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The Twilight Diaries                                                    Jacob:                                                                                                 Today is Wednesday. Ha! Part of her name is in The word WedNESday. Wait... What? I don't know. Edward suggested that I should keep a journal. He gave me one he found in his closet so I could write how I feel about her. My Renesmee. My baby. I don't understand this. It was only a few days ago that I wanted to kill-- God! I can't even write now! She's taking over my mind. It was just 7 hours ago that the love of my life was dead. Bella. I don't even know if she's going to live and already I'm on my knees staring at this Beautiful, Amazing, Intelligent baby girl with the biggest brown eyes and the brightest toothless smile on her face. I love her. I love her so much. I need her. I barely know her. What's happenning to me? I need to hold her. I need to see her smile at me. Her beautiful smile. It's so soothing. Every worry. Every problem I've ever come across vanishes when I hold that child. I need Renesmee. I need her with me. Always. And I will destroy anything and anyone who tries to take my Renesmee away from me. OH MY GOD! WHAT AM I SAYING! I'm so confused. My emotions are scattered and running at 100 miles an hour. Isn't the baby suppose to be the one with seperation anxiety? I can hear her. I can hear her little heart beating, so fast, too fast, that scares me. I'm going crazy. I have to be. I'm gonna go hold my Renesmee. I can't think straight without her. My Renesmee. My...Nessie. Yeah that's nice. Nessie. I love you, Nessie.                                                                                                                    Hey I'm sorry I've left some stories hanging in the past. Stupid computer. But I can continue the journal entries through ipod touch. Please comment if I should continue. Thank you for reading. If you want me to continue the bext diary i'll do is Edward while hoping bella will wake up.

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HAha... " My sister looks sexy while doing this" That was funny!  You should post one of Bella as a new vampire!! HEHE It was good! Post soon! :D

KK! Thanks I'm really glad you like it :)


that is amazing you truly have a gift for wrighting bt my computer wont let me wright my own fan fition so everybody could read it

Thank you so much haha! And yeah sometimes my computer is stupid and won't let me upload the photos haha. I'm sure ur reeli great though and thank you for reading :)

the whole point of views are incredable keep it up use ur gift to an extent
im going to blog my fan fiction look at it when u can tell me what u think i havent started yet though

Awesome I'll check it out :)


The Twilight Diaries-Esme
Renesmee Carlie Cullen. What a beautiful name. Renee and Esme. Bella is so sweet. We're all breathing easier now. Bella woke up 13 minutes ago and is now hunting with Edward. She looks incredible. Edward couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Eyes or hands. Ha. I'm so glad Edward doesn't have to suffer anymore. It was like watching someone drown deeper and deeper, knowing there was no way to save them. But Bella saved him. She brought light back into his life the moment she rose from the table she died on. His eyes brightened and for the first time in what seemed like forever, my son smiled. As he held her in his arms it was like a blind man who could finally see again.

      Well it sounds like they're back. We all have to get far away from the door and infront of Renesmee as a precaution for her. I've got my son back and my daughter





Thanks for reading :) please comment!

that is great Renesmee luv it finally esme's point of view really truly absolutly


Thank you so much :)


Really again you captured the characters so well... What you wrote clearly sounded like Esme.... Your an awesome writer:)


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