The Twilight Saga

The Unexpected & Unfortunate, a story where nothing will be the same...


Characters Main:


Bella Swan – strong, loving, truthsworsthy, passionate & caring; she follows her heart.


Jacob Black- (werewolf) Quileute, Bella’s best friend & boyfriend. Impulsive, loving & warmhearted.

Edward Masen- Mysterious, loving, sincere, passionate. He is hunted by a secret.               

~Character names & main story lines by Stephenie Meyer

~This story follows some events from new moon book adapted, to my convenience for the story.

~Since I love soap operas I used some things I’ve seen in all of the ones I've seen in my life; and mix them on this story.

~Some quotes from the other twilight saga books.

~But still is another original, it has vampires, wolves, humans and a series of unfortunate events.



*Edward’s family 


*All members of the Quileute reservation: (Jacob’s family, tribe & friends)

*The pack: (werewolves also members of the Quileute reservation)

*The volturi's & Guard(Enemies, vampires)

Added characters:

  • Diana(Bella's real mom-vampire)
  • Erica Masen(Edward's little sister)
  • Summer Call( Embry Call's cousin-Jacob's future Imprint)


Bella is Charlie’s first marriage daughter, her mother Diana leaves them after Bella is born. Charlie then meets Renée who falls in love with the little baby and offers her help to Charlie; she becomes her babysitter. Then she marries Charlie, but dies when Bella is 8. Bella’s best friend is Jacob Black, they grew up together, and started dating when they where 14 years old...

Bella’s aunt Grace comes to visit from Italy, that arrival unfolds a series of old secrets. But she is not the only newcomer, the Cullen family moves to forks with an added member that will turn Bella’s world around.


I had it all, my dad, my boyfriend & friends. Suddenly in just a heartbeat my entire life changed, I was confused, hurt and torn by the ones I loved, while one tried to heal me, the other left; I had to decide which way take.

It was a nightmare, I wanted it to end. I wished to be happy again, to do so I had to make a choice so; I’ll balance my options, would see what’s right to make this pain stop forever…


Chapter one:

First day of summer:


It was the first day of summer and I was headed to la push, the Quileute Indian reservation where my boyfriend Jacob black lives with the rest of his tribe. Jacob and I have been together for 4 years I loved him with all my heart he is my first and only love…


“My Bella” Jake welcomed me.


“My love” I responded kissing him.


“Are you ready for some fun” he asked me smiling.


“Hell yes, where is the others?”  I asked back.


“They are waiting for you inside; umm… bells can some of them ride with you in the back of your truck?” Jake asked me with his pleading look.


“Yes of course love, tell Embry, Quil, and Seth that they can come and ride with me. I said closing the door and turning the engine back on.


They hopped in the back while Leah, Seth’s older sister rode in the front with me on the passenger’s side. Jacob was behind me on his dad truck with Paul, Jared, and Sam the oldest of the Quileute boys, we arrived at the cliff where we spent most of our free time on the rarely sunny days here in forks.


“Come on guys is time” Sam said jumping first.


I took off my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt, I took off my shoes and sweat pants, under them I was wearing swimming shorts with the tank top that was under my shirt. Quil and Embry jumped next while Jared jumped with Leah and Seth were right behind them. Jacob and I where the last one’s Jake held my hand; we gave two back steps, raced forward and jumped…


It was the best feeling ever the wind in my body and the tickles in my stomach, and jakes firm grip on my hand the water was cold as ever but the adrenaline rush is the best feeling ever.


“That was great I want to go again” I exclaimed


“Ok let’s go babe” Jacob said


“No, let me go alone please” I begged


“Ok go I will be waiting for you down here beautiful” he said with his beautiful huge grin I loved.


I went up to the end of the first cliff, I held my breath and jumped gracefully, this time the rush was better I landed in the water again.


“Beautiful jump Bella” Sam said


“But let me show you how is done by a pro” he also said going to the cliff end and doing a back flip in mid-air, he landed in the water without a scratch. The other guys imitated him while Leah and I waited for them in the water.

The hours passed quickly when you are having fun ,by the time we noticed I was lunch time ,we headed back and went to Emily young’s Sam fiancée’s house.


