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As I lay here in his arms, in this big brightly colored room, I smile. His cold skin made me warm all over and his curly hair touched my face when he kissed my forehead. His deep bright gold eyes sparkled whenever he looked at me and I could tell that he loved me the way I loved him, more than anything. He was my life. Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen.

I felt bad for the way things were. The way we got to this point but, at the same time, I knew I shouldn’t. It wasn’t my fault this happened. I had no control over my thoughts, my emotions. Not that they were controlled, Jasper would never make me feel things I didn’t want to. Unless it was to help me. He protected me. But what I did feel bad about was my scent…

Jasper may have loved me but that didn’t change the amount of control he had. It didn’t change the fact that he had tried to attack me at my eighteenth birthday party a year and a half ago. I worry about if he will ever lose control around me again. What if he were to? I would die. I wouldn’t mind it though. Dying due to the love of my life isn’t a problem for me but, I know it would be for him. He would beat himself up for that. He hates that he can’t control himself sometimes. I wish I could help him more but being a human doesn’t help at all.

I heard a slight growl from the hall outside the door. I could tell that it was Edward.

“Don’t read my mind so often and you wouldn’t feel that way, Edward”

Jasper spoke very quietly but he and I both knew Edward’s vampire ears could hear him just fine.

There was another slight growl followed by a hiss before I heard a door slam shut and a window slam open. Edward was leaving. Again. I don’t understand why he was so bothered by mine and Jasper’s love. It wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for him anyway. I’m sure he knows that, though. Maybe that’s why it bothers him as much as it does…





Author's note: I am very excited about this story. I feel it will turn out rather well and I'm very excited to see what my fellow Twilight Fans think of it. Leave a comment, please :)


- Dajah

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what that isn't fair i want to know what happen to jake..


Chapter Eighteen – No…

Sam walked slowly toward me and Esme’s grip around me tightened. I held onto the blanket that was wrapped around me and wiggled out of her arms, she didn’t put up a fight. In fact, she practically let me go. It was like she was numb. She looked down at the ground as I moved across the room, the blanket around me like a strapless dress, and made my way to Sam’s side. He looked like a zombie, his eyes dark and weary, bags hanging under them, and barely able to keep them open.

“What happened to him?”

He just looked at me. A pained look in his eyes and then looked down. I pushed past him and ran down the hall until I reached the only turn. A right turn led me to the busted door that lead to the outside. There stood Alice, Rose, and Emmett who were all staring blindly at the ground in front of them. Around them were the wolves. All standing, all staring, all waiting. Seth looked up and whimpered when he saw me which caused Carlisle to look my way. He was on his knees in front of a huge, unmoving, pile of fur that was a wolf. My wolf. Jacob.

His eyes were pained and I took a step closer to him but was stopped by Emmett.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go over there right now, sis. It’s not a pretty sight.”

I don’t care if it’s the ugliest sight the world ever did see, I’m going to be by the side of my Jacob. There’s nothing anyone can say or do to tell me otherwise.

I looked to the left of me and there was a burning pile of ashes… Edward.

My gaze made its way up to Emmett and I just stared at him. I guess my eyes said everything because he backed up and moved out of the way of me. I continued to walk toward Carlisle and Jacob then stopped dead in my tracks. What I saw killed me inside.

Jacob’s face was scratched all over; blood fell from his cuts and made a pile around him. His front paws were almost non-existent. But what was the worst thing, was his shoulder. The fur there was gone; there was no blood, no cuts, no scars. All that was there was a huge, purple, bite mark. His whole shoulder was black and purple and the discoloring seemed to be continuing throughout his body.

Slowly, I made my way toward him and dropped down next to him. I couldn’t tell if his eyes were open or not but I stared into where they would be. I couldn’t help but let the tears fall as I stared at him. My poor baby… Edward did this to you. Edward and his evil ways hurt you…


His breathing was quick and a small whimper came from the beaten wolf that lay before me. He began shaking and then the wolf was replaced with my Jacob in his human form. He was curled up on his side, facing me. His hands were covered in blood and his face was filled with cuts that bled all over the place. His hair was almost red with the blood he was laying in and his eyes were just barely open.

“Oh my gosh… Jacob…”

His whole arm was purple, turning black, and cold to the touch.

