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The Unexpected & Unfortunate: The Rewrite

One Breaks, the other Heals...

I have never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in place of someone I loved, it seemed like a good way to go. What would you do to protect the ones you love, will you be able to give and risk it all? To put your whole life in danger just to keep them safe, how many secrets would you be able to keep?

There is only one choice when you have everything to lose…sacrifice. I had it all, my father, my boyfriend & friends. Suddenly in just a heartbeat my life changed, I was surrounded by secrets; I was confused, hurt and torn.

The ones I loved where in danger, and I was the key to keep them safe. While one tried to heal me, the other left. I had to decide which way take. My life now, It was a nightmare, I wanted it to end. What would you do for the ones you love? If it’s someone you truly loved?

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I want to thank all of you who answered my message and wanted me to post this story again. You know who you are! :-) Thanks also to my best friend Ildira Peterson for not giving up on me and saving all the original chapters of this story, also for her encouragement, guidance, and unconditional love; for being there when I needed someone to talk to and for helping clear all my crazy ideas.

I hope that you enjoy this version of the story, somethings were changed, some were added that had been left out before. The plot is clearer now. 

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Enjoy! ;- )

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Hello there everyone! This is the new The Unexpected & Unfortunate Page! (I will delete the other one soon...)

This chapter below is an outtake, but it sets some of the plot of the story...Enjoy!

How I met my family:

Renee’s POV (Bella's Mom)

October 13th 1993

Forks, WA

It has been a month since I moved from Italy to the U.S, I loved it here, and it wasn’t a crowded place and it’s perfect for me. Here I don’t have to hide; I don’t have to live in the shadows anymore. I wonder why didn’t I do this sooner, it took me almost a hundred years to get out of Italy, but the loneliness was too much I do not know how I was able to bear it all these years, I had three sons, all of them died before they reached their first year plus two girls that I miscarriage. I also can’t understand why Evan said that it was my fault, which is why he left me when he still had time to enjoy life. He gave me the house he had built for me and my part of the money and he left, not a word said, just a letter that I still keep because it’s the last memory I have from you.

I went to your funeral; I met your other wife, and your six beautiful children, Emma, Marco, and Evan Jr., Juliet, Sapphire, and Andréa, I don’t blame them, I do not blame you. You just wanted to be happy and have the family I couldn’t give you, I’m glad that Gabriella could give you that. I remember you Evan, and I still smile when I revive some of the memories, it doesn’t make me sad anymore but I wish… I wish that I could find someone that would make me happy; of course I cannot have any more children because I’m frozen, literally. But I would exchange all my money for love, but I have eternity so I’ll keep waiting.

I got of the car and entered the supermarket; I needed more dusting spray, floor cleaners, and another stick for the broom, some magazines, and fresh flowers. I smiled to the customer service lady and continued on my way, I’ve only been in forks for a month I do not know everybody yet; I of course do know my neighbors.

I was on my way out to the cashier when a baby started crying I could hear perfectly the father trying to calm the baby, I approached the aisle and saw the father looking at the baby who was a girl with agony and concern, while he held a pack of diapers, dry milk and wipes. I approached him slowly, “hello I couldn’t help myself when I heard the baby crying, do you need any help?” I asked him.

He looked at me and frowned, “no, she and I are fine. She is just hungry” he told me his tone cold. Maybe he was having a rough day, and he just wanted to get home to feed the baby.

“I could hold her while you finish shopping” I suggested, he dropped the items into the cart and clutched the crying baby to his chest. “We are fine really, thanks for wanting to help” he said.

He clearly was rejecting me, but I just couldn’t walk away, something in me told me not to give up. The baby kept crying and some of the other shoppers looked at the young man with pity and shook their heads. I could hear their comments as if they were saying them to me, “how could she…” one woman said.

“…Leave him and the baby like that…what a monster” the other said.

“Poor Charlie, he must be devastated…and poor baby too”

Charlie, his name was Charlie; I used this to my advantage.

“Charlie?” I said he looked at me, his frown deepened.

“Do I know you?” he asked, “no um, you have a name tag” I replied and then I noticed that he was wearing a police officer uniform.

“Oh, right”

The bay girl on hi arms was beautiful.

“Please, I can see that you are struggling, let me help you” I pleaded.

“I’m Renée, Renee Laurenttis I’m new in forks, I just moved from Italy” I told him.

