighed.

“It isn’t as if she’d tell us anyway.” I answered. “Robert, can I talk to you privately?”

“Sure, is it an emergency?” He asked.

“No, I just have a question.” I answered, and we left the maid’s quarters to sit outside on the metallic benches.

“What is it?” He asked, sitting down.

“Can we go to the memorial service now? I think I’m ready.” I sighed.

 I had been thinking about it for a while. My mourning wouldn’t ever be done until I saw her. My parents had to know that I was okay too. What would I tell them? Would I say that I was time traveling with a man who might not be human, but you know, I’m fine? I’d figure it out when I got there I assumed.

“Of course. I’ll start up the Pod; you have something to wear right?” He spoke abruptly.

“Yeah, I borrowed a few things from the wardrobe in Headquarters.” I answered.

“Alright, let’s go then. Are you sure you want to go?” He asked.

“Yes, now hurry before I lose my confidence.” He smiled as I shoved him towards the road where we ‘parked’ the Pod.


 As we walked in, Robert snapped his fingers. Suddenly, rather than his long sleeved sweatshirt and jeans, he was in a beautiful tuxedo, like no other I’d seen before. I had already changed into a little black dress and I had put my hair in a long braid that went slightly past the end of my neck.

 Robert tried keeping a straight face, but his eyes were smiling. I couldn’t keep a straight face, even though it was my sister’s funeral.

“Nice suit.” I smiled as he fiddled with the controls. He looked up quickly.

“Nice dress,” He winked. He pressed the final button on the Clock.

“Thanks.” I answered lowly.

“Same to you,” He answered. Before we knew it, we had disappeared into the present.


 The funeral hall was packed. I’d swear that everyone in the world must have shown up. My mother and father were up front, saving my seat. My mother looked terrible, though she was so beautiful. Her chestnut hair was let down to her shoulders, which she never did. It was graying at the roots, but it still looked lovely. Her dress was long, almost floor-length. Her face only showed despair. My father kept taking his glasses on and off, that was always his nervous habit. His hair was grayer than I remembered, and he just looked older. I couldn’t explain how though.

“I’m not sure I should go in,” I could see how uncomfortable Robert was, but I couldn’t risk him leaving me here. I’d stayed in New York my entire life, and now I was a bird ready to fly away. I was a bird ready to fly through time and space.

“No, please stay. I need you.” I looked at him longingly.

“Alright,” He said, and we made our way to where my parents were.

“Quinn,” My father recognized me right away. “You did something with your hair?” He asked, noticing that my hair was black instead of brunette.

“Yeah, is it okay?” I asked.

“Yeah,” He answered.

“Who are you?” My mother asked Robert almost instantly. I looked at him, not sure what to say.

“I’m Robert Turner; I’m a friend of Quinn’s. I give my condolences for Holly. She was a sweet young girl.” I was impressed at how smooth Robert was. If he wasn’t there, I couldn’t have lied as well. Though if you thought about it, he wasn’t lying, or was he?


 After the service, all I saw were my father’s tears. Tom Hathaway, my father, never cried. I guess this is why they always say that parents shouldn’t bury their children. My mother tried calming down for my father, which he had always done for her. I really thought it was sweet.

“Oh Deborah, I feel terrible for you and Tom!” That was what most people said. What else could you say?

“So Quinn, are you staying in town?” My mother asked as Robert and I walked out of the funeral hall.

I looked up at Robert quickly. “I’ll be traveling.” I answered.

“Must you?” My mother asked.

“Yeah, this isn’t where I want to be right now.” I answered.

“Quinn, we already lost one daughter, we don’t need to lose another.” She looked at my father who was by the other door.

“I’m sorry Mom, but I can’t live like this anymore.” I responded.

“Like what honey? As a family?” My mother’s sweet voice stabbed me with guilt as she said the word. My face went blank. That was something hard to come back to.

“I’m sorry.” I responded, and I hugged her lightly as I walked away with Robert, unable to face her tears. Robert seemed distant as we walked towards the Pod.

“It can’t be,” He said lowly, looking over my shoulder. “She can’t see you.” Robert said in a panic.

“Who? What’s going on?” I asked, but the second I heard footsteps, he leaned in for a kiss, my body facing the same way as the alley, so I couldn’t be seen by anyone on the main road.

 It was a really long kiss, and Robert was much better than I was at it. He ran his soft fingers through my ebony hair. I closed my eyes, only imagining his beautiful face, the eyes I recognized as green in the darkness, but that were really a chocolate brown and olive green hazel color in the light. He had gorgeous coffee colored hair that I couldn’t even describe. But most of all, I imagined his wonderful heart, that had saved so many including me, and that had broken when he couldn’t save someone.

 Finally we released, and he just smiled. “Well?” I asked.

“I enjoyed that more than I should have.” He winked. “I’m sure you did too.” He spoke cockily.

“Alright, now who were we hiding from?” I asked.

“Caroline Winchell, the real one.” He answered, and we entered the Pod as quickly as we could.


Alrighty, sorry for a lack of updates.

Those of you who talk to me a lot know I'm just beginning to get back into writing because of a HUGE writer's block.

Anyway, I've just begun envisioning the end of this story, and I've realized that I'm nowhere near done!

Lol, anyway, enough about me.

Did you find this suspenseful?

Romance beginnings?

Feel free to ALWAYS leave comments, predictions, and questions, I love to hear them.


Nice first kiss, even if it was a cover!  Why wasn't the real Caroline supposed to see Quinn?


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