“Carlisle, what happened to him?”

“He was… Edward bit him.”

A vampire bite will do all this to him? Edward, I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

“What will happen to him? Can’t you help him?”

A sudden whimper and whine came from all the wolves around me and Carlisle looked away from my face. He was in pain with the words he spoke to me.

“N- no… Bella, wh- when a werewolf is bitten by a vampire… our venom…”

His voice faded and broke away and then Emmett broke in.

“Our venom… it… it kills werewolves, Bells…”

Kills… werewolves…

No! Jacob, no! He… he can’t die!

“Jacob! No, Jacob, no. Come back to me, Jake… don’t leave me!”

The discoloration of purple and black had taken over his chest, neck, and other arm. It’s starting to work its way downward and fill in his face. His whole body was now cold and I could feel his breathing slowing.


Sobs and grunts came from Jacob as well from all the wolves around us. He was in pain right now… a slow and painful death Edward caused him. I hope he burns in hell for this! I can’t live without Jacob… how can I live without him? How can I go on? Why? Why me? Why him? I know I deserved to be hurt but Jacob didn’t deserve to die! Why did he have to die!?

“Jacob… I- I love you…”

Through the chocking sound and deep breathing, I was faintly able to make out his last words…

“I- I- lo- love- y- you- B- B- Bells”

And then his whole body went cold. His breathing stopped. His life ended. He was gone.

Author's Note: DON'T HATE ME!! I'm sorry for killing Jacob... :'( I'm not even kidding, I seriously cried writing this! I love Jacob so much and it KILLED ME to write this. I'm in tears right now... :'( Oh my gosh... Okay, leave a comment and tell me what you think.


- Dajah



Nice description of the venom going through his veins and stuff. Really thought out. I cried. As long as I don't "see" it ill be good.

Nooo!!!!!!!! You can't just kill Jake!! You can't, bring him back now!! I hate this, you can't just kill him, it's so unfair!!

I know, I'm sorry!

Oh no!!!

Chapter Nineteen – Numb

The wind is chilled, the water is rapid, the sand is warm, and the sky is dark. Everyone who cared about him is here to pay their respects in his favorite place – La Push beach. Well, one of them at least.

The pack even let what’s left of the Cullen family come into La Push to pay their respects to Jacob Black. He lay still in the closed casket that sat a mere ten feet in front of me. Charlie sat in the seat to my right and Emmett on my left. Down the row after Emmett were Rose, Alice, Esme, and Carlisle. Across the aisle sat the pack, all in a row. The seats were placed almost like a wedding and I was in the first row. Billy sat at the end of the row, tears filling his eyes, sobbing quietly. I didn’t cry.

I had cried every night for the past two weeks, the amount of time it’s been since his death, and I’m nowhere near out of tears, I’m just not going to cry anymore. I’m done crying. I don’t see the point in it. I don’t see the point in anything anymore. Nothing is worth anything. We’re all just going to die anyway, right? If Jacob Black can die so quickly… then we are all doomed to total death and damnation. Except him. Not Jacob. Jacob went to Heaven, if there is one, and he is safe and happy. He’s not hurting. He’s not in pain. He is okay. It’s me who is dammed. Me who is hurting. My Hell isn’t in death, dying would be a gift, my Hell is in life. How I wish to be dead right now. This pain… is worse than Hell. I never expected it to be this bad. Losing Jacob… this is the worst thing anyone could ever do to me. To take away him of all people… I would rather have had Edward just rape me.

What if things had have been different? What if the pack didn’t get there when they did? What would have happened? Would Jacob still be here today? I think he would have… Edward would have been too distracted by me to bite him… Edward would have been killed first… Jacob would still be alive. He would still be here. I wouldn’t be sitting at his funeral right now.

Funeral… Jacob’s funeral…

Jacob isn’t here anymore. He’s gone.

At the hands of Edward.


Seth’s childishly sweet voice pulled my gaze from the sandy ground of me up to his eyes. He stood almost directly in front of me as I sat there, motionless. I didn’t answer him, but he continued talking as if I had. I think they were starting to get used to it. I hadn’t spoken one word since the death of Jacob. Telling him I love him… that will be my last words. No one will take that away from him. I got his last words and so he gets mine.

