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As I lay here in his arms, in this big brightly colored room, I smile. His cold skin made me warm all over and his curly hair touched my face when he kissed my forehead. His deep bright gold eyes sparkled whenever he looked at me and I could tell that he loved me the way I loved him, more than anything. He was my life. Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen.

I felt bad for the way things were. The way we got to this point but, at the same time, I knew I shouldn’t. It wasn’t my fault this happened. I had no control over my thoughts, my emotions. Not that they were controlled, Jasper would never make me feel things I didn’t want to. Unless it was to help me. He protected me. But what I did feel bad about was my scent…

Jasper may have loved me but that didn’t change the amount of control he had. It didn’t change the fact that he had tried to attack me at my eighteenth birthday party a year and a half ago. I worry about if he will ever lose control around me again. What if he were to? I would die. I wouldn’t mind it though. Dying due to the love of my life isn’t a problem for me but, I know it would be for him. He would beat himself up for that. He hates that he can’t control himself sometimes. I wish I could help him more but being a human doesn’t help at all.

I heard a slight growl from the hall outside the door. I could tell that it was Edward.

“Don’t read my mind so often and you wouldn’t feel that way, Edward”

Jasper spoke very quietly but he and I both knew Edward’s vampire ears could hear him just fine.

There was another slight growl followed by a hiss before I heard a door slam shut and a window slam open. Edward was leaving. Again. I don’t understand why he was so bothered by mine and Jasper’s love. It wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for him anyway. I’m sure he knows that, though. Maybe that’s why it bothers him as much as it does…





Author's note: I am very excited about this story. I feel it will turn out rather well and I'm very excited to see what my fellow Twilight Fans think of it. Leave a comment, please :)


- Dajah

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Interesting twist on the Twilight story!  It is sad to see how they hurt each other, but it will definitely be interesting to see how everything works out.  What is Jacob's feelings about all of this?

I will have more with Jacob and more with Alice in upcoming chapters. I thought about posting something in their points of views but I think I'm just going to keep it in Bella's for the whole story. But, like I said, more with Alice and Jacob's feelings will come up soon. Thank you so much for reading and I'm really glad you like it so far! :)


- Dajah

Chapter Four - Alice

I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door after reading a text from Alice. Hopping into my truck and turning on some music as I drove, I thought about what she could want. It’s likely something to do with Jasper or Edward. I remember when she first found out about me and Jasper being together…


I sighed and stood up from the couch that we sat on together. I figured she would be mad but… not this mad. I started to walk away. Maybe she just needs some space for now.

She was in front of me, her face inches from mine, in a second.

“Why…? How could you do this to me, Bella? I thought… I thought we were friends…”

Sadness filled her voice with every word and I felt bad for her. I felt bad for what I had done to her. I shouldn’t be with Jasper… not when it was hurting her so much. I shouldn’t do something like this to a friend. It’s not right.

Bella. Think about what you just said… a friend? Really? She slept with your boyfriend!

“Friends? Well, Alice, I don’t know about you but when I walked Edward’s room and found you naked and all over him the last thing on my mind was ‘can we still be friends?’ and guess what! WE AREN’T FRIENDS! You say how could I do this… you and Jasper broke up! I’m not behind your back with him while you sat and believed he loved you when he really didn’t! You killed me, Alice! You killed him, too. So don’t talk to ME about FRIENDSHIP!”

I could see her trying not to sob dry tears at me. She ran away, out the back door of the Cullen house, and into the woods somewhere. Sobbing loudly as she ran.

I pulled into the driveway of the Cullen household and parked my noisy truck, turning off the engine. I walked inside without knocking, like I always did, and saw Alice sitting on the couch when I looked around the living room. Slowly, I closed the door and then went over to sit next to her.

“You texted for me?”

I looked at her and she looked at me as if everything was fine between us.

“Yes. I need to talk to you, Bella”

“Okay. What would you like to talk about?”


Really? I don’t want to talk about him…

She looked at me with a serious yet understanding look on her face.

“Bella, he really loves you. He would do anything to show you that and get you back.”

“Yeah? Well, guess what? He can’t get me back. He had me and then cheated on me. With the only girl friend I had. The only one I cared enough about to call my sister. The girl who was always so nice to me. The girl who was supposed to always be my friend no matter what. I didn’t choose this. He did.”

Alice’s face was pained. I know that Edward is around here somewhere. Listening to me.

“But… Bella.”

“No. I don’t know why I should even be talking to you right now, Alice. I mean, your that sister-like friend he cheated on me with and trust me, I know that the night I saw it wasn’t the first time. He told me that much.”

She sighed. Not knowing what else to say.

I took that was an end to the conversation and got up. I’m not staying here.

I walked calmly out the front door and to my truck. I started it up and drove off. Off to Jake’s.




Author's note: I understand that this chapter is shorter then then chapters I have posted in the past. I am sorry for that. Next chapter will be longer than this one. I promise. Lol :) Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a comment!


- Dajah


Awesome once again. It's awesome. Can't wait to see what happens.

wow how can Alice be mad at Bella :( she is the one who broke the friendship when she got with Edward. Bella did a great job of telling her off like she did Edward.

Hi Dajah,

liked tha chapter at least Bella is getting past her guilt and placing it where it should be.