“Charlie Swan, Deputy at the forks police dept.” he said gruffly. What has happened to this man? He had bags under his eyes; he looked 20 years older than what he really was.

“And what is her name?” I asked and pointed to the baby.

He hesitated before he answered, “she doesn’t have one” he said under his breath.

I acted like I didn’t hear him but didn’t ask again, “Did you just got out of work?” I asked. He nodded, “why?” he then asked.

“You’re clearly tired”

“I’m okay miss” he said to me, “I just wish I knew how to make her stop crying” he said his voice breaking.

“Look, Charlie…can I call you Charlie?” I asked first, he nodded. “Why don’t you let me help you with um…the baby girl while you shop, please. I promise I won kidnap her or anything, I’m not a psycho.”

“That’s exactly what a psycho would say” he replied, I just smiled at him.

“Look miss, I do not know why but I’m going to take you on your word, I will let you help me…don’t make me regret it” he said, as he hesitantly handed me the baby.

She felt hot against my skin, I mean hotter than usual…

“How long has she been crying?” I asked Charlie sighed, “All day, its driving me crazy because I do not know what is wrong with her…” he told me.

“She has a fever” I said, he looked at me as if I have grown another head. “What?”

“She is sick. Didn’t you notice her temperature change?” I asked him he denied with his head ashamed.

“Don’t worry, I know how to make it drop” I told him, “but I’m going to need some medicine though, that one right there” I pointed to the shelf.

I checked the items he had picked up, “these diapers are the incorrect size, she needs newborn size, and they come on a yellow package”

A little while after that we both paid out items and walked out, Charlie got in his pickup truck and I got into my Bentley, he was open mouthed.

“Nice car” he said, I smiled.

Shortly after we were at his house, and the baby was crying again, Charlie looked at me with anxiety; I rushed and picked her from his arms while he grabbed his groceries.


Two hours later, the little angel had been washed, fed, burped and I had given her the medicine and she was on her crib in her room. Charlie had fallen asleep on the couch, I carried him to his bed tucked him in and closed the door.

I know I should have left but I couldn't…

June 13th 2011 (Present time)

Some place in Italy

Renee’s POV:

I did not know then what she had done to the both of you, she is evil, and she’s also like me frozen. She hates you Charlie and she despises you baby girl, my Isabella. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you but I had to leave, your lives were in danger, I do not know if they still are. I hope you can forgive me; I did it to protect you.

I just hope that I can be with the both of you again.

I miss you…

I stayed still, at the sound of the familiar approaching footsteps, the door that separated me from the world and my family was opened and they came in, she is like you Bella on the outside, but she is rotten on the inside.

They both smiled evilly at me and grabbed me. I could fight them if I wanted to, I am strong enough but I learned long ago that it was better to do what they told me, that way it was better for all of us.

“Time to hunt dear Renee, come on… I hope that you don’t resist this time, you know what’s going to happen if you do…”


Hope that you liked it... Leave me some replies! ;- ) This will set up the whole story.

Sounds like a mystery in the making!

Outtake no. 2

How I met the Cullen’s:




July 2008

(Bella is 14 years old, a few years back to the present time of the story)


The summer started I was with dad in town I was waiting for him in the lobby of the city bank mom was at the work giving summer school. I was looking at brochures for loans when dad came into view, he wasn’t alone a very handsome man was with him.

“Yes DR. Cullen this is a small town but really quiet, your wife will love It.” dad was saying.


“I hope so, I’m tired of the big cities” the other man responded.


“Dad, are you done?” I asked


Dad noticing me introduced me…


“Oh Dr. Cullen this is my daughter Isabella” dad said.


“Um nice to meet you, and please it’s just Bella” I responded shaking his hand.


“I’m Carlisle Cullen” he said


In that moment a short girl with a pixie like face and a short black hair styled in all directions entered…


“Dad I’ve been looking for you all over!” she said she then noticed our presence and stared at us.


“Chief Swan, Bella, this is my daughter Mary Alice Cullen” Dr. Cullen told us.


“Hi nice to meet you” I said to her.


“Likewise” she said.


“So dad, are you done I’m starving?” she asked.


“Yes honey I’m done lets go have some lunch” he told his daughter.


“Well what a coincidence, Bella were going to have lunch also” dad told.


“What a coincidence indeed, would you like to join us?” Alice asked us.


“Well only if is ok with Dr. Cullen” dad said.