Emily was beautiful even thought when on the right side of her face and whole body she has this huge bear scars. She was attacked by one, about a year or so by now.

We entered the kitchen and Leah and I helped while the guys ate like pigs as usual.


“Well Bella, do you know what school you are going after next year?” Emily asked me.


“Well… actually no I hadn’t thought about that yet, come on is the first day of summer! I have 365 more days to think about that” I responded her.


“Yeah you are right Bella” Leah added.


After we all ate we played some soccer, I was captain of my team and my team mates where Quil, Embry and Seth.Sam was the captain of his team, composed by Leah, Jacob and Paul; Jared was the referee while Emily watched.


We played two games and my team won both 5 to 3, I loved soccer! After the game we watched a movie at Jake’s house while we had dinner, I saved some for dad. When the movie ended at 8:00pm I said goodbye and went home after Jacob and I kissed till we where breathless.


“Goodnight Jake” I told him


“Night beautiful” he responded closing my door.


I arrived home and dad was there thank god I brought dinner from Jacob’s house.


“Hey dad sorry I’m late I was with Jacob and his friends” I confessed.


“Don’t worry bells I just got home” he responded.


“Well here is some dinner, I will go take a bath ok” I said on the way up to my room.


I did my night routine and I was in bed at 9:30pm today I slept early because even though I didn’t noticed it I was very tired.


One week later…




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guys here is chapter 58!!!! enjoyyyyyyy!

Chapter 58

Is been two weeks since my pneumonia, I was well physically but my emotions where a mess. I was depressed but I hid it in school and with dad; of course I couldn’t hide from aunt grace, I knew she knew I didn’t care.

My ‘friends’ have been approaching me since I went to school 3 days after my release from the hospital, I tried, I really tried to spend time with them but I couldn’t , I had no life without my Jacob.
I was lost and heartbroken, there was a hole in my chest and my heart barely beat. Jacob had taken a piece of my life with him. I couldn’t breathe, my chest hurt with every breath I took; it was unbearable. There wasn’t a second of the day that I didn’t thought of Jacob; I only locked the thoughts at class, but even there the memories flowed.

I didn’t want my grades to slip but I couldn’t concentrate. Waking up every morning hurt, every tear I spilled on his name also hurt. My body limbed, I acted robotically without too much thinking. It was better that way…sometimes.

Of course at home I tried to hide but I couldn’t. I didn’t like to go to sleep because the nightmares and dreams over took me. I always woke up in the middle of the night sweaty and screaming. Not all dreams where the same, sometimes mom and dad were in them, in others my baby boy called me; but Jacob was the most present, he was there in my dreams but he always left me in the darkness, alone and scared. Every time I called him he didn’t listen, he never looked back…

And I always woke up.

“Is okay baby; is okay, it was just, a dream sweetie; it wasn’t real” dad said as he took me in his arms.

“I’m here Bella, don’t be scared” he added.

I was watching a movie assigned for school in the living room, aunt grace was out who knows where…maybe I fell asleep. I opened my eyes and it was dark in the room. It was night already?

“Dad” I choked “I’m right here baby” he said I held him closer as the tears fell. Every time I had a nightmare dad would come, wake me up and held me as I cried; when I fall asleep again he sometimes slept in my room.
“I was doing homework when I fell asleep” I said “I was having a nightmare” I added “I know Bella that’s why I woke you up” he said I sighed. Silence fell between us.

After a few minutes dad spoke, “what happened to you bells?” he asked, I sighed slowly before answering “life dad, life’s circumstances” was my answer, he pulled away from my hold to look at me. “Why you say that?” he asked “because is the truth” I said in resignation.

“Bella you’re young, you have the rest of your life to live…” dad trailed.

“Dad, please I don’t want to talk about it” I stated, getting up and gathering my stuff. “but Bella…” he insisted “dad don’t” I exclaimed, he raised his arms in resignation; after that he stood up and headed for the door “I’m going to get some dinner…is Chinese okay?” he asked changing the subject. “Chinese is okay, can I get some chicken Lo-Main?” I asked dad nodded “I’ll be upstairs” I said heading to my room.