I'm looking forward to some explination as to why Edward and Alice were together - they clearly don't care so much about each other to want to be an 'item' now. So why the adultery (after all Alice is suppose to be married to Jasper)? Was it just physical or just for the kicks of doing something they weren't suppose to do? And it wasn't just a single time thing either.

Why isn't Bella with Jake, it is him she relys on all the time?

All in good time - looking forward to more

Best wishes



What a sad, sad situation!

I just started reading this story and it's great.  can't wait to read your next udpate!

Thank you, Kelley :) I'm glad you took the time to read it and have enjoyed what you have read so far :)


- Dajah

Chapter Five – Jacob

As I drove out to Jacob’s house, I thought about what had happened with Alice back at the Cullen house. I wonder if Edward had been listening… He likely was. That was sort of his thing…

I pulled into Jake’s driveway only to find an empty house. I know where Billy is; he sat on the couch in the living room at Charlie’s house. The two of them are watching some sports game. But, where’s Jake?

I walked to the backyard and stood there, confused. He was always here. And normally when he wasn’t, he heard my tuck coming and was there by the time I pulled into the driveway. This is wrong… something is off. I just stood there, listening to the sounds of everything around me.

There was a growl. It had to be Jacob.

It only good a minute or two for Jake to come out of the trees, shirtless like always, and pull me into a hug. A Jacob hug was like no other hug. No one’s hugs could compare to Jake’s. He picked me up and spun me around, holding on to me tightly the whole time.


“Hey, Bell! I’m sorry for the wait. I got a little… distracted.”

“By what? I heard you growl… what happened?”

He released the hug and put me down, looking down at me with annoyed written all over his face. Whatever was going on, it wasn’t a huge deal but it was big enough to tick Jacob off and that was enough to get me concerned.

“Nothing. Just a depressed bloodsucker asking for my help.”

…..Edward. He’s the only vampire that would ever ask Jacob for help. As much as he tries to say he hates Jake, I know Edward has some sort of respect for him. He may not like him, but he surely does respect him. This meant something.

“…With what?”


His hands began to tremble slightly. He hardly ever got so worked up that his body shook anymore. He had better control than that. This was something unusual. Something I don’t like to see.

I grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. I didn’t have to say anything to him for the shaking to slow down to a stop. Sometimes, it was just too easy with him.

“He… Edward… he wanted me to try and talk to you about his feelings for you and so on and so forth. He wanted me to help to get your love back. I told him no and he got defensive so I growled.”

Of course… I should have known. It’s touching that he has gone to so many people to try and get me to take him back. Along with his depressing talks he has with me often enough. One thing I never understood was why his and Alice’s sexual relationship seemed to stop when Jasper and I had gotten together. Maybe I’ll talk to Edward about that….

“Oh. Well, he likely ran up here after hearing my talk with Alice…”

“You and Alice talked?”

“Yeah, she texted me saying she needed to talk. It was about Edward. Same thing as what you just told me pretty much.”

“Hmm. Well, are you going to take him back?”


A smile crept up on his lips. He only asked that question for the quick no that he knew I would react with. His smile was followed by a slight frown before his face when back to his normal calm, cool, and collected look. I sighed. He tries so hard to cover his feelings… it just never works…

Maybe I shouldn’t talk to him about my conversation with Alice… he shouldn’t have to listen to it. Even more so after just dealing with Edward. I won’t do that to him.

“Want to go see a movie?”

It was random, I know. But I had to do something. He was being quite… something he hardly ever was.

A smile formed on his sweet, tanned face.

“Yes! We haven’t gone to see a movie together in forever!”

And with that, we were in my truck, headed off to the theater.

“So you really love that Jasper guy?”

Jacob started talking about half way there.

“Yeah, I do.”

Or… do I? I mean, I do love Jasper. But, more than Edward? No. More than Jacob? …..I don’t know…

“Oh… well, I guess I can’t say I don’t like him because I haven’t really met him. I mean, I met him but not really met him. You know? I don’t like that he’s with you…”

His voice began to fade away and then he mumbled something. It sort of sounded like “that should be me” but I’m not sure. I love Jacob so much… I could be with him right now. If Jasper didn’t beat him to it. He was being his perfect nice self and didn’t ask me out as soon as I broke up with Edward. Thinking it was too soon. But then Jasper came to me when he was down and the rest is history.

I didn’t respond to him. What do I say to that?

We arrived at the movie ten minutes later and went to see Ted. It was rated R so I had to buy the tickets for us. Although, Jacob could pull off twenty one if he really wanted to. He looks way older than what he is.

While in the movie, Jacob grabbed my hand. I couldn’t tell him not too. Even though I’m with Jasper, I want to hold his hand. I leaned over and lay my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me. I love sitting like this with him.

When he laughed, his whole body shook and I moved with it. I didn’t mind it though, it was cute and I love the sound of his laugh. I love to see him happy and smiling. He deserves it. He deserves to be happy.

Author's Note: Okay, so, not as long as I promised but... I ran into a bit of a problem... I got hit with a slight bit of writers block when it came to ending this chapter. I didn't know how to end it and after this part... it seemed to be kinda of a run on chapter. But anyway, thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a commet! :)


Awe! I love Jake! He is so sweet to Bella even when she's unattainable in the way he would like.

aww bless :) Jake really is such a great friend


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