“Yes of course there is no problems come on, and please call me Carlisle” Dr. Cullen said pleased. We got out of the bank, Carlisle and Alice entered a fancy car it was a shiny black Mercedes with dark shades.


We arrived to the only decent café/restaurant in town; we sat and ordered while dad and Dr. Cullen babbled like old ladies.


“So how is school here” Dr. Cullen asked in my direction.


“School is okay, not too many students, since is a small town and all.”


“Well my Bella here is entering senior year next fall” dad said between steak bites, pride in his voice.


“Oh you are? That is great me and my brother Emmett are going to be seniors too plus our cousins, Rosalie and her twin Jasper” Alice added smiling.


“You will meet them other time I promise” Alice said.


“So Dr. Cullen, for how many years have you been a doctor?” Dad asked.


“I have been working since I was 20 years old when I graduated in London England, I met Esme my wife in Connecticut, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.” Carlisle counted happily.


“Are you married?” he asked dad, he nodded “yes, my wife Renée is a teacher at Forks elementary, we met almost 19 years ago, here at the supermarket, she is a lovely woman, I’m very lucky.” Dad said


After that we paid the check, dad and Carlisle had stuff to do.


“Can I stay with you Bella?” Alice asked me


I agreed to stay with her for I while eagerly all I wanted was to be at the reservation with the guys and Jacob, but he was busy or that was what he told me this morning when I called him. I was getting to my truck but I remembered that I didn’t know where to take her so I asked.


“So Alice, where do you want to go?” I asked her.


“Well if I go in a tour without Emmett or my cousins they’ll kill me so…” she said


“Why don’t we go to my place then?” I said as an option.


“Yes that would be okay, since I’m freezing, I’m getting used it the cold” she responded smiling. “Its summer, some days will be sunny” I told her she got excited by that.


I drove home, Alice looked out the window and I concentrated on the road. We arrived Alice entered behind me.


“Well Alice welcome to my house” I said and it sounded very weird.


“Wow it’s really nice everything goes and fits” she said exploring every inch of my main floor.


“Yeah my mom does a great job with the place” I said.


“Well ok my room is upstairs come on” I told her she followed.


We went upstairs to my room. The only girl that had ever entered here besides me it’s been Leah and Angela, and the last time any of them had been here was a month ago. I never had the habit of inviting friends or anyone else to my room, the only ones who actually enter and pass time here with me is Jacob and Leah and Angela, they are my best friends.


“So this is my room” I said to Alice


“Nice the green wall, the lights in the wall the lamps, the curtains with the chains, the pictures scattered in the walls and picture frames your drawings all of it is great” she said looking around my room.


“Oh I see you have a big bed” she said


“Yeah and my bathroom and room are big the only small thing here is my closet” I said.


“Well take a seat Alice” I told her, she sat me on one of my chairs.


“Oh you play soccer?” she asked.


“Ah… not just for fun with my friends” I told her


“Oh is just that I saw that picture and wondered” she responded pointing at one of that pictures in my nightstand.


“Well those are my friends and that picture is from spring break.” I told Alice


“So what do you like to do?” I asked


“Well I love shopping, fashion, all that… I like presents but on the other hand I just love being home with my family. Ah…, other thing my favorite color is pink” she told me with a huge grin.


“Hey but enough of me what about you?” she asked in my direction.


“well I like the color green, and I love reading, all my friends are guys, I have only two girlfriends Leah and Angela, I play some sports but is just for fun my favorite thing is cliff diving in La Push” I said.


“What is la Push?” she asked

“Ah that is where my friends live and where we go cliff diving.


“Cool Emmett would love go cliff diving, would you take us some day?” she said and asked.


“Yes sure anytime, if you enjoy cold water, just say when” I responded.


“The gang would love to show you around the reservation” I told her.


Alice told me about her family and their experience moving here. in my opinion Alice loved talking as much as she loved fashion. But I didn’t mind, I already knew she was going to fit here, and I liked her also.


Time flies, it was almost dinner time when I noticed, I rushed downstairs Alice behind me.


“Oh my is almost dinner time mom is going to kill me, literally” Alice exclaimed


“Ok I’ll take you” I said fast.


When we were outside Alice’s phone rang.


“Hello? Yes dad, ok that is wonderful! We are on our way now, yeah, bye” she said hanging up.


“What happened?” I asked


“Dad called because he invited you and your parents to dinner at our place” she said closing the passenger’s door.