*Charlie POV

What had happened to my daughter? Is been two weeks and she wasn’t back to normal, I didn’t knew what was wrong and it killed me; because I couldn’t do anything to help her. She wasn’t the same when she came back from that hospital, and the nightmares…I’ve never heard her scream like that in all her life. What was wrong? What was the reason for her to be like this?

I needed answers for these questions, but who could give them to me? I thought for a few seconds…grace!! Grace had the answers.

I waited her to come home, when she did; I stared the interrogatory.

“Grace?” I asked “yes Charlie” she said “do you know what’s going on with Bella? I mean why is she acting this way?” I asked she looked at me with a slight frown. “You don’t know? I thought you knew…I mean didn’t Billy Black told you?” she responded

Billy, what the hell did Billy had to do with anything?

“Billy?” I asked “yes Billy…I mean didn’t he told you that his son Jacob came here almost 3 weeks ago and he broke up with Isabella?” she said…so that was the reason?

“He broke their engagement?” I asked grace nodded “why?” I asked again in confusion.

“I don’t know Charlie, she didn’t say anything about that” grace responded shrugging her shoulders.

“I’m worried” I said after a while.

Grace then came to sit across from me at the dining room table. “Is normal Charlie, what kind of father would you be if you weren’t?” she said smiling warmly.

I smiled back… “For the record I’m worried too, you and Bella are the only family I got left and I love you both” she said, “thank you grace” I responded, she then left to her room.

I stayed there deep in thought.

Okay Jake and Bella broke up, she’s having a hard time coping with it plus she’s recovering from pneumonia. I totally understood now, things were getting clearer; what I couldn’t understand were the nightmares, they were so regular almost every night is very strange…


Another morning, another day I had to wake up after a restless night. I got up and did my morning routine, while I was in the bathroom I looked myself in the mirror; my appearance had changed in the last few days, I had dilated pupils, red teary eyes and I lost some weight; of course I barely ate.

I finished and went downstairs, dad was at the kitchen, I greeted and with resignation, ate my cereal bowl. When dad and I were done we walked out of the house, I opened the cruisers door and got in. dad have been driving me to school since I got out of the hospital, aunt grace picked me off after school.

The ride was silent as usual, I looked through the window and dad looked at me from the corner of his eye for a few seconds, then he focused on the road ahead…

“Bye bells, good day. Love you” dad said as I got out. “Bye see you home” I replied
I walked through the lot to the main building, since I had a few spare minutes I took out my math homework and went through it again…

“Good morning Bella” Edward said I sighed and turned around “morning” I mumbled, he stood there in silence after that… “Can I seat?” he asked hesitantly after a while; I took a deep breath and nodded, he sat. “How are you?” he asked “fine” I said he nodded.

“Is a nice day today…” he started, “yeah?” I said looking at the sky it was a bit sunny. “So I was wondering if you wanted to go study today after school…?” he said.

I ran my hands through my face. Did I want company? I asked myself while Edward waited my answer. I really needed the help, I was way behind in school work…maybe two hours with him wouldn’t hurt; I gave my answer. “Where? My place or yours?” I asked. He bit his lip for a second. “Umm…well, I don’t want to overwhelm you so I think…yours, your place is better” he finally said.

“Okay then wait for me after school, aunt grace will pick me up” I said and returned to my homework. “Okay then, see you later…” he said I nodded and watched him leave. The moment had been awkward and he knew it.
The day went by, no one else approached to me after Edward; until I got to the lunchroom.

“Hey bells” it was Alice “Alice” I said.

Alice sighed, “How are you feeling?” she asked with concern I sighed in frustration “I’m fine” I said sharp, she noticed. “Okay then…bye” she said in a sob.

Did I hear clearly? Had Alice left sobbing? Great!! I thought.

I paid for my lunch and headed outside using my heavy raincoat as a cushion; I sat on the ground under a tree with my jacket hoddie up, I ate in silence while I looked to my fellow students enjoy the sunny day…

Edward was waiting after school; we got in my dad’s car; aunt grace behind the wheel, Edward and her talked animatedly. I was half listening, my mind was on the only thing I thought about…Jacob. These were good memories, I smiled absentminded to some of them; my companions didn’t notice. We arrived home, I headed to my mom’s library and got everything ready for the studying afternoon, we got to work immediately…

Edward left two hours ago, dad had invited him to dinner then he dropped him off. I was at my room getting ready to bed. I wrapped the sheets around me, and fell asleep instantly…a nightmare started playing after a while.

‘Jacob and I were on the beach walking holding hands; I wore a dress. Absentmindedly I ran my hand through my stomach, it was huge, of course my baby boy Charlie grew inside me I smiled and looked at Jacob, he looked back at me and placed his huge warm hand on top of mine; he then kissed me softly our hands intertwined at my belly...

Jake let go of my hand, I came to a stop we were at the edge of the woods; Jake looked sadly between the forest edge and me. “Jake?” I whispered he looked at me “Bella I’m sorry” he said “what’s wrong?” I asked “I have to go… I’m sorry” he said with sadness “why?” I asked “because I have to” he responded.

“Jake don’t leave we need you” I cried “I know but I can’t” he said again “Jake” I sobbed “what about Charlie? Ah, tell me. What about our unborn son?” I exclaimed a hand on my stomach. “You will be better without me Bella, both of you” he stated “no Jake please, don’t leave us please we love you” I said as the tears overtook me.

Jacob’s eyes changed, he looked at me in disgust “I don’t want you anymore” he said turning around leaving me there.

I followed him, but I couldn’t go faster. “Jake no please” I cried “please, please Jake come back” I begged.
I was lost already; I didn’t know where Jacob had gone.

I fell to the ground…a sharp pain seared through my body, it had started at my belly; I yelled & screamed in pain…everything went dark…'

“Bella! Bella! Wake up honey. Daddy is here, come on baby” dad called I suddenly opened my eyes; dad was hovering over me with worried eyes. “Dad” I said in a gasp “right here bells” he responded whipping my tears away “is okay now” he cooed.

“It was horrible dad and so real…” I started “shh…Bella is okay you’re awake now” he told me I nodded. He stayed there looking at me there was light in my room… it was morning?

“What time is it?” I asked my voice husky “7:00am” dad said “oh you’re going to work?” I asked “yes but I’ll be home at 11:00am” he said then looked at me.
“Are you going to be okay?” he asked “yes dad, I have to work too” I replied.

He sighed in relief “okay then see you later” he said kissing my forehead

After that he left, I got up and got ready for work; 45 minutes later I was on my way to Newton’s. I arrived and opened the store; after I revised that everything was okay my shift started…


“Jacob please, I love you don’t leave” I heard Bella say in my mind as the nightmare played.
“I need you please” she begged “I’m sorry Bella, I can’t” I replied her eyes welled with tears. “No, Jake please” she said “I can’t I’m not good” I replied and walked away from her.

“I’m sorry Bella, I’m sorry…Bella…I’m sorry” I said as I suddenly started to wake up.

“Bella please forgive me please!” I exclaimed as my eyes fluttered open. My vision was blurry because of the tears; someone was sitting at the edge of my bed; it was Rachel “finally you woke up” she said “what are you talking about?” I asked

“You’ve been sleep talking for hours; actually you’ve been saying ‘I’m sorry Bella’ for hours” Rachel quoted “why didn’t you wake me up?” I said he sighed “you needed your sleep” she stated I nodded sitting up…whoa head rush!! Rachel looked at me after a few moments of silence “is been hard leaving Bella right?” she asked I sighed and nodded.

“I know you’re depressed Jake. Is normal, but you can’t throw your life away because of that!” Rachel scolded “Rachel please don’t start, I’m not in the mood” I replied sharp, Rachel sighed and nodding. “Okay Jake, I’ll go now” she said standing up.

“Love you” she said kissing my forehead.

After she left I got up and put some shorts and a shirt, I jumped out of my window and ran to the forest, I needed to get away for a while. My bedroom held too many memories of Bella and me, when we were younger and life was easier…and when of course I wasn’t a wolf and couldn’t hurt her.

I reached the beach and as I walked across the empty water’s edge and I sat on the damp sand; the memories flowed. I had no heart, no life, no reason to live for; I didn’t have my Bella by my side. I had nothing, no Bella and no baby. Bella lost our child and I would never forgive myself for that. As the tears flowed I thought about Bella and the choice I have to make, it was either get her back or let her go.

I was in agony, I was touching bottom yeah; I was at the bottom of a big deep black hole. I was hurting, I felt like if my heart has been ripped out of my chest; all I had left was emptiness, loneliness and angst.

My mind played the last day that she’d been on this beach; I remembered it like if it was yesterday, the day she told me that I had to choose between my pack and her. Of course I chose to leave her, it was the best option. “Bella please forgive me” I whispered.

I still cared about her and I had promised myself that I would never ever live without caring for Isabella Swan; I wouldn’t dissimulate it I swear. “Bella please, please forgive me; I love you”… yeah I loved her even though for now we’ll both have to live as if we never loved.


(English translation of Tocando fondo by: Kalimba, album: Aereosoul.)

The anxiety passes so close to me
when you move away from here;
I know that the insomnia is still there,
waiting to for when I try to sleep.

I am left alone, and like this
I do not plan to live.
I am left alone, and without you,
is so easy to go crazy.


I'm bottoming,
I refuse to live without you;
I have to recover you
or let you go at once.

I'm bottoming;
it hurts me to talk about you
I will not hide the rest of my life…

Can the distress
talk to me about you?
When you move away from here?

I know that the insomnia is
still out there
waiting for when I to try to sleep
I am left alone, and like this
I do not plan to live.

I am left alone, and without you
is so easy to go crazy.


I'm bottoming
I refuse to live without you
I have to recover you
or all at once let you go

I'm bottoming
it hurts me to talk about you
I will not hide, the rest of my life that
I don’t care about you anymore.


I'm bottoming
I refuse to live without you
I have to recover you
or all at once let you go

I'm bottoming
it hurts me to talk about you
I will not hide
the rest of my life…

-*End of song


As if we never loved, that’s the way I had to live now I had to get my head around that thought. Is going to be hard, but I had to get used to this. Jacob wasn’t in my life now; I missed him every stinking second of the day, everything around me reminded me of him. It was uncontrollable. I tried to forget him, but the pain and sentiment of loss was too much.

The days went by and my behavior didn’t change, I didn’t want to change it; my depression got worse and everyone was worried. All my friends stopped approaching me after I had been mean and hostile a few times; they finally got the message and left me alone. My nightmares where worse with each passing night; sometimes I stayed up all night restless…

I looked like a corpse, a ghost yeah I felt dead, invisible; I wanted to be invisible.

My depression got worse and some days it got over my senses, I let it rule me.

I lay in bed, closed my eyes and fell asleep when I didn’t have nightmares; the darkness was like heaven…

As if we had not loved

(English translation of: Como si no nos hubieramos Amado by: Laura Pausini)

Yesterday I understood that
today without you I start again,
and you ... absent air
almost as if I was transparent.

Getting away from it all,
and escaping from my torment.

But I stay here
without saying anything ... without putting you down
and eliminate every moment that brought us the wind.
And live;
as if we had not loved.

I will survive.
Do not ask me how I do not know.
Time heals everything and will help me; feel different ...
so that I can forget you,
although is a bit early

I'm still here
without saying anything ... without getting bored of you
and eliminate every moment that brought us the wind.
And live;
as if we had not loved.

... As if I had never loved you,
as if we had not been like this...

... And I wish I would get out of here, I wish I could escape.

But I am here again, without saying nothing without yelling: “come, do not go”
do not leave me alone in the blue, love ...

... Then, later, later I will live
as if we had not loved.

... As if I had never loved you.

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EDWARD!!!!!!!!!SAVE BELLA FROM HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this chap!! so many povs!!!!!!!!
post more soon!! please!
my god!!! is to sad she`s really bad she needs edward!!! she don`t want anyone around her!!! please update soon beeg you!!!
yes please save her soon!!! i agreed whith you!!!


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