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Welcome to the Twilight Saga forums! We’re looking forward to getting to know you and seeing what you have to share with us! Like any community, we have guidelines to follow. Please read the guidelines below before you post. If ever you have a question about these guidelines, please ask! Our moderators are here for you and a simple PM to them is always welcomed.

These are the basic guidelines of our community. For a more specific explanation of the guidelines, please refer to the Main Guidelines and Ning Terms of Service (TOS). Failure to comply with the Guidelines or TOS could result in a warning or ban from the community.

Vulgarity and Masked Vulgarity: No vulgar or abusive terms are allowed. No profanity or swearing. This also applies to user names.

Sexually Explicit Content: Mild flirting is ok but discussions that are sexual in nature are not allowed. This applies to all content, written, photos, avatars and videos.

Nudity: Fully clothed but more revealing, low cut dresses, etc are acceptable. Neither nudity nor underwear, such as bras, panties, boxers showing are allowed. One piece swimsuits in photos, videos or avatars are fine.

Personal Information: You may give your first name and location, but nothing specific. You may give what country you live in or even an area, but never an address. No email addresses are allowed to be posted or solicited. You may not post someone else’s personal information.

Third Party Material: This is something that someone else owns the rights to. It could be a newspaper article, a song, a video or even a company logo. You may post videos from sources such as YouTube, and will not be reviewed by moderators for copyright infringement; unless we are notified by a third party that they own the material, however the content must not violate any other client guideline. No action will be taken if a Member is using logos and trademarks for avatars such as Coca-Cola, provided the user does not claim ownership and provided no claim of infringement from third parties. Links to these things are also usually fine and can be posted as long as the content complies with the TOS.

Harassment: No harassment is allowed. When we respect others, we get respect back! Debating an issue is fine, but if we find it turns too personal it will be deleted.

Illegal Content: No illegal content is allowed. This includes things related to credit card fraud, sending viruses, bomb threats, death threats and pornography. If it’s against the law, it’s not allowed here.

Spam or Flooding: Nonsensical material, the appearance of posting just to get post numbers up, chain letters or pyramid schemes are not allowed.

Solicitation or Advertising: Advertising items you have for sale is not allowed. You may include a link to your personal site on your My Page, but asking people to visit your site on the forums is not allowed.

Disruption: Repeating a behavior that is clearly interfering with other members’ use of the forums is not allowed.

Language: English only please! We all want to see and understand what you have to say! Posts in foreign languages will be deleted.

Role Playing:  Role playing on a member's My Pages is not allowed.  Members that have role playing in the comments section of their My Page will be warned and or banned as well as members that participate in the role playing. 

We reserve the right to ban members immediately when we feel it’s appropriate. Please be aware that members who deliberately break the rules by not complying with the Guidelines or TOS may be permanently banned with no warning.

You are now part of a wonderful community filled with lots of wonderful people! Please be kind, please be fair and most of all, have fun!

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