I drove while Alice led the way, the house was beautiful on one side it was covered in windows evidently this part was done recently. Because this house looked like it was 100 years old but it had some presence, it belonged on this beautiful part of the forest.


They also had a big lawn, a nearby river and a lot of forest; it was mythical like on a fairy tale it is a very quiet place. It had three stories and a part of the front was converted on a big garage.


Alice walked forward and I entered with her the house was spacious and very open all the furniture combined and everything was in perfect order… it didn’t looked like a house that people just moved in into.


“Mom, i’m home” Alice said


“I brought company” she announced


“Oh yeah your dad called” Alice’s mom was saying.


“Mom this is Bella Swan” Alice introduced me.


“Hi Bella i’m Esme Cullen” Mrs. Cullen said.


“Nice to meet you, this is a beautiful home”


“Thanks dear” she said with a smile.


Alice’s mom was really pretty she was as tall as me, her skin was pale her eyes warm and on her face she reflected kindness.

“Do you need any help mom?” Alice asked


“Yeah, please finish the salad while I finish with the chicken” she said


“Come Bella” Alice said I followed.


“Bella can you please help me by setting the all the places in the table, everything is at the dining room” Esme asked me.


I did as she told and me and settled the table while they finished with dinner, I was doing this when a blonde tall boy entered the house…


“Esme, i’m home” he was saying.


“Jasper” Alice said carrying the juice pitcher.


“Come along, I want you to meet someone” Alice told Jasper he followed.


“Jasper this is Bella swan, her father is the chief of the police department here. They’ve been very welcoming and dad invited them to dinner tonight” Alice explained


“Oh hi Bella, i’m jasper hale Alice’s “adopted” brother” he told me while we shook hands.


“Pleasure to meet you” I responded. He left the room after that, I cornered Alice “but you told me he was your cousin…”


“Well he and his sister are neither; Jasper and Rosalie are my parent’s godson and goddaughter, his parents died five years ago, they had been with us ever since” Alice told me.


“That’s terrible” I said, “its okay, they are over it now” she said nonchalantly.


After that Carlisle and my parents arrived followed by Alice’s older brother Emmett and Jasper’s sister Rosalie. Emmett was like a bear, and Rosalie, she was like one of the Barbie dolls I stopped playing with when I was 12.


“hi sweetie, how was your day?” mom asked me, “it was okay, I had lunch with dad and I spent the afternoon with Alice” I told her.


We all went back to the dining room and dinner was served.


“So Renée, Carlisle told me that you work at the elementary school?” Esme asked


“Yes, I love my third graders, although today I was working at the junior high giving summer school English to seven graders. I’m qualified to give all 12 grades” mom said, “what do you do?” she asked Esme, “I’m an interior designer, but I’m retiring, I’ve worked for 10 years I think it’s enough, I want to spend more time with my children before they go off to college in a few years.


Conversation flowed after that, my parents and I went home. We liked the Cullen family, mom and Esme hit it off and exchanged phone numbers, Alice did the same with me.


“They’re a nice family, it’s great that they chose to move here” mom said to me, “yeah” I said.


Mom kissed my forehead, “goodnight Bella, sweet dreams” mom said.




We have been friends ever since.


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omg i like the original better what happened to Edward? good story

Now the story will start, It will be similar in some places but I added a lot more to the chapters.

Hope you like it...




Theme song of the story: When you’re gone-Avril Lavigne, album: The best Damn thing all rights reserved. ©


Chapter 1

First day of summer:


June 13th 2011


It has been almost four years since she disappeared.


Mom I miss you so much, words cannot even describe the pain I feel. I haven’t lost hope, I know you are alive I can feel it; I want you here with dad and me. This is the last summer before college; my dream is that you will be back by the time I graduate, that you will be there in the crowd watching me.


Where are you mommy? I love you, and I hope that you are okay.


It was the first day of summer and I was headed to la push, the Quileute Indian reservation where my boyfriend for 2 years Jacob black lives with the rest of his tribe. Jacob had been my rock when my mother Renée disappeared, I do not know what I would have done without his support or the girls, my best friends in the world Leah Clearwater, Angela Webber, Rosalie Hale, and Mary Alice Cullen.


The last two moved here six months before mom went to the supermarket one morning and never came back. All of them had been with me since the beggining; they help ease the pain they don’t let me fall. And I’m grateful for their friendship.


