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As I lay here in his arms, in this big brightly colored room, I smile. His cold skin made me warm all over and his curly hair touched my face when he kissed my forehead. His deep bright gold eyes sparkled whenever he looked at me and I could tell that he loved me the way I loved him, more than anything. He was my life. Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen.

I felt bad for the way things were. The way we got to this point but, at the same time, I knew I shouldn’t. It wasn’t my fault this happened. I had no control over my thoughts, my emotions. Not that they were controlled, Jasper would never make me feel things I didn’t want to. Unless it was to help me. He protected me. But what I did feel bad about was my scent…

Jasper may have loved me but that didn’t change the amount of control he had. It didn’t change the fact that he had tried to attack me at my eighteenth birthday party a year and a half ago. I worry about if he will ever lose control around me again. What if he were to? I would die. I wouldn’t mind it though. Dying due to the love of my life isn’t a problem for me but, I know it would be for him. He would beat himself up for that. He hates that he can’t control himself sometimes. I wish I could help him more but being a human doesn’t help at all.

I heard a slight growl from the hall outside the door. I could tell that it was Edward.

“Don’t read my mind so often and you wouldn’t feel that way, Edward”

Jasper spoke very quietly but he and I both knew Edward’s vampire ears could hear him just fine.

There was another slight growl followed by a hiss before I heard a door slam shut and a window slam open. Edward was leaving. Again. I don’t understand why he was so bothered by mine and Jasper’s love. It wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for him anyway. I’m sure he knows that, though. Maybe that’s why it bothers him as much as it does…





Author's note: I am very excited about this story. I feel it will turn out rather well and I'm very excited to see what my fellow Twilight Fans think of it. Leave a comment, please :)


- Dajah

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Chapter Twenty – Answers

Carlisle and Esme came out of Edward’s room sooner than I had expected and caught me off guard. I seemed to catch them off guard as well. The two of them looked at me with concern as I stood there, looking down at my feet.

“I’m so sorry, Bella, for your loss.”

Carlisle was calm as always and I nodded. Esme’s voice was drained when she spoke to me and I could feel her pain as she didn’t do much to hide it.

“So am I, Dear. Jacob was a great guy and I’m sure he’s in a better place now.”

Just exactly the same thing I’ve been hearing from everyone. Does no one have anything better to say to me than that? How about an explanation for his death? How about someone tells me what happened to Edward’s mind? Why doesn’t someone wake me up from this nightmare and let me continue my life with Jacob here? Why can’t this all just be a dream…?

I nodded and turned to walk downstairs. A cold hand grabbed my shoulder, stopping me, and turned me towards Carlisle. I looked at him confused and waited for an explanation.


“Bella, I think you of all people deserve an explanation for what happened with Edward and Jasper.”

Finally, someone gets that. He soon continued when he realized I wasn’t going to speak.

“Come with me, into my study, and I’ll do my best to explain it to you.”

I followed him into his study and Esme went on downstairs. After I was seated, he closed the door and then sat behind his desk. A look of confusion appeared on his face before he got up, came back around the desk, and sat across from me in a chair. I watched as his face switched emotions and he sighed.

“When you and Edward’s relationship came to an end, he changed. He became a man no one in this house knew and we were all worried about him. Slowly, be become more violent and aggressive.”

I did that to him? So… it’s my fault? Of course! Everything’s my fault! I’m a total screw up.

“He had gotten very short tempered and vowed that he would find a way to be with you, no matter what the cost. When you told us you and Jacob were together, he snapped. Jasper on the other hand, was shocked and Edward started talking to him in secret a lot which changed his attitude as well. He started to become short tempered but not nearly as bad as Edward.”

So I’m not the fault of Jasper… but still connected to it….

“Late that night, Edward disappeared. He was gone for a few days and then when he came back, we announced that he and Jasper needed to snap out of the rage or they wouldn’t be able to stay here. That’s when the both of them left, saying they weren’t Cullen’s any longer. We hadn’t seen them since. Until… that day.”

I can’t take this story anymore! I can feel the pressure building up as tears filled my eyes. I quickly got up and ran out of the room only to be stopped by Emmett.

“Where you going, sis?”

