The Twilight Saga

Hey everyone!!

I was just thinking about the twilight saga novels' titles the other day when this occured to me...



Wanna know something weird?
Twilight starts with a T and ends with a T,
New Moon starts with a N and ends with a N, and
Eclipse stars with an E and ends with an E!!!!!!!!
If only breaking dawn followed the same pattern! Wonder if anyone else noticed that!


So what do you say, people?? Let me know :)))

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Yep!! me too!!
But it sure is an awesome coincidence.
sorry but i never heard of forever dawn could you please give me a run down on it and what its about
Hey u can find out more about it at, in the FAQs of Breaking Dawn.
Here's the link.
Just scroll down in the page to question no. 7
That's very true. You also have to consider that Twilight was originally going to be named Forks. So if you go back to the roots of the saga, Stephenie had a thing for "f'"s ~ Forks, Forever Dawn and then of course Midnight Sun which broke THAT pattern as well (Unless she had an earlier name for that too)
u r right!! I never noticed that!
I have never noticed that... Too bad BD didn't end with the same one.. :D :D
WOW... that's so cool! ;D


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