“Bella” Jake welcomed me with a kiss on the forehead.


“Are you ready for some fun” he asked me smiling.


“Hell yes! Where are the others?”


“They are waiting for you inside; umm… Bells can some of them ride with you in the back of your truck?” Jake asked me with his pleading look.


“Alice, Rose, and the guys will be here soon, Emmett can’t wait to test his new jeep” I told him.


“Tell Embry, Quil, and Seth that they can come and ride with me. I said closing the door and turning the engine of my Chevy back on.


My dad had given me this truck as my 16th birthday gift I didn’t want a party because mom wasn’t here, nothing had been the same without her and I didn’t want a party.


That was the night Jacob asked me to be his girlfriend.


They hopped in the back while Leah, rode in the front with me on the passenger’s side. Jacob was behind me on his dad’s truck with Paul, Jared, and Sam the oldest of the Quileute boys, we arrived at the cliff where we spent most of our free time on the rarely sunny days here at Forks.


“Come on guys is time, last one in is a rotten tomato” Sam said jumping first.


I took off my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt, I took off my shoes and sweat pants under them I was wearing my white bathing suit. Quil and Embry jumped next while Jared jumped with Leah. Seth was right behind them.

Jacob and I were the last ones, Jake held my hand; we gave two back steps, raced forward and jumped.


It was the best feeling ever, the wind in my body and the tickles in my stomach, and jakes firm grip on my hand. The water was cold as ever but the adrenaline rush is the best feeling ever.


“That was great I want to go again” I exclaimed


“Ok let’s go babe” Jacob said


“No, let me go alone please” I begged


“Ok go I will be waiting for you down here beautiful” he said with his beautiful huge grin I loved.


I went up to the end of the first cliff, I held my breath and jumped gracefully, this time the rush was better I landed in the water again.

A few minutes later we heard Emmett’s booming voice, “You idiots started the fun without me!” he exclaimed.


“By the way, Beautiful jump Bella” he added, “But let me show you how is done by a pro” he said going to the cliff end and doing a back flip in mid-air, he landed in the water soaking us all.


“Emmett Cullen!” Rosalie said, “Now come here and help me jump you buffoon!”


“Yes Rosalie” he said as he got out of the water.


The other guys imitated him while Leah and I watched, Alice and Jasper jumped.


Jasper waved to Leah and me but he stayed with the guys.


“Hey girls, isn’t it awesome?” Alice asked us.


“What?” Leah and I asked, Alice looked at us and rolled her eyes as if the answer was obvious to us.


“It’s finally summer time, two months of fun, fun, fun! And senior year would be the best, I know it!” she said exited, sometimes Alice was too excited for her own good… 


The hours pass quickly when you are having fun, by the time we noticed it was lunch time, we headed back to the Reservation and went to Emily Sam fiancé’s house.


Emily was beautiful even though when on the right side of her face and whole body she has this huge bear scars. She was attacked by one, a few years back, it was a horrible accident.


We entered the kitchen and the girls and I, except for Alice helped while the guys wrestled for the TV remote as usual.


“Well Bella do you know what school you are going after next year?” Emily asked me.


“Well… actually no I hadn’t thought about that yet, come on is the first day of summer!” I responded her.


“You are right Bella” Leah added.


“Yeah Emily, give us a break! The summer just started” Rosalie said, Emily huffed.


After we all ate we played some soccer, I was captain of my team and my team mates where Quil, Embry, Jared, Seth, and Rosalie. Sam was the captain of the other team, composed by Emmett, Leah, Jacob, Paul, and Jasper.


Alice was the referee while Emily watched.


We played two games and my team won both 5 to 3, I loved soccer! Although I am the captain of the volleyball team at school, after the game we watched a movie at Jake’s house while we had dinner, I saved some for dad. When the movie ended I said goodbye and went home, Alice and the others decided to leave too.


 “Goodnight Jake” I told him, we kissed and then I got in the truck.


“Night beautiful” he responded closing my door.


I arrived home and dad was there thank god I brought dinner from Jacob’s house.


“Hey dad sorry I’m late I was with Jacob and the gang” I told him, “Don’t worry Bella, I just got home” he responded.


“Well here is some dinner, I will go take a bath ok” I said on the way up to my room.


I did my nightly routine and I was in bed by 9:30pm, I didn’t fight sleep tonight, I only hoped that I didn’t have any nightmares.