I pushed past him and ran into Edward’s room, grabbing his car keys from the shelf in his closet. After being with him as long as I had been, I know where he keeps everything. I then ran out of his room and down the stairs, outside to the garage and drove off with his car. He won’t be needing it.

I can’t handle all of this. I can’t take being at the Cullen house. I can’t stand being in this car! Once I got home, I ran inside. It was empty. Charlie is at work. Which is strange… he’s never at work at this hour. The idea that Charlie would be home is the only reason the Cullens would have let me leave… I’m not allowed to be alone anymore. Unless I’m sleeping or showering… They don’t want me cutting but I found ways to. I can always find ways.

I ran upstairs and into my room. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be anywhere but with my Jacob. I want this to be over. I want my life to be over. I can’t take this Hell…

I need… I need to cut. I need to realise some of this… pain. I need to refocus my mind. I need… something. I got up and stumbled downstairs as I cried. The knives in the kiction were locked away but Charlie always has a pocket knife in his hunting jacket… he never takes it out. I made my way to the closet and dug in the pockets of his jackets until I found it. Freshly cleaned and sharpened. Perfect.

Leaning against the wall, I ran the cold blade across my pale skin and then the feeling of blood flowing down my arm and chest took over me as the blade dug into my shoulder. The blade moved slowly down my arm from there.

I- I- lo- love- y- you- B- B- Bell…

Jacob’s voice rang through my head as I thought about his final words. He told me he loved me.

I- I- lo- love- y- you- B- B- Bells…

I can’t feel a thing now. The wall in front of me was getting closer then farther away and closer again. My breathing was heavy and I’m now sitting on the floor in the hallway. With my back against the wall, I let the blade run across my wrist and push it down into my skin. It doesn’t hurt. It feels nice. The blood flows out of me faster and faster, dripping down to the floor and my vision blurs. I can’t hold the knife anymore… it’s too heavy. I can hardly breathe.

A loud clash as the bloodied knife hits the wood floor and I can no longer hold my own head up. A puddle is forming next to me from my arm. I can’t see… everything is a blur. Now it’s dark. There’s nothing. Nothing except for Jacob.

“What did you do, Bella…?”

“I- I- I wanted to be with you…”

I spoke to him in short breaths and stared at his beauty.

“You will be now. I missed you...”

“I miss you so much, Jacob.”

I gasped to catch my breath and failed at trying to stop crying.

“Stop fighting it, Honey. It all gets better if you stop fighting…”

I heard the bang of the front door being thrown open and then Jacob disappeared.

“Bella?! Bella!”

The voices of more than one person filled the house.


“Oh no, Bella!”

“Oh my gosh…”

I could feel them around me. I could hear the sobs.

“Bella, No! No, stay with me! Bella!”

The sounds around me silenced and everything stopped.

“Stop fighting…”

So I did. I stopped fighting. I gave in. And for the first time in a long time, I was at peace.



Author's Note: Yes, this is the end of the The Twilight's Heat. I hope you guys all liked it and I want to take this time to thank you all for reading and sticking with it even when I took way to long to update. It meant and means a whole lot to me. You guys all are wonderful and I love you for it. I would like to also say that I might be posting a new story soonish. Maybe. So look out for it! Leave a comment, tell what you think. Maybe tell what your favorite chapter was and why??? That would be great to hear. Again, thank you all so much and Happy Thanksgiving! :)


- Dajah


What?!  Such a sad ending...  I wish things could have gone better for her, even now that she has all the answers.  Or does she?

oh gosh, so sad to see the end of this :( poor Bella and Jake, at least they'll be together again

At least she ends up happy and with Jacob in the end. Good story.

Hi Dajah,

This was so sad it has taken me a while to write a comment.

You have written this story so well and I am sorry to see it end.

The death of four main charaters is going to be sad.

Bella's death is particularly sad. She could have lived but choose not to. It is ashame that there didn't appear to be more help for her to get through this and find a new life she could bare to live.

I can see why Sam had to be captured by Edward - to keep Alice from seeing them, a detail I'd missed before.

I wonder if Edward was planning to change Bella if the rescue party hadn't turned up. Maybe in his mind that would make Bella his.

Best wishes


so sad to see it end!


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