“Would you like to come up to the casket and pay your final respects now?”

Final respects… more like final respects with him in front of me. I will always respect him and make sure he knows it. I will always love him. I love him now. Him being gone from me hasn’t changed that and never will. These are not my final respects. But, I will go now.

I stood up slowly and lazily made my way to the closed casket. The rims and handles on the sides were gold and the dark cherry wood shinned under the cloud covered sun. A quick look back to vampires showed them all wearing long sleeves and hats. Covering their skin from the sun. Keeping up the human image. The lie. They are now the only thing I see as untouchable by the hands of others outside their kind.

Although Jacob wasn’t the only one who was lost that day, Edward and Jasper were also killed, he is the only one I care much about. The Edward that died was not the Edward I knew… that Edward, Edward Cullen, died long before that day. As for Jasper… I don’t even know.

Seth stayed by my side as I stood near the head of the casket and ran my pale white hand across the top. I was paler than the vampires now. All of them. My heart rate speeded up as my hand slid over the area Jacob’s heart would be on the inside of this large box. I began shaking slowly and then it sped up faster and faster. Seth’s arms came around me, spinning me around to face him and holding me close. My broken hand, that was now wrapped, stayed at my side while my other hand gripped onto Seth’s shirt and I held onto my sanity. My breathing sped up and my heart beat raced. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Carlisle and Charlie stand up and then I blacked out, falling, to be caught by Seth.


I woke up in the familiar room that was Carlisle’s study at the Cullen household. I had found myself waking up here way more than there have been nights to sleep through. I was passing out and losing myself almost three times a day. I looked down at my arm, which was wrapped up, and sighed. Carlisle must have checked me out for more…

I slowly un-wrapped my arm and looked at the red cuts that filled it. The cuts were everywhere and my arms, legs, and sides that were starting to run out of space to fill. After re-wrapping myself, I looked down and noticed that I was laying in shorts that weren’t mine and a bra that was. I think these shorts are Rose’s. I wouldn’t fit in Alice’s clothes… she’s so much smaller than me.

I looked around the room and found a work shirt of Carlisle’s and put it on. Although much too big for me and didn’t match the bright pink shorts I was wearing, it was better than completely topless. I buttoned up the shirt and looked down at my pale white, cut and scar filled, legs. Couldn’t they have given me pants to wear?

I got up slowly and made my way to the stairs to lead me downstairs but heard a conversation as I passed Edward’s room. His old room, that is. The door was closed but I could hear the voices of Esme and Carlisle. Esme was sobbing dry vampire tears as Carlisle spoke.

“I know, Sweetheart, I know. It hurts to know we had to kill our own son.”

“I- I just wish we could have helped him before he resulted to what he did… We should have helped him. We should have saved our son, Carlisle!”

“I know… we should have done more. We should have helped both Edward and Jasper… but there was no helping them. Jasper, maybe. But Edward was gone long before he snapped. He wasn’t in his right mind since Bella left him.”

“I just want my sons back…”

And I want my Jacob back… we can’t all have what we want…

Author's Note: Thank you to all my readers! Don't forget to leave me a comment.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Yes, Bella did start to cut herself and self harm. If you have anything mean, rude, or any other thing along those lines to say then just don't even comment and just leave. I did not write that for a joke, I wrote it because it happens sometimes and it just so happens that it has happened to her. I know the effects of cutting and I understand it better than some of you may think I do. I do NOT want any hate comments, messages, or threads.


- Dajah



Awesome Chapter! I feel so bad for all of them! :'( I like how you put Seth in this chapter. Even though it was for a little bit it was still nice. I can tell how he is feeling of course. Poor Seth, poor pack and poor everyone. It's so sad!

So sad!

Poor Bella

That is very sad.

Bella is so lost to the world right now.

I hope that Esme doesn't take it out on her. But I can't see that happeneing Esme is usually more level headed.

I'm still not understanding why Edward and Jasper did that. Was it just to get Jacob somewhere where they could kill him?

What words of comfort could we say to Bella? - nothing would fit other than Jacob was a good man.

A great chapter.

Best wishes



great update!  so sad that jake is gone and Bella started harming herself. 


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