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Another chapter, enjoy!

Chapter song: Tu Amor-RBD, Rebels Virgin records all rights reserved©


Chapter 2

The date:


July 15th 2011


Tonight Jacob and I are having a date, I had only 45 minutes to get ready, so I rushed upstairs and showered, when I came out I faced the dilemma of what to wear so I pulled one of my skirts, I topped it with a mid sleeved V neck black top and my dark brown boots.


I dressed, then I worked on my hair, I brushed it and on one side I used a black hair clip that I loved, courtesy of Alice.


I ran some powder and mascara on my face and eyes, after that some lip-gloss. Today I didn’t wear any eye shadow, I grabbed my phone, purse, and sweater, it was 8:25 when I came down Dad saw me and as usual he asked,


“Where are you going?” dad asked.


“Jake and I are going out dad” I told him


“Oh well… then go you have till 12:30 no more than that okay” he told me.


“Yes sir 12:30, got it” I said dad smiled.


In that moment Jake arrived, he knocked I let him in, “Hey chief” Jake said joking


“Hi Jake” he answered.


“Remember you have till 12:30, have fun” he reminded and added.


We got into Jake’s black Volkswagen Jetta, I had no clue of where we were going but as usual I didn’t ask. Jacob grabbed my hand I hold it tight, I turned the radio on and they were playing our favorite song “Tu Amor” from the Mexican band RBD.


We sang along with it at the end we laughed so hard because Jake’s sings badly, I’m a much, much better singer. We were in Port Angeles now so I really wondered… Jake turned to look at me and smiled.


“What do you think if we see a movie and then we have some ice cream?” He said


“Cool just what I’m in the mood for!” I answered smiling.


We saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, I grabbed Jacob’s hand very firm sometimes and he just smiled, he offered me a napkin when the movie made me cry, he knows I loved my Harry Potter and that I was sad because this was the last movie.


After the movie we got our ice cream or I must say Sundaes, I had a taste of Jake’s and he had a mouth full of mine. It was 11:45 when we headed back, we got home and Jake parked. He unclipped his seat belt, I did the same.

He moved closer to me, he placed his hands in my face we stared at each other’s eyes for more than a minute, after that he whispered.


“Bella” Jacob said


“Yes” I answered


“I love you” he murmured in the dark.


“Me too, more than anything” I said wrapping my hands around his waist.


He placed his hands behind my neck and softly pushed me forward, he came closer and with a swift movement he kissed me. I kissed back with all my strength, I pressed my body closer to him, and he held me tighter. We were both breathless and my heart was racing inside me. We stopped kissing, but Jake held me a little longer in his arms. I listened to the sound of his heartbeat; it was the best sound ever.


“I love you” I said


“You know, I do too princess” he answered.


“Thanks for the movie, tonight was awesome” I told him also.


It was a great night Jacob opened my door and I stepped out, he walked me to the door and we kissed goodbye. I entered; dad was asleep in his chair, “dad” I said softly and then I noticed what he had in his hands, the photo of his wedding day, the three of us were in that photo, mom looked so beautiful and happy.


Why were you taken from us mom? Why didn’t they ask for money? Where are you mom, we need you, daddy and I miss you so much…


“Daddy, wake up” I said shaking him, he opened his eyes and looked at me “Bella?”


“Yes dad” I said, he sat up and rubbed his eyes, “and what time is it?” he asked.


“12:34” I replied, he nodded.


“Go to your room dad” I said to him, he took the photo frame with him and went up the stairs.


I picked up the beer cans and some plates he had at the coffee table, I placed them in the dishwasher and got it ready, I turned it on and went back to the living room. I turned off the TV and went to my room after that. 


 The Link for Bella's outfit:

"Tu Amor" by: RBD (Your Love) video Link:

RBD Members names:

song singer (blonde): Christian

Red head: Dulce

Blonde girl: Anahi

Dark blonde male: Christopher

black hair girl: Maite

black hair male: Alfonso

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i loved it! you have a gift for writing!!!! don't ever stop,......

it was truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!:)

love the updates!  please write more soon!

Some beautiful and happy moments mixed with a little sadness.  Also a touch of mystery.  This story has a lot of potential!  I see you also used the little girl from Remember Me in the banner accompanying Chapter 1.  Who does she represent?

...She has something to do with Edward.

Can't wait to see what happens!


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