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Skylar is special for a human and when Aro finds out what her talents are he is very welcoming. During that Alec falls in love with this abnormal human and when Skylar makes a mistake Alec doesn't know who to choose.


Warning- almost none of these characters are friends told me to finish it because they couldnt so i agreed and there are some characters that belong to the wonderful mind of Stephenie Meyer. There are also occasional curse words not extremely horrible but there are some thank you i hope you enjoy the story...


Author's note- i do stray from the cannon so what, like when a vampire bits someone the venom doesn't affect them unless the vampire wants it to, but the decision is the vampires :)


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Chapter 1

Skylar’s POV


“Skylar you’re so weird!” My friend/mom Katelyn said and I just smiled.


At the beginning of this week I had been at my house in Pennsylvania planning this trip to Volturra, Italy. Now I’m actually here and it is the most exciting thing that’s happened in my life so far.


I have long dark brown hair, bright green eyes, and a special talent. I could touch anything and learn the history of it in a second, it also worked on people but apparently they could feel it when I did so I wear gloves.  I looked across the table at Katelyn whom was drinking her coffee. We were sitting in the middle of town square at a café.


Katelyn had blonde hair that was wavy and full. She had blue eyes and a great big smile that you could see a mile away. Katelyn and I are best friends and technically she’s my mom because we went to the same orphanage and she adopted me when she turned 18.


I looked at the castle disappointed because they didn’t let tourist in and it annoyed me. I saw a group of people start walking toward the castle doors with a figure in front of them,  a girl who was completely covered in black from head to toe.


“Kate come on, follow me!”  I said and we got up. I started walking swiftly through the street to get to the castle with Katelyn right behind me.  We walked into the group unnoticed.


“What are we doing?” Katelyn asked and looked at the people around us.


“We’re getting into the castle,” I laughed jokingly. “Duh!” I said and we walked by the guards into the doors of the castle. The one looked at me and smiled a creepy smile, with perfect white teeth that seemed to glisten. After we were in the doors I started to listen to the people, none of them were talking in English. “Listen,” I said to Katelyn who was fluent in French and Spanish. “What are they saying?” I asked.


“The couple in front of us is talking about how stupid this trip is,” She paused a minute and listened to the couple in front of them. “And the second couple is talking about how much of a nice place this is.” Katelyn said.


I looked around and it was really dark, the lady up front was talking about some of the historical artifacts in the castle. The walls were damp and the halls dim so you could barely see where you were going.  We got to a hall way in the castle where the ceilings rose and there was a big set of doors in front of the group.


“I wonder what’s in there.” Katelyn said standing on her toes to try and see over all the people in front of us. The tour guide opened the doors and the group started heading in. I noticed shadows moving around in the back of the groups.


“Katelyn something’s not right.” I said as we walked into the room.


“What do you mean?” Katelyn asked. I looked around and saw people that looked like feral cats standing up against the walls with red eyes. Something in the front of the room moved and the people turned to shadows. That’s when the horrible blood curling screams started.


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thanks :) ill update u when i get the next chapter up
Love it of course
Love it!!
ahhh so good =D
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anytime :)
=D i really like it!
please update when you get the next chapter up!
its reallyy good!
thank for reading it im really happy u liked it :)
i LOVE it!!!!!!!! please update soon! omg PLEASE! tell me when you update. I cannot wait AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for the enthusiasim :) (sorry i probably killed that word)
I'll have a new chapter up in like 10 moinutes :) im looking it over...

Chapter 3
Skylar’s POV-

The screams of people and Katelyn’s face flooded my mind. My only best friend is gone and nine innocent people, murdered.

My throat was nub and my head hurt. When I touched the beautiful boy so many things rushed into my mind. His name was Alec, he’s about five centuries old in the body of an 18 year old, and his twin sister’s name is Jane. Alec can dull pain while his sister creates it.

Alec had such a long history it was hard for my mind to hold it all, but the most disturbing thought was that he’s a vampire, that he’s killed a lot of defenseless humans.

I felt my feet dangling and freezing cold bar’s around me. After a couple seconds I realized that there weren’t bar’s around me…they were a set of arms. I decided to open my eyes and I saw the world flying by. At first I thought it was my head but then I remembered Alec’s past. Vampires had abnormal speed.

All of a sudden we stopped and a light went on. Alec looked at me with a confused face that made me wonder what he was thinking about. Then he laid me down on something soft which I realized was a bed and he put a blanket on me. He sat down next to the bed.

I couldn’t figure out why he was being nice to me after he had just tried to drain me of my blood.

“Why?” I asked painfully. Alec pursed his lips and stared at me for a couple of seconds.

“Because you’re the first mortal ever, to catch my undivided attention, and my curiosity.” He said with a searching face. As soon as he finished my world seemed to drift into black.
allsome i love it but why didnt you just start puting more on tthe other one